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  1. Ya, I have a crackpot that Sansa will die and it's actually Arya change into Sansa that cuts off his head.
  2. I know, but the main reason I hated it was the epilogue, which was not a sufficient conclusion to the story I'd been following for 20+ years, and I fear it will be the same here if he wraps it up in two books. I don't think even two Storms will do it. Yes, people don't like it, but Dany, all those years ago, saw her facing a host of ice likely at the Trident. That kind of has to be the end of the second last book or the beginning of the last book. Maybe that's where the bittersweet comes from, the places totally destroyed by the Others are the places that suffered the most throughout the books already.
  3. It's not my theory, but Radio Westeros, that fake Arya will go to the House of Black and White, where Arya will see her, where she may find out that Jon was murdered which will prompt Arya to return to Westeros. I can't think of anything in Essos that would cause her to head back to Westeros other than the news about Jon or Nymeria running into Uncat and recognizing her while Arya is warging her. As far as Stannis goes, I believe he wins the battle, but it leaves him bad shape, that he ends up at the Nightfort where he has one last tryst with Mel and ends up dying. I don't think we have time for the Night King angle, so I think he just bites it while helping to birth something horrible. Does Shireen burn? Maybe before Stannis gets to the Wall if Mel believes the letter, remember she's not been able to find Stannis in her visions so she might believe he is dead at some point and burn Shireen trying to bring him back.
  4. There will be 4 if he can't pick up the pace. I know there are two left (I think 3 personally), I mean, he would need two even at the pace of Storm, but I feel three would be better. I do not want a 10 page epilogue like we had with the Wheel of Time, which I will never read again given how much I hated the last book.
  5. Only if the next book has the pace of Storm. Looking back on the books the amount of things that happen in Storm is incredible.
  6. Jeyne is on her side, it's her Mother that isn't and even her Mother is pissed at the Lannisters for her son having been killed at the Red Wedding. Remember, none of her children were in on the scheme, possibly not even her husband. Nobody will know until the rewards from the Lannisters start rolling in, but that's not likely to happen as Cersei will not honour anything, and Jaime isn't getting back to KL any time soon.
  7. Sansa has always had an openness, think of the number of times that got her in trouble with the Lannisters or she feared what she had said. That was early pre KL with Joffrey and later in King's Landing. Now, she has less fear, that's the only change as far as I can tell, which may have it's own issue. She hasn't really changed her personality very much, she's matured, is slightly wiser into the evils of men but otherwise plays the Lord's daughter perfectly, because she is, and more or less acts like Sansa, looks like Sansa, and the only difference is hair dye. And while the story is a fantasy, that shit would have to reapplied like once per week to keep any red from showing. We never spent much time with Sansa before KL, this is likely who she was.
  8. Well, we haven't seen Stannis stand in Victory other than over the Wildings, and to put it fairly he was magnanimous. Okay, he didn't pump their tires like Robert would have, but only "Mance" was executed, he was the enemy King who led the rebellion, and if burning him proved useful from a power perspective (King's blood), so much the better. Everyone else even "Rattleshirt" was allowed to cross the Wall with a promise from King Stannis to give them lands at some time in the future. Would he execute Tyrion? No, would he send him to the Wall? Maybe, but maybe not. Stannis has had the same kind of vicious rumours circulated about him his whole adult life, so I doubt he'd see Tyrion as the Monkey Demon. Now, would the situation shake out that Tyrion talked himself out of Casterly Rock by mocking the shit out of Stannis? Probably. I find Tyrion funny, but he ain't no diplomat and wouldn't shut up just because Stannis held the sword. Joff is dead, Cersei because of her crimes, not because she's a Lannister specifically, as far as Stannis knows, Tyrion hasn't done anything wrong. Bottom line Sannis won't make peace with Robb while Robb wears a crown. If he was sincere in his desire to make Peace with Stannis or ally with him when he sent his Mother, he would have sent her with his crown.
  9. Well, we don't know what he thought, if he really wanted to he would have done it before approaching him.
  10. Might as well just watch Spartacus then. As far as the books, it would not have the same level of readership. Also, George bases a lot of these events on history, I for one while not thrilled with the Red Wedding, well, I've seen that and worse in all the history I've read. Okay, not as explicit, but still. So, I for one don't think I'd be as interested in it.
  11. You know how you rarely if ever hear about all the attendants and maids and guards and the like while reading the PoVs? Ya, the nobles don't even notice these people. So, while Cersei may think she's keeping secrets from Twyin and everyone, she's heading back to her rooms after meeting with her brother looking truly...umm, let's keep it classy and say, properly disheveled. And well, there you go. Everybody does know, it's just there's no IPhones to prove it and the nobles and such just typically don't accept gossip from the small folk as evidence.
  12. Woah, there devilish, we don't know they fought the Children. We know the last hero sought out the Children and when he found them, the War for the Dawn ended. That's all we know, well, from the books, don't spoil me with show stuff. The rest of your post, spot on. I have assumed a level of prescience on the side of the Others, maybe they saw this massive southern conflict coming and decided to take advantage. But yes, this is probably the weakest the North has been since before the Wall. Also, Aegon for all his desire to be the big boss had honour and I think he would not attack the North while they were busy fighting off an army of ice demons, but maybe I am giving him too much credit. As to the Weirwood arrows thing, it's very likely possible the Old Gods were guiding Brandon, so he likely felt invincible.
  13. To get to Stannis' ships he has to cross through Lannister held territory, you know, the same place Glover was heading through and there is no indication that the level of communication you are supposing actually exists in Westeros. The logistics of what you are suggesting seem unlikely, also then Robb would have to take off his crown, he had never indicated he was willing to do that either. Too many variables in this lol, I am out.
  14. Cersei seemed to have been resolved to spit in Stannis' face, there was absolutely no indication she was thinking of escape. Joff maybe, but I highly doubt any of the Kingsguard even liked the little shit and none of them, besides the Hound were likely capable of the type of heroism of Barristan in terms of carrying Joff out of danger. It feels like the Red Wedding still happens because Robb had to go home, and by the shortest route. Also, Robb is not the type to set aside a marriage once done anyway. So the Tyrells can't get him. If they are truly desperate to get involved, and I disagree that Olenna wanted any of this, she just started taking over once her idiot son started on the path. Most likely they sit aside and throw their lot in with Aegon when he shows up. That would be an epic showdown between Marge and Arianne.
  15. If Stannis takes KL it is highly, highly likely that Joff and Cersei are dead, Tommen is out there somewhere still. I don't know that the Tyrells would be willing to step quite that far out, as in, having to recapture KL, in order to make Marge queen. So, I am not as confident in that alliance as you may be, being maintained. Now, Doran still has his stupid plan, but would he return Myrcella to Stannis (who would no doubt kill her), in return for Gregor and Twyin?