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  1. Football: gegenposting

    I learned two things today: 1: Stoke City, atm, are a pub level team. Comfortably the worst opponent we've had, and that includes our forays into the League and FA Cups.  2: Jack Butland is really, really good. If he'd been, say, Tim Howard-level, we would have scored six or seven. 
  2. Football: gegenposting

    Hm.... We don't look good today - not much effort, and too many players standing still. Luckily, they're standing still in defense, which means Stoke isn't getting through.  Stoke are funny today. It's like watching us last year. Lots of possession, lots of slow passing around in the middle, very little end product. Also shit defensively.  I really like being three up. Makes it less likely we'll lose (note: not impossible, unfortunately).
  3. Football: gegenposting

    C'mon. Tell us how you really feel!                   But yeah, seems like a contender for "worst hire of the century (within football)". Good luck!
  4. Football: gegenposting

    So Everton won a game again, the second in 11 PL matches.  Both against Newcastle. Can we play them every week? Please?
  5. Football: gegenposting

    I really have no idea of what to make of this transfer window for Everton.  We've signed: Oumar Niasse, who is supposedly quick and strong. We like. He shoots hard, it is said (like), but is distinctly one-footed in that regard (well, so was Maradona). Also, he didn't really start being serious about football until he was 18 (that's what they say) and had five months on loan at Brann (in Bergen, Norway for those who don't know about this world-famous club) where he didn't play at all - not even for the reserves (would type dislike, but then again .. Brann .. big club, fantastic fans, relegated because of mismanagement). Will have to see him play first, I suspect he's not the complete package. Matty Foulds, 17 years old centre back. Said to be the next John Stones (didn't know Stones was going downhill quite that fast), which means we'll have another ball-hogging, arrogant but hugely talented person making life hard for supporters in the years to come.  Shani Tarashaj, who I know nothing about (not even how to spell his name). Will join properly in the summer.  We've gotten rid of: Steven Naismith, who is a hard-working, honest player with a nose for goal. Unfortunately, he is largely mediocre in most areas (not very strong, not very fast, can't dribble etc..), so if we really have ambitions (Roberto says we do, but I don't trust anything he says) it makes sense to part company. I think he did well with us, given his talent, and he did a lot of good in the community. Wishing him good luck. Aiden McGeady, who is unfortunately only on loan at Wednesday. He's got talent on the ball, but that's all he's got. Can't get rid of it to save his life, and struggles with his delivery to boot. Also, hugely inconsistent. Not worth his fee, never mind Coleman's fee. Good riddance, and hope he doesn't come back.  So, some mediocrity out and some unknowns in. Still a mediocre manager, who happens to insist that since nobody expected us to win the league, we're not underperforming. Anyone interested?
  6. Football: gegenposting

    What are you talking about? I believe Darron Gibson would be available at a very reasonable price!
  7. Football: gegenposting

    Will wait until tomorrow to comment, but we're one Naismith short (which is a good thing, imo) and look to be one McGeady short (which is fantastic). On the other hand, we've bought (and loaned back) some Swiss dude, and may be buying some Senegalese striker from Russia.  Could be a good window, will wait and see. 
  8. Tennis V

    I think, for my part, some of the early dislike (I like the guy now, btw) came from his endlessly bouncing the ball before a serve. Double endlessly when he was in trouble in a game. Hated that for some reason.
  9. Football: gegenposting

    That road goes through paying Joe Allen for "unspecified services".
  10. Football: gegenposting

    Payet has been sloppy today with his passing in his own half, so I think moving him away from that half would be smart. On the subject of pretty boy millionaires, I wouldn't mind being one. However, my parents have ruined that opportunity. 
  11. Football: gegenposting

    Perhaps Joe Allen doesn't like pretty boy millionaires?
  12. Football: gegenposting

    So Roberto says I reckon this is his way of saying sorry for being a failure. Seriously, if you're critizised for having a leaky defense, and (with our league position last year, plus our current position, in mind) this is his defense .... He's simply not that bright, is he?
  13. Football: gegenposting

    Isn't that sort of the same thing?
  14. Football: gegenposting

    Maybe this time he's matured?                     Yeah, right, that's likely. I'd rather we sign Influenza.
  15. Football: gegenposting

    Something is profoundly wrong in the universe when the Arsenal fans have to console you...           (just to make sure the terrible joke comes across as just that)