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  1. The agony of pedestrian walking patterns

    The revolving door at work is automatic. If you try and push it faster than its standard speed it stops.
  2. UK Politics Unexpected Election edition

    It turns out that Ed Balls day is actually after the deadline for nominations, so if he is going to mount a comeback he can't get quite as much free publicity from it
  3. UK Politics Unexpected Election edition

    With all the Lib Dems who lost in 2015 announcing their attempts to return, a piece of completely random unverified speculation on Twitter - Ed Balls will announce he's standing again on Ed Balls Day. Also, Ken Clarke (who previously said he would retire in 2020) has decided not to stand down now because he doesn't want Dennis Skinner to be Father of the House.
  4. Pokemon Go: Generation 2

    I caught a wild Dragonite today.
  5. So,like the dancing Baby Groot bit in the credits of the first movie?
  6. UK Politics Unexpected Election edition

    God knows - the only thing even remotely similar in recent years would be the formation of the SDP and their subsequent merger with the Liberals, but even that can hardly be categorised as an implosion of Labour. Most likely the left would fragment, and then thanks to FPTP we'd have a permanent Tory majority for the next 20-30 years.
  7. UK Politics Unexpected Election edition

    This looks similar to my expectations- I imagine the Lib Dems will regain around 10 of the ones they lost in 2015. I've already seen Vince Cable saying he's going to try and get back in.
  8. French politics: houlala!

    Pollsters fiddling the numbers to match the results of other polls
  9. Since May's announcement has brought the old thread over the limit. How big will be the Labour collapse? Will the Lib Dem resurgence actually happen? Can the SNP make a clean sweep this time?
  10. The article I saw stated that legally, the captain has full authority to throw anyone off the plane.
  11. Spain is seizing the opportunity presented by Brexit, by threatening to veto any deal unless they get influence over Gibraltar's future
  12. Doesn't that happen most days?
  13. Well, they agree with you that he's never been properly UKIP. Plus there was the story that he lobbied against Farage getting a peerage.
  14. Switching party doesn't automatically trigger a by-election - it only happened last time because he decided as a point of principle that he was going to resign and then run again as UKIP. He's stated that becoming an independent is different from joining a new party and so there is no need for him to resign again.