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  1. Late to the party but a great chapter! Liked the little details, for some reason I liked how the older guard served with Lord Tywin back in the days. A nice detail, doesn't really mean anything but still interesting (at least to me!). However this chapter enforces my opinion that Essos is most interesting when there are Westerosi characters around..
  2. Pratchett II: The Wrath of Om

    Yeah I agree, Feet of Clays is one of the best in the series. Been meaning to do a Pratchett reread for some time now, great books in general. Edit: Reaper Man and Small Gods are (imo) two of the best books in the series, favorites of mine. Interesting Times as well, was one of the first I read.
  3. Crackpot Alert: Might Lem Be Richard Lonmouth?

    I like it, think its an interesting theory. Imo its certainly not as far fetched as some other theories out there.
  4. Will Sansa slowly turn into Cersei? I think so.

    OP; Interesting idea, while I doubt that Sansa is going to end up similar to Cersei its still something I hadn't really thought of before.
  5. A Roose Bolton Appreciation Thread

    Yeah, Roose is certainly not the master-villain (imo). Still he will do, in the same vain as say Tywin while not exactly being the "Dark Overlord". That's what makes him even more likeable, he is in many ways only a minor "villain".
  6. The Height Hierarchy

    Ah true, did not take that into consideration..
  7. The Height Hierarchy

    Gotta wonder about Bedwyck aka Giant in the NW. While not a knight he is still arguably one of the shortest men around thats not named Tyrion and that still has some part left to play in the story. He seems to be doing well and is respected in the NW, though perhaps more due to his experience rather than his fighting abilities. He is good at climbing trees though, as well as hiding in them, which is a feat that Gregor most likely could not match. :D
  8. The Height Hierarchy

    The first two short fighting men that come to my mind instantly is Ser Preston Greenfield of the KG and the Mad Mouse, but thats about it. But I guess these guys have no excuses really, what with Tyrion fighting that well at the Blackwater! :P
  9. Qyburn and girls

    Yeah agreed. If they killed the wrong person, IE someone who has a connections and a family who wants to avenge them etc, then I am pretty sure that Cersei would sacrifice Qyburn claiming all innocence. Whether someone would actually believe her is another question..
  10. Qyburn and girls

    True but I'd say he can now work under more "normal" conditions, I mean the Brave Companions were after all a mercenary company often on the move etc. Now he has a place to "work" at, he has the support of Cersei and a steady supply of people to experiment with. Of course he runs the danger of someone eventually finding out whats happening, but I guess thats just part of the job.
  11. Qyburn and girls

    He probably just want to experiment further, I mean for him this is a golden opportunity to advance his studies on the human body.
  12. Randyll Tarly is an terrible commander

    I think Randyll Tarly excells as a vanguard commander but judging by Duskendale perhaps he is overly agressive? A man better suited for a minor command, the vanguard or some such, rather then command of an entire army. But in any case he is experienced enough, there are probably not many that can match in this regard. In any case his reputation is probably out of proportion, but that is the case with many commanders out there.. I think that in some ways he can be compared to John Bell Hood, who fought at Gettysburg; http://en.wikipedia..../John_Bell_Hood "Hood had a reputation for bravery and aggressiveness that sometimes bordered on recklessness." and "Hood became increasingly ineffective as he was promoted to lead larger, independent commands late in the war." Perhaps that is indeed stretching it but still..
  13. [TWoW Spoilers] Barristan

    Krakarys! :D Time for Victarion to shine, doing what he does best! Edit:
  14. [TWoW Spoilers] Barristan

    Great work Azador, really interesting! Imagine what the Yunkai forces must feel when an army of savage Ironmen comes storming ashore, lead by Victarion I assume. Must be a terrifying sight! Edit: Still, it does seem that more confusion is bound to follow. I doubt it will go as smoothly as Barristan might think.
  15. Best ASOIAF Villains?

    I think Tywin on the whole wins this one for me, closely followed by Roose (if you define him as a villain). The reason for why I put Tywin as number one is because he is just a normal Lord doing what he thinks is best for his House, his cause or his honour etc. He isnt strong or fearsome as Gregor or terrifying as Ramsay and yet he is more dangerous then either. His attitude aswell as his resources makes him a formidable villain and yet in the end he is just a man and not all that different from other men in Westeros. Roose is more appearent from the beginning, IE with the flaying and the reputation of the Dreadfort etc.