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  1. Long is a decent option, but he's more hard work that goals. He'll probably press with the best of them, but he most certainly is no Lewandovsky. '
  2. Of course they are! Haven't you ever witnessed Lee Cattermole?
  3. On bullying in school

    I think it would be of interest to know what policies exist at the different schools, and how easy/difficult it would be to talk to a teacher or adult about the existing situation. For the record, I am a teacher, currently teaching what is 9th grade in Norway (14-15 years old). For me, the starting point is that I believe we're uncapable of uncovering everything. Firstly, we can't trawl social media, and thus miss a lot of what's going on there. Secondly, we're not able to control students whenever they leave school premises. And finally, we can't be everywhere all the time. That doesn't mean we're giving up. What we do, or try to do, is firstly to watch. What can we see of patterns - not just physical stuff, which is rare to non-existent, but looking at who stands alone, who is on the outskirts of where the pupils are gathered, who hangs with who etc. Secondly, we go for relations. That's not spesifically a part of the anti-bullying work, having a good relation to the pupils helps with teaching as well. However, we believe a good relation makes it easier - not easy, mind, but easier - to come to a teacher with problems. Thirdly, asking about bullying is a part of every talk - formal - we have with the pupils. Not just "are you experiencing bullying", but also "do you know of anyone experiencing bullying". We also encourage parents to tell if they pick up anything. If something is uncovered, the school is mandated - by law - to draw up a plan of action towards the bullying part. This plan is sent to the parents. Reactions may vary from having the pupil staying close to the teachers during breaks to involving child care services/police. We are aware that we can't pick up everything. Still, we try to find out what we can, and react as soon as we hear something.
  4. Was thinking of Wenger, but while he may have problems with the fan base, he seems to have an almost unassailable bond with the board. At least from where I'm sitting, which is - admittedly - very far away Also, rumours that Unai Emery is going to talk to Everton. Not sure if another cup-winning coach is the answer, but at least this one hasn't been relegated while winning. If he's also not delusionally positive, he may be a good choice.
  5. So next season, Pep is at City, Conte at Chelsea, Wenger remain at Arsenal, Klopp at Liverpool, Mourinho at United. Add to that a rather successful Pochettino at Spurs, and the question becomes: how many will be employed by the same club at the end of the season? And who loses his job first? I think Conte will struggle most the first season, but it may be accepted by the club that he needs to rebuild?
  6. Go on, tell us how you really feel.
  7. Weak refereeing from Clattenburg re: advantages, I'd say. The one in the Smalling-Wickham clash was just plain bad.
  8. You could keep editing a post, I guess that would feel less weird
  9. Guess I hope the Hibs win. I do like Stubbs, even though he turned slower than a megatanker.
  10. Seems like Rooney accepts his time at Old Trafford is coming to an end. Now, he'll be the next Vinny Jones.
  11. 2016 US Election: what happened in Nevada?

    See? This is where Dead Fish should have his/her media team, ready to pin the whole shebang on Trump. Or Sanders. What do we get? Scilence. And don't give me that "well, he/she's dead"-excuse!
  12. 2016 US Election: what happened in Nevada?

    It really should have blamed that on Trump. Or Cruz. Or, better yet, the two of them together. Inspid media handlers!
  13. 2016 US Election: what happened in Nevada?

    Why doesn't the dead fish have any decent ground game?
  14. That's what I was trying to say Coutinho's "through-ball" wasn't "controlled", but Clyne's tackle was.
  15. It can be. If - say - Banega tries to play Gamiero through. The ball hits Lovren, and it breaks for offside-placed Coke. That's offside. This, however, was no attempt at playing the ball through - it was a tackle that bounced the wrong way (and off a Liverpool player).