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  1. Grip added a post in a topic Four Reasons why Roose Bolton is better than Daenerys   

    Well done OP, appreciate the effort!
  2. Grip added a post in a topic [TWOW SPOILERS] March 2014 Preview Chapter Part IV   

    Late to the party but a great chapter! Liked the little details, for some reason I liked how the older guard served with Lord Tywin back in the days. A nice detail, doesn't really mean anything but still interesting (at least to me!). However this chapter enforces my opinion that Essos is most interesting when there are Westerosi characters around..
  3. Grip added a post in a topic George has released a NEW.......Paragraph!   

    Interesting tidbit about the upcoming battle, though of course it would have been nice to get just a little more information..
  4. Grip added a post in a topic Do you think Renly and the Tyrells would had killed Stannis some time after he bent the knee?   

    I think its possible that some of Renly's advisors would want to remove him out of the game, since he would always be a potential threat just sitting at SE or whatever. Renly himself would probably also have realised this, at least if there was turmoil in the realm. He would want to keep his back clear, I am sure.
  5. Grip added a post in a topic Invasion of Westeros by any of the Free Cities   

    Interesting question, but as Bright Blue Eyes says the odds against such an invasion being succesful are probably way to high.
  6. Grip added a post in a topic The Vanishing Guardsmen in the Red Keep   

    My impression was always that they just dissapeared, got lost and couldn't find their way back.
  7. Grip added a post in a topic Is anyone else really looking forward to Stannis vs. Roose?   

    I am very much looking forward to their encounter, Stannis will come out on top (at least in the battle). What happens afterwards is another thing..
  8. Grip added a post in a topic [TV/BOOK SPOILERS] Fanbase change on most popular character.   

    Jon is most likely going to get more popular, and Tyrion less so (perhaps along with Dany as well).
  9. Grip added a post in a topic The norths revenge.   

    I would like to see a northern lord commanding the Twins. The Frey's responsible for the RW should be brought to justice, the rest (the innocents) are left to fend for themselves somehow. Kicking them out of the Twins would be punishment enough, for who would want to shelter them? Who would trust them? They are no Manderlys after all..
  10. Grip added a post in a topic The Blackfish: Heading back to the Vale?   

    BWB or the Vale imo. I could see him helping the BwB retake Riverrun, which I think is the most likely to happen.
  11. Grip added a post in a topic How will Roose not be "undone"?   

    He won't win, I am sure of this, but I don't want him to die either. He is way to interesting a character, Ramsay however can well die in the battle.
  12. Grip added a post in a topic What two characters do you want to meet up?   

    Tyrion and Victarion, likely to happen.
    Stannis and Benjen
    Stannis and Lord Blackwood
    Dany and Sansa