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  1. China and the decline of the human rights crowd

    Seems right. I learned something today too! Thanks.
  2. Nap Rooms for University Students - Good Idea?

    We had one (that is, one - one bed) in one of the places I studied. Don't know if it was used much. I happened to use it, but that was when I had worked the night shift at a hotel during the weekend. I would then go to said college, sleep for four hours before lectures/reading. A lot better than going home, which would take much longer. Never used it otherwise.
  3. China and the decline of the human rights crowd

    In some respects, I think China's policy is an attempt at keeping its non-democracy while still continuing its growth. I am not very familiar with the East Asia scene, but I know slightly more about Ethiopia. There, China have of late been building roads, and their latest project is a subway (except that it isn't sub, it is on or above ground level - word for that? My head fails). These are all built by Chinese, using Chinese tech and Chinese products. So, while Ethiopia does get something out of it, China gets jobs and a market for their products. Ethiopia also doesn't get any embarrasing questions about their human rights record. Is this sustainable in the long run? I honestly don't know.
  4. Football: Sheikh your Money Maker

    Might be time to switch to another game. Silly Bravo.
  5. Football: Sheikh your Money Maker

    All in all, I think City have done alright in this half. Barca have had the ball, but the big chance (and goal) comes from a slip - a piece of luck, not good play. City have produced more good chances, and Gundogan should probably have scored - as should Stones. Will be an interesting second half.
  6. Football: Sheikh your Money Maker

    The City kit is just asking for a spanking. Find myself cheering Barca on just to see that kit concede.
  7. Mistborn Series or Elantris?

    I was just thinking that friends don't let friends Stanek
  8. Mistborn Series or Elantris?

    Okay.. The Stanek suggestion is an in-board joke. You'll always get that reccomendation, but if you value your soul, don't read it. Or read this first, and then decide.
  9. Mistborn Series or Elantris?

    Listen to larry. Or, seriously, read Mistborn. 'Cause Elantris is by far Sanderson's weakest work.
  10. The Ruling Mask, Book Three of The Grey City

    Since Tracker is way to nice wrt pushing his own work, I'll put in the Amazon link for him.
  11. Special request

    Wishing you all the best. Will remeber you in prayer.
  12. Christianity a Roman Counter-insurgency Ploy?

    Matrim can speak for himself, but a historian could use the Bible as a source. You would know its bias, sure, but all sources from this era are biased. The trick is trying to adjust for those biases. We also know that some of the history in the NT is wrong - wrt when rulers are placed in Judea, the census etc.
  13. Christianity a Roman Counter-insurgency Ploy?

    Well, in the link in the OP, it said he would appear alongside this scholar (since that isn't a protected title), so mythisist was always on the cards..
  14. Christianity a Roman Counter-insurgency Ploy?

    As to whether Josephus suffers from Christian inerpolations - yes and no. There are two mentions, one which is believed to be changed at a later date to support a more Christian interpolation (but believed to be a reference originally), and one which is only under question from those on the very outskirts of knowledge - the mythisists. Of the latter there are none (AFAIK) working in the field - that is universities etc. As for the scant evidence - that's something that the entire period suffers. A parallell here, often dragged forward when that point is raised, is Hannibal. No, not that one, the other one. There are no contemporary references to him either.
  15. Football - clouds on the optimism horizon

    I almost didn't get to watch any football today (just the end of the Palace - West Ham game), owing to celebrating my father's birthday at an Ethiopian restaurant. Which, as it happens (both the birthday and the restaurant) does take presedence over football. It is known. Reading on the internet afterwards tells me that I may indeed have been misjudging Maarten Stekelenburg before this season. I saw him as our new backup, and awaited the coming no. 1. Instead, Stekelenburg has been solid so far, and seemingly spectacular today. I am indeed pleased.