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  1. First time I’ve seen Koeman unshaven. Think that speaks volumes.
  2. #Koemanout
  3. Ah. Our team isn’t young enough. So now we need Mirallas off, Sandro on. We now have all off Williams, Sigurdsson and Martina who can be called old-ish. Keane being fourth oldest player.. And Williams score. Thank a bad ref!
  4. Williams lucky. Didn’t need to go at the keeper. At all.
  5. So what do we need to score? Klaassen off, Lookman on. A younger team, then. Also, I think Klaassen looked better close to half time, and had a good pass for Davies (which the latter miscontrolled). Still, Lookman is someone I have hopes for. He has speed and technique. May come good.
  6. Suddenly we have upped the tempo on the ball a bit, and we look more dangerous. I know it’s a bold suggestion, but might there be a connection?
  7. Should I triple post or not? No-one else here. The game is of such low quality that it really does not merit a comment on its own, yet the tedium is easier broken if I write something. A conundrum indeed. We’re so slow and ponderous in our build-up play that Liverpool could play us for six games straight and not let in a goal. Things are dire indeed.
  8. Hah. Well, we have tended to play better when we’re behind. Still, that was just bad.
  9. Don’t know what to make of our line-up today. Seems we haven’t put out our best team, but on the other hand, we’ve got real wingers on both sides. Hope Klaasen can kick off his Everton career today. He has - to my mind - shown promise so far, but he has suffered from change of league and the fact that one or two other players want his space (Rooney and Sigurdsson). I do enjoy the youth on display, though. Davies, Vlasic, DCL, Holgate, Pickford. And, just slightly older, Keane and Klaasen.
  10. That makes more sense. I would hazard a guess that the intended recipient of that message is the PL - not the teams (who we know doesn’t have any say in when the match is played) or the channel, as they were offered the rights. The PL have, however, decided to make things difficult for the travelling fans, as I can imagine the trip Liverpool-Brighton isn’t too easy to make early Sunday.
  11. No idea, but AFAIK all clubs have bellend supporters. Unfortunately not surprised that we do, too.
  12. Koeman doing himself no favours nowadays. He’s under pressure, that’s fine. He needs results. But he still lacks a striker, and he would still like to shoehorn Sigurdsson and Rooney into the same team. So he plays Rooney up front against two massive CBs. Rooney will never win that matchup in the air, and he hasn’t got the speed to challenge on the ground. Adding to that, Brighton were always likely to sit deep. All that together means we need one number 10, one number 9 (we haven’t got any, but DCL will be the best bet. Strong in the air, and has pace) and pace on the wings. Vlasic has one wing, but where is the threat on the other wing? DCL? He’s not a winger, and when he’s deputised there before, it was on the right. Leave Rooney off. Doesn’t make sense playing him. The defense comes unstuck also, now. Brighton’s goal was eminently defendable, but major screwups (from Schneiderlin, of all people, but also Sigurdsson could do better) gives them a goal. So we can’t threaten (thank Bruno for his boneheaded foul for a penalty - we should have had another against Gross, but one of two difficult ones is good refereeing, I think), we can’t really defend, and the manager can’t get the team going. I can’t see him lasting October.
  13. Mysh... Sorry, Vivian St. Black did self publish, though. Doesn’t make his.. sorry, her... novel any less of a classic.
  14. Remember Horvath when he was playing for Molde in Norway. I think he was 18 when he debuted (think I was at that game, actually, a friend is a Molde supporter and dragged me to a cup game nearby. Molde’s rather hapless first choice was injured, and Horvath came on). He looked good then - still raw and made a few positional mistakes and blunders, but I remember thinking he could have a bright future if he contiuned to improve. Where does he play now?
  15. I thought Wet for Nessie was self-published, though? May be wrong.