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  1. If you didn’t have evidence, you might get sued for libel.
  2. This is what I call the Allo Allo method of depicting foreign languages on screen
  3. Just saw on Twitter - he was born on the anniversary of Galileo's death, and died on Einstein's birthday.
  4. It's the traditional thing to do, and it at least lets them say that Something Has Been Done.
  5. I thought she was a man for ages, simply because I always read it with the German pronunciation.
  6. Britain has just won its fifth medal, which makes it a record Winter Olympics for us.
  7. This is probably a stupid question, but does the government not pay a state pension to old people in the US?
  8. We know already that Tennant has filmed for season 2, the assumption is that it’s either flashbacks or hallucinations
  9. It seems the only theory this episode didn’t confirm was if Lorca is from the Mirror Universe. Sarek turning up surprised me for a second, until I noticed the beard
  10. I was under the impression that when they made the deal to use Jackson’s image for Ultimate Fury, one of the conditions was that he got first refusal on playing Fury in any future movies.
  11. We’ve also got Alex’s kid, plus if the gap was shorter then Singh wouldn’t be senior enough to be the scapegoat, they’d have had to appoint someone with previous MCRN experience who wouldn’t have made all those mistakes
  12. Depends if you go republic or not, it's the royal arms so if you keep the monarchy there's no need to change it.
  13. History generally paints Eden in a pretty bad light due to Suez, it's just that not very many people know about that particular part of history. I don't think many of the PMs between Churchill and Thatcher have left much of a mark on the public conciousness (or at least, what mark they did leave has faded away by now).