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  1. I would assume if they've given power of attorney to someone, that person could resign on their behalf. Whether they'd use it or not is another matter - I heard that it used to be the case in the UK that seriously ill MPs preferred not to resign because their families would be financially better off if they died in office, I don't know if the Senate benefit package has a similar incentive to hang on.
  2. I’m half expecting an Expanse: TNG in the next book, with Filip and Kit Kamal and maybe Bobbie’s nephew from Gods of Risk.
  3. Alabama Jones and the Kingdom of the Orange Skull?
  4. Now you can all get back to worrying about being torn apart by crocodiles
  5. Yes, a good Bairstokes partnership would be very useful in this situation
  6. I note no one has mentioned any of the Princess Diana theories about her being murdered on Prince Philip’s orders
  7. Doesn't necessarily have to be the Opposition. If May loses a confidence vote, the Tories could replace her with Johnson or Davies or whoever and try and make a new deal with the DUP within the 14 day window in order to stay in power.
  8. Yep, the latest from the DUP about the border issue kind of implies they won’t be propping her up for much longer
  9. The CofE does allow divorcees to get remarried in church now if the local priest agrees - Justin Welby himself has said they can have a church wedding.
  10. Disappointingly, there will be no extra bank holiday. What's the point of royal weddings if we don't get the day off work?
  11. The stat I saw is that it was approximately the same amount of electricity as Morocco
  12. I don’t think any football fan will be surprised to hear that Zlatan is gold
  13. I hope I’m at least on the indignant end of the scale.
  14. Not quite true - anyone who’s been out of the country for more than 15 years is no longer allowed to vote, and the expats who challenged that during the referendum campaign lost in court. Neil Gaiman often mentions it on Twitter when elections roll around, because he’s one of those who’s lost his vote
  15. Not all Brexit voters, but it was such a close result that there's probably enough of them to raise reasonable doubt on the result.