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  1. Well, they agree with you that he's never been properly UKIP. Plus there was the story that he lobbied against Farage getting a peerage.
  2. Switching party doesn't automatically trigger a by-election - it only happened last time because he decided as a point of principle that he was going to resign and then run again as UKIP. He's stated that becoming an independent is different from joining a new party and so there is no need for him to resign again.
  3. In other news, Carswell has finally parted company with UKIP and will sit as an independent, so UKIP now have no MPs.
  4. US Politics: Kill (the) Bill

    The Tea Partiers will need to find a reason at some point to claim that Trump isn't a True ConservativeTM so that they can blame him for all the Republican failures over the next couple of years.
  5. I think the comments from different generations of politicians rub this in - Blair and Cameron were both praising his role in the peace process, while Norman Tebbit was basically dancing on his grave.
  6. No, the boundary review is still ongoing, I think the final report is due next year and then Parliament has to vote on it.
  7. #toryelectionfraud was big on Twitter for a while some time back, but I haven't seen any of it for months. I assume today's news will start it up again (although I notice your MP has put out a statement saying the police have cleared him).
  8. There is an actual provision for this in the Good Friday Agreement. I can't remember how one can be triggered, but I do recall they need to win referenda on both sides of the border to get a united Ireland.
  9. Pokemon Go: Generation 2

    I hatched a Larvitar from a 10k egg today, and it came with exactly the right amount of candy to evolve it into a Pupitar. I doubt I'll get a Tyranitar anytime soon though, especially not a 3400CP one like the one that's been dominating one of my local gyms for the last week.

    It happens on Sunday morning, not Sunday night
  11. Pokemon Go: Generation 2

    I've discovered Rhydons are pretty good at fighting Blisseys, especially if they have Stone Edge
  12. Deadpool v SkullpoopL: Dawn of Spoilers

    There are rumours that Fillion will be Cable.
  13. Pokemon Go: Generation 2

    I have only had one, a Dragon Scale.
  14. I wonder if Galloway will run in the by-election, Gorton has the right sort of demographics for him.
  15. Also things today are a lot different to how they were in the 80s, I would imagine most of Diana's grey men will have retired. Back to politics, how will Storm Doris affect the by-elections, other than an especially low turnout?