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  1. Speaking of which, given that we're no longer limited to three Bureaucrats, I want to give us new titles on the wiki: "Keeper of the Lore". At this point, who is? Us or Cogman?
  2. It mentions "Maegor and Alys married in a Valyrian ceremony", it's Visenya officiating. Might be useful for the page on "Marriage" subsection "Valyrian". In tangential wiki-news: another one mentions "Maester Yandel" by name, which means Yandel "exists" in the TV continuity as well, so I wrote up an article on him for the TV show wiki: check it out:
  3. May be some new useful screenshots from the animated Histories & Lore featurettes this year, for stuff we don't have any images for already. I loaded up a screenshot of the Maegor/Alys Harroway marriage - though there's already artwork for things like Alys Harroway or Ellyn Reyne. (shrug) probably more useful stuff in "Conquest and Rebellion" animated videos about the Targaryen Conquest.
  4. Well I ran some panels at my local con out on Long Island but they only had 20 people at best (which was a good size relative to others there, at such a small convention, barely restarting after financial problems for years). I was just wondering "wow, for all I know there's some huge convention I know nothing about on the other side of the city". Crud. In the unlikely event that next year we get like, a Game of Thrones cast member or something on the guest list, I'll check back in...
  5. Good to know. Ah, I don't think I'll be able to sneak out for such a day trip. Damn can such a large city have such nonexistent cons? I mean like Dragon-Con or something in Atlanta, Los Angeles, always seems like they have a lot of fan programming. ...anything BWB related in NYC five boroughs or Long Island/Westchester?
  6. A major question spanning multiple wiki articles: I think it should be stated when we don't know something - to confirm to the reader that they don't need to go hunting down the information on their own, restarting old discussions. I've added notes like that a few times but they got deleted. But to explain to people "It's not a matter of this page hasn't been updated in a while, but for the record, we don't know". Even in a footnote or something. So things like "Great Fork of the Blackwater", at least mentioning in a footnote "we're not exactly sure what that refers to". Other examples.... ...big one: Actually have a footnote stating, "no current material has said what color Vhagar was, and even Elio and Linda have confirmed they don't know". In some cases, even citations of Martin saying "I don't know". refers to these as "What Happened to the Mouse?" things: i.e. "We don't know what happened to Rhaena Targaryen's twin daughters after Maegor died". Then of course there are in-universe mysteries, but those are different, easier to cite ("No one knows what happened to Nettles or Daemon Targaryen").
  7. Alrighty. (reads final version Rhaenys made) Actually that's pretty succinct. Only change I would make is to give the full text of his quote, but (shrug) that's what the TV wiki article is for. That's the end of that then... @Ran Please drop me a private message when or IF you read through/watch that stuff I showed you. If you do at all. Now on to the Faith Militant uprising....
  8. Well I really want Elio to review our two final versions, because I think "incorporating" select parts of his full transcript actually skews what he was my final version it admits "it's unclear what he meant".....because it doesn't actually seem like changing her backstory (being from Volantis) is what he objected to, so much as the entire Romance storyline being different (and assuredly, to pander Richard Madden as an actor)..... But after Elio reviews both versions and decides how to present this, I won't dispute his final decision. The evidence on this one was slim compared to some of the others (where they're repeatedly ranting "we changed Cersei to pander Lena Headey - Lena can be motherly, so we rewrote Cersei to be motherly"....I mean, dear god, that's not an exaggeration, they really made quotes like that). I made a lot of videos on my channel going over the bizarre stuff they say in the Blu-ray commentaries....things that would end their careers if widely reported. So whatever the higher-ups decide - then, back to The Sons of the Dragon line by line update! (which is a hell of a lot more fun than going through the hack job the morons did to the TV stuff). I started by jumping on to the "fun" stuff ("Dreamfyre is blue!", Harroway family members, Poxy Jeyne Poore, etc.) but now a line by line slow read for thorough updating - satisfying my own note-taking, at least - I left off not long after Aenys came to the throne.....
