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  1. Lol Texas Hold Em, you haven't seen the contract, so you know... and there's a reason why the Insurance industry pays more punitive damages that any other industry when damages are assessed by a court. To my mind, most of the above, but also Vic putting a four or five slave women on a boat and lighting it on fire, it's never mentioned.
  2. Probably smuggled North, married to Ramsay for reals, and beaten and tortured. There is no way she is turned over to Cat and Robb unless Roose decided to kill her at the Red Wedding, but I don't think that had been fully planned by the time he quit from Harrenhall.
  3. Tyrion's only crime I care about is essentially funding and equipping a bunch of terrorists in the Vale who raid and capture mostly smallfolk. He traded himself for the smallfolk of the Vale. We are hearing about the beginning of what that means in the Sansa chapters after Storm.
  4. The allies after world war 2 were not very pleasant to anyone who had collaborated with the Nazis, like they had any choice in the matter. A woman slept with a Nazi officer? Shave her head for shame...well, it's not as bad as in the Riverlands, but it's not so far from, the enemy to you helped the enemy, and traitors deserve everything they get, with no examination that the smallfolk had no freaking choice in the matter. Robb is not a glowing example of equality, I don't remember him ever really caring about the smallfolk one way or the other, instead chastising Edmure for doing so. And ya, he wanted the Ironborn to raid and what? Take a bunch of Westerlands saltwives, that's what. And he put Bolton in charge of the eastern force, well, it's not as explicit as putting Gregor or the Brave Companions out there, but it's also not something someone more aware, like Ned would have done. Robb was desperate though, I still think he's quite a bit better than Tywin, and that Robb's own force would never torture or rape people, they still might burn the granaries and such though, which, well, starvation isn't exactly nice either.
  5. That whole chapter reads like a joke to me a sarcastic homage to the Legolas and Gimli fighting Orcs at Helm's Deep chapter. It's stupid and if you exercise Quentyn from the book, that's my least favourite chapter.
  6. The present High Septon would do it if she is still intact because he doesn't seem to like Cersei anyway and he's a wheeler and dealer. But he's probably going to get killed by a Sand Snake after she realized he's not a typical dude who can be manipulated by a pretty lady.
  7. He did not want to trust LF, his wife told suggested he should and left with no honourable options (Renly), he chose to. Ned had to send someone to deal with Gregor, or like it was suggested he would have gone himself, which may have put him on the Brotherhood without Banners, but I don't think he could have pulled that off, maybe he would have made it to Riverrun or something. His only mistake that isn't excused by his character is going South to begin with.
  8. You should feel victorious or something, how often do you change someone's mind and opinion on the internet?
  9. Thanks for the links Meera, I am revising the chart I've been keeping updated that basically tracks water related news from around the globe. One day I will publish it, but as you've seen, it needs some work
  10. Did Val meet Stannis in the books, I don't remember seeing her assessment of him. I am quite sure she is an Old God Priestess, just like the one we see in Bran's look back. But I am not sure how we get from her and Stannis to Night King.
  11. What happened in 2008?
  12. I really hope you are correct. As I said, I do not care if they separate, I do not want to see people without water.
  13. Nobody answered me about the water issue. This is a region with negative fresh water, meaning it does not restore what it uses naturally. So, if there is independence, which I do not care about one way or another, what is their plan? To buy water from Spain at a super inflated price? Beg France? Don't look at the water scarcity tables, they don't account for where the water comes from, and this case it comes from the interior of Spain and the Pyrenees mountain region. Maybe if you also get the Basques independence you can work something out.
  14. Arya hasn't done anything to crazy and nothing against a strong moral code that lies at her center and puts her squarely at odds with the FM. Like I said, she is an unrealistic character. I mean, I haven't been a highscooler for a long time, maybe kids have changed, I still don't want to spend time with anyone Sansa's age, I expect they are stupid mostly because I and every other person were when I was that age. I am not judging her for it, but I don't like her either.
  15. I think Redgrass was more notable in that everyone in the story knew people who had died there. It was the most impactful battle outside the Trident in our books thusfar. As many men were in Blackwater, nobody of note really died there as far as the story is concerned.