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  1. Unless I am missing something that post doesn't have any Winds chapters thrown into the mix. So, going back to that list to put them in is messy. Thanks for the link.
  2. ASOIAF becoming a GOOD VS BAD story

    Well, I don't like reading about evil people, I can't even play an evil dude in a computer game. I was simply trying to say that Lotro was more nuanced than people give it credit for, and the Lord of the Rings books occupy an extremely small piece of the pie in a much larger context.
  3. ASOIAF becoming a GOOD VS BAD story

    True, and it we don't really know how it started, Ygritte, who is not in the know, kind of made it sound as though Mance and crew were doing things they shouldn't have. I wonder if we will ever get the whole story.
  4. ASOIAF becoming a GOOD VS BAD story

    Well, I wouldn't go so far as to say Sauron ever wanted to do good for the world, I mean, Morgoth was selfish in the extreme from day 1. Still, if Tolkien had done some PoV characters, as it were, from the Easterlings or the Orcs, I don't think people would be so quick to write it off is a good v bad story.
  5. Aeron will figure in there somewhere, I didn't read those chapters too closely, but I get the sense they are happening around the time Cersei gets arrested.
  6. Oh wow, the timeline is screwed. If a significant portion of this book must be spent on AFFC characters to catch them up; the disjointed mess will figure too prominently in the story.
  7. Is Mace Tyrell actually competent?

    Okay, thank you.
  8. Illyrio & Varys: untruths and exaggerations

    I mean, if she dies to the plague you can. We don't really know when he got fat, only that he is now. Maybe he near drank himself to death (lots of calories in most booze), after his true love died. We don't know.
  9. Illyrio & Varys: untruths and exaggerations

    He wasn't fat until after he married a princess. He was a fighter up until then, and protected Varys. I mean, I don't know when he got fat, but it sounds like they made money pretty quickly.
  10. Could Ned Stark still be alive?

    Ned is reborn into one of Dany's dragons.
  11. Is Mace Tyrell actually competent?

    Did he force him to joust or was it a Harry the Heir thing where he demanded it? He seems a bit Rhaegarish. Here's what we know though, even if they are showmen, they know the show to put on, something we've not seen from anyone else though Jaime seems to counsel just such action in his last few chapters. We've not seen a single act, other than Olenna of the family not getting along or supporting each other. Relying on advisors isn't a sign of weakness, in fact if you don't know what you are doing it's the most intelligent thing you can do short of sitting down and learning how to do it yourself. Garlan attended Sansa's wedding at least, is that a show thing you are getting confused with? I feel like they were at her Wedding. Garlan seems to be truly astute and charismatic at least.
  12. Does Varys know about Jon Snow's parentage?

    I mean, if Varys observed Arya and Sansa in KL, he would have learned that the Stark kids are nice, not ultra noble stick up the ass (even Sansa), and while they had never been scared and hungry, I highly doubt fAegon has either. He was like super describing Jon during his speech to Kevan lol The thing is Ned has plausible deniability, maybe right at the end Varys was sure, because he was able to leverage Ned into a lie to save his children, meaning he could have lied before to save children. Varys also knows how incensed Ned was over Rhaegar's dead children and how it caused a major rift between Ned and Robert until Lyanna's death. Varys probably has a pretty decent understanding of Ned's character at this point, and if he didn't know before, he might have figured it out since. I doubt he thought much of Jon at all until reports came that he had become Lord Commander, though. Whether he put two and two together there, or considered it worth it to do so, is another question.
  13. Arya will become Queen

    I just love the quote, because it seems funny, Brandon always knew what to do...and then later we find out how that hot headed womanizer died lol Ned is a far better lord than Brandon would have been and I think Brandon would have killed Jaime or been killed by Jaime if somehow magically it was him in KL instead of Ned, which would have started a huge war anyway. I'd rather have Arya be Queen in the North instead, finally home, KL, she learned a lot there, but her thoughts were ever of Winterfell.
  14. Wait until one of them tells the High Septon (because he's being tortured), that Littlefinger is pulling his strings. I mean, I know what you are saying there, I wonder if LF would have supported that action? Probably.