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  1. That's rich, coming from an onion knight.
  2. Just submitted a picture. Now after it gets posted y'all have to tell me if I'm a Lannister, a Tully, a Frey - what house would I be in? :D
  3. Look, it was this or back to trolling the Barbaro forums. At least I'm reading something that contributes to my cultural literacy in the world instead of baiting horse fanfic writers.
  4. Hello everyone. My name is Jessica and I'm a long-time friend of Yagathai. He and X Ray the Enforcer urged me for years to read the books, but I didn't pick them up until now. I am seriously regretting not listening to their advice earlier. :) Have only finished Game of Thrones, so don't spoil me, please! I'm originally from Texas, but currently teaching English in South Korea. I love it very much and hope to make teaching my full-time career on return to the USA. I'm also really interested in attending future BwB meetups in the future. That's all for now, folks!
  5. Great. There goes the fucking neighborhood.