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  1. I realize this may have been an odd question - I just stumbled on these in my folder of "screenshots of anything useful for articles from the histories and lore animated videos" and remembered that I had to take it *down* from the TV wiki due to topless women in it. Broader question: there should be one main article for the culture of the three Hyrkoon successor cities in the Bone Mountains: Should this be under "Patrimony of Hyrkoon" (which is extinct), "Bone Mountains" (treating it as a region, like "Free Cities", not just a topographical feature), etc.?
  2. And in regards to my question about what wiki policy is for posting official and/or unofficial artwork containing nudity? (the only official artwork of certain characters/places contains nudity).
  3. Ack - well even a single paragraph can be pretty big info. The mental comparison I keep using is the Greystarks mentioned on literally one page in ADWD....describing a centuries-long major conflict in sweeping terms. Compared to 10 pages of intense characterization description about Maegor and Aenys. Speaking of Anne....I'm submitting convention panels again for NYCC - I've only gotten into local panels before, and NYCC hasn't had a GoT/ASOIAF panel in four years now. Given that Fire and Blood Volume 1 will be coming out around Christmas 2018, one of the panels I'm submitting is on "This is what Fire and Blood Volume 1 is, it's an outline of the Game of Thrones prequel successor show storylines, and if you only know the main TV show this is what the other prequel eras are like". The topic feels timely enough. Given that Anne lives in NYC, can you contact her and ask if she'd like to "appear" at this, to promote the books? She can do as much or as little work as she wants (anything from "if Anne is turned off by the idea of asking her to do a lot of stuff, she can just sit there and field a few questions but I'm doing all the heavy work" to "Anne would feel slighted if she wasn't outright co-hosting"). I'd also love to pick her brain on questions like how much of one thing or another got cut. I might not get a panel at all due to heavy competition - but if I can put on the application "GRRM's editor will be there" it might help get our foot in the door. Last time I ran panels in the NYC area I didn't advertise it to keep shownlies from attacking it, but even GRRM (via livejournal comments) pointed out this was pretty silly and it would be smarter to try to organize a bigger fan gathering months in advance.
  4. Quick question: I was talking about World of Ice and Fire and Fire and Blood with someone, regarding the relative size of material cut from the final release (i.e. "All of Sons of the Dragon was released; but nearly all of the Regency was cut, which was "nearly as long" as the Dance material, and has not been released). I also remembered that at some point Elio mentioned in passing material which was cut from the World book from "beyond Westeros" - stuff that couldn't plausibly be included in a Targaryen history like Fire and Blood (....*maybe* some anecdotes about the Starks which got cut could be included as a footnote in a Targaryen history, as it is a history "of Westeros"). But I remember @Ran remarking that there was "more" material on the Dothraki and Yi Ti which got cut. 1 - Regarding material about regions "beyond Westeros" which wouldn't plausibly fit into a Targaryen history book like Fire and Blood, specifically which regions have more unreleased material? Just "the Dothraki" and "Yi Ti", or some other stuff too on Hyrkoon, Qarth, etc? 2 - ....I don't know if you'd be willing to release a specific word count, but off the top of your head, about how much material on the Dothraki and Yi Ti was left unreleased? Just in terms of "the Regency material is nearly as long as the Dance material" - was it just a few notes here and there on Yi Ti? Or is it a case of "actually the amount GRRM wrote is fully twice as long as what we were able to fit in that chapter of the print book"? I'm not sure how those would get released - the app or a future edition. I ask here because I wanted to update the wiki article on the World book just as we made a list of contents for the Fire and Blood article.
  5. We finally got a big news update on what the heck was going on with Telltale's much-delayed Game of Thrones video game, Season 2. My video report:
  6. A wiki policy question for @Ran : On the Fandom/Wikia network, such as the TV show wiki, Star Wars' Wookieepedia, etc., the higher-up staff within the organization explained to us that they have a strict "no nudity" policy, which we've tried to enforce. We cannot post screencapped images containing: Genitals Buttocks Exposed female breasts Does the same rule apply to's Wiki of Ice and Fire regarding images containing nudity? I think there are two broad categories: officially commissioned artwork, and the more nebulous "good fanart that got picked for inclusion in the wiki". I.e. there's an officially commissioned artwork for "Barter Beach" (in the Basilisk Isles) created by John McCambridge for A World of Ice and Fire, posted on Deviantart....not included in the print version. Possibly due to censorship because it has topless women in it: Similarly, artwork depicting the warrior-women of the Hyrkoon city-states - who, as Addam of Duskendale frequently reminds us, go about in everyday life with their breasts bare, with iron rings pierced in their nipples and rubies studded in their cheeks. Obviously this type of thing is a broad policy rule and I have no intention of disputing it - on the TV show wiki I just accepted it as a given - but I'm not actually sure what the stated policy IS on A Wiki of Ice and Fire.
  7. BrienneTheBlue112 has been working reliably on the TV wiki since 2015: and isn't just a casual fan dropping in.
  8. ....In-universe, main novels, characters consider it the "Andal invasion". Oh we could say there was an "Anglo-Saxon migration", but it's remembered as the "Andal Invasion". I'd vote for "Andal InvasionS", as it was more a 2,000 year or so time period that lasted generations.
  9. Thanks. Also we may need help with the French translation subtitles of some of the DVD commentary clips I posted on my channel. More updates soon...I'm working on "The Biography of David Benioff"...
  10. The Dragon Demands guest appearance on A Podcast of Ice and Fire, to spread rant about the TV show
  11. That's just a big bay that curves west a bit. "Straight north" yeah, but much farther north (around latitude of Thenn valley) Maps are always approximations and even the ones given in the books themselves aren't necessarily accurate. How accurate are fan made recreation maps relative to the maps printed in the books? The ones I've seen in the wiki are reasonably accurate.
  12. First real news posts coming out for the Fire and Blood Volume 1 release date: Germany actually seems early November. ...Unsubstantiated websites list the UK release as early October. Can @Ran verify what is currently known or not known? (via a Tweet announcement or something). There was a time moratorium on the wiki being updated with prequel novella info when each was released, and AWOIAF. As the release date draws nigh, going to need to clarify when the moratorium will end on the wiki for FoBV1.
  13. Hey, where is the wiki crowd here located in the world? I ask because 1 - blind curiosity, 2 - how easy it will be for everyone to get new publications as they come out (short stories but particularly Fire and Blood Vol 1 when it comes out) I'm located in New York City, so it should be fairly easy for me to get Fire and Blood Vol 1 when it comes out. Others might be in other cities/countries so that might be more difficult. I ask in part because for TV wiki purposes, I was going over the Blu-ray commentary tracks; I can't afford them so I just took a copy out from my local library. And I didn't realize...other people on the wikis who live in Germany or Spain etc. do not have that luxury. It's physically impossible to get their hands on because the commentaries were never translated and thus not included in non-English country releases. So here I was spending months saying "I'll do it later, there's other work"....then I felt bad at how much some of the other wiki editors would jump to get their hands on those.
  14. Why the Tysha reveal was cut & Tywin changed in Game of Thrones
  15. Episode 5.10 DVD commentary clip, Benioff & Weiss on why Stannis was changed also Missandei/Grey Worm, Myranda, Brienne, Dorne, among others