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  1. I still don’t even really know who you are.
  2. Oooh the trolling Tywin point is a good one.
  3. Thanks, @Dunknegg for noting that activity in moves/trades does not always equal participation. I was sent a good deal of trade offers this year that I didn’t accept, in both here and Thunderdome, because I didn’t agree with the value, and I wasn’t willing to wheel and deal. I still set my lineup every week, and am generally attentive, if not the type to firesale or agree to crazy trades. (The one time I traded Peyton Manning for Matt Hasselback notwithstanding.) I’d vote for BL or ME, and I’d actually rank BL over ME for the mere fact that I’ve played in leagues with him longer and I know him IRL, but their merits are equal as board players as far as I’m concerned.
  4. That’s just low hanging fruit. (I crack myself up.)
  5. I’m sorry, were you trying to congratulate me? That was sweet. And thanks, Jaim. About damn time I won this. Todd Gurley sends his regards.
  6. Damn skippy I did.
  7. Thanks so much, @Week! In Todd I trust!!! Merry Christmas, everyone!
  8. I may very well lose here even WITH Gurley going nuts because 1. Both my defenses sucked ass and 2. I left Sterling Sherpard on my bench because fuck the Giants.
  9. I’m not high enough to be watching this.
  10. Pretty happy that I’m in the semis with both teams. Still sad about survivor but in all seriousness I was just thrilled to not be eliminated first.
  11. Oh, fuck. Did you FB me? I’m sorry!!!!
  12. It was actually taken in a rear view mirror, so it may be larger than it appears.
  13. You’re welcome for the pics. I’ve gotta be honest, I’m really freaking glad I made the playoffs here. I understand there are some of you who would have said “but you didn’t make trades” - but to be frank, I didn’t accept trades that I considered I would ultimately lose out on. And those were the ones that came my way. At any rate, I live to survive another year. And damn fucking skippy, because I would have been really, really upset to go out like that after being a founding member.
  14. I took this auto draft to the top of my division after a super shaky start. Who knew?