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  1. In the Inside the Episode, they explain that the Frey cold open wasn't originally planned to be that.....they reshuffled the episode at the last minute to put it at the beginning. Which WAS a good idea if they'd thought of it earlier. BUT I think that explains the Sam comic relief montage: Sam's scenes come in two parts, and the second one comes immediately following Sandor's very dark and somber scene, digging a grave for the skeleton of a little girl who died because he robbed her (yikes). I think that originally, the Sam shit chores sequence went AFTER the Sandor scenes....but moving the Frey scenes around screwed this up. But they did the right thing for the wrong reason: they put the Frey scene first because...cynically and predictably....they wanted to "show off the acting talents" of Bradley. Give him facetime. Look at his face! Similarly, they boast about how Daenerys's scenes have no dialogue in them. That's showing off Emilia Clarke's face! And yeah, it probably is a good idea to have no dialogue in it for a powerful Daenerys moment....but this isn't a "Daenerys moment" to them, it's an Emilia Clarke moment. Otherwise, this is easily the strongest premiere they've had since Season Four. I thought I'd be outraged by the Winterfell scenes but they were broadly tolerable. All things considered (Sansa isn't a coherent character anymore just shilling the actress, but at least it wasn't particularly bad). King's Landing and Sandor good, as was Arya. Oldtown dragged in points but the second half was far better, as was Ebrose. .....they abandoned Dragonstone for 3 years after Stannis left, and no one thought to send Lannister troops to take such a strategic location? EURON passed by it on his way there with his fleet! Oh, the rage is upon me..... Actually I'd rate the whole episode a good 8 out of 10.
  2. Why the camera focuses on Theon's face during the Sansa rape scene
  3. Why the Jaime/Cersei accidental "rape" scene happened in episode 4.3
  4. Well, part of the theory is that in the original version they didn't really kill Shaggydog or betray Rickon, but they filmed that as pickup shots, edited in retroactively.
  5. The leaks sound plausible and not particularly Earth-shattering. We've seen Benioff raving before that "Cersei's one redeeming quality is that she loves her children" (NO, she does not in the books, she's a god-damned narcissist) and that now we'll see Cersei "Free of that" in Season 7. The leaks make it sound like, tonally, she's actually book-Cersei now. With Tommen dead she just stops pretending. Though of I've said....the TV show writers openly admitted they put in scenes of Cersei actually caring about her children basically to show off that Lena Headey can emote "motherly". They depicted her as really caring about Tommen. And the leaks, broadly, say that she's resentful of Tommen now - his suicide was a moment of rebellion & rejection that abandoned her (the ultimate "I'll have no part of this"). And you can almost see that but.......basically they're shifting to writing her as book-Cersei (good) so drastically that the transition may seem random (bad).....just as we had "sympathetic Cersei" suddenly blowing up the Great Sept. But this is to be expected. Arya parts seem pleasant enough. Debate on this. Some wonder what the fate of all the Freys will be in the novels. I don't know. Rumor is Arya will poison all the men or something but spare the women. Now in the books that would be 'Kill everyone from wife one through four, but no child over the age of ten" or something. Maybe this is just their shorthand way of dealing with that, I don't know if I can blame that (the TV show at least never introduced younger male Freys who were good, unlike the books). So whatever Sandor travels with BWB. Seems pleasant. Rumblings of Euron proposing marriage-alliance to Cersei. After "The Forsaken" this seems plausible enough. Really the only part that jumped out at people is the North: As we've heard from multiple sources, general idea is that Sansa wants to punish Houses that didn't turn on the Boltons (i.e. we know Alys Karstark, their version of her, has been cast). Obviously all of this is screwed up by the fact that the Umbers WOULD have turned on the Boltons in the original lost ending of the Battle of the Bastards, but they hid their failure by editing around it once they ran out of time. But even in book-universe, I can generally see, yeah - how far do we punish? Even Stannis is going "look I don't think Arnolf Karstark's serjeants knew what he was doing, it would be a waste to execute them". Jon meanwhile urges that they need every hand to hold a sword they possibly can, with the White Walkers coming, so they need to stick together with so many external enemies and he pardons the survivors. To be honest, on a broad level, in and of itself and on paper this isn't the worst setup....but it feels like D&D will use it to pontificate "Wow, look how great Jon is!" -- hey, maybe I just worry because they stupidly ran out of book dialogue by going too fast. But anyway, given what happened last season with all its shortfalls, none of this strikes me as particularly unusual....yet. The one thing worrying people is the leaks say that in private, Sansa argues with Jon; he's annoyed he openly questioned her, she insists that showing mercy is saying that being honor-bound got Ned and Robb killed. .....we ourselves say this. Ned showed mercy to Cersei and Joffrey and they repaid him with death. Even though TV-Robb's Jeyne Westerling plot was gutted, at least the other point remains - kind of more relevant to this sequence - that the whole reason the Karstarks turned on Robb is because he felt honor-bound to execute Lord Rickard after he killed unarmed boy prisoners without his permission. So IN PRINCIPLE, this isn't even wrong. But given all we've seen of "angry bitter crazy Sansa" who D&D nonetheless think we're honestly supposed to be sympathizing with (it isn't "a character" anymore it's just "Sophie Turner mugging for the camera")......I fear that...TONALLY it will come off wrong. That once again this isn't just Sansa being "brutally honest" but "Sansa would never 'reject' Ned and Robb this way". So I'm sorry if I'm going for a measured response here......but that's the question: on paper Sansa pointing out that mercy and honor got Ned and Robb killed is correct. But is this yet more of D&D making no attempt at coherent Sansa characterization? I also predict they're going to be pandering Lyanna Mormont until we hate her as much as we did Olly (remember when we kind of liked Olly in Season 4?)
