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  1. Seriously I’m shocked I’m still in the top 5.
  2. I'm sorry it happened to you, Pooner, team was on FIRE this week. I'm mad I left points on my bench. Not to mention had you started DeShaun Watson it would have been closer!
  3. I can lose this league. The fact that my hospital is going on strike took precedence. Sorry guys.
  4. Oh fucking hell. I had a very important RL event I could not miss last night and forgot about the draft. My autodraft is shit. Looking for a RB.
  5. Hey, remember when this thread was active? Me either.
  6. Uh, Thunderdome is an institution - 16 TEAMS ENTER, and truly, the best team wins. Survivor is just that...surviving.
  7. Neville. And @Week I worked 8 nights in a row and was too tired to shit talk, but I promise in my delirium I flipped you off.
  8. Went 2-0. Wanted a higher score in Experts, but my WRs shit the bed. I'd be in for Survivor.
  9. Honestly, every year I think to myself, "No one would fall for trades of a used car salesman caliber, right?" Every year I'm proven wrong.
  10. Anddddddddd the season starts with a typical WJ trade move. I expect nothing less.
  11. Tyler was given one job: to make the best damn paper mache elephant the world has ever seen. He can't help that that's interfering with his little Sunday hobby.
  12. QB: Winston, Carr (Taylor) WR: Evans, Thomas, Ty. Williams, Wallace (Ginn Jr, Shepard, Kupp, Mitchell, Wright) RB: Gurley, Fournette, Mixon (West, J. White, Bernard) TE: Ertz, J. Cook (Gates) K: Gostowski DEF: Seattle, Houston Hopefully Winston lives up to his potential and Carr bounces back from injury well. RB has potential, but young. Have two legitimate WR1, could be a week to week job with WR4. TE as always is my weakest, but manageable.
  13. I hope everything is okay, groz! ❤️
  14. I'm in, I'm going to win again dammit, and I'm free 8/22-24, 8/29, 9/1-9/5.
  15. Also 9/3-9/4 are perfect for me