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  1. Four Reasons why Roose Bolton is better than Daenerys

    Well done OP, appreciate the effort!
  2. Late to the party but a great chapter! Liked the little details, for some reason I liked how the older guard served with Lord Tywin back in the days. A nice detail, doesn't really mean anything but still interesting (at least to me!). However this chapter enforces my opinion that Essos is most interesting when there are Westerosi characters around..
  3. Pratchett II: The Wrath of Om

    Yeah I agree, Feet of Clays is one of the best in the series. Been meaning to do a Pratchett reread for some time now, great books in general. Edit: Reaper Man and Small Gods are (imo) two of the best books in the series, favorites of mine. Interesting Times as well, was one of the first I read.
  4. Crackpot Alert: Might Lem Be Richard Lonmouth?

    I like it, think its an interesting theory. Imo its certainly not as far fetched as some other theories out there.
  5. Will Sansa slowly turn into Cersei? I think so.

    OP; Interesting idea, while I doubt that Sansa is going to end up similar to Cersei its still something I hadn't really thought of before.
  6. A Roose Bolton Appreciation Thread

    Yeah, Roose is certainly not the master-villain (imo). Still he will do, in the same vain as say Tywin while not exactly being the "Dark Overlord". That's what makes him even more likeable, he is in many ways only a minor "villain".
  7. Star Wars joke, sorry couldn't resist..
  8. He'll be back, and in greater numbers.
  9. What is the Rhaegar Ruby Theory?

    I remember I saw a theory once that said that Elder Brother was actually Rhaegar..So yeah, the glamour theories pop up from time to time.
  10. What is the Rhaegar Ruby Theory?

    Heh, that too! In any case I dont think the rubies have any greater significance, other then tempting fools like Ser Hyle Hunt.
  11. What is the Rhaegar Ruby Theory?

    Yeah. The brothers on the Quiet Isle emphasise the number seven because of their faith, IE seven rubies for seven gods. That doesn't mean that there were only seven rubies, but that to the brothers the number seven is special.
  12. Danys Queensguard

    We cant be sure, that's true. Redwyne has adapted to the new dynasty, as have most. But we cant judge his actions by that scene alone, might be he returns to his old loyalties when a Targ shows up. In any case he seems a cautious man, he probably wont come cheap especially considering the vast navy he controls.
  13. Danys Queensguard

    Might get one of the Redwyne twins, I do not think that they are married and above all they come from one of the most prominent Houses in the Reach. The Redwynes were also loyal to Aerys to the last. I suppose they might not be famed fighters but at least Dany would bind a strong House to her cause.
  14. The Height Hierarchy

    Ah true, did not take that into consideration..
  15. The Height Hierarchy

    Gotta wonder about Bedwyck aka Giant in the NW. While not a knight he is still arguably one of the shortest men around thats not named Tyrion and that still has some part left to play in the story. He seems to be doing well and is respected in the NW, though perhaps more due to his experience rather than his fighting abilities. He is good at climbing trees though, as well as hiding in them, which is a feat that Gregor most likely could not match. :D