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  1. Official Testing Thread

    OP don't read this:
  2. How do you want Cersei to die?

    HAhahaha... I like Bronn very much also, but I don't wanna see he killing every one, just doing something really amazing, and important in the end (like he and his free swords win a battle against the others).
  3. How do you want Cersei to die?

    I don't think that we read the same series, but the reason that I hate Cersey so much (And she really is the only character that I hate) is because she only do stupid things and thinks herself more clever than every one, she didn't listen to reason or nothing, she only sees what she wants to see, she thinks that her ideas are always the best and she is so F*** selfish the way I would like to see her dead is by my hands, but as this not being possible, I hope that she die only, after she have time to realize how stupid and wrong she is.
  4. Thank you very much for this. I help me to get some answers , especially about the "five-year-gap". And do you think that the last book change its name because all the Starks will be dead( Or only most of them)?