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  1. RSasoiaf added a post in a topic I kind of feel sorry for Mel   

  2. RSasoiaf added a post in a topic I kind of feel sorry for Mel   

    Mel is not in the series.

    The travesty which is there, for some reason lost her faith in Rhlor, but just for her express run back to the wall.
    Be sure she will be all secure and high on her faith next season when she reboots again.

    This is what you get when you try to change plots and do not care about colateral effects.

    For Mel to be there with Stannis and burn Shireen, she would have to leave Stannis because he ordered her so. And she would leave with a feelling that Stannis would win.
    Then, once she got back to Castle Black, she could get some raven telling that everything did go wrong. But she would still be confused and not faithless.
    She would absolutely not run away from danger because she believes in her God. And if she believed in Shireen´s sacrifice, she would walk to Winterfell sure that the Bolton´s would fall on her feet.
    So only solution was for Stannis to send her back and not for her to run away.
    They could also have her discuss with Stannis a vision of Jon Snow in trouble. Considering how much they had foreshadowed something at the wall, Mel could discuss with Stannis that she had to go back because she was needed there.

    Just dont make a religious zealot run away when they believe their God promissed them victory.
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    The true elefant in the room here is:

    How the hell did Danny take the city if she has no troops capable of close quarters fighting????
    Its not like she took the city on an open field phalank kind of batle you know.....

    I seem to remember something envolving sewers and infiltrating the city with some troops...then fighting some fierce street combat to open the gates for the rest of the army.
    So....if they could do that.....they obviously have some forces able to fight on close quarters.
  4. RSasoiaf added a post in a topic Rant and Rave without Repercussion 2 [Book Spoilers]   

    I got to see the episode yesterday an unfortunately the rant and rave was locked

    My review:
    Episode 9 - severe case of amnesia

    . Jon Snow had something that generates amnesia so he forgets to mention he just escaped the army of the dead.
    . No one notices Olly´s neon "traitor" sign because they must be all on alchool or something. Hell...Jon beheaded Slynt for not following orders, why doesnt he deal with Olly who is constantly ranting? Does Sam not tell him that Olly has also been complaining behind his back?
    . Everyone is on Drugs in Dorne.
    . Doran must have had some very strong weed to send is only son and heir to KL. Like...nothing can go wrong there. I am sure he is safe because he is going to marry Myrcella....what a great duo!!! They can totally outplay everyone. Doran obviously has amnesia and does not remember what happened to both his sister and brother.
    . Jaime suffers from amnesia also. He seems to have forgotten that Ellaria just tried to kill his daughter....and unless she was lobotomized (which is possible), she may still be up to something. So its all well and dandy to have some nice chat with the one who wants to kill our kid. Maybe he is taking lessons with Stannis.
    . The Sand Snakes dont know what to do anymore with the terrible script they have. So...they go into a slapping contest. This one actually makes sense. I understand them considering the crap they have had to work with.
    . Sansa is.....somehow empowered....because now she can scream at Theon / Reek....which pretty much everyone can at his current state.
    . Stannis wins parent of the year award. Well, if all he wants is some good weather, someone should have told him he has come to the wrong place.
    . Ramsay Snow wins "Chuck Norris award" for his incredibly bold plan and incredibly outlandish execution. Chuck Norris: Be ashamed!!!!! You are no match for Ramsay and the brave 20.
    . Arya, despite being in trainning to be a killer, seems to be even worst compared to before. She failed her simple task.....and displayed very poor spy skills on following Trant.
    . Trant did not recognize Arya.....again amnesia! are not going to remember the girl you were sent to arrest and which you should still have orders to look for if possible.
    . The unsullied are absolutely unable to protect anyone. Good thing Jorah was there in the arena or Danny would be dead by now.
    . Its not a surprise that "the Harpy" or whatever decided to openly strike at Danny in such an open place and daylight.....what really comes as a surprise is: How the hell did they manage to take that city if the city inhabitants are clearly better at warfare vs the conquerors?
    . Good ridance to Hiz and....his nothingness.
    . Ohhh....and Jorah also suffers from amnesia because he seems to forget he has Grayscale and it may be dangerous and contageous.

