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  1. Boycott Olympics!

    I may be naive regarding Russia, but I would think that assasinating Stephanova would lead to more people being completely convinced of russian athletes being state-sponsored cheats. As such, even if Russia of course would deny any links, you'd get a culture automatically assuming any russian doing ok was doped. Therefore, I would guess that assasinating her would be off the table. As for the IOC, banning her for me just underlines they care f*ck all about the problem, as long as they get paid. Sepp Blatter would be proud.
  2. Football: For Now We Are All Champions!

    This season I've actually watched some preseason games. Was interested in how the team would look with Koeman in charge. We seem to be pressing more, and higher up the pitch. Not something we're really good at yet, so there's a bit of room to be found between our midfield and defence. Hope that gets sorted, though some of it may be down to us not really playing experienced CBs much so far (Holgate and Galloway have gotten most game time, Jags is injured and Stones is seemingly moving away). In attack, we try to move the ball quicker up the field, we move it less back to our keeper, and we look for the space behind the defence more often. Promising so far, will have to see how it works when we have actual strikers to aim for. Deulofeu have been playing that role so far. All in all, with Martinez out and Koeman in, and Steve Walsh coming in as DoF, I'm cautiously optimistic. Mostly about next season, though.
  3. The final! France - Portugal

    Now Pepe is mortally injured. I suspect he'll be fine in a second, though.
  4. The final! France - Portugal

    I was talking to a Newcastle fan today. He was indeed wondering.
  5. The final! France - Portugal

    Always hard to predict how such events influence the match. It's also possible that Portugal decides to "win for Ronaldo". Or France relaxing a bit because the opposition just lost their best player. We'll see, I guess.
  6. The final! France - Portugal

    So Ronaldo has to go off. Portugal now lacking talent - that's not good at all.
  7. The final! France - Portugal

    Ronaldo seemingly injured by a hard tackle from that notorious tackler; Dimitry Payet.
  8. Football - Aftermath of the Euros

    Possibly Euro-thread material, but I did like the Guardian's awards for the Euros, especially the part about the footballers' reaction to Brexit: " Among the footballers reacting to Brexit in week three: Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini: “The main concern is a domino effect. But I don’t think the simple UK exit can change the equilibrium of the whole European economy – I don’t think the discontent should lead to disintegration.” Spain’s Nolito: “What is Brexit? I think it’s a dance. I may be wrong.” And England’s Harry Kane: “I’ve not really thought about it. I don’t think any of us have.” "
  9. Amen. If Portugal wins, I might give up on football, all the way to the start of the PL season. Congratulations to France!
  10. Well, Kante did play a part in that goal. Not a major part, mind you - but perhaps enough to call it an inspired sub?
  11. Shame. A few years ago, Boateng was a better version of Mangala - a central defender with all the physical tools, but prone to bad positioning and silly mistakes. He has really grown up, and left most of that behind. Too bad he has to go off injured.
  12. Must have been the assistant, I think, perhaps the goal line assistant. The ref is behind the play, and has his line of sight blocked by other players.
  13. His hand shouldn't be where it was, regardless of intent. It is - for everyone save Superman - an unnatural position, and thus a penalty.
  14. Clearly, Shearer should be fired from the BBC (or whoever he pundits for), and become the next England manager.
  15. I will admit to missing that handball first time. Well spotted by the referee team.