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  1. Chess - the world in black and white

    Kasparov's chess has always been better than his organization skills. He has lots of ideas, but he also tends to be a very divisive charachter, and as such a lot of his projects fall through, either because he can't get the support needed to get it off the ground, or because he drives people away in the process. He was unquestionably the best player of his time, though. The generation following him wasn't on his level. So it was perhaps for the best that he bowed out before turning "ordinary", as he was nothing of the sort at his peak.
  2. Footy: Yaya Ascendant

    Well, Boro-Hull is on.
  3. Footy: Yaya Ascendant

    Gana wanted that penalty, and was on his way down before Fellaini came. The latter wasn't really thinking clearly, because there's no reason to step into a player like that inside the penalty area. Given that Oliver already had shown to be off his game today, it's not surprising he gave the penalty. That's the second home game against not all that good opposition (well, United is better than Swansea, but save for de Gea, I'm underwhelmed today) that we've rescued a draw at the death. Koeman needs to start turning things around.
  4. Footy: Yaya Ascendant

    I stand corrected. Seems Gana went down before Fellaini hit him, so not the best decision from Oliver. I sense a pattern.
  5. Footy: Yaya Ascendant

    It's like you don't watch us. At all.
  6. Footy: Yaya Ascendant

    Bolasie seems hurt. While not a bad challenge, I can't understand how that wasn't a free kick. Michael Oliver doing his best to be the worst performer on the pitch.
  7. Footy: Yaya Ascendant

    Stekelenburg starting to show signs of being a backup goalie. Karius-level on that involvement.
  8. Footy: Yaya Ascendant

    Rojo a lucky boy. Should have been off, but got a yellow - so he'll escape suspension. ETA: To be fair, Barry should be on a yellow.
  9. Chess - the world in black and white

    Kasparov can still play, though. Looked okay when playing rapid (yes, I know it was rapid) against So, Nakamura and Caruana after St. Louis last year.
  10. Footy: Yaya Ascendant

    Yeah, that was ugly. Deserved red, so now he'll be missing three games. Hope he gets another for good measure - no need to be violent just because you've not had your best game.
  11. Footy: Yaya Ascendant

    Chelsea are deadly. Also showing why goalscorers matter, and that a top keeper will benefit your team.
  12. Chess - the world in black and white

    We'll see. I thought of Nepo courtesy of Svidler, who had an offhand comment somewhere earlier about Nepo taking his chess more seriously, and, as a consequence, climbing in standing. He also had a great Olympics, but, obviously, not on the top table (he played third table, I think?). And he has climbed to 13 in the world. If it is correct that he was one of Karjakin's seconds (it was relatively widely reported, I think), he may use those preparations himself in later tournaments, which will be of help (Hammer got a big push from being Carlsen's second). And he's still young - same age as Karjakin and Carlsen. Of course, given the format of the qualification for the Candidates, it's somewhat a toss-up who will compete with Karjakin. I'd wager that you'll find a few of the previously mentioned names there, though As for big tournaments, there are a few, but far too few to accomodate all the top players. Wijk, Baku, London, St. Louis, Stavanger, Berlin .. I think I'm forgetting some .. but as they need spectators, they tend to send invitations to the more aggressive players. In addition to the fact that the players command a starting fee. All those tournaments have a van Wely along, both for economic reasons, and also for local flavour (Hammer/Grandelius in Norway, Mamedov in Baku etc..) We'll see how this plays out.
  13. Here's Sanderson's recent update to Stormlight #3

    That's not entirely fair. He also runs a charity.
  14. Chess - the world in black and white

    I would like Aronian to challenge, but I don't think he'll make it. The other three are possible. Also, Karjakin again, and perhaps someone like Kramnik. Nepomniachtchi is also on the up - perhaps he'll be able to challenge, perhaps not. Same with So. Giri, to challenge, would have to work on his attack. He's incredibly solid, but not adventurous enough in this company. If I was a betting man today, I'd put my money on Caruana. As to why players are better young .. hard to say, but it probably ties somewhat into stamina. A lot of modern chess is opening preparation - remembering long variations in several different openings. That is something you don't need age to do. But playing in tournaments is physically draining, and it seems like older players aren't able to last all the way through. They don't have to fade fast, however - both Kramnik and Anand are still world class players in their mid fourties.
  15. Chess - the world in black and white

    Hou Yifan does get invitations, though, these days. She played in Wijk last year. I seem to remember she was also in another of those supertournaments, but I can't remember which one. And she just played Nigel Short, I believe (though he's better with his mouth these days..). However, she needs to improve in order to continue getting those invitations. ATM she's invited on account of being the best female player, but she finishes at the foot of the table, which does not endear her to the organizers. Her rating places her there, though. So (I'm rambling here, I know) she's in a catch 22 - she needs to improve to get invitations, but she won't get many invitations if she doesn't improve. Second problem, as mentioned above, is that the women's field isn't really very strong compared to the men's field. She doesn't have much competition there. Playing other women won't raise her game atm, and it's not really possible to get by as a professional in the open tournaments - you need the invitations tournaments as well. I really have no idea if there are other women coming through - I haven't heard of anyone, but there are lots of players of whom I haven't heard. As for future challengers, I don't think Aronian will make it. He's been at his peak, but even then he didn't seem to have the nerves to survive the candidates. Sadly, I think, because he's a very interesting player. As it happens, so is MVL and Nakamura, but I'm not completely convinced about MVL, and Naka vs Carlsen feels like a complete non-starter (even if Naka managed to reduce their internal rivalry to 1-12 recently). What about Wesley So? He could develop further, and if he does, he will be a challenger.