    Ohh well....
    This thing just went all the way around and its so wrong that it becomes funny.

    The slapping contest was on Star Wars prequel level. The whole Dorne is on that level.
  5. RSasoiaf added a post in a topic Theory: Melisandre burned Stannis' camp   

    This would actually be great!!!

    I would be happy if the show would go this way. Please...make it happen!!!!!

    But I have to say I believe we are stuck with Ramsay "chuck norris" Snow.....
  6. RSasoiaf added a post in a topic [Spoilers] Hizdahr   


    I think the point is way more clear then all the conspiracy theories.

    From my view its like this:
    . She thought it was a good idea to marry a local guy, that it would give her a grasp over them.
    . He went with it because he had no other chance. He had nothing to give her and he could do nothing about the whole situtation.
    . What looks like is that "the people" gor mad at him also for marrying with her. I would say he got killed because he was seen as working with the conquering regime....and just that.
    . What it looks like is that "The Harpys" are a fanatic force which will kill also their own people if they are not working with them. This can also explain their random killings at the arena.

    At least for me, this is what makes more sense.
    And nothing in the series so far seems to support any further conspiracy theories.
  7. RSasoiaf added a post in a topic I'm sorry, but they really blew the Drogon scene (book spoilers)   


    You have a problem when my unsullied friends ask:
    "Didnt she have a good army?"
    "cant she have more safety on a big arena full of people?"

    People....hello!!!! All through human history, there have been plenty of sports events during complicated times.
    No regime or ruller ever failed to recognize the dangers and to deal in a way that nothing really big could happen.

    Danny´s regime deserves to go down!!!
    They cant even have a gladiator fight without being surrounded....and having their ruller being saved by an unexpected gladiator.....yeahhhhh she would be dead now if it was for her own people.
  8. RSasoiaf added a post in a topic Critic's reaction to S5E6   

    double post
  9. RSasoiaf added a post in a topic Critic's reaction to S5E6   

    I have seen this and something I just need to adress once again is Danny!!!I see people talking about Danny being rapped.....sorry, dont want to sound offensive, but many americans seem to have been rapped and have issues with it. Then they see rappe everywhere.

    Danny is written as having desire for her husband right from the 1st time she sees him. She is not against having sex with him. She is a virgin, she has fear, but she has also desire, wish to learn and explore her body. Actually, she wants to have sex with him and be his wife. She even wants to be more then his wife, she wants to know him, to have some relation with him. She wants to love him and have him love her. From what you could possibly get from a medieval wedding, this is pretty good.

    Danny´s problems are with her body. She has issues during her initial time with the Dothraki. Not only with sex, she has issues with horseridding, with the food, with the customs, with the language. Everything is drainning her on a moral and physical level. Also, Drogo at first is abusive in the way he understands the relationship should work, from cultural perspective, which he does change as soon as she is able to better comunicate with him. So we dont even know how much he was aware of what was wrong.

    And before people start saying that he should have noticed....
    He probably noticed she had problems with horseridding also. Should he have dismissed her from that and let her walk or be carried around? Would she want that? I think not!
    And hard as it sounds, it´s the same with sex. Both for Danny and for Drogo. It was a part of what was expected from them. A part both wanted to perform. That Danny was not feelling well would have been a weakness on her side and probably one she would not like to have discussed. Actually we know this because she would try and hide her pain as much as possible from Drogo. And she went for Doreah asking help to improve her sex with Drogo, not to end it.

    Many people get it wrong in a way that they think she was being forced by Drogo. She was not! We do not know and maybe he would not have had sex with her if she had requested that. We just dont know.
    Yes, she was the submissive side on that relationship (at the start), but we know from her that she was forcing herself into the relation and not the other way around.

    Danny´s path was one of overcoming her limits and grow in strength and power, to get her ready to be the Mother of Dragons.
    It was not a path of being rapped and falling for her rappist.