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  1. NFL Superbowl: Dont Waste My Overtime

    This made me laugh a little too hard. I'm just coming out of semi-board retirement to thank @Rockroi for his epic post-game post, to say hey to @DanteGabriel and to say HOLY SHIT I can not believe that happened. I had to leave for work right as the game went into overtime. (I work nights as an RN on a surgical unit at my local hospital.) I sped there, and as I walked onto my floor, literally every single patient on the floor had the game on. There was a 74 year old woman pacing on her cell phone, hospital gown and all, and she beckoned me into her room, where I watched the final play in awe with her, while she said over and over again to her son on the phone, "How did this happen? I can't believe it." over and over again. You aren't kidding, Rock. We've never seen anything like this.
  2. Westeros Experts League 2016

    I actually agree with that, Week. I was just griping my own issue, which is if I get Jaxomed, I would have a hard ass time getting back in myself. (Domination in Thunderdome 3 years running nonwithstanding.)
  3. Westeros Experts League 2016

    It's no secret that I rarely, rarely post on the board anymore and that I really only ever come back for FF. With that being said, having been part of Experts since it's birth, and having somehow held onto my place in this league for that long, I'd just like to throw this out there: I don't really partake in any feeder leagues anymore (barring Thunderdome and Phillip's Open invite), and I know we've said this before, but I really hate that if we're on the chopping block, the only way to save yourself is another league win. I understand it, but I hate it. Especially given that there isn't a "set" number of feeders/a lot of team overlap. Of course, I don't necessarily have a fix to this, I'm just verbalizing that I work 40+hour overnights as a nurse, have a family, and I only play in the three leagues that I play in because of the history behind them (and I genuinely love playing with y'all). I think whatever we decide on for determining entry needs to be voted on, and needs to not hinder the fact that people don't play in every league. I almost think assigning points but allowing a 2 league maximum or something like that levels the playing field even more. Lastly...TradeRapes. We should have known then, guys. It was worse than what happened with Ser Paladin's team.
  4. Westeros Fantasy Football Thunderdome 2014-15

    Finals for the Mavericks the last three years, champion 2 out of 3! Yes, I'm totally blowing my own horn. Great season everyone!
  5. Westeros Experts League 2016

    Goddammit, had I left Coleman in I would have won! Congrats groz! Well deserved!
  6. Fantasy Football 2016

    What kind of Inception level shit is happening in Defense? Trebla is Mata. Mata is Trebla.
  7. Westeros Experts League 2016

    Thanks so much, Pooner! I'm honestly SHOCKED this team (with no backup QB and both Atlanta RB) has made it to the championship this year. This year's Mavericks certainly weren't my best team ever drafted, but it is the scrappiest, dammit. Happy holidays to all!
  8. Westeros Fantasy Football Thunderdome 2014-15

    Thanks Bronner. Also thanks for the non-gendered Thunderdome intro. Lee, I'll take my smack talk to facebook.
  9. Westeros Experts League 2016

    Congrats on a hard fought W, Pooner!!!! (mutters to self..."if I had only started Matt Bryant....also fucking Eli")
  10. Feminism - Post-apocalypse version

    Heyyyyyy! Thanks! Good to be back. My tiny Leo is a kindergartener. Hard to believe! I have talked to them about LGBTQ issues, as well as racial issues, because I hold those issues VERY close to my heart. I definitely have to be more vocal about women's issues, though. I will work on it. ❤️
  11. Feminism - Post-apocalypse version

    I was part of the 47% of white women who haven't lost our fucking minds and decided to vote for this cockgoblin. I was incredibly vocal on social media regarding my own sexual assault and why I would NEVER vote for him, ever. I truly can't believe this happened. However, in the same breath, I can ABSOLUTELY believe what happened. I'm just so disgusted. I AM trying to contribute to this world's future by raising sons who would NEVER treat women as commodities. I think it's the least I can do. I truly am fearful of how the world will look in 4 years time. As a bad feminist, I have never sat down with my sons and talked to them about feminism properly (they ARE only almost 9 and 5), but I guess I have led by example, because hearing my children flat out declare that they recognize that Trump is sexist helps. (My almost 9 year old said that, verbatim.)
  12. Westeros Experts League 2016

    LOL. Never forget.
  13. Westeros Experts League 2016

    Jaim, thanks for figuring out the nitty gritty and being an awesome commish. Also, sorry I was kind of offline for a lot of this season. Starting a new career does that to a girl.
  14. Westeros Experts League 2016

    Wtf, I don't even know how I posted that again.