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  1. +1 on the McKenna 10-year bottled-in-bond. Pretty much blows everything else at that price point out of the water.
  2. Fing hell. Is Charlie Sykes' breakdown of what conservatives commentators did to mainstream media seriously this true?! Only one party has objectively made science, empirical data, and facts on any given topic, etc. out to be the enemy. The next President of the US has flat out lied more than any other candidate in history and somehow that was ok with enough of the minority of voters to get him elected. Look, the "fake news" NY Times has won more Pulitzers than any other news organization in history. While they certainly have a left leaning viewpoint, if the WaPo and NY Times are "fake news" how in the living hell would you characterize sites like Drudge or Breitbart? FYI for those that are looking for a breakdown of where various new sites fall I've found Media Bias Factcheck to be useful.
  3. What were you saying about homework?
  4. Is there a difference in your mind between who was initially fighting and who is left in eastern Aleppo now? I guess I just don't understand how someone can be ok with war crimes, a siege in violation of international law, and a massive humanitarian crisis because there are bad guys interspersed with the rebels. Think on what you just said. You're ok with war crimes committed by Syria and Russia against civilians because of some of the people they're fighting? Think on the implications of that if we follow it out to it's logical conclusion. "Hysteria against Assad" seems like a massively callous statement given what has taken place. This isn't happening on a battlefield somewhere.
  5. Not sure why you're shifting the goal posts. Arakan flat out claimed the only group fighting Assad in eastern Aleppo was Al Nusra. That's demonstratively false. More so I don't see anyone saying these rebel groups are totally innocent. That doesn't take away in the slightest from the war crimes taking place. It just doesn't come across that well when someone plays the "evil jihadi" card to explain those crimes away. Especially when they are decrying "propaganda".
  6. Levi's did an interesting study a while back on the life cycle of a pair of jeans. The second largest piece of the puzzle by a wide margin was consumer care. Essentially people are washing things far too often. Wash less frequently with cold water and hang dry cuts down enormously on both water and climate change impact.
  7. It's certainly not an "undisputable" fact. Their numbers in eastern Aleppo have been greatly debated with people on the ground saying they have little to no significance. Groups like Jabha Shamiya and Nour Al Din reportedly have a much larger presence. Think we need to point out the irony when you decry "black and white narratives" and "propaganda" and then literally regurgitate a soundbite straight from Assad's PR team.
  8. Speak for yourself. There was a damn good risotto recipe in there.
  9. But we just saw the largest median income jump in history in the Census Bureau report about a month or so back. Combine that with the continued steady recovery in jobs and yet the average American either didn't care or ignored it. Will be interesting to see how much people pay attention when it becomes clear Trump was selling snake oil and they voted against their own self interests. I'm still absolutely gobsmacked that he managed to position himself as some sort of populist hero. That and the general sentiment of his supporters that he was honest and just told it like it is. Total disconnect between perception and reality there.
  10. Hey Nas!, Nashville is a pretty sweet town. My wife went to school there and I've always had a blast when visiting. Here are some good spots to check out: Hatch Show Print Take the tour, pretty rad to see the vintage printing press, lots of cool old concert posters and it's attached to the Country Music Hall of Fame. Nudie Suits Mannie worked for the famous tailor Nudie Cohen and did some of the suits worn by Gram Parson and the Burrito Brothers. Fun to stop in and check out his shop. Lower Broadway can be a bit much but you have to see at least one of the honky tonks. Robert’s is the one, great music and try the PBR and fried bologna sandwich special! Tootsie's is a pretty good back up option as well. For coffee check out Barista Parlor in East Nashville. The homemade biscuit/sausage breakfast sandwiches were so good anf phenomenal coffee. East Nashville is pretty much the hipster area of town...lots of great bars, record shops etc. For non-fancy local cuisine you gotta try “hot chicken”, Hattie B’s is a great spot for that. For a more upscale dinner Rolf & Daughters was one of the better meals I've had in a while. Lastly a fun place with drinks, board games and a vintage bowling alley rolled into one is Pinewood Social. Oh and we had one very drunken night at a karaoke bar called Lonnie’s. Don’t remember much but it was a proper dive in an alley. Have a good trip!
  11. Funny thing about history, since we actually know what happened, there is no need to make things up. As for the economic benefits of comprehensive reform? I'm not sure why this topic brings out so much false information but as has been clearly shown, just about every single thing Altherion(and Trump) are claiming is simply not true.
  12. It should go without saying that providing facts in response to the many myths(take our jobs, drain our social systems, etc.) people like Trump and Altherion spread in trying to scapegoat immigrants ≠ support of the current system. It's merely providing the true data on one aspect of this issue. Although I suspect Nestor already knows this as he runs away cackling, a trail of straw strewn about in his wake. That said, I agree with the case he makes above, it's long past time we had comprehensive immigration reform. Once we acknowledge the system is hopelessly broken then we must move on to solutions...and I think we all can agree those don't include a magic wall and snapping our fingers to make 11 million people disappear over night. Which brings us full circle to Trump and all his various falsehoods(see Politifact stats linked up thread). He sure as hell is not speaking the hard truths that other politicians won't mention.
  13. I have read it all, and it certainly doesn't show "the opposite" of what I've said. In my very first post I referenced the consensus amongst economists and noted some of the ways they benefit our society. If there is only an insignificant drop(for one small segment(native born without a HS diploma) of the population that proves exactly what I've been claiming and shows that like most topics, Trump is pretty much lying through his teeth. Especially considering the most recent work doesn't even show a drop for the least skilled, it's essentially a wash. Regardless, by your logic we are now defining every US citizen who has a HS education and above as "rich". Not to mention you are ignoring all the good immigrants do for local economies and how they prop up services like Medicare and SS. I mean, if you had read through the links provided you should have seen this. The concept of complementarity isn't all that difficult to understand here. More so just throwing out "supply and demand" is a far too simplistic approach when dealing with something as dynamic as this topic. All in all your claims are clearly false. The reality of the situation bears very little resemblance to what you claimed in your first post.
  14. If you think economists like Peri, Piketty, Card, etc. mean "good for the rich" when discussing this topic, you really haven't been paying attention. So we are defining facts we don't like as "sophistry" now? Because yeah...pretty much all of the people studying this issue have found almost zero evidence for what you are claiming. By all means though, if you have data to back up Trump's claims please provide it.
  15. But just like 76% of the fact checked statements by Trump which have been "mostly false" or higher, we know the above isn't true. Economists on both sides of the political aisle have long cited immigrants as a net positive for the economy. We also know they pay a huge surplus into things like Medicare and SS. As for saying they are "competing for the same jobs", there has never been evidence of a big displacement or negative impact on wages. Giovanni Peri, one of the foremost economists studying the issue, explains it this way.