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  1. Holgate, DCL and Kenny with new contracts. Think that counts as good news. I think that trio is going to be okay.
  2. AFAIK, there are still quite some scientists arguing that 2C is attainable. Around 1,5C is more or less locked in. Keeping the warming to 2C is hinging on us reducing our carbon outlet to 1990-levels within 5-40 years (opinions differ, and there are bigger outliers than this, but what I gather is that this is more or less the central ground atm). This also hinges on getting climate sensitivity right - how much we will warm relative to the amount of greenhouse gasses emitted. One of the great difficulties if we continue warming is the chance of reaching a «tipping point», which I understand to be (someone correct me if I’ve misunderstood) a point where the warming will continue of its own accord when we reach, and our efforts are of less value. Where that tipping point is, is rather difficult to acertain. Again, if I have understood the scientists correctly, we are at a point where we cannot lean on adaptation or mitigation alone. Both are needed in order to keep warming to a non-dangerous level for humans.
  3. You were unlucky in the first half, what with hitting both posts. Merino’s shot in particular was excellent. We continue to look more solid. There’s more of a defensive structure, and even with Martina being a rather unconvincing left back, we manage to keep clean sheets. That’s four in the last five (counting Apollon Limason, which I’m not certain counts, as they were terrible and we were playing three midfielders and a junior in defense. Anyway..). We’re still struggling to get our attack going, which is no surprise. Gylfi’s not a left sided midfielder, and Martina isn’t going to go all Ashley Cole on the wing. Lennon has seen his best days, his second best days and probably his third best days as well. Not much to get down the right either, then. Schneiderlin and Gana have perhaps an attacking pass in them - taken together. Which leaves Wayne. And he’s somewhat slower than he used to be. Not very threatening, then. But thanks to Darlow (and a rare moment of good play up front), we managed to poke home a goal. From being just above relegation, we now have almost as many points down to Palace as up to Tottenham. Progress there, at least.
  4. Didn’t they also put on Mangala? Yeah, United shamed themselves there. But Ederson pulled up his best DDG-impression, and Lukaku turned provider for a change.
  5. Kenny seems to be growing into the RB. Coleman will have a figth on his hands to get the position back when he returns.
  6. DCL went down easily there. Not sure I like it. OTOH, what on earth is Lovren thinking? One forward, facing away from goal, and Lovren’s got support .. no need at all to give DCL an excuse. I was happy Salah was subbed off. He was by far the most threatening player ‘pool had today. When he went off, it was back to the Liverpool that will pass around a team for ages, but can’t really find a way to threaten.
  7. Playing our reserves and youngsters today worked. We looked dangerous going forward (at times), but pretty shaky at the back. Thank God the opposition wasn’t all that. Two full debutants, and five overall - noone can say we don’t give youth a chance, at least.
  8. Arsenal are determined today: United WILL get three points. Seems United accepts the invitation.
  9. Didn’t see the first 30 minutes today, but what I saw was a team looking much more solid defensively. Or, rather, we kept the solidity from last game. Holgate has come back with a bang. He looks confident, he’s got speed, he is comfortable on the ball and he’s been winning headers lately. We really should keep him in there. Kenny minimizes the way we miss Coleman. He doesn’t have Coleman’s attacking contributions - yet - but he puts in a better cross. Pickford shows control in his area when people aren’t running all over us, Sigurdsson has started to contribute and even DCL got a goal today - thanks to a deflection, but they all count. I hope we have seen the last of Lennon, but I guess not. Ah, well, next match isn’t going to be an easy clean sheet.
  10. Samuele continuing Rhino’s decision to start Lennon. I have literally no idea why. He offers ... well, there’s ... or, rather ... perhaps we have ... Nah, he’s useless. The fact he’s starting time and again speaks volumes.
  11. If I was Pellegrino, I certainly would read it as a «how bad are you at coaching?»-statement. Is that okay? I’m not really sure. It could certainly be read as an attempt to disrupt another squad, or turn the head of a player (if Redmond moves to City, this will look worse). OTOH, it is also possible to read it benevolently as a «you guys are really good! Great game you gave us»-statement. I’m guessing that one’s preconcieved notions of Guardiola will win through in interpreting the statement. Unless you’re Pellegrino, that is. I would guess he sees it as a barb.
  12. We’ve scored two! Rooney has scored two! And we actually play some okay, even decent, football at times - plus our defense has been tight! Wonders will never cease. Thank you, agent Moyes!
  13. Possibly. I think for many that it’s a question of being «under the law», that is the law of Moses, or the ten commandments more broadly - and living a life fulfilling these. If that’s the view people hold, salvation is possible in theory - but in practise not.
  14. Me sort of sad now. Hope it’s not a long term contract, as Samuele’s best days most definetely are behind him. Also wonder what this will mean for our style of play, as we do not have the target man he generally likes to have.
  15. That is also the veiw from Evangelical Protestants. Perhaps the degree of virtuousness is different, but you are not automatically doomed if you never heard of Jesus.