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  1. Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    Oh yeah....RedTeamReview stumbled on my Dorne video and though it was pretty good; they talk about it a little at the end of Podcast 2, but they said they'd talk more at the end of Podcast 3 (Preston Jacobs hadn't seen it yet). I finished recording "Why Jeyne Westerling was changed to Talisa", but need to edit it. It's about an hour and a half long (NOTHING will be as long as Dorne was). So heads up for that one.... Even today, major fansite leaders openly say "we have no idea why they did this". know....*I* cannot risk getting my YouTube channel blocked, but an enterprising individual might want to rip the DVD audio for the commentary tracks on episodes 5.10 and 5.6. But then that might not solve anything; some of you said you don't even want to listen to library copies for free. Well I insist you do, at least a sound clip here or there, the bigger quotes I point out like "well we reconceived the role to show off the actor's talents" just to confirm "Dear god, they actually said this". (shrug) if nothing else, the Cogman commentary you need to listen to because the WAY he says things....can't be verbalized through text very well. The way that he sounds uncertain, like he doesn't really believe what he's saying but is repeating talking points that D&D drilled into him, and he's repeating them and...desperately wants them to be true. It sounds like he's trying to convince *himself*. Probably also going to make a short Stannis video. Originally I wasn't because it overlaps with Jon and Sansa, but enough people asked for it, and the other videos are kind of long, so now I'll cut the Stannis parts in those down to like one slide, and put other stuff in a Stannis video which might only be like half an hour or less. @sweetsunray Have you heard that Rhaenyra has an army?
  2. New First Look Images for Season 7

    ...she didn't have a monkey-tail hat, she had a monkey tail.
  3. New First Look Images for Season 7

    Screw it, I've taken this as an excuse to say that TWOIAF "exists" officially in the TV continuity, and accordingly made a page for it on the TV show wiki; check it out:
  4. Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    Yeah this is the "long version" which I made because YouTube has no time limits. Shorter versions will come in the future. This was officially the heavy analysis version. What in particular did you like about it?
  5. New First Look Images for Season 7

    .....the book Gilly is reading appears to be a verbatim quote from The World of Ice and Fire: Did Cogman sneak-in an in-universe/in-TV continuity appearance of Maester Yandel's book? Book Gilly is reading: yeah...barring a change from "Which" to "That" at the end (I think) and "R'hllor" to the more familiar "Lord of Light"....that's TWOIAF. ...I wonder if Sam and Gilly will actually mention Yandel by name in dialogue.
  6. Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    I talk about that in the video; "along with its substance from the books"? -- Meaning WHAT? Arianne? The Doran-Arianne relationship? Any of the cultural details about Dorne? The ONLY thing they specify in their comments about "that world of Dorne" is "Varma".
  7. Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    Quick response: I give citations in the video. Multiple interviews they said that actually, we just tuned it out because it was even more absurd than "we have a wacky conception of the fictional character" It's "We reconceived the role to make it worthy of the actor's talents". episode 5.10 commentary, the Dorne scenes.
  8. Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    Why Dorne Failed in the Game of Thrones TV series - 4 hour documentary in two parts: Weeks of research went into these.
  9. The ASOIAF wiki thread

