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  1. Well, I believe we are too late if he announces when he's sent the book to editors to have it out this year, as this is going to be a large book and require some amount of time to edit. So, next year maybe, not as depressing to me as Cyberpunk likely getting bumped to 2019.
  2. I particularly enjoy how his clarification, that, no I am working with all 4 writers, makes it worse heh
  3. Don't we have evidence, via Bran vision of Lyanna beating Benjen with fake swords?
  4. Starfall. Just hike and fish, read books, the life.
  5. Arya, Sansa, the Hound, Tyrion The shakiest one for me here is Arya, the Hound has already "died" and it didn't take, so he's pretty safe. Since Tyrion is GRRM, it would be totally nihilistic for George to kill him. I am pretty sure Sansa will "win" somehow, which is, fine I guess, I am kind of meh on her.
  6. Well, we don't spend every minute with these characters. She learned Braavosi from the poison girl, I imagine she learned a lot about poisons while that was going on. You act like it takes no planning when she killed the guard, and not too mention getting the horses and equipment together. She is equipped with a terrifically nimble mind, maybe putting LF to shame with how quick she can put a plan together. In her Mercy chapter she maneuvered her prey to her abode, sliced a place that would shock him merely by loss of blood, and then killed him just like she wanted to and started making plans for how to dispose of the body. She did effectively plan a murder down to the detail already once, if the other times she kind of rides the wave of circumstance with intention, it's no less impressive.
  7. And over a short timescale given the concurrence.
  8. Heh, because I play Lord of the Rings Online sometimes and my head is all screwy due to age.
  9. Elves were also not universally good or anything, I mean, in Lotro they were, but that was a war. Galdriel selfishly led a bunch of her followers across the broken ice to found her own Kingdom in Middle Earth, the whole series basically only happened because one fucknut elf who used the light of the divine to make some pretty jewels wouldn't let his own gods have them at their time of greatest need, so instead they were stolen by Melkor. So, the idiot's kids get all uppity run to Middle Earth to go after Melkor, but their Gods said this would end in their ruin so their kinsmen that owned all the boats said, no you shouldn't go, so the idiots kids killed them and stole the boats (Kinslaying Part 1), but instead of sending the boats back to get the people left behind, the forerunners burned them, thus Galadriel led a bunch across the ice, where you know, they died. And it goes on from there, they kinslayed 2 more times, wiping out whole Elven lands in the process of betrayal. And it's not like the Elves of the Elven lands were super well behaved anyway. They were pretty much dicks to everyone not of their land, even other Elves.
  10. Comprehensive, thanks Oh yep, messy.
  11. Unless I am missing something that post doesn't have any Winds chapters thrown into the mix. So, going back to that list to put them in is messy. Thanks for the link.
  12. Well, I don't like reading about evil people, I can't even play an evil dude in a computer game. I was simply trying to say that Lotro was more nuanced than people give it credit for, and the Lord of the Rings books occupy an extremely small piece of the pie in a much larger context.
  13. True, and it we don't really know how it started, Ygritte, who is not in the know, kind of made it sound as though Mance and crew were doing things they shouldn't have. I wonder if we will ever get the whole story.
  14. Well, I wouldn't go so far as to say Sauron ever wanted to do good for the world, I mean, Morgoth was selfish in the extreme from day 1. Still, if Tolkien had done some PoV characters, as it were, from the Easterlings or the Orcs, I don't think people would be so quick to write it off is a good v bad story.
  15. Aeron will figure in there somewhere, I didn't read those chapters too closely, but I get the sense they are happening around the time Cersei gets arrested.