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  1. How about "Kings of the Three Sisters"? That flows better while retaining ambiguity.
  2. Blah, typo, I meant to write Viserys II. Yes, I also have not forgotten about that 5,000 words or so from the Dothraki and Yi Ti that got cut. I'm not even sure how they'd release it.
  3. ....yeah, I thought it was closed due to the war, but Davos had been there in times of peace, even before Robert's Rebellion so... ....yes, your citation makes me lean more towards that it's some old Stark-king era mint or something. Not used in centuries. Probably. I remember an old GRRM interview video talking about the then-upcoming World of Ice and Fire, in which he said that he want into a lot of mundane detail on world-building topics like "what was this king's tax policy on foreign trade" etc. Mundane tasks High Fantasy literature often avoids, but which are interesting. So I was a bit let down when little of that got into the print version of World of Ice and Fire -- I hope a lot of it was actually written and was simply cut for time, to later appear in Fire and Blood. The only detailed info we got on things like domestic/economic policy was the brief description of Viserys I (increasing trade with the Free Cities, reforming the royal household, reforming the royal mints, etc.). I hope we get more of that by Fire and Blood.....Christmas 2018!
  4. I was looking over the "Currency" article today and a thought occurs: Tyrion's big description of Littlefinger, how 9 out of 10 tax collectors and customs officials are his agents, states that he appointed the men who run "all three mints". And we have the "Old Mint" in White Harbor. Are there only three royal mints in all of Westeros, and the Old Mint of White Harbor is one of them? Or does "all three mints" refer to "all three in King's Landing?" For that matter, the Old Mint is..."old". Might it be a holdover last used during the days of Torrhen Stark, to make the independent North's old currency? (it might not have been active for three centuries). Any World of Ice and Fire notes on this?
  5. Okay. Yeah there's only two assassin's guilds so it's not worth making a template for - Faceless Men would go into a "Braavos" template or something. Leaving Magic, Commerce, and Outlaws. ...yeah they're not really similar. I mean, a merchant guild versus a pirate faction. I was going by everything under "Organizations". ....the Alchemists' Guild does have some "commerce" aspects to it, in that it is a specialized trade guild of sorts dealing IN magic. They sell wildfire. Though they're also an order like the maesters in a way. Warlocks are much more of an order than into commerce. Quite separately, Outlaws....on land and sea. Big issue is that many pirate factions are lead by an individual and then break up on their death. The "Lord of the Tides" has his own fleet, that's a faction. Dunno.
  6. I've been fixing up the Organizations navbox I was working on: Down to Magic, Commerce, Assassins' Guilds, and Outlaws. Turns out there was already a nascent template for "Sellsword categories" so I posted that around every page that needed it. - Should "Assassins' Guilds" be merged with "Sellsword Companies" as a sub-category on the same template? There are only two named assassins' guilds. Both sellswords and assassins are "people who kill for money". Otherwise with only two, not much sense in making a standalone Assassins template. As for Magic/Commerce/Outlaw organizations...would those make sense split up into other templates or not? "Maesters" and "Night's Watch" are big enough to merit their own standalone templates. But I don't know if these three are big enough to support their own. Unsure.
  7. Since Season 5 aired, one horror story after another has leaked out that Benioff and Weiss don't understand the physical production process of TV/Film making. Nor are they willing to learn. I.e. in Season 6, the director begging them "You're convinced this big battle scene will take 2 weeks to film, but dear god, I've done the math, it will take 6 weeks to film"....and they just refuse to believe him. Six years of being in unchecked absolute control with no oversight didn't incline them to learn. So they don't have "eight years of experience" so much as eight years of willful ignorance.
  8. "[HBO] would surely want to know how much time and involvement they're getting from Benioff and Weiss before handing them over to a series that could potentially earn a few billion dollars, [Game of Thrones]. Surely, [HBO] vetted Benioff and Weiss to make sure they understood the physical basics of television production. Surely, [HBO] would only hand off [Game of Thrones] to writers who respect the source material. Surely, [HBO] isn't that naïve."
  9. We need to stop assuming these are rational actors. That's how they got us. "Oh no, [Cersei] would never [reform the Faith Militant in exchange for a bank loan]. That's stupid and against her own interests, so she won't do it." "Yeah, but you're forgetting that [Cersei] is an incompetent and irrational idiot." viz "Oh no, [Benioff & Weiss] would never [double up on not only Confederate and a new Star Wars trilogy at a time when they're already physically exhausted]. That's stupid and against their own interest, so they won't do it". "Yeah, but you're forgetting that [Benioff and Weiss] are incompetent and irrational idiots".
  10. Or, Elio, Benioff is a crazy person who takes on larger projects than he could ever hope to do WELL: David Benioff & Dan Weiss admit in interview that they don't know how "film production" works and just faked it until they made it for Game of Thrones. Did they do the same thing to the Star Wars people at LucasFilm & Disney? #RhaenyraHasAnArmy
  11. You've frequently commented on how exhausted Benioff and Weiss were even by Season 3 of Game of Thrones. By all accounts, production on later seasons pushed them to the limit - particularly because they insist on micromanaging everything without a full writing staff. How the heck can they immediately follow by doubling up on BOTH Confederate and a new Star Wars trilogy? Their reach has exceeded their grasp.
  12. Was doing a generalized writeup on "Free Cities" about their political systems, and question raised about Qohor: Were there any unpublished World book/app notes about Qohor's SPECIFIC system of government?
  13. Rhaenys, your work on The Harpy theory page is amazing. Thank you.
  14. No, obviously not. Well, clarification: I'm not talking about the Season 2 deleted scene of Loras mourning Renly. I'm talking about that by Seasons 3-4, Cogman kept saying "Well yeah we're showing Loras having sex with a random prostitute, but I meant to balance that out by also including a scene making it clear that Loras is just 'drowning his sorrows' as it were with anonymous sex, and is in fact still deeply mourning Renly. I even scripted it out, but it had to be cut for time".....and at the same time, Cogman is praising "Isn't it great we made invented scenes for minor characters like Olly?"....and the contradiction is lost on him.