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  1. US Politics- Stay Gold, Pony Boy

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!11111111111!!!!!!!!!1 In the golden era of lobbying, where every US politician earns huge sums on de facto legalized bribery, are you seriously proposing that public service (at the top level in US at least) is about making sacrifices? The median net worth of a member of Congress was $1.03 million in 2013
  2. I know next to nothing about Ireland, so excuse my ignorance, but it was always my impression that it was the economy that had a chief role in Northern Irish peace process. Huge economic growth, particularly in Ireland, must have had something to do with it, right? Once people start living decently, they are less likely to fall back on petty nationalism and violence. Again, total outsider here just offering his opinion.
  3. U.S. Politics: Confirming The Trumpocalypse

    1. Assad hasn't committed genocide as defined under Convention for Prevention and Punishment of Genocide. Shall we stop naming every single US foreign policy enemy a genocidal maniac? How many have there been already in the last 20 years alone? Four? Five? I lost count. 2. The war in Syria has been prolonged by money, weapons, training, and political support provided to the terrorists by neighboring countries like Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar with an ambivalent quasi-approval from the US and their allies. Also, this: It's really something to see the recurring pattern among so many people: the only way to make the world safer is to be more hawkish! Apparently Obama's 7 foreign "interventions" (love the euphemism) aren't enough. Let's make it 8!
  4. U.S. Politics: Confirming The Trumpocalypse

