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  1. I signed up at the bid table at Worldcon (for both this and Nice in 2023)
  2. Me too, and I like that this thread is up and running before the one for San Jose 2018
  3. The Knights of the Haggis proved that the old school still knows its stuff.
  4. We have made it to our hotel, we will go and register in the morning
  5. I assume Helsinki has rather less sunseekers on Easyjet or Ryanair flights than Alicante or Malaga.
  6. There's an event going on at the moment bringing some of the region exclusive mon to certain European cities. I got a Kangaskhan today Note that Helsinki is on the list, for those who are coming to Worldcon
  7. Hotel Arthur - it's one of the convention hotels, in the centre about 20 minutes on the train
  8. There's also the two Tests against the Windies to come ths summer, if he does alright at OT then he'll most likely stay in the team for those.
  9. This gets expanded on in Seven Surrenders, in particular why the Hive leaders are all so interconnected Also, the multiple name things only really seems to happen with JEDD Mason, who as you have noted is not a normal person. The others seem to be just a case of someone with a formal name and a nickname, such as Sniper's bash calling him Cardie in private. I agree with you that Mycroft would fit well in Special Circumstances (I wonder if he ever made a chair?). The pronouns were a bit offputting at times, especially in cases where it was clearly stated that the character's physical gender was the opposite of Mycroft's choice (e.g. Dominic's first appearance explicitly saying that he's biologically female). Again, some in-world issues caused by forcing the use of gender-neutral pronouns on everyone get expanded on in Seven Surrenders. I also ended up really wanting one of those cool Utopian coats.
  10. The British commentators have been talking up Barguil as a potential future contender in a couple of years.
  11. That's Jemisin, not Okarafor
  12. Title chosen because Parliament is about to end for the summer recess. Let's start off with the BBC pay story, with the obvious talking points about gender and ethnicity pay gaps, and why is Chris Evans so popular
  13. I've put up the story in the UK Politics thread, it seems a more apprpriate place for this discussion. To be slightly on topic, I'm surprised Capaldi is not the highest paid actor on the list, surely Doctor Who makes more money than Casualty.
  14. Other reasons - it was kept quiet at the time, but after O'Hare died a couple of years back JMS revealed he was struggling with mental health problems.
  15. Meanwhile, the other England have made the World Cup final, including a particularly impressive stumping.