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  1. Fidel Castro dies

    This Trudeau guy seems a smart fellow.
  2. so Mormont, how long do you intend to erase all my posts? I understand the ones that got involved in bickering. But what was wrong with my quote of that article or my question about Romney and Gore?

    Why the censorship, man? Ban me outright if you don't want dissenting opinions.

  3. US Elections: Groper in Chief

    Yeah, I saw that article. I could only shake my head in disbelief. Hillary Clinton a symbol of liberal values? Really? I mean, sure, she's more liberal than the Republicans, but she's far from the most liberal person in the Democratic party. And her views on crony capitalism, election financing, or her extreme hawkishness and belligerence in foreign policy are 180 degrees away from a true progressive.
  4. Hey, sorry about shutting you down like that. I got frustrated because I thought we were going in circles and I apologize for that. 

    Let's just say we both want all the countries in Europe to be free to declare for whoever they want and pursue policies free of foreign meddling and unwanted pressure, be it from East or West. 

    I appreciate your patience in discussing the matters with me with a level head and a willing ear! 


    1. OldGimletEye


      No problem.

      I think we are pretty much in agreement.

  5. US Elections: Apocalypse Now

  6. US Elections: Apocalypse Now

    Deplorable if so. I'd be wary of labeling it all under "old hatred of Jewish people" though. Israel is subjecting its Palestinian population to horrific acts of violence and humiliation. That doesn't excuse any harassment or violence among the BDS people, but generalizations are ultimately unhealthy. There are quite a few big European companies that support BDS measures and I find it unlikely they all do it because of anti-semitism.
  7. US Elections: Apocalypse Now

    My point about self-serving narrative has nothing to do with the Baltic countries being in NATO. I was saying that, much like with Saddam's WMDs, the whole conjured up idea of Russia invading the Baltic countries is a self-serving narrative aimed at assuring that the US stays the principal hegemonic player in the Eurasian arena. Always gotta be sure to have a steady supply of ready-to-go enemies!
  8. US Elections: Apocalypse Now

    Quite right.
  9. US Elections: Apocalypse Now

    Why would BDS movement be inherently anti-semitic? Israel has after all been occupying foreign soil for 50 years and has instituted a horrific apartheid regime based on ethnic and religious discrimination, partial ethnic cleansing, and colonization of conquered territories in direct contravention of numerous treaties and international law. What's anti-semitic in pointing this out? In fact, I dare say that the Palestinian situation is one the most disgraceful failures of the civilized world today.
  10. US Elections: Apocalypse Now

    You don't have to buy it from me, my friend. The burden of proof is on you if you claim a positive. How is Russia illegally interfering in their business and undermining their regimes? I am not denying that relations are tense, cause of course they are these days. I am also unclear on why you are talking about Baltic countries leaving or not leaving NATO. Why should they leave if they don't want to? I only ask to drop the silly rhetoric about an impending invasion.
  11. US Elections: Apocalypse Now

    Trump is to the right of Clinton on social issues, but is some strange left-right hybrid on economic issues.
  12. US Elections: Apocalypse Now

    Sure. And he isn't destabilizing or invading the Baltics. He acknowledges the sovereignty of those nations. This whole line of posts illustrates my point perfectly. We are discussing ad nauseam the turn of events that no one in foreign policy circles actually believes will happen. Just like WMDs or any number of other arguments that have been conjured up for self-serving reasons. It's deflecting the discussion from more important issues and I am frankly surprised to see so many smart people fall for it time and again.
  13. US Elections: Apocalypse Now

    Of course. I don't begrudge them. But that's not the main reason behind this alarmism. As I hope it's clear, Russia has no military designs there. Western policy makers know that very well. Hence it follows that the narrative of Russia invading the Baltics has another aim. The one I stated above that has to do primarily with US role in the wider Eurasian region.
  14. US Elections: Apocalypse Now

    The thing is that the whole Trump speech about "Europe needing to take better care of itself" is only partly in line with US official doctrine. Just like in Japan, US actually doesn't want Europe with a military so strong that they wouldn't need US protection anymore. It's stated very openly in US foreign policy papers that are publicly available. One of the chief aims in Eurasia is to prevent any rival power from emerging that would be able to contest US military or economic primacy. Trust me, that refers to the EU as well.
  15. US Elections: Apocalypse Now

    But what does that mean? I'm not mocking you, I'd really want to know. I am always hearing about "testing resolve" or "undermining credibility" from pundits everywhere and I am unclear on what these terms actually mean. They sound like mafia-speak to me. Gotta break a few elbows before anyone else gets any ideas. I mean sure, Russia -- and every other independent regional or global player -- will try to expand its influence in a way that by definition includs "undermining" the influence of rivals to varying degrees. For example, Turkey is currently expanding its influence in the Balkans, especially among the Muslim population of Bosnia, Kosovo, and some other countries. That automatically entails "undermining" EU designs for the region to some extent. But that's the interplay of influence and power inherent in any foreign policy "clashes", however minor they might be. So sure, Europe has a right to be worried about Russian plans. But there are ways of working within the parameters of normal foreign policy without a knee-jerk response of OMG Putin will invade Baltics, and we won't do anything, and we'll lose credibility. Behind the curtain, as I said before, it's not about the Baltics, because Russia won't invade those countries. It's about fear of losing hegemonic control over Eurasia.