  9. Are there any good cons in the NYC area? Even local cons, with good ASOIAF/GoT programming? Bizarrely, NYCC has had no ASOIAF ...OR Game of Thrones...programming in the past 3 years. This is really weird. So I figured this was the place to ask; anything within the train grid. And WHY doesn't NYCC have any programming? Even TV show programming? For 3 years running? Very, very strange.
  10. I agree with many of your recent changes: Whole thing was too long and involved; it was more that I wanted you guys to read that full ...missive, I didn't think all if it should have stayed in there long-term. I already made a new edit cutting out the really speculative stuff (no real need to bring up the "Talisa is a spy" theory): First bullet point, about the TIMING of the name change; I worry my wording wasn't concise, yes. The point itself stands as you listed it - non-controversial, Cogman himself admitted they came up with this idea after they began filming. Rewording might need to be in order but no real issues there. Second, related this explains the mismatch between her ethnicity and the general appearance of Volantenes. Actually, I agree with your listed reasons fully - they never said ALL Volantene aristocrats need to look Valyrian. I didn't really mind - can't expect them to be too accurate so long as they're not blatantly wrong - but Linda was quite upset about it. The answer is simple: they only came up with the idea to make her from Volantis after they already cast her. HOWEVER, for the sake of article length, I'm just as open to not commenting on that aspect at all: either succinctly mention "One point of confusion is that she doesn't look Volantene, but the simple answer is they changed that after she was cast, and isn't even too much of a problem"....or...just not bring up the whole thing. Even I lean towards "don't bother bringing it up because it's muddled anway". 3 - ...GRRM's comments. I think we're putting words in his mouth to focus purely on Volantis as the reason for the change. On the otherhand, I fully agree with your points - conversely, he was very vague, only sort of implying it was really the story change he objected to - but he didn't actually say "because of the Romance". I think it would be better to make it neutral, just presenting his full quoted transcript, and state "we're not sure what he meant by that". They did change this to pander Madden as a romantic lead, no other major reason. Setting up Volantis was incidental and trivial, not even followed up. It's why they ever changed anything in the TV show: show off the actors. BUT...but, the Talisa/Robb change isn't the point to make my stand on. There are a LOT of cited quotes for Stannis, Cersei, Dorne, etc. (multiple interviews stating point blank, "We made Cersei more sympathetic to show off that Lena Headey is capable of giving a motherly performance - and this is why we invented a child with her and Robert in Season 1") Standing on shakey ground, I not only "concede" to all your points, but wholeheartedly "agree" with them. I'm really worried I stepped into your territory on this - I didn't seriously think what I wrote would stay permanently, it was more trying it out for you to read. Test. The one difference I disagree on is that we shouldn't draw any conclusion from the GRRM quote, but just present it and say "we're not sure what he meant by that". This is the new, more succinct, less speculative (and more humble) revision I've worked up, hopefully more neutral:
  11. Style aside, what do you think of its conclusions?
  12. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm now terrified I've offended. But sometimes you're gone for days hiding from Breeze or something and my past messages have gone unanswered. (I think Vassals of Kingsgrave was directly quoting a point I made in my Stannis video in one of the responses he made to you, but you'd have to confirm with him) To get this back on track for wiki purposes, I've made a major and long-planned update to the Talisa Maegyr page, a "Behind the Scenes" section based on my own cited notes and research: It is far from perfect. I humbly beg feedback from everyone. Er....the lengthy writeup I did is based on a two part analysis video I made, with citations, if anyone wants to see the source:
  13. ....for the record, because I cite you as an authority on the TV show wiki, what's your official educated guess at what that "better plan" was exactly? Why did they do this? It was the first BIG moment they changed something and outright refused to even explain why.
  14. Well the fix must have worked, it's been working fine...for now...
  15. @Ran Elio, citing that ASOIAF is for all aspects of the franchise, including video games and board games, for a long time I've been wanting to update the "Talisa" article. Before I get started, I want to get clarification: why do you, and/or Linda - in your own words - think they changed Jeyne Westerling from the novels to Talisa in the books, altering that entire storyline?