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  1. Westeros Experts League 2016

  2. Westeros Experts League 2016

    Guess who's back... Back again.
  3. Westeros Experts League 2016

    I'm good with everything.
  4. Fantasy Football 2016

    Logged in here to say I'm back in the leagues I was last year. If you need me, find me on FB.
  5. Fantasy Football 2015

    I really like the Premier League idea. I'm down for a shakeup. I think we definitely have the players to fill up 3 leagues worth for sure. Oh, I see what you mean about other leagues. I'm still in for Thunderdome and maybe one more. But I see what you mean. Hmm.
  6. Fantasy Football 2015

    Aww, no, I totally know. I was just teasing. The funny thing to me about FFL is how the record doesn't always reflect the team, but power rankings definitely do.
  7. Fantasy Football 2015

    except this year luck was rewarded, dammit
  8. Westeros Experts League 2015

    I'd just like the record to show my team topped 200 this week with both my QBs (Manning and Brady) combining for less than 25 points.
  9. Fantasy Football 2015

    Awesome! Thanks for finding that, Jaim. Congrats to Jace, Mudguard, and Hugorfonics!!! And the rest of the winners. So nice it posted twice.
  10. Fantasy Football 2015

    Awesome! Thanks for finding that, Jaim. Congrats to Jace, Mudguard, and Hugorfonics!!! And the rest of the winners.
  11. Westeros Fantasy Football Thunderdome 2014-15

    I blame this loss on the loss of the ginger God and OBJ. But good job, WJ! It takes a special manager to make it to the finals two yrs in a row In this league! It's only fitting that we split the championship from year to year!
  12. Fantasy Football 2015

    Not at all, hahaha. It's actually the bottom 3 who get Jaxomed. i believe the big thing was figuring out what leagues would serve as "feeders." I guess we lost that with the great board migration-purge thing. I was mainly asking because there had to be someone with a better memory than myself, and since our commish got the Jaxom, I wasn't sure if anyone else remembered. (by anyone, I mainly mean Bronn. Any memories on that, Bronner?)
  13. Fantasy Football 2015

    Gotcha both. I'm happy to have new blood (and old blood) come back into Experts, I just didn't know if we knew how it was going to work. Jaim, I don't think any of them could hold their spot. Week, I think the issue with A was that it was an invite only league? I don't know if my memory serves right there. I'd love to have a consensus from everyone as to what it takes to be in Experts now, though.
  14. Fantasy Football 2015

    Does anyone know the write up for how people get into Experts now? I didn't think it was as easy as winning a league...but my brain is fried. :/
  15. Westeros Experts League 2015

    If only I had made it to the finals... Congrats Jaim!