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  1. Create your Westerosi house

    Name: House Cougar Sigil: The Cougar’s House colors are black and scarlet. For their House sigil, the Cougars adopted a mythical beast with the face of an aging but still comely woman attached to the body of a fearsome shadow cat. House motto: Ours in the kinky Unofficial motto: The Cougar ladies like ‘em young Location: Somewhere south of kings landing, where the weather is hottest very late in the day Originally hailing from Dorne, the Cougars follow the traditional custom of equal primogeniture. Yet they are unique in that over the years, they developed a system of inheritance based on matriarchal principles—the house, lands, and title will be given to the eldest female child; should the Lady produce no female heirs, the family castle, lands, and title will be granted to an aunt or the closest living female relative. The history of the Cougars is eventful and drenched in myth. Word has it that the House founder, a shadowy figure known as Lady Demi, was in fact a witch who employed a number of arcane rituals and spells to maintain her youthful beauty even in advanced age. Whatever the truth of these rumors, Lady Demi’s open contempt for her aging, paunchy, balding husband, not to mention her habit of employing scantily clad young men to act as her cupbearers, stewards, and personal body servants, did much to encourage the rumors that would led to her blackened posthumous reputation. When her aging, corpulent, and increasingly balding husband Lord Samwell Tarley I died in mysterious circumstances during a hunting expedition, it led many to whisper of foul play. Such whispers only increased when Lady Demi took a sudden interest in Devan Kettleblack, a lusty, black haired young man of one and twenty; rumored to be the illegitimate son of a local baker. She proceeded to endow him with lands, gold, and a knighthood, for reasons that to this day remain unclear. However, in doing so, some whisper that Lady Demi started a family tradition. It is customary for the ruling females of the Cougar line to express unguarded interest in numerous young men, a trait which increases dramatically after these women reach the age of forty. The fact that lady’s of the cougar house inevitably marry to produce heirs does not deter them from surrounding themselves with dozens of handsome young men. This custom has led to an unofficial motto of sorts: “the cougar lady’s like ‘em young.”
  2. Hey just wanted to say its nice to see someone else who has the same feelings about Tyrion as I do. I love the guy, but I think a lot of viewers don't realize just how 'truly' flawed he is. Thanks for being a big champion of this POV.

  3. I'm brand new to the forums and have yet to post anything, but I just wanted to tell you that I'm really enjoying your thoughts on Cersei in AFFC.

  4. How do you want Cersei to die?

    Okay, but you like Littlefinger who: 1. Uses sex to get ahead (screws Lysa when he doesn't give 2 craps about her.) Yet few people say he's "a whore" and complain that he lacks honor, "will screw his way to the top" as they do with Cersei. 2. He had Ser Dontos killed when he really didn't have to. 3. Screwed over Ned. 4. Clearly believes he's the second coming of Christ (or simply "a great man," as he tells Sansa.) 5. Lysa helps promote him, loves him for years, and marries him; in return he murders her. Though he did have his reasons, he did it in the cruelest possible way. 6. Makes 13 year old Sansa believe SHE was responsible for Lysa's murder 7. Attempts to seduce Sansa when she is his ward and totally in his power. 8. Starts hitting on Sansa when she is 11 years old. Hmmm... interesting.
  5. How do you want Cersei to die?

    Oh, perfect. But you forgot the ending where Arya kneels by the corpse of Cersei, then pulls off another mask to discover that she has killed not the queen... but yet another faceless man! Then Cersei herself comes out from offstage, smiling cheerfully and leading Nymeria from a leash, and tells Arya that she was in on it all too. Her entire "evil woman" act, beginning with the direwolves and preceding on through the next three books, has all been an act. She wanted to teach Arya yet another Very Special Lesson that sometimes, it is possible to be too ladylike. Then Catelyn/ Lady Stoneheart enters. She tells Arya that she was also in on it, because she had felt the need to teach Arya the fine line between vengence and justice. And also, to kill all those Freys, because they really did suck big time.
  6. Hi! Thanks for friending me. I really enjoy your posts; always witty, informed and opinionated (in a good way!)

  7. You nade me laugh too much with that Varys-Jory comment :D

  8. How do you want Cersei to die?

    First, re Cersei and Danerys beauty: I've always assumed these two were the most beautiful women presented in the series. This is for several reasons. Proof of Cersei's good looks: First, she is constantly (each and every time we see her) described as beautiful. However, what makes this so notable in Cersei's case is that fact that she is frequently described as beautiful by people who dispise her. For instance, while complaining about Cersei to Ned, Robert notes she is "lovely to look upon," though he clearly loathes her. Tyrion loathes and resents Cersei just as much as Robert, but thinks that she is beautiful on several occasions. And Ned Stark dislikes Cersei from the beginning, but even he cannot help but think how beautiful she is during their meeting in the kingswood. Some other Cersei haters who admit she is gorgeous: Oberyn Martell, Jon Snow, and Stannis Baratheon. Danerys: Well, I've actually just always assumed she was gorgeous, since she's a Targ and the Targ's are described as "inhumanly beautiful." However, I think near the end of the series (probably starting in A Dance With Dragons) Cersei is going to lose her looks. (Remember in A Feast for Crows when Littlefinger notes, "Of all the things Cersei has, only her beauty is her own. And that will not last forever-- it will soon be gone. I will truly pity her when that happens.") I imagine that Cersei will gain weight, and succumb to the ravages of aging brought on prematurely by extreme stress and her newly self indulgent lifestyle (in AFFC, it's mentioned that Cersei's taken to drinking and feasting, like good old King Bob used to.) Furthermore, there is also the tight dresses at the end of AFFC. I think that that may be a sign that she is gaining a bit of weight already. So if Cersei does get fat and lose her looks, it will not be so hard for Danerys to be "the more beautiful queen" of the prophecy.
  9. How do you want Cersei to die?

    Of old age. Warm and safe in her bed, surrounded by her children and grandchildren, all powerful, and in the arms of a much younger man who looks like Jaime but even hotter. What? Everyones always complaining about predictability... and you've got to admit that this particular ending is not what ANYONE is expecting.