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  1. Of the current leaders, I think Caruana could trouble Carlsen. Shak’s style fits badly for playing Carlsen, I think, while Caruana generally holds Carlsen to equal endgames. This will look like hindsight, and I accept that, but I always thought Karjakin was a though opponent for Carlsen, a bit like Giri would be. Both are very adept at defending, and are content (well, sort of) doing just that, while Carlsen likes to press for a win. Against both Giri and Karjakin, that has the potential for backfiring. Karjakin is the most dangerous, I think, because he’s better than Giri at changing gears and countering. All that said, I like the fact that Shak is up there. He’s entertaining to watch.
  2. Candidates are coming at a terrible time for me this year. For the next five days, I’ll be away without internet.. ach. Oh, well. Should have watched today, but didn’t find the time. Early results at least point to So struggling. Still early, though. I did read somewhere that Grishuck was in zeitnot - but then again I think it would be newsworthy if he wasn’t. Good for him that he could get back to .500 by playing So in the second round.
  3. Looked relatively good today. Of course, we’re helped no end by the disapperance of waste-of-space Williams (Jags looked good), and the return of Baines, who would be a better left back that Martina even if he was a one-legged granny with poor bladder control. Still, nice to see that we’re looking more composed, that Bolasie can do nice things, and that Tosun is able to score. Can’t understand why Rooney took that penalty ahead of Baines, though. Shitty decision. Had Samuele had anything to say about it, he should have made it clear that Baines is first, second and third in line for penalty taking. Rooney is a distant 65th. #Allardiciout!
  4. Just to follow up, things are looking up indeed for Allardici. After 17 100 votes has been cast, the «no»-vote is down to 93%. Great news for Samuele, probably reflects the good job he’s doing! #Allardiciout!
  5. Okay. The timing’s not great (for Samuele, that is), and it’s an online poll - not sure how it affects it, but it probably does. Be that as it may, Grand Old Team has a poll on Facebook: «Do you want Allardyce, Lee and Shakespeare at Everton next season?» Currently 12 800 votes. 94% no. I’m worried about those six per cent yes. What is wrong with them? #Allardiciout!
  6. Samuele certainly has delusions of grandeur. Thankfully (fingers crossed!), he now does himself no favours, both on and off the field. I was debating with myself during that second half: what to do with Samuele. You see, one part of me wants to see him sacked right now. He contributes very little apart from BS at the moment, and the team clearly has no plan for how to defend - or attack. So I would guess sacking him five minutes ago makes sense all around. However, part of me wants to keep him until Everton is mathematically safe. Let him chew at the sidelines until it is certain that we’re not going down, and then, when the ref blows, tell him that he does as well, and that he can f*ck off. I really can’t decide which is the better option. As for Williams, he was bad last season, has been pants this entire season, and still, for some reason, Mason Holgate is on the bench while Williams is in the team. #Samueleout!
  7. We look okay-ish today, away to Burnley. However, that is in part because Burnley can’t finish for love nor money these days. They’ve had as many chances as we have, but haven’t found a way past Pickford, whereas Tosun finished really well past Pope. In other news, Samuele is surprised about people speculating about his job. The man clearly has an unhealthy self image. #Samueleout!
  8. I don’t often read economics. I can understand some of it, but it takes much effort and time, something I don’t have normally. Today, I found this linked on my facebook wall. As I am more or less economically illiterate, what do the resident economist (yes, I’m bestowing this title on you. Deal with it) @OldGimletEye have to say about it?
  9. I think that the Norwegian system fits about as badly as the Netherlands. Like you (if I understand correctly), our cabinet does not serve in Parliament. Most of them are elected to Parliament, but they leave their seats to their seconds when entering the cabinet. Also, our current PM does not have a majority in Parliament, and needs to rely on at least one more party to get any legislation through. The second part is also correct for Norway, FWIW.
  10. Okay. I’ll admit I enjoyed this column. But we really don’t need people praising us - our heads are swollen enough already.
  11. Clearing quote
  12. Good thing they’re not central players in a relegation-threatened team. Oh.
  13. Didn’t see it before some summary, but the look on her face after she’s crossed the goal line .... priceless. She looks like she’s 100% certain she’s been set up for candid camera.
  14. Quick correction first: second Ragnhild is an alpine skier - Giant slalom being the silver. Today, another bronze (Jansrud) and silver (Hegstad Krüger again), so this looks okay in total. Medals in just about every event we are competitive in.
  15. He was simply different class. Our national broadcaster (who does not have the TV rights this time) tried to build some sceptisism after the qualification round. Well, that’s their prerogative..