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  1. Football - Leicester's Shakespearean Tragedy

    What we've also got is Matthew Pennington, who played a couple of games last season. He is nominally a centre back, though, and not better than Holgate. Jonjo Kenny is a right back, but not ready for the first team yet - think he's 18. So, yeah.. not ideal. Baines would be about as bad, but Barry can actually do that job competently, btw. Also, I'm feeling less old now that Ian Wright is officialy ancient.
  2. Football - Leicester's Shakespearean Tragedy

    He does work a little bit harder, but not noticably so, really. And he's a completely different player, so if Chelsea and Conte wants to replace Costa with like for like, he's out. Costa is a hard worker, strong in the hold-up play and a great poacher. Lukaku is strong, but weak in hold-up play, doesn't have the best poacher instincts, but can shoot with either foot and is fast. Also, good technique when running at people. Also, since my browser now allows me to post again, I want to complain about us losing Coleman for .. well, who knows how long. Along with Lukaku (or, more correctly, second to Lukaku), he's the player we could least afford to lose. There is - literally - no replacement right back in the squad. And, for my money, Coleman is one of the best right backs in the PL - fast, good defensively (can be caught out), good attacking (mediocre crossing, good technique running at people, carries a goal threat) and with great stamina. Wonder what will happen now - we could move to three centre backs, but our right midfielder will be inferior, or we could push Holgate or Jags out at right back, but neither are at Coleman's levels. Sad that the fairies should injure him.
  3. Pokemon Go: Generation 2

    I've taken down 2600 Blisseys with my 2350 Machamp or my 2470 Alakazam - both work. My 2650 Rhydon should also work.
  4. Football - Leicester's Shakespearean Tragedy

    Obviously, there's no guarantees that a new manager will mean better results. And I agree that the owner and the board have to shoulder the blame - they should prehaps have had a plan for succession ready. As for one more year - what could happen? The "rosy" picture is Wenger stabilizing the club, leaving it in a good shape for a well-chosen and well-prepared replacement. Another possibility, less appealing, is the fans and players losing faith even more, unrest growing, Arsenal falling out of CL (or Europe) altogether, making them less attractive, and the rebuilding job gets harder. Considering how uninspired Arsenal have looked of late, I think sooner rather than later would be the best solution. It is, however, by no means a safe bet. Also, as an aside, me being an Everton supporter also mean I'm sort-of-objective
  5. Football - Leicester's Shakespearean Tragedy

    Dunno about this. Of course Wenger doesn't want to go out like this, but it's a situation of his own making, and turning it around may very well be beyond him. Not only does he have to convince the players that they're better off with him - which may or may not be difficult - but he also has to demonstrate to a growing portion of the Arsenal fans that he has what it takes to actually challenge for something. At this point in time, there seems to be little faith among the faithful that things will improve, and that in turn creates a hostile atmosphere where failure on the pitch translates into unrest - which surely influences the squad and the manager. In other words: Wenger may want to go out with a bang, but the longer he stays the bigger the wimper is likely to become.
  6. Pokemon Go: Generation 2

    It's a rounded number, but I'm not far off, I think - it powers up by 50CP every time, has plenty room, and my Gyarados, which is my current champ, is at 2794. I'll also definetely be at a higher level when it finally gets up there
  7. Pokemon Go: Generation 2

    Problem is - if I get 4 candies every two months, we're talking 64 months to get those 125 candies. Getting that sucker to 3000 CP costs considerably less.
  8. Pokemon Go: Generation 2

    As to items, I got a metal coat the first seven day streak after they were released. Since then - one item. In other news, there's suddenly an Abra nest on the way to work. So I now have an okay Alakazam. Went from having seen a couple and caught five or six to catching five-six a day. Also saw (and caught) my first Dratini for a couple of months, meaning I could boost my Dragonite to CP 1793. It's almost useful now.
  9. Football - Leicester's Shakespearean Tragedy

    So, four goals. Good end result, and we started brightly - but we were fading towards the end there, and I'd say we were lucky the ref sent Huddlestone off. Wasn't more than a yellow imo. Three points anyway, and another clean sheet. Good times.
  10. Football - Leicester's Shakespearean Tragedy

    I have no idea how much we will charge for him. However, we bought him for £28m (I think), and he's much better now, so at least double that, I'd wager. Still, United is not a sure-fire think wrt CL football. If that's his rationale, I don't think speculating in United yet is all that interesting. They could easily lose out.
  11. Football - Leicester's Shakespearean Tragedy

    In news surprising no-one but journalists, it turns out that Mino Raiola talks rubbish. The issue in question being Romelu Lukaku signing a new contract at Everton - he won't, he now says, because he wants CL football. Showing that he is a thinking individual, the journo then goes on to mention rumours linking him to Manchester United
  12. Pokemon Go: Generation 2

    No, I'm sorry. Swinubs are the Pidgeys, Rattatas and (around here) Drowzees combined. There are more Swinubs around here than terrible appointments in Donald Trump's administration. I loathe them. May they all rot.
  13. I think the socks part is recognizable. My wife and I don't share socks per se, it's just that hers get lost sometimes, and she has to go looking in my drawer for something to put on. We couldn't share other clothing, as I'm much too big. She'd drown in it.
  14. Football - Leicester's Shakespearean Tragedy

    Was wondering about this gegenpress thingy .. for the Burnley goal, the passer had more or less half a half between himself and the nearest 'pool player. Does gegenpress only limit itself to pressing the defense, or do you just do it against the top six? Cause that part was awful.
  15. Football - Leicester's Shakespearean Tragedy

    Burnley don't really know how to travel, so it should be enough for three points. Still, with Liverpool you never know. This is one of those classic "well, both teams can easily lose it"-matches