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  1. I dunno, I recall people were wanting a fudge calamity - why not durian fudge? Vegan durian fudge...
  2. "Peadar drank it all" I'm very interested in the durian sweets... there's no unpleasant after effects, are there?
  3. Being recognised as a coach passenger is a victory for all historically disenfranchised people of Mordorian descent. TÌR A' DHUBHAIR GU BRÀTH!
  4. I shall double-check, but I'm fairly certain that the email chain consisted of: M - "I would like a ticket" P - "OK, please send payment by the deadline" P - "Deadline was wrong, here's the correct deadline" M - "The payment has been made" ...and no further confirmation after that (e.g. "Payment received"), so I was referring to both that and the TitanCon member number confirmation. Anyhoo, 62 eh? Wow. Thanks for the confirmation, will check my emails later.
  5. I have the receipts but I don't have email confirmation, haha. Salmiakki kala? Hupsu suomalainen.
  6. Ah, so we're only turning up for the free food. Again. I don't know if I have a ticket or a spot on the coach tour, but at any rate the Backpack is pretty light this year - most of my best suppliers, being small businesses making their own products, have gone bust in the past year. Imported items have been impacted by the fall in the pound sterling, making the rarer stuff extortionate. I'd feel bad about it, except that only a dozen people are showing up and it's not like it's the Eurocon year. Ha!
  7. "Toastmaster-except-for-the-part-where-toasts-are-required"
  8. Any clues on who is arriving and when? Do I need to take Friday day off to organise a Too Vegan adventure?
  9. Oh, I dunno, I guess perhaps something like... no preparation for two years, with the end result being 40 people in a room talking about the weather, before getting torn apart by midges on the coach tour at sunset on Sunday, and spending Monday in A&E. It's that, or someone putting a pin in Bouncy Castle Black.
  10. Oh, but everyone would look great walking around that part of Belfast in their orange lanyards and badges.
  11. Orange if you intend to go to NI? INTERESTING CHOICE OF COLOUR.
  12. Having attended neither Worldcons nor Eurocons (not really a convention person, I suppose), I'm wondering should I attend Worldcon just to give people a familiar face for when they arrive at Eurocon? Failing that, I suppose there's a perk in that it's an opportunity to ask Steve Jackson why his company treats people like unpersons for preferring OGRE to that card game. Hmm.
  13. This year's European Heritage weekend overlaps with TitanCon. For those interested, here's a direct link to the PDF brochure. https://discovernorthernireland.com/globalassets/events/ehod-2017/ehod-2017-brochure-compressed.pdf
  14. Read all the books - you never know who might show up on the day!
  15. You could always go on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.