    Hey just dropping in: I wanted to share this with the rest of the wiki editing crowd, who like me are obsessed with worldbuilding: I ran my local scifi convention's ASOIAF track two weeks ago for 8 lecture panels of content, on things like Gender & Sexuality, Social Status of Women, Economics, etc., plus a panel on World of Ice and Fire; and I recorded them all; please peruse, any comments welcome: The first panel there explains all the medieval Gender & Sexuailty concepts I tried to explain in the "Gender & Sexuality" wiki article I wrote up a few weeks back:
  10. Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    No. There were always seven books, and they split book 3 into seasons 3 and 4. There must be some story breaks between "Winds of Winter" and "A Dream of Spring". That's what they said THROUGH Season 3, only and started yelling "we always meant seven seasons!" in Season 4 when the contract negotiations were in dispute. but I digress.... @TheCasualObserver Yeah, exactly; the child actors like Maisie aren't going to ask them probing questions at a live panel.
  11. Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    Exactly. Using their own cast members as moderators is absurd - using the child ones who have even less chance of contradicting them is outright insulting.
  12. Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    My exclusive live-interview with David Benioff, asking about invented rape scenes in the TV series, given at my recent convention panel:
  13. I ran the Game of Thrones programming track at my local con last week and recorded all of it. This is the panel on Medieval Economics: I'm rather fond of this one. I brought in some rare coins I have like a Roman coin from AD 270 to explain the difference between fiat money and commodity money. A lot of it is me explaining how inflation cycles worked around the Black Death, difference in money values between Dunk and Egg era and War of the Five Kings era. Also, I talk about beer. Mostly about the books, very briefly for 2 minutes at the end I mention how absurd it is for the TV series to say "the Lannisters are bankrupt because their gold mines ran dry" - because money doesn't work like that - direct comparison to the Spanish Price Revolution of the 1500's. What? Were the Lannisters mining and *minting* new gold coins? That's absurd. It leads to rampant hyperinflation. That's why real-life precious commodities like gold or petroleum set production limits. If anything, with less gold, it would be more valuable ( I mean, didn't anyway see Goldfinger?) Ah, but that's just a brief note at the end.
  14. I ran the Game of Thrones programming track at my local con last week and recorded all of it. I had a double-sized 2 hour panel on "Gender and Sexuality in Game of Thrones" - offline I hold a master's degree in medieval history and it's based on my graduate-level course readings on gender & sexuality in the Middle Ages. The panel is about the books - as there really isn't much difference on this point between books and TV series. Here's the whole thing: I earlier wrote up a "Gender and Sexuality" article on GoTWiki and A Wiki of Ice and Fire, I explain the same points there. I only discuss the TV show on three, really two, brief points: 1 - The TV show occasionally remarked in passing that Lancel having sex with Cersei is "unnatural", ignoring the fact that first cousin marriage isn't considered incest in Westeros (and like, Joanna is still in "the TV continuity"). Minor point. 2 - To their credit, the TV series has depicted homosexual characters *more prominently* than in the novels (i.e. Renly/Loras is in both, but the TV show actually gave them more scenes which were "off-screen" in the novels. This isn't really a "difference"). -- also some brief words on when I asked GRRM about making TV-Yara bisexual (pointing out that the real life Vikings actually didn't conceptually recognize female homosexual behaviors, so that actually kind of fits with them on a societal level - we never knew what ironborn attitudes towards that were, in contrast with say, the Faith of the Seven, which in the books overtly doesn't like female homosexuality). Not really a "contradiction" there. 3 - ....third thing the TV show does differently is "social status of women", but that's such a big topic I split it off into the next panel after this one, and won't be covered here. The audience was very nice and I'm surprised they were "fascinated" by some concepts I pointed out; in the last half hour I lump in some spillover material from the "history of marriage" panel; I.e. I go into some detail explaining how the definition of what constituted incest changed over time (sometimes including 3rd cousin, other times not) and thus the definition of marriage changed over time -- I thought that would be the most boring part because it's very technical but they quite enjoyed it. Overall, my biggest surprises from the audience: 1 - There's a point in the video when I ask all the TV-only fans if the show made it clear that they have female priests - septas are co-equal to septons, Unella is a Most Devout and basically a cardinal. Which should have massive ripple effects in their society, social status of women and so forth. NONE of them realized this; I mean they picked it up right away when I told them, but they were frustrated that they'd been watching for six years and the TV show failed to make that explicitly clear. Really, when I explained the whole female priests thing, it was mind-blowing to them. 2 - They were quite confused by the religion of Norvos - but aren't we all, eh?. Seriously, I meant to spend like 20 seconds on it, ended up spending a whole 3 minutes because they just kept asking questions.
  15. Ibbenese=Neanderthals?

    I'm not sure if they're one for one "Neanderthals" - though I interpreted them as such. I think the idea is that....think grounded in pseudo-realism Hyborean age and such, in their world a few other closely related hominid species survived. But, given that outright non-human races once existed (the children of the forest and the giants), they apparently just consider them "human" under a broader definition. I'm thinking of the Halo reboot trilogy explaining a few of the sub-types of ancient humans, some of which just don't exist in the modern era anymore or which were never discovered.