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  1. Most intriguing place to you outside of Westeros

    Asshai and the local environs. The World Book was a huge slap in the face for me lol
  2. Is Barristan Simply Wrong About Meraxes?

    I mean, he could be hoping nobody manages to and is dissuading them from taking that road. He still serves Dany, and if he is nostalgic for the Targs, well, the highlight of their time in Westeros was when they had dragons.
  3. Why did the faceless men train Arya?

    Well, there is a common theory that the Dragon Lords may have controlled their dragons via at least a bond like the Starks had with their direwolves, like Rickon and Bran were able to control their wolves before developing warg abilities, but probably because they are both wargs, or skinchangers. If the Dragon Lords rose to power because they could control dragons the FM would probably know about it. Whether they would have any reason to link that to the Starks I don't know. Do they know she had a pet dire wolf? I don't remember if she ever told them that, or if the news of it crossed to Essos.
  4. Why did the faceless men train Arya?

    She did not tell him she saw through a cat's eyes, unless that happened on the show, in the books she chose not too. However, we know from her time out in the city that she growls while she sleeps, like a wolf. We know the Kindly Man has closely observed her as he noted her list, and it's not like she was shouting it. He would have noticed that she growled like a wolf while she slept. I also said may, meaning I don't know, they just may understand what that means.
  5. Is Barristan Simply Wrong About Meraxes?

    He didn't say it was impossible, but let's assume there's like a 1/100 chance or worse to pick out the eye of a flying creature with a ballista (not the most accurate weapon), he's right to say it's no simple thing.
  6. ASOIAF becoming a GOOD VS BAD story

    I only watched s1 of the show and don't pay attention to anything anyone mentions from it. It always struck me that there was more to the story 1) 100 obsidian daggers, ect... per year sounds more like a stipulation from a peace treaty than gift from friends. 2) There must always be a Stark in Winterfell, we'll get back to this 3) The Last Hero finds the CotF and the war for the Dawn ends. We aren't given the idea that the war continued by the good guys finally turned the tide, we are simply told the war ended upon the Last Hero finding the CotF. That doesn't track in any way unless the CotF controlled the Others. If you accept that the Last Hero was a Stark, then there must always be a Stark in Winterfell could also be part of a peace treaty. The scene at the cave made it seem as though it was meant to keep them there afterwards, because Summer can just run around outside, but Jojen, Meera and Bran believe that they will be attacked if they try to leave the cave. There's a few other things sprinkled around the books, but those are the major points. The other thing being the destruction of Hardhome, I am quite positive the CotF were responsible for that. The Wall was built for them on one side and humans on the other. Likely the original treaty between the First Men and the CotF was being violated which kicked off the War for the Dawn, the CotF fighting via proxy. Hardhome was destroyed as it violated the peace treaty, which likely included no human settlements beyond the Wall. That's my operating theory, I know you don't agree, but I thought I'd lay it out. I am totally prepared to be proven wrong, but only by GRRM.
  7. ASOIAF becoming a GOOD VS BAD story

    I have been sure the Others were built by the Children since Bran showed up at the cave, looked like pure fiction to me, to keep Bran and Co from leaving, and also certain other things. I assume they are eco terrorists (the Others I mean).
  8. ASOIAF becoming a GOOD VS BAD story

    Oversimplified lotro fan yep. That was not even the ending of the Lord of the Rings books. But having said that Sauron started off as a Maiar, not pure evil either. We don't learn much about them in the Lord of the Rings other than he really wants to dominate the world, much like Tywin.
  9. The Ultimate Winds of Winter Resource

    We are kind of starting to do the things here that get these kinds of posts closed, me included. So, yes, let's only discuss actual information related to the book that comes out, not speculate or any of the other things, because I like this thread and do not want to see it locked.
  10. The Ultimate Winds of Winter Resource

    Well, right from the end of Dance I was certain it would be three more books, he's always been a bit deluded on that front, so if he is coming around that's good. My only problem is the 6 years between books. I am also quite sure HBO will get the only ending this series will ever receive. Ah well.
  11. The battle for the dawn

    I am quite sure the Last Hero was a Stark and he negotiated a peace treaty with the Singers/Children, there is much evidence that points to that. I don't think there will be any peace treaty this time.
  12. Beric knowing the burial rituals is in line with his being a priest. Moqorro and Mel obviously being something other than human brings a line of questions that leads to my theory, which is only a theory at this point. If you say that about Mel, then how do you explain Moqorro?
  13. Become president of Russia or something other oligarch, or get super rich and buy a team. I don't think she will, if we do see the death of magic and so on over the end of the series and she becomes Queen, then nope.
  14. Revealing her true self to Jon would have been way out of character for her, for the sake of the plot, the thing most of us hate about many other writers. We did get insight into some of her abilities, she uses powders mostly for show, to make things flashy, but the actual power comes from her, she's stronger at the wall, she doesn't eat or sleep, she doesn't get cold and actually melts the Wall. This led me to postulate that she was a better maintained version of Beric, guessing that the actual high level priests go through a dying and rebirth ceremony that would very nicely mirror the Ironborn, because Moqorro survives for ten days at sea floating on a piece of wood, any human would die after two or three days. That's what cemented them in my mind. Elio thinks they are something else, other than Bericed, but I don't see how or why the story would require that. All of that clarification from her chapter, and her explaining all of that to Jon would have made me put the book down lol