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  1. George doesn't tend to have the action start be the PoV, so maybe if it's The Blackfish coming along to the slaughter of the party by wolves or something.
  2. I don't know, if she was married to Harry and they'd brought an army up, and her marriage to Tyrion had been annulled. Heck, Mel would annul it. I don't think Sansa will stay married to Tyrion, but heck, who knows.
  3. This. It's kind of at the best point from a natural geography standpoint. In any case, I am pretty sure the Children picked the place
  4. I don't like the thought of Sansa coming to take the castle from Stannis though, he did nothing to her family. I think Stannis would even welcome Sansa as he would believe her claim to be valid, and if she said the proper things to him. Stannis taking the black is a decent idea, I just don't see him doing that.
  5. I think given Lord Rodrick's propensity for creating a vast web of alliances he would happily have supported an Ashara Dayne connection, subverting a family of the favourite Kingsguard even hehe. Just up his alley. But after Ashara I am not sure what was available besides Lady Dustin. I am not sure where everyone would have lived if the civil war had not happened. I imagine Ned would have moved to Starfall, Cat to Winterfell.
  6. Unless they have been hiding a working Fusion reactor to power desalination Catalionia does not have it's own water reserves. Negotiated access to rivers and such that originate in other provinces takes a long time, and there is nothing to show the reactionaries trying to achieve independence have done any planning (ahem, Britain). Do you think other regions in Spain and a country like France will want to just ship water to the region? I don't have any connection to Spain other than playing them in EU since EU1, my favourite country to play as, but I do maintain some knowledge about world water issues, from my Ivory Tower here in British Columbia. It's really bad that the mismanagement of this country has led to this kind of issue. Unless I am wrong, it's not all of the Aragon (1200ish), that's separating either, it's a region that hasn't existed for over 800 years as an independent "country". Where is the nationalism coming from?
  7. It's a little too realistic that an organization that has almost certainly had it's share of gay activity vilifies the one who may or may not even be gay, just that he was raised as a whore. It's just the EEEEEEKKKK gay! that basically summarized our society's attitude towards the subject for the greater part of the modern era.
  8. But would that make Mel the Ice Lady analogue from the tale? Then instead of an Ice oriented Night King sacrificing to the Others, this time we get a Night King sacrificing people by fire to the...umm, other side. Because I don't see Stannis shacking up with an Ice Lady.
  9. They will be attacked by Wolves, not the Blackfish. Nymeria extends the will of Arya and will head into the Westerlands next, she can't just stay in the Riverlands forever. 400 men against an army of wolves coming in the night and probably slaughtering all save for Edmure. I have some sympathy for his wife, but I think the "Gods" as it were are seeing an end to all involved in the Red Wedding. It needn't be obvious or anything but something that will strengthen the belief in the gods by those ignorant of the truth of each death. That gun has to go off eventually and it won't be against the Others. Death is coming to the Boltons via other means in the North, the Karstarks have ended and the reign of the Thenns has begun, the Lannisters will not survive the books, and neither will the Freys.
  10. Well, the Dragons kind of have to die right? So maybe this is the end of the Children and Greenseeing and Bran is the last Greenseer until the world cycles again.
  11. Yes. I kind of subscribe to the theory posited by History of Westeros that Sansa will become Queen, like Elizabeth 1.
  12. Ya, I have a crackpot that Sansa will die and it's actually Arya change into Sansa that cuts off his head.
  13. I know, but the main reason I hated it was the epilogue, which was not a sufficient conclusion to the story I'd been following for 20+ years, and I fear it will be the same here if he wraps it up in two books. I don't think even two Storms will do it. Yes, people don't like it, but Dany, all those years ago, saw her facing a host of ice likely at the Trident. That kind of has to be the end of the second last book or the beginning of the last book. Maybe that's where the bittersweet comes from, the places totally destroyed by the Others are the places that suffered the most throughout the books already.
  14. It's not my theory, but Radio Westeros, that fake Arya will go to the House of Black and White, where Arya will see her, where she may find out that Jon was murdered which will prompt Arya to return to Westeros. I can't think of anything in Essos that would cause her to head back to Westeros other than the news about Jon or Nymeria running into Uncat and recognizing her while Arya is warging her. As far as Stannis goes, I believe he wins the battle, but it leaves him bad shape, that he ends up at the Nightfort where he has one last tryst with Mel and ends up dying. I don't think we have time for the Night King angle, so I think he just bites it while helping to birth something horrible. Does Shireen burn? Maybe before Stannis gets to the Wall if Mel believes the letter, remember she's not been able to find Stannis in her visions so she might believe he is dead at some point and burn Shireen trying to bring him back.
  15. There will be 4 if he can't pick up the pace. I know there are two left (I think 3 personally), I mean, he would need two even at the pace of Storm, but I feel three would be better. I do not want a 10 page epilogue like we had with the Wheel of Time, which I will never read again given how much I hated the last book.