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  1. Blame Pod

    I blame Pod for my router going bad a week or two ago.
  2. Things I Don't Understand About Highlander

    lolwut? What kind of drugs are you on? WTF is The Source? And Highlander 2? Get real.
  3. Library books vs. torrented ebooks

    Off topic, but this seems to be a Kindle issue. The Nook version is just fine, or so my experience with the Nook version and an earlier thread shows.
  4. [NO SPOILERS] Orientation

    1. A Storm of Swords is generally regarded as the best book. This would be the third novel of the series. A Feast for Crows, the fourth book, is seen as the weakest. Personally, I appreciate Feast more than the first two, but meh. 2. It should be able to run as a sequential series, yes.
  5. 'Tis true.

    And on the off-chance that you have no idea what I'm talking about in the Geeky thread, watch this...


    Its not porn, but possibly NSFW (it includes a topless Frenchman in a bowtie for starters).

  6. 'Twas my pleasure.

  7. You me helped close down the abortion/rape thread. Good work Ser.

  8. Introductions

    Hey all. I've lurked here for around 2 years I think and quite a bit as of late (started my first re-read and so forth). A Song of Ice and Fire is my favorite series; my first fantasy series read was the old The Dark is Rising series back in middle school. I'm 22 and going to start grad school in a couple years. I will have my Bachelor's in History in a bit and plan on either branching off to Anthropology or continuing along a history track. I watch lots of anime, read manga, and think I may be starting a re-watch of Firefly soon. Because Mal is just that badass.