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  1. Sounds like the North and the Midlands need their own nationalist parties as well.
  2. You can get the gym list in the screen with the medals, tap the gym which has your Pokemon in it and it will tell you how long it's been there
  3. I suspect the two year limit is more likely the DUP's lack of faith in May, and thus ensuring they get all the money before Corbyn can take it away.
  4. So the price of the DUP deal is £1 billion extra for NI plus a promise to keep paying farm subsidies after Brexit. Is it worth it?
  5. Neither of them remember it, the Master worked out that MIssy was his future self from watching her and the Doctor on the screen.
  6. Yes, once your defender comes back to you it gives you the coins.
  7. That's annoying - my Blissey was in a gym for 19 hours yesterday and only got 19 coins
  8. It looks like the new gyms give you 1 coin for every hour your defender will s in the gym
  9. I never saw any of those, but I did encounter a level 10 gym where all 10 mon were >3000 Dragonites
  10. I've completed all the novels, and Too Like the Lightining is by far my number 1 choice.
  11. The homeopathy is Charles, not Liz
  12. I spoke to my work colleague who is a Lib Dem member, and he pointed out that 50% of the membership has joined post-referendum, which he reckons will be bad for Lamb and Davey and good for Swindon.
  13. I guess the second part also rules out Davey then, although the BBC says both him and Lamb are planning to run.
  14. He's abstained a few times, but he's never voted against. I think Hereward may be right about the new leader - I would have thought that at 74, Vince is a bit too old for the job.