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  1. [Book Spoilers] EP310 Discussion

    i believe the freys tossed it with everything else after they were done. Robb starks body shall never rest in winterfells crypt.
  2. [Book Spoilers] EP310 Discussion

    Just some thoughts. 1.) i remember reading that this season would have a battle that put the blackwater to shame, and that D&D were looking for a larger budget to fund it. I guess that never happened then? the Red wedding while awesome was hardly a "battle" it was just a few jump cuts of individuals getting killed, nothing near the scope of the blackwater 2.)did that guy release the transcript of Talisa's letter? 3.) Maisie absolutely killed it. Her hand shaking while holding the coin after doing the deed, just incredible. how she went from anger, to "please sir im cold and hungry" face, to Murderous rage. Just incredible. Although i would have liked a "A Wolf enjoys the taste of frey" or something along those lines after she said "But im hungry, i have money!" I will say that this season felt shorter than the others, and i think there is a very real chance that the show passes the books.
  3. [Book Spoilers] EP308 Discussion

    Sansa is more hodor then stark.
  4. [Book Spoilers] EP308 Discussion

    You mean Mel, someone notorious for fucking people with kings blood in order to have their power inside of her, wouldn't take the opportunity to "top off the tank" prior to leaching gendry? You might not think it "fits" but you might also not understand it all either. Stop focusing on the nudity because you are missing story elements.
  5. I think we have heard at least half a dozen couples say "I am your and you are mine" kinda getting annoying.
  6. [book spoilers] Is Sansa that stupid

    Lol If she thinks that shes even dumber than i thought.
  7. yep which is why Jon should be named the heir next episode, since he is Ned's "second son" with bran and rickon out of the picture.
  8. to everyone complaining about talisa writing a letter shortly after sex, When was the last time any of you actually wrote a handwritten letter, using a quill and inkwell? Also Its not like she had a bevy of other things to do. hmm its night time, my husband is gonna do some war planning, i think ill play some bejewled or check facebook.
  9. [book spoilers] Is Sansa that stupid

    Sansa doesn't plan anything. Dontos/Littlefinger do all the planning, pick the times, and get everything in place. Sansa's one job, her ONE job, is to not fuck it up by telling someone. She failed that job in the first book, and she was captured because of it. The girl is grade-A airhead.
  10. [book spoilers] Is Sansa that stupid

    You wouldn't have killed Joffrey if it meant your own death? the dude is a little Hitler. Sansa would have been remembered in songs for the rest of time.
  11. [book spoilers] Is Sansa that stupid

    show me one clever thing she's done thus far. Sansa has been played like a fiddle since she left winterfel. people are acting like shes outwitting people and acting like some big player in the game. the only reason shes alive is because she has value to other people, and the only reason shes not in kings landing is because littlefinger made everything happen to get her out, all she had to do was not say anything, which for her at least, was a daunting task. If you were on a bridge with no rails, with the man that had your father beheaded in front of you, and all i took was a slight nudge to push him to his death, are you saying you wouldn't do it? even if it meant your death?
  12. [book spoilers] Is Sansa that stupid

    I think its more stupid to want to live imprisoned forcibly married to a dwarf, while the people who killed your family takes everything you ever owned. She should have gone out on her own terms and taken a lannister with her. Cat had the option of just being imprisoned at the red wedding, she chose to instead take at least something from the man that took her last living(to her knowledge) son, even if it meant her death.
  13. [book spoilers] Is Sansa that stupid

    Yes, really. You don't just accept your fate that you're a lannister now. How is that even a question. She has nothing left to lose at this point, aside from a life of imprisonment, having sex with a dwarf, having dwarf children. This isn't the typical betrothal, its forced, and she should have done something, anything, but marry tyrion.
  14. [book spoilers] Is Sansa that stupid

    If your options are live and give everything you have ever had to the people that killed your family, or die, the choice should be die. she should have pushed Joffrey off that bridge, she should have left with sandor, and she should have never gone against her fathers wishes and tell the queen they were going to leave.