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  1. Also things today are a lot different to how they were in the 80s, I would imagine most of Diana's grey men will have retired. Back to politics, how will Storm Doris affect the by-elections, other than an especially low turnout?
  2. As a 2010 Lib Dem voter, I would not have had a problem if they'd agreed to abstain on the tuition fee vote and let it be passed on Tory votes only. It was the fact that they voted in favour after promising they would oppose it that pissed off a lot of people.
  3. Pokemon Go: Generation 2

    I have 19, including the three previously hatched babies and the two new Eeveelutions. The city centre was infested with Swinubs at lunchtime, I caught enough for two Piloswines.
  4. Pokemon Go: Generation 2

    First question- are Espeon and Umbreon included, and if so what do we name our Eevees to get them?
  5. Pokemon Go: Generation 2

    They're here! I just caught a wild Hoothoot.
  6. He did get more support from Labour than the Tories when he was first elected Speaker, and before that there were rumours that he would cross the floor
  7. I think Jody/Jodie might belong there as well
  8. Fox TV agrees to consider a FIREFLY reboot

    Mal does at one point use the "rise again" line (during the V-Day bar brawl), but that's the only thing I can think of that explicitly links the separatists to the Confederacy. I think you could also make parallels to the War of Independence, with the Alliance as the British and the browncoats as the Americans.
  9. True, but resigning did get him in the news, so he's starting to fix that problem. Although using that test, Hilary Benn is probably the best bet.
  10. I understand Clive Lewis's resignation over Article 50 has made him the favourite with the bookies.
  11. I assume we've all seen the news about Capaldi leaving, I just wanted to drop this list of potential successors here which includes someone I went to school with (Sacha Dhawan)
  12. UK Politics: The Overton Defenestration

    That was 500k, so the new one is already over twice that - it's now the second biggest ever, after the one for a second EU referendum
  13. UK Politics: The Overton Defenestration

    There's a petition to stop Trump making a state visit that already has over 200k signatures
  14. UK Politics: The Overton Defenestration

    This is a subject where I suspect the House of Lords will have quite a lot to say.
  15. Having finished the new book, I am less wedded to the space alien theory - if they were from another planet, they shouldn't be able to interbreed with humans, whereas if they are offshoots of the same genetic lineage (similar to the Neanderthal/homo sapiens split) then it could happen.