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  1. It's basically been Wert and Kalbear giving impressions, detailing narrative events, answering questions about things appearing or not appearing, and now discussion of the one and a half preview chapters, Rhom. EDIT: And now redeagl, as he won one of the two giveaway ARCs from mrganondorf at SA.
  2. Lol, I'm still not bakkerfans. Enjoy the Kalbear Show 2017 while it lasts, bud.
  3. #hypekiller
  4. I'm reminded of Shkreli and Wu-Tang's last album.
  5. Went for three bills. But you can have another for the same, or on actual payment plan at $28 for 12 months.
  6. Holy shit.
  7. You're more than welcome, DR.
  8. mrganondorf is running a giveaway at SA again for two TUC ARCs!
  9. Security risk? EDIT: Wait, didn't Kalbear buy the eBay copy?
  10. I really wonder what it's going to be like to read this for myself as another random person.
  11. Super intrigued.
  12. Thank, Wert. Much appreciated :). Also, I was looking forward to this one, I like your recounting.
  13. Sorry, mine auto-updated to .ca. EDIT: Weird. I get no date on .com and the 24th on Also, at that second link you can read Bakker's introductory essay in the preview. (I think Hello World might've tipped me off to that in the first place).
  14. The Evil is a Matter of Perspective anthology by Grimdark Magazine (earlier e-book) has been released. This includes the new Atrocity Tale by Bakker, The Carathayan, and an introductory essay titled The Goodness of Evil. E-books have been sent to kickstarter backers. EDIT: I guess, the amazon date updated to May 24, 2017.