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  1. Westeros Experts League 2016

    Congrats on a hard fought W, Pooner!!!! (mutters to self..."if I had only started Matt Bryant....also fucking Eli")
  2. Feminism - Post-apocalypse version

    Heyyyyyy! Thanks! Good to be back. My tiny Leo is a kindergartener. Hard to believe! I have talked to them about LGBTQ issues, as well as racial issues, because I hold those issues VERY close to my heart. I definitely have to be more vocal about women's issues, though. I will work on it. ❤️
  3. Feminism - Post-apocalypse version

    I was part of the 47% of white women who haven't lost our fucking minds and decided to vote for this cockgoblin. I was incredibly vocal on social media regarding my own sexual assault and why I would NEVER vote for him, ever. I truly can't believe this happened. However, in the same breath, I can ABSOLUTELY believe what happened. I'm just so disgusted. I AM trying to contribute to this world's future by raising sons who would NEVER treat women as commodities. I think it's the least I can do. I truly am fearful of how the world will look in 4 years time. As a bad feminist, I have never sat down with my sons and talked to them about feminism properly (they ARE only almost 9 and 5), but I guess I have led by example, because hearing my children flat out declare that they recognize that Trump is sexist helps. (My almost 9 year old said that, verbatim.)
  4. Westeros Experts League 2016

    LOL. Never forget.
  5. Westeros Experts League 2016

    Jaim, thanks for figuring out the nitty gritty and being an awesome commish. Also, sorry I was kind of offline for a lot of this season. Starting a new career does that to a girl.
  6. Westeros Experts League 2016

    Wtf, I don't even know how I posted that again.
  7. Westeros Experts League 2016

    Just because I have sons doesn't mean I won't smoke you in some Disney princess trivia. Also, MWAH.
  8. Westeros Experts League 2016

    I want pics.
  9. Westeros Experts League 2016

    I am truly the prettiest princess this year.
  10. Westeros Experts League 2016

    I guess I'm confused how I'm in that grouping. Mind you, I'm confused about a lot lately.
  11. Westeros Experts League 2016

    Just ironic, hahaha. That's all!
  12. Westeros Experts League 2016

    Eh. This is what happens when I work all thanksgiving weekend and forget to set my lineup on Wednesday.
  13. Westeros Experts League 2016

    I pretty much have this written off as an L. Hahahaha
  14. Westeros Experts League 2016

    This team is like the cockroaches of Mya Teams. Jesus.
  15. Westeros Experts League 2016

    I just threw up in my mouth. Week, I'm sorry about AJ.