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  1. Pokemon Go

    I've literally just hit level 23
  2. UK Politics: The Overton Defenestration

    I heard one of his problems was that a lot of people got him confused with Owen Jones. I imagine grudging co-operation will be the order of the day, especially if the shadow cabinet elections get brought back. John McDonnell has been suggesting that Labour need to be ready for May to call an early election next year, if the PLP are right about Corbyn then that's something they should support, since it will give him less time to lead the party to the ruin they imagine.
  3. The Great British Bake Off 2016

    Now confirmed that Hollywood is staying
  4. LBGTQ - 4 out of 5 cats prefer lesbians

    A couple of interesting articles this week A trans woman has become the first female soldier to serve on the front line in the British Army - the first female recruits were supposed to join later this year, but she had already joined as a man and the authorities have agreed to let her continue in the infantry after transitioning. "I'm a non-binary 10-year-old". There seem to be more and younger trans kids becoming visible recently, and this kid has some good thoughts
  5. UK Politics: The Overton Defenestration

    The Visegrad Group seems to be threatening to veto any Brexit deal which doesn't allow free movement of labour
  6. The Call by Peadar O'Guilin [SPOILERS]

    I know there's a second book planned (The Cauldron), but I think it's just the two.
  7. The Call by Peadar O'Guilin [SPOILERS]

    He's let us off lightly with the names, no Ruaridh or Tadhg, the only obviously Irish ones are Cahal and Aoife
  8. Cycling 2016 - redemption at the vuelta!

    I think Bardet is their current major hopeful in that department, possibly Pinot as well.
  9. The Call by Peadar O'Guilin [SPOILERS]

    Agreements with these kinds of beings in most fiction tend to be of the exact-words variety, so if it's not specifically prohibited... On that note, my guess is that once all the Irish are dead the treaty will be null and void, thus allowing the Sidhe back in even if their plans with Conor and others don't work out. If 90%+ of all kids die before 18, the demographic collapse can't be too far away.
  10. What is the lamest joke you have ever heard or know?

    I was going to say that sub-Saharan semi-amphibious herbivorous ungulates are fat and ugly, but that would be hippo critical
  11. UK Politics: The Overton Defenestration

    It's not as much as half a mil, I think the last net migration figure I saw was around 300k.

    Of course it's a bold eagle, cowardly eagles wouldn't dare approach the Stars and Stripes!
  13. UK Politics: The Overton Defenestration

    An excellent title choice. In non-Westminster news, an Anglican bishop has come out
  14. WorldCon Helsinki 2017 -- Planning!

    I will be there, and the other me is also intending to go, so if there's another karaoke session you can get the Proclaimers lined up.
  15. NASFIC 2017 San Juan, July 6-9 (the Helsinki alternative)

    I'd been vaguely considering doing both if Valley Forge won, but since they didn't I'll just be doing Helsinki.