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  1. I disagree, the referendum was gaining the opinion of those whose opinion must be sought. If you want to argue that the low turnout makes acting on the result dubious, I could be persuaded, but from a moral standpoint I don’t believe the rest of Spain can force Catalonia to remain if they choose to leave, just like the EU27 can’t prevent Brexit even though I personally might want to stop it.
  2. And the Catalans, it seems, don't want to be Spanish either. The situations appear to be similar.
  3. IIRC, the Inquisitor is the same guy who some years ago used to regularly claim that Gibraltar was rightfully Spanish despite 99% of Gibraltarians voting otherwise, so I’m not sure how much weight should be given to his opinions about what is and isn’t Spanish territory or a valid referendum. If I’m misremembering and this wasn’t you, then I apologise and please ignore this post.
  4. At least half the names on the list will be his own aliases
  5. That covers half the current Cabinet
  6. King Felipe has made a statement, which seems to be basically backing the government line
  7. The British equivalent unit is a Wales, while in metric it's a Belgium.
  8. Just send him out with David Warner.
  9. Sagan gets his hat trick, after being completely invisible until the final 500 metres of the race
  10. UK top 10 baby names for last year. Notable point for this board is 69 girls named Khaleesi
  11. Michael Sheen in that photo has an eerie resemblance to the seventh Doctor
  12. No, it's the first scene which is set 11 years before the main plot.
  13. He probably saw all the hype about Rees-Mogg and thought "hey, buffoon who thinks he can be PM is my job!"
  14. I know they had the referendum to make gay marriage legal, but not much more than that.
  15. Just in case anyone was actually seriously thinking of voting for Jacob Rees-Mogg