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  1. Football - dawn of optimism

    If Zaza takes over penalty duties, West Ham gains in entertainment value. I see no reason not to go for that.
  2. Football - dawn of optimism

    This City team looks vaguely competent.
  3. Football - dawn of optimism

    After seeing the pictures of him yesterday, when Origi was subbed on, I started wondering how long he'll stay in the team. He is the best finisher in that side, bar none, and by a comfortable margin. On the other hand, he doesn't seem to be a fit for Klopp's high pressing game. Add to that that he seems a bit unhappy at being just a cog in a wheel, and that Klopp's teams generally are - well, teams, rather than a collection of individuals - I can see him getting limited playing time. And I can see him making noises about that. Not sure how it would end, but not on a high note is my guess.
  4. Football - dawn of optimism

    We are looking sluggish in attack, and the players aren't in sync yet. So today we saw a lot of people starting their runs early or late, passing where a run wasn't made, or too late, and players not really being sure where other players was. We also created a couple of good opportunities, but squandered them through bad desicions. We did get a slightly fortunate penalty, however, which Baines adroitly put at the tips of Given's fingers, making the ball hit the post, the back of Given's head, and then the net. Lucky goal, but it counts. Defensively we were generally very solid, however. Very pleased to see that. Williams and Jags seem to partner each other well, and Holgate was very good at right back. We still lack a bit of fitness. Bolasie and Barkley, in particular, were running on empty after 80 minutes. Hope that improves in the coming weeks.
  5. Wise Man's Fear XI

    I've read the thread mostly as saying 1) that it's irksome that Rothfuss sold the books as "finished" when they were nothing of the kind and that 2) while he's allowed to complain about fans asking him about the book and putting pressure on him, it's pressure he has asked for in not finishing his books while selling them as finished. Now, compare that to Lynch, who has been open about the reasons for his delays (after a while, anyway - not an easy subject), and trusted his audience to respect that. Lo and behold, the Lynch thread isn't a place where people make jokes about his missed deadlines. For me, I stopped following Pat's blog some time ago, because I wanted to know about the book - and he never discussed it. I'll read it if it arrives, I spend next to nothing thinking about it, but I do think that pointing out - in a thread on a book board - that he's doing himself no favours isn't entitlement. It's basically saying straight out that Rothfuss isn't doing a good job presenting his case. Which he isn't. He'll finish the book or he won't - his decision. He's still handled the interaction with readers re: deadlines poorly.
  6. Football - dawn of optimism

    Honestly, I can't see Pienaar staying injury free for more than four or five games running. Too bad, because he still has the touch and vision to run a forward line like Sunderland's. I think putting him in centrally is a good idea as well - that's where he played both for Ajax and South Africa.
  7. Football - dawn of optimism

    Moyes haven't been handed the best hand, with one of his first choice CBs sold to Watford and the second picking up a mysterious back injury while rejecting a new deal and publicly angling for a move to Everton. The attack doesn't look good either, even if Januszaj has shown his talent once or twice. Will be another long season for Sunderland, for certain.
  8. Football - dawn of optimism

    Haven't seen us this game, but - quite expectedly - notorious goal scorer Gareth Barry gave us three points at West Brom. Wait, what?
  9. Football - dawn of optimism

    We're back to "we can't show you your team"-thingy, which means Everton isn't available for me. Apart from the fact that we apparently scored, that seems like a good thing.
  10. Football - dawn of optimism

    Now, now. Don't forget he's fighting Fellaini for his place.
  11. Football - dawn of optimism

    Night of the Long Knives Limbs
  12. Football - dawn of optimism

    Can't really see us selling Lukaku now. We are not even remotely linked with buying a striker (mostly wingers), and a sale of Lukaku would leave us with only Kone as a recognised striker (no, Niasse doesn't count as a footballer). Considering he was on the bench behind Deulofeu against Tottenham, I can't see that as being a realistic alternative.
  13. Football: For Now We Are All Champions!

    Well, to be fair, that was everyones assumption (perhaps apart from Stekelenburg himself) when he signed.
  14. Football: For Now We Are All Champions!

    Bolasie is an exciting addition. Like Mane, he's prone to blow hot and cold, but when he's hot ...
  15. Football: For Now We Are All Champions!

    Aaaaand I'm willing to be Arsene understands he should have invested in a CB. And a striker. The attack looks harmless, the defense are sub league two standard atm. This is already embarrasing, but it could become much worse.