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  1. It is, of course, theoretically possible that Giri and Svidler could produce outstanding results, but I doubt it - Svidler's not putting in much effort in preparation and training these days, and Giri simply isn't the player to win supertournaments. Javovenko isn't good enough, I think, and Radjabov .. no. Mamedyarov has been impressive all year, so I think one spot is his. The second spot .. If I was a gambling man, I'd go for Grischuk. I think he has a higher ceiling. MVL is possible, but I think he's not playing well enough this year. Ding, I can't comment on. Perhaps he's able, perhaps not.
  2. Which, you know, was the point. Rodgers and Benitez had to buy not knowing their squads at all - which generally leads to what you described before. Still not saying he did badly, or not better, just that the comparasion is flawed.
  3. Klopp has done well. However, the comparasion is off - both Benitez and Rodgers had to start from scratch in summer, and even Dalglish started in January. Klopp started in October - and had 10 months and two transfer windows before his "full season" - a planning stage not afforded to the others.
  4. Oh, well. At least Joel is trying to make a point back there. Don't want him as a first choice next year, he's too erratic, but he's been good today.
  5. We didn't have anything to play for today (we haven't really had anything to play for for the last four rounds, effectively), so that we don't bother doesn't come as a surprise. It does seem now that we will give winning half a shot at least.
  6. So Arsenal need to win, take the lead, and then Koscielny decides he'll be a moron. Well done, son!
  7. I think I only lack Porygon from Gen 1 now. That is, excluding the regional ones, and assuming the spaces right before Dratini are reserved for the legendary birds.
  8. Read Tim Harford's The Undercover Economist recently. Probably wouldn't be of use to anyone who already know economics, but I found it to be an easily accessable book about the basics.
  9. I've never scored goals that fine in the right end..
  10. Got a Chancey from an egg, walking it now. Four times faster is good news indeed!
  11. Jordan Pickford has had a very good season. Will be interesting to see how he progresses with whichever team picks him up in the summer. And Didier Ndong has the worst hair in the PL. I think his hair sort of sums up Sunderland's season.
  12. I've got one perfect mon altogether - an Arcanine. Need more candies to boost it, though.
  13. Liverpool do indeed tend to drop points against West Ham, but then again, Arsenal tend to drop points against Stoke.
  14. I'd vote Pacific. Seriously, it would just swallow USA and Europe whole, hills or no hills, hillbillies or no hillbillies. Don't really see that it could go any other way.
  15. Ah. So we were sh*t again. Makes it three of those games in a row - but, given that we're effectively fighting ourselves for seventh, I can't get too worked up over it. Was a bit surprised that Koeman threw on Jonjoe Kenny as his last sub, if only because I felt that a right back wouldn't solve our attacking issues on his own. But hey - limited options. Everyone left on the bench, bar Robles, were juniors.