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  1. 2016 Olympics - Opening Ceremony and beyond....

    They also had a number of existing venues to use instead of building new ones, e.g. Wimbledon for the tennis and Lords Cricket Ground for the archery.
  2. Should Immortals Have to Live on another Planet?

    Highlander has no sequels. There can be only one.
  3. Pokemon Go

    Does anyone find the new appraisal thing useful? It seems to give the same stock phrases for each Pokemon. Also, my Vaporeon has now been sitting in a gym long enough for me to get paid thrice. (This post brought to you by the word thrice. I don't often get to use it, and now I can do so thrice )
  4. I believe there was an organised push by bronies to get it on the ballot, which was separate from but partially overlapping with the Puppies.
  5. 2016 Olympics - Opening Ceremony and beyond....

    I think the only time I've seen him not win was when he got DQ'ed at the Worlds for a false start.
  6. Pokemon Go

    There seem to be a lot of Mr Mimes showing up, I caught one on Saturday. I also got my first Dratini.
  7. Who is your favorite athelete in Rio olympics 2016 ?

    The dancing weightlifter from Kiribati
  8. 2016 Olympics - Opening Ceremony and beyond....

    The Olympics specifically bans motorsports, IIRC.
  9. 2016 Olympics - Opening Ceremony and beyond....

    And the USA bookends the Olympics, winning the first and last gold medals (although since the last one was the men's basketball, that's hardly surprising).
  10. That's the case with all comic-book characters given the sliding origin time - names that were common when the character was first created are not so now. How many non-Australian men called Bruce do you know?
  11. 2016 Olympics - Opening Ceremony and beyond....

    Germany loses on penalties, thus proving the Olympics is not a proper football tournament.
  12. Were there any Alfies?
  13. RIO 16 - Best bits

    Well, yes. That's why most sports have a limit on how many entrants per country are allowed.
  14. 2016 Olympics - Opening Ceremony and beyond....

    The UK coverage just uses the metric measurements