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  1. Shooting in Munich

    It's also happened on the fifth anniversary of Breivik's attack, which aids the comparison.
  2. Corbyn has said that the new constituency boundaries could mean mandatory reselection for all Labour MPs
  3. Pokemon Go

    I went out at lunchtime and caught about 20 Pokemon in half an hour, including an Aerodactyl
  4. Pokemon Go

    I could do with a DoDuo, I keep getting Rattatas, Pidgeys, and Weedles, plus a few Magikarp (which are just as useless as ever) if I go to the park with the lake.
  5. Attempted Coup in Turkey

    Boris is part Turkish*, he probably knows more about the region than you think *his great-grandfather was a minister in the government of the Ottoman Empire
  6. Tour de France, lets have a threeway

    Looks like they've given Porte and Froome the same time as Mollema.
  7. So it looks like May is making a lot of the Leave campaigners sort out the mess they've created - Davies is leading the Brexit negotiations, Fox has to negotiate the new trade deals, and Leadsom is the person in charge of telling farmers they don't get subsidies any more.
  8. If you mean a closed shop, no, that got outlawed by Thatcher.
  9. She has apparently used "wanting to give important jobs to Leavers" as an excuse for why she hasn't appointed more women to top jobs - it seems she doesn't think the women on the Leave side are good enough (although since Amber Rudd has moved from Energy to the Home Office, I'm going to guess that Andrea Leadsom will be getting a promotion tomorrow). I do think that she felt she had to give something important to one of Gove or Johnson - I wonder if Gove will stay at Justice or if he's going to follow Osborne out the door
  10. Not quite - trade is for Fox, but Brexit negotiation is for Davies. As a friend said on Facebook, with May and Hammond in the top two jobs, they needed a Clarkson and BoJo is the closest they could find.
  11. Most of the PLP hit at least one of those two.
  12. I'm impressed by how efficient the Tories are compared to Labour - in the 2 weeks between the Shadow Cabinet resigning and Eagle actually making a leadership challenge, the Tories have nominated, had two rounds of balloting, and selected their new leader.
  13. I hope not, otherwise that means Gove gets back on the ballot.
  14. The final! France - Portugal

    Allez les Bleus! Win me the office sweepstake!
  15. Alton Sterling shooting.

    I think my favourite fictional IA portrayal is Forest Whitaker's character in The Shield, who starts off doing things properly but then gets so obsessed by trying to bring Vic down that he becomes almost as bad.