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  1. We are announcing that Shire Post Mint has signed with Middle Earth Enterprises to make in-world coinage for the Middle Earth of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings!   We hope to launch a new Kickstarter on Bilbo's Birthday (Sept 22) to kick off the new series. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for more timely updates!   We are nearing the end of the run for Coins of Ice and Fire... there will likely be only a few more new coins for this series... probably free cities pieces. When the actual coinage of the series is complete we plan to compile a catalogue and an album for collectors.   Be well!   Tom
  2. We flew ten Iron Faceless Man coins into SPACE!

    # 7 and #6 now gone! #5 is up... remember that George has #1, so there are only three more after this one!
  3. We flew ten Iron Faceless Man coins into SPACE!

    #8 is gone... now #7 is up! good luck!
  4. We flew ten Iron Faceless Man coins into SPACE!

    #9 and #10 both gone...   Serial #8 is now up:
  5. We flew ten Iron Faceless Man coins into SPACE!

    #10 went over $250! #9 is currently up...
  6. We flew ten Iron Faceless Man coins into SPACE!

    The site is worth bookmarking... they keep up with Aurora reports, noctilucent clouds, solar flares, fireballs, meteor showers, and Near Earth asteroids. They're the ones we sponsored for this flight. I think it's just astonishing that high school kids are able to do real space science and I love that we were able to help them fund the flight costs through this project! The Earth To Sky Calculus group also has it's own Facebook page.
  7. Well.... near space anyway... 21 miles... right to the edge of the atmosphere. There were just the ten... one has already gone to GRRM for his personal collection... the other nine are being auctioned off, one per week, on eBay, starting with #10 on August 1.  The link is here: Serial#10-Game-of-Thrones-Iron-Faceless-Man-Coin-Signed-by-GRRM-Flown-into-Space I'll try to come back and post new links each week. The new ones will go online just after the last one ends... one minute after midnight each saturday morning for nine weeks. :laugh:  Have fun!  
  8. Game of Thrones coasters

    Making fan-art is one thing. Selling them would bring up serious issues of licensing. This site is supported by GRRM and admin will delete any posts offering unlicensed GoT theme items for sale. The only way to sell morally and legally would be to either form a new licensing agreement with GRRM directly, or to partner with one of the ten existing license holders. (see list on left). For instance... my license is specifically for making the fantasy coins from GRRM's world, but includes packaging. Our latest packaging for The Iron Coin of the Faceless Man is in the form of a thick coaster with a hole punched in it where the coin is pressed in. It's conceivable that we could combine your coaster with a coin or group of coins from the same house as a single product, and it could then fall under our license. So for instance... the DireWolf coaster in a set with the Eddard, Torrhen, Rickard, and Robb Stark coins. There might be similar opportunities in working with other current license holders. But it looks like the coasters were all hand-done one at a time... probably not interested in making many more.
  9. Sorry to see you selling your collection, but the buyer will be getting quite a good deal! Some of those variations are no longer available!
  10. Game of Thrones coasters

    Very nice!
  11. What do you Collect?

    I'll be taking the Advanced Leather Bookbinding class at Little Mountain Bindery here locally. I would plan to practice the technique on some more common editions before taking on a first edition. Yes! Slip cases would be something that could be done without altering the original at all, yet would enhance (and protect) the edition. My most treasured volume is a 1st India paper edition, Allen & Unwin LOTR with the multi-color foil embossed slip case. The only downside of it, is that It is so gorgeous (and valuable) that I cannot bear to open it and read from it! I actually read from my beat-to-death paperbacks with covers missing.
  12. What do you Collect?

    I'm taking a bookbinding class this spring... wondering if there is any interest in beautifully crafted and leather embossed rebinds of GoT volumes? Maybe with coins set in the covers?
  13. What do you Collect?

    Got mine!
  14. What do you Collect?

    Well, if you're looking for something really special, this ETSY listing just went up: It is a set of three golden dragon coins, in 22k gold, each bearing 1/2 troy ounce of pure gold! Just FOUR of these sets were made! The hand carved steel dies for these gold coins are NOT the same dies used to strike the brass version, they were made only for striking gold and will never be used for anything else. (as an example... the dragon on the brass Jaehaerys Targaryen coin has a single tip to his tongue, but the dragon on the real gold coin has a forked tongue) These coins will not be reproduced, in exactly the same way. Even if we have demand to strike more sets, there will be significant and notable differences such that these four sets will remain utterly unique upon the face of the earth. These are not props... much too valuable to let actors handle them! They are the genuine goods licensed by George R.R. Martin himself. I met him in Santa Fe and we discussed over dinner what the size and weight and composition of the coins should be. These are the result. We did the brass version just so that more people could have examples... but THIS is how they were meant to be! The set comes boxed with the brass ones for comparison. And it's not six figures!
  15. What do you Collect?

    The Strategy Game?? Is that the X-box video game? I have the board game and the card game.... Here is something that just popped up on eBay. I'm watching it. A one-of-a-kind Joffrey Baratheon golden dragon coin... with Jof's head carved into a skull! This is a hand-carved mod of a licensed coin, so still licensed.