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  1. We still look pedestrian, but at least two of our summer signings did their stuff all right today. Rooney returned with a goal, and looked better than he did in preseason. For me, however, having played in goal myself, Jordan Pickford was the hero. Assured on the line, aggressive and commanding in the area, he was great. Hope he continues in this vein.
  2. Lemon is such a creative and flamboyant player, you gotta love him when he's on. Still, he has been the clear number two for a couple of Challenger cycles, and he hasn't qualified. I struggle to see him in that role. Kasparov.. well, the commentary team on Chess24 thinks he'll do well, and I think they're dead wrong. So seems to be out of sync, but Nakamura is a different beast in blitz and rapid. I don't think this tournament will influence the upcoming event.
  3. On a slightly meta note, I think it's nice to see that player power is somewhat diminished from its peak. A few years back, players could more or less force through moves at will. Now, clubs hold back. Probably a result of the new money flowing through the PL, as clubs can afford to have sulking players. Now, I think that the money sooner or later will stop flowing, and clubs will have to tighten, probably leading to more player power again. But, for the moment, it's good to see that contracts are worth more than toilet paper when the player has a change of heart (read: more lucrative offer).
  4. Got it. I'll take back that bit about a bad person.
  5. You're sorry you said IKEA sucks? You, sir, are a villain, an Antichrist and a bad person! (Both IKEA and hell are four letter words. Coincidence? No.)
  6. Caught Zapdos today. Me pleased with legendaries!
  7. Living far from the areas where Kangaskhan and Unown are suddenly flourishing, I'm jealous. But given that I have the legendaries, I really can't complain.
  8. Legendaries are fun. But Moltres was hard - I'm two for two on Lugia and one for one on Articuno - but only one for three on Moltres.
  9. Not comfortable about the draw, but at least our defense was good yesterday. We didn't click offensively, but we were solid throughout. Also, we'll probably be closer to match fitness in the playoff.
  10. I've been lucky. Someone saw me playing and dragged me along to a raid for Lugia. Caught it, and was added to a messenger group for raids in the area. Which gave me Articuno today. I don't have much time to play atm, so I'm happy with both legendary birds from two raids. Still haven't caught - or seen - Porygon.
  11. Saw this in passing. My first thought (okay, my second thought; my first being "finally") was "does this exclude many countries as hosts on account of the rainy season?". At least in Ethiopia, European summer is bang in the middle of the rainy season.
  12. So it turns out there is a plus with Rooney. He scores in a friendly, and videos show up on the BBC. We aren't in the silly season news that often, so this is free PR. Now, if he delivers something when the season actually starts..
  13. Think it's mostly an exercise in PR, tbh. Rooney had a year left on his contract, so United could in theory claim a fee. Can't say I think they would have, though. Ando Rooney had tried to paint himself into a corner with his claims about us being the only other PL club he would play for. Still, we have seen how much stock Rooney puts in such statements.. Would prefer if we had passed on him, but it seems the publicity of the lost son coming home is too much to pass. Hope he can accept being a bit part player if he can't raise his level. Otherwise, he will be a major waste of space.