    And honestly, he'd do well to do it. This bottom-drawer BS just shows how US intelligence community is way beyond political control. These guys are a government unto themselves. The moment someone out of political mainstream comes in, good or bad, they seem to start losing their shit.
  5. How is it incorrect? If you have a segregated society where one set of people live with all their rights respected and the other set are living under martial law, and have been for 50 years, what is it if not apartheid? Where Israel is concerned, West Bank *is* part of their state. They have annexed it in all but name and yet refuse the Palestinians almost any rights that belong to rightful citizens. There your rights and obligations literally and exclusively depend upon your ethnic/religious origin. I am sorry man, but what is it? Languages across the globe have a word for it.
  6. Let me get this straight. (1) You say that a two-state solution won't be on Bibi's watch (presumably because he wouldn't allow it) (2) You further say that Bibi is illegally grabbing ever more land to improve Israel's position in any future negotiations (3) And then you call these two points Land for Peace. That is some warped definition, I have to admit. The original meaning of Land for Peace is related to UN Security Council Resolution 242 which involves the various Arab factors in the region recognizing Israel's right to exist in exchange for Israel withdrawing back to its internationally-recognized borders. Hence, it's on Israel to give up land it occupied and up to Arabs to make peace with Israel. Your definition turns it around, as far as I can see. Now, if Palestinians want peace, they need to give up *their* land and what's more, with settlements constantly expanding, with each passing year they'll have to give up even more land.
  7. Twice you wrote this. Care to provide evidence for your statements? When has Israel offered a 2-state solution in good faith and not only with wink-wink to pretend they're all for negotiations? They hold all the cards. They have almost unconditional support of the most powerful country on Earth. Had Israel wanted a peaceful solution, they'd *have* a peaceful solution or at least we'd be well on our way towards finding it. But sure, Israel wants "land for peace" while they construct hundreds of new settlements in the Occupied Territories. Also, I urge people to find a map of the settlements. It's not hard. Google it. It's not just that Israel is illegally taking over ever-increasing parts of the West Bank, they build their settlements in such a way to completely criss-cross the land with them, often separating Palestinian areas into dozens of non-linked pockets so that if they were to give some kind of independence to Palestine, it'd be a meaningless Frankenstein that'd be completely unsustainable. It's not hard to spot. Takes only a bit of intellectual honesty. ETA: I decided to provide you all with a link to the map of Israeli settlements in the West Bank. Tell me what you see and what conclusions you draw from this image.
  8. Please stop trolling. Really. Stop. We can't have an honest discussion if you resort to such cheap tricks.
  9. More like 4 million people. Two in Gaza and two in the West Bank. Though, the people in Gaza can frankly stay and rot in their little open-air prison camp as Israel already abandoned its plans for settling it. So we're talking about ethnic cleansing 2 million people. No biggie.
  10. How about this? What follows is an excerpt from British Government's Interim Report on the Civil Administration of Palestine from 1920: There are now in the whole of Palestine hardly 700,000 people (...) Four-fifths of the whole population are Moslems. (...) The Jewish element of the population numbers 76,000. Almost all have entered Palestine during the last 40 years.
  11. Sorry I gave you the wrong impression, but I was not talking about the position of ordinary people but of US government, big business, mainstream media, and overall elites which formulate and shape public policies. And the sad fact is that, some mild slaps on the wrist aside, US has been a strong de facto supporter of pretty much any and all Israeli policies. The curious thing in all this, and one I was trying to highlight in my post, is that US is practically the only country in the whole world in which Israel is unconditionally supported with a total carte blanche despite overwhelming evidence of Israel's apartheid and criminal policies. When you get to various resolutions passed or proposed down the years US is almost regularly the only country that votes against or vetoes. So we had this recent Security Council Resolution where 14 (from France and Britain to Russia and Ukraine to Senegal and New Zealand) countries voted for, but America abstained (better than veto!). The situation get even more comical in the General Assembly where votes usually go something like 100+ vs 5, where those five include Marshall Islands, Nauru, and similar US protectorates in the Pacific. As for your point that "at least half this country doesn't buy into IsraelGood / PalestineBad dichotomy", I'm sadly not as convinced as you seem to be, commendable as your positions on the subject may be. The recent Pew Research Center's poll shows that 54% Americans sympathize more with Israel while only 19% say the same about Palestinians. Other polls show similar results. This is far from conclusive, of course, but I'd say it suggests which way the US public is leaning. I admit that even so it's much better than the 100% one-sided propaganda that is being fed by the national media.
  12. In my long post I used the word 'apartheid' on several occasions to describe Israeli official policies in the Occupied Territories. It is a strong word and as such I feel the need to point my fellow posters to some informative links, if you so choose. Please do read; the texts from Haaretz, Independent, and Intercept are well-written and aren't a bore. Oh, and let me end with this. Remember how Palestinians are supposedly against Israel and the two-state solution, while Israel is all for it if only Palestinians would let them? Well, this is a direct quote by Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu during the last election cycle: I think that anyone who is going to establish a Palestinian state today and evacuate lands, is giving attack grounds to the radical Islam against the state of Israel. Bibi and many of his ministers have PUBLICLY railed against the Palestinian state and called for the land of Israel from Mediterranean to the Jordan river and STILL so many people like to pretend it's the Palestinians who are the main problem!
  13. Exactly. But Israel doesn't want that because it'd massively "dilute" the ethnic composition and make Jewish citizens a minority. On the other hand, they can't exactly "disappear" nearly 5 million Palestinians in the Occupied Territories. Hence, the long game of starving out, segregating, and otherwise making life a living hell for the occupied population. It's pretty obvious to the entire world except to the US for some macabre reason where you can get fired or subjected to total media blackout for just mentioning the plight of Palestinians in a positive light.
  14. You do know that is factually incorrect, don't you? Speaking of both Abbas and Arafat. I mean it's all right there, anyone can check it. As a poster upthread correctly pointed out, it's funny how the Palestinians are constantly being accused of not wanting to recognize Israel (and thus are not really for peace), when Palestinian authorities over the last 20+ years have repeatedly re-affirmed their desire for a two-state solution that, yes, includes the state of Israel in its pre-1967 borders. The same internationally-recognized borders that even today, 50 years later, appear on maps in every Geography classroom in the world, US included. It's not the Palestinians who don't want "land for peace", it's the Israeli government! Their position has always been, with the short exception in the mid-90s, to eventually formally annex the West Bank (and possibly other territories) as part of "Greater Israel" while in the meantime they implement apartheid policies on the ground aimed at removing the Palestinian population into isolated zones and sectors subject to harsh provisions of de facto martial law. As a response to (1) the ongoing 50-year-old occupation of their lands (they are called Occupied Territories after all) and (2) horrible policies directed at them, Palestinians have turned to armed resistance just like any oppressed people in an invaded land would. Yes, that resistance has turned to terrorism and slaughter of civilians on many occasions which is to be condemned and in no way supported. But still the underlying problem, one which is the root cause of all this is not the fault of the Palestinians: Israel occupied their lands in the Six-Day War of 1967 and refuses to return them 50 years later all the while illegally settling hundreds of thousands of its citizens, in direct contravention of international laws and treaties governing the rights and duties of occupying powers, and displacing the indigenous population in the process. To make matters even more perverse, since it's impossible to flat-out refute that Israel is the occupying power that illegally settles the land, the counterargument then inevitably shifts to Palestinian terrorism and how no peaceful solution can be reached until they renounce violence. Hence, "land for peace". But the thing is, any impartial observer with basic human decency who looks at casualty reports in Israel and Palestine has to be astounded by the disparity in the civilian casualties. Watching the mainstream media one could get the impression that it's Israelis who daily suffer under barrages of Hamas rockets while any retribution by IDF is of a reactionary and proportional character. But the truth, easily verifiable and publicly available, paints a starkly different picture. Since 2009 Palestinians have killed 76 Israeli civilians, including 12 children or around 10 per year. As a point of comparison, in year 2009 alone total number of murders in Israel was 135. If you're Israeli, there's actually a far greater chance that you'll be killed by "one of your own" than a Palestinian. In the same time frame, Israeli forces have killed at least 2489 Palestinian civilians or over 300 per year including a staggering number of 1042 children. For every Israeli child that dies, almost ONE HUNDRED little Palestinians perish. It's worth keeping in mind that while the numbers of Israeli casualties are accurate, Palestinian figures are very conservative, and likely higher, due to the fact that they have no formal army which makes it difficult to independently assess the affiliation of the deceased i.e. civilians vs "engaged in hostilities". Only people who were verifiably not engaged in hostilities were counted in the numbers provided. There are hundreds more that either couldn't be independently verified or who were "engaged in hostilities" which, from Israeli point of view, qualifies if you throw a rock at a protest. Indeed, dozens if not hundreds of people, many of them minors, have been killed indiscriminately by Israeli security forces for doing things that one can see in any European mass protest that turns a bit ugly. All of this, however appalling, is just the tip of the iceberg of what the Palestinian population of the Occupied Territories is forced to endure: mass deportations, land expropriation, destruction of property, malnutrition (in Gaza predominantly, where 60% of pre-school children out of population of 2 million are anemic) and horrific poverty brought about by Israeli sanctions and blockades, water shortages due to intentional Israeli policies of limiting access to water sources in this arid region (illegal settlements and consequent "relocations" of Palestinians are mainly in the richer lands next to rivers or others sources of fresh water), endless roadblocks and checkpoints that make it impossible for Palestinians to move more than a few miles unimpeded in any direction. A number of people died due to lack of medical aid because they were stuck at these roadblocks for hours for absolutely no reason while heading to a nearby hospital. The Israeli apartheid system is constructed top-to-bottom to demean and humiliate an entire nation, to strip it of basic dignity, human rights and, finally, of land. Having all this in mind, and the fact that this naked land grab has been going on for 50 years now, it's completely unthinkable to me how anyone can actually support Israel and place the overwhelming blame on the Palestinians in this mess unless they have been unwitting subjects of a massive and successful misinformation campaign.