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  1. Jon Snow Meets Undead Cat

    Still, kind of sad, if that is what happened. I don't think he had reason not to trust Catelyn in that. And there wouldn't be much chance that the whole issue would be revealed - nobody cared much for what they did in the North. In fact, one could say that _keeping_ it secret from Catelyn finally meant the death of "someone".
  2. How do you want Cersei to die?

    Okay, I agree with you that there is sailor's yarn towards Daenerys' exceptional beauty. And we know that she actually _is_ considered beautiful. But, that doesn't help to compare her to, say, Sansa. Daenerys is a mythical figure, 99.99% of all the people talking about her beauty never saw her, but they know some fairy stories about her. Nobody knows Sansa. "Queens get so much fairer as you travel away from court." (Okay, that is French renaissance, but close enough.)
  3. How do you want Cersei to die?

    I recall that quite differently (but, as mentioned before, I'm probably wrong). First, it's not that Daenerys is described that way in the book, which, in my opinion, must be done from a PoV character. Second, Euron has never seen Daenerys. Third, he didn't state a fact but rather something like "people say ..." and he adds something to the effect of: I don't care at all how she looks like. There is no Kingdom of the North anymore. Hence no queen. Sansa is important because she can be used as the heir of Winterfell. Of course, maybe there will be a Queen of the North some time in the future. And maybe Qyburn will do a little plastic surgery on Cercei and they will all fail?
  4. How do you want Cersei to die?

    Considered by whom? Cersei of course doesn't want to think Sansa is more beautiful. The fact that she even compares basically means that Cersei feels threatened by Sansa's beauty, IMHO. And Sansa is still a little girl at that time ... You know, "asking" Cersei who in the land is the fairest of all, well, she has no Magical Mirror of Objectivity. Cersei will probably lie to herself while looking Snow White in the eye. Is she? It's been years since I read the books, and I probably forgot, is she really described that way? Maybe she is. But not because she is even more beautiful (which I'm not sure to be a fact). Sansa is probably already more beautiful than Cersei even from Cersei's perspective, _if_ she was honest to herself. I remember Margaery to be beautiful enough too to "outrank" Cersei nowadays. They all pass that test. Sansa, on the other hand, is no queen. Dany and Marge are.
  5. How do you want Cersei to die?

    Except for Shakespeare, Sophocles and pretty much any author of pre-modern tragedian.
  6. Dragon sighting at Winterfell?!?

    Yeah, you are right, that was silly. More appropriate to say: said dragon is 38.5 million Mars bars (regular size) hungry.
  7. Dragon sighting at Winterfell?!?

    I think that depends on his energy efficiency category. A typical A+-dragon with 8 watts of power consumation in hibernation would have burnt about 2 Terajoule in 8000 years. That's about 200 tons of bread. The Winterfell dragon seems to be an older, non-EU-conform model, with all the hot water produced from dragon heat loss. So probably more like 200 watts of dissipation power minimum, or 5000 tons of bread.