  6. Why the nonsensical Arya chase scene in Braavos happened:
  7. The Lost Original Ending of the Battle of the Bastards: Why It Is A Failure of Writing & Production: What's worse than D&D not thinking it's significant that the "North Remembers"? Actually thinking it was, having it in their filming script, but then not getting to film it due to an avoidable disaster of bad time management. What's worse than forgetting to have anyone care about Sansa's rape? D&D actually acknowledging that Northern lords would be motivated by her rape in their original filming script, but then abandoning it by filming running overtime. And why did they run overtime you ask?...
  8. Season 1 is a hit Season 2, this emboldens D&D to start "doing it the way we want it!"...which is "show off the actors' talents".... These changes weren't very well received. They still had to get renewed one year to the next, so they actually paid attention and started dialing it back for Season 3. Season 3 had noticeably LESS of those invented scenes. Anyone else notice that? Continuations of earlier ones but nothing too new. Cogman even admitted that in an interview from back then I need to dig up. At the time he phrased it as "without Ned Stark as the main character we didn't know who to focus on and weren't very willing to just give Tyrion an episode off" -- in hindsight, he might Peter Dinklage. Season 3 finale has the Red Wedding, international mega-hit. Now they're guaranteed renewed forever - they even admit this - "now we know we're secure" - and went right back to changing things.... due to production overlap, season 4 was already the first thing they write post-Red Wedding is Season 5. Massive changes "to show off the actors' talents". We might not have realized it was "to show off the actors", but even in Season 5....I realized they always had an urge to go off-book. Well, Starting with Season 2. And it got better in Season 3 (and most of Season 4) because negative reaction to that was enough to make them stop (cowards). Then once they reached Red Wedding and "we're guaranteed to run the whole thing"....they stopped caring what anyone thinks. It's all so clich├ęd and predictable. Wasn't there some interview where Weiss said that when writing Season 1 scripts he'd walk around reading Tywin's lines in a Charles Dance voice, even before he was cast? And that doesn't even sound too crazy at first - if I read a draft script around, and had a favorites list for an ongoing casting process, yeah, why wouldn't I just slip into using the actor's voice? retrospect and in context of their actor-centric obsession....that seems like a warning sign.
  9. No. "Stunt casting" means just ....casting based on actor you like and not what fits the character. Even if it's an unknown. Yes, explicitly, they turned Olly into a recurring character because "we really like the actor". They've said this. And that's stunt-casting. Though the semantics are trivial. No, it isn't always a great idea just to "show off the actors".
  10. Well, as GRRM has said, it doesn't matter if we know the "how" in historical fiction, what's more important is the why. "Wow, shock, Red Wedding happened!" isn't really so important as the motivations and mindsets that went into it. WHY people make decisions is more important. So I'm making future videos on Battle of the Bastards/Jon Snow, Arya, and Ramsay/Sansa rape. You can guess why those really happened. We were wrong before. But the videos give the "WHY", the real important details behind it. Like....when you see a documentary on the Rwandan genocide or starving Syrian refugees. We kind of already know what happened. But ....the documentary still hurts, still stings, to see the actual specifics of how it all happened. That this wasn't just a snap decision, but how many things went wrong, how many people turned a blind eye to what was really happening in slow motion around them.
  11. hmmm.....well, interesting, though as you kind of say, it's not an outright "this entire plotline makes no sense". Just "I think it's kind of inappropriate to have a full on sex scene with a 17 year old I'm ten years older than, even if he's considered an a legal adult in their medieval society". Just impressions...not full on quotes yet. It SEEMS like she's dissatisfied, aren't they all? Much like Sansa....remember how they said she was going to be a "strong player" in Season 6? What the hell does "player" mean to them? Well, they use it to describe "strong" emotive performances (verbatim', "Theon is a strong player in Season 5"). But I'll drop these links on her slide in the Overview video...
  12. @The Bard of Banefort You have to understand....Benioff and Weiss honestly believed that Sansa was "a powerful player in Season 5", so that's why they hyped Dark Sansa. Problem is, their definition of "powerful player" - verbatim - is if *Sophie Turner*, the actress, was giving a "powerful" performance...crying helplessly in a rape scene. I'll talk about this more. Have you heard that Rhaenyra has an army? IMPORTANT: I've heard vague rumors about Natalie Dormer being unsatisfied with the show or asking to leave, but no confirmation. Do you have links or anything? These would help, I need citations for the wiki and to make other videos.
  13. Why the Stannis storyline failed in Game of Thrones - Emoting & Acting Interested in everyone's thoughts on this video, also on the Cersei video.
  14. Why TV-Cersei differs from Book-Cersei, and why she has a black-haired son with Robert (also, is it Gendry?)
  15. You understand everything I tried to convey. In the event that I suddenly die, or get banned, I need you to keep these criticisms alive. All of you. All the ranters. This needs to spread.