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  1. Festival a success, as I started with a single Cyntaqil and a single Houndour, and I now have a Typhlosion and a Houndoom. Also, enough canides (and more) to power up my wonder Arcanine. Felt good. Would still like that #¤#"# Porygon.
  2. Someone has hijacked my club. We have already signed two players, and for big money to boot. Well, big for us, anyway. I do not recognize this as normal actions, and I am suitably confused.
  3. Anish should be used to snatching draws both from wins and losses, so he'll probably be all right. But yeah, he's bound to be frustrated. Otherwise, I'm quite uncertain as to whether Carlsen will remain the world number one. His play is a lot less precise these days, and he constantly slumps into long thinks, which gives him time trouble at the end. I guess the two are related, and that he spends a lot of time because he knows he should find better moves at times, or he's uncertain if the moves he sees are the best. Anyway, I'm thinking his glory days are over. Levon is back, however. And given that he plays very elegant chess when he's in form, that's a joy. A lot more pleasing to watch than, say, Wesley So.
  4. Everton start at home vs Stoke, and I think we have to win that - as the following games are: City away, Chelsea away, Tottenham at home and United away. We get something from that, it's going to be a good season.
  5. Reportedly, we're after Sandro from somewhere in Spain, Michael Keane, Gylfi Sigurdsson and Davy Klaasen. Doesn't sound too shabby - but we would need cover at tne number 10 position. Currently, we have .. Barkley.
  6. So I read today that Everton are in "advanced talks" to sign Jordan Pickford. Sort of in two minds about that. Seen from one side, he's a largely untested, young goalkeeper, with a hefty price tag (£25m plus add-ons). Sure, he was good this year, but come on: Richard Wright had a great year in the PL! Seen from the other side, he's a young, promising goalkeeper, still developing but with PL experience, had a great season for a terrible team. He's not even approaching his prime as a GK and could, concievably, be a first choice shot-stopper for 10 years plus. Basically, he's a gamble. But we need a keeper, as neither Robles nor Stekelenburg are first choice material. And he isn't just a long shot, he's got potential. Moderately pleased if it goes through.
  7. The economics of the transfer window is giving me a headache. The money involved is simply insane. And yes, we certainly are a part of it. How Everton will do next year depends quite a bit on these insane windows. And we do need quite a few players - a keeper, a CB or two, a creative midfielder and a striker - and that's if Lukaku and Barkley stays. Hope we can find some talent cheap. Another Coleman would be nice.
  8. If it hadn't been Carlsen, or here at home (I really should have been there, but the wife is working and the kids can't look after themselves - curses!), I'd agree. Aronian does play wonderful chess when he's in form. Also, Anish Giri won. I think this heralds armageddon.
  9. Awful. Way too young.
  10. Fuck that fucking actor and all-round fucking bad dude on the football field, fucking Sergio Ramos. Wouldn't be sad if he never played again - indeed, football would gain from his constant absence.
  11. Well, sh*t. Really, really, really don't want R&R to win anything, so Juve have to step up big time now. ETA: That goes double now.
  12. I'm not in complete disagreement with you, let's start there. Where I'm uncertain here is the "what Bournemouth needs"-category. As long as their defense and set-up is as dodgy as it is, they will allow lots of shots. So a good shot-stopper is essential (like Tom Heaton at Burnley, only he's better at other parts of the game as well). A solid keeper just won't - by himself - improve Bournemouth's fortunes, because he'll be facing more shots that he's used to. And that could be a problem - he'll be letting in shots that Boruc would have saved. I think Begovic will be better - if Bournemouth improve their defense as well. Otherwise, it's a toss-up for me.
  13. Begovic is an upgrade, but I'm unsure whether he's a huge upgrade. Thing with Boruc is, he's inconsistent. He can be great - his top game is clearly above Begovic's. However, he has never been able to play at a stable high level, and he'll sprinkle his game with howlers. Begovic doesn't do howlers, but he's not a match winner either. Solid and competent.
  14. It is, of course, theoretically possible that Giri and Svidler could produce outstanding results, but I doubt it - Svidler's not putting in much effort in preparation and training these days, and Giri simply isn't the player to win supertournaments. Javovenko isn't good enough, I think, and Radjabov .. no. Mamedyarov has been impressive all year, so I think one spot is his. The second spot .. If I was a gambling man, I'd go for Grischuk. I think he has a higher ceiling. MVL is possible, but I think he's not playing well enough this year. Ding, I can't comment on. Perhaps he's able, perhaps not.
  15. Which, you know, was the point. Rodgers and Benitez had to buy not knowing their squads at all - which generally leads to what you described before. Still not saying he did badly, or not better, just that the comparasion is flawed.