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  1. Sivin added a post in a topic I just lost time...   

    Ah, feel free. I don't mind.

    Nah, my guy stopped selling because he got a job as a therapist about a month or so ago.
  2. Sivin added a post in a topic I just lost time...   

    I have been unable to find my probe since last night now that you mention it...

    Yeah, I'm moderately concerned. Just another fucking thing to deal with :There's no emoji for pointing a finger-gun at your head, so just imagine one here and don't forget the extreme eye roll: I haven't been on my meds for a while, not even my Ambien or Klonopin, because I've been avoiding stress fairly well. So unfortunately I can't blame it on them... which is why I'm alarmed. I literally hadn't done anything of note yesterday. I got home from hanging out at the local Magic store at about 5:30 or so and mowed the grass until about 8-ish which brings us to the warped timeline.

    I'm 50/50 on calling my provider vs not giving a fuck.

    :sigh: Again, sorry folks. Probably shouldn't have made this thread.
  3. Sivin added a post in a topic Kentucky Clerk refuses to issue same-sex marriage license   

    Time to get banned again.


    The county can pressure the State to act and this is a warning to take care who is given the authority of an elected position.

    Scotty, you've gained a fan. I love the idea of the people being punished if they fuck up their most important civil duty and elect to office someone unqualified/unfit for the position, and it's about the only way I can think of to improve voter turnout which is a huge issue in America. People need to learn to get off their fucking instragrams and take responsibility for their country.

    Wasn't gonna get into this thing. Swear to FSM I wasn't, but... Really? C'mon! Really? Is that what you're gonna go with there?

    Thank god for her, right? What a great freedom she has given the people of her county to go further out of their way so that someone else can do her job for her! Hmm, when I told hurt or sick people that I was allowing them to go find a different source of medical treatment they called me an asshole... Ungrateful bastards. I gave them directions to other medical facilities and everything!

    I mean, there's not much one can say against this brilliant and well thought-out argument. It's not like most public offices in the U.S. require you to swear you will serve the people who elected you or anything.

    Good to know where everyone else stands, right?

    What!?! That's one of the best lines I've ever heard! I particularly like how he went full Sarah Palin and made up his own word.

    I like this post, even though I can't quite fully get behind the example because it's kind of reaching to make a point.

    HA! I uh... I understood that reference.

    You guys have already made all the arguments that need to be made with much better lawyering than I could provide, I just wanted to respond to a few (of many) posts that stood out to me.
  4. Sivin added a post in a topic I just lost time...   

    Bah! A couple of witty remarks, looking at you Slog. For the rest of you, Internet Magic was not the culprit here, this isn't the first time this has happened. About a year ago I was playing Skyrim or something on my computer and I remember thinking to myself 'Oh, I need to get around for bed' and then the next thing I knew I was sitting in my bed wrapped in blankets. My back hurt, I looked like shit, I was pretty sure I'd been sitting there for a while, I was unbelievably tired, and it was like 8 hours later and I was extremely close to being late for work.

    Last night was a little different in that I didn't just completely lose the time, I remember doing stuff, but 4 hours is a nice chunk of time and I don't remember doing anything that could have taken that long. Maybe you're right, Fez and I should go see my doctor. But that means getting in the car...

    I'm not entirely sure why I made the post this morning, I guess I was a bit unsettled. Back to your normal days, folks. Sorry for the interruption.

    Edit: Since this is now some kind of Magic thread, I'll throw in my two cents. I think this is the last time I'll be playing in a Standard FNM for a few years unless we get some decent fucking counter spells. I'm extremely disappointed in not only the way the game panders to Mono Red and the tri-color stupid dumb shit, but also in what's been revealed in Battle for Zendikar. I'm all about Grixis, and by extension U/B control. But now I have no blue cards and no black removal. Why even play? I'll stick to Modern and Legacy. Where the most bullshit things I have to deal with from people who don't know how to play is Amulet Bloom and Show and Tell.
  5. Sivin added a topic in General Chatter   

    I just lost time...
    It's four hours later than I thought. And I don't mean I lost track of time, I could have sworn five minutes ago that it was midnight or maybe 1 am. But it's 4 in the morning... I know I've done a few things tonight, but nothing that would take 4 hours. I played Magic online for about an hour with my friend, I took a shower, and I watched a movie. That was at like 9 or 10.

    Fucking weird and kinda disturbing. How are you guys doing? Anyone have a similar creepy story they'd like to share?

    ETA: Oh, and the stove's been on since I last looked at my clock (and then pre-heated the stove) at about 9:30.
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  6. Sivin added a post in a topic NFL Preseason 2015: Packers looking for a good diagnosis and Cris Carter is looking for Lee Majors   

    Wore my Reggie Wayne jersey today and have had a number of annoying conversations about Reggie's signing with the Patriots. No less than three people have told me he's a traitor. One guy stood up and thanked me (as in he thanked me, personally) for giving the Patriots such a great weapon. And I had one really great conversation with a guy who knew his shit, we talked for a while about how cool we hope the Colts offense could be this year among other things.

    I stopped trying to tell the idiots that the Colts chose not to offer Reggie a contract and he deserves to go to whatever team he feels will give him a chance at another championship. Just like I didn't bother telling the Patriots fan that Reggie's a 36 year old who probably doesn't have much left to offer a team.

    God, people are just fucking stupid and uninformed.
  7. Sivin added a post in a topic NFL Offseason 2015 Pt 2: Deflated Debate   

    I was tempted to swing by the Colts practice field in Terre Haute, but they cut Trent Richardson. If I can't see a fat ball of fucks tripping over his own linemen every play what's the point of going to practice?
  8. Sivin added a post in a topic Superman and Batman: The End of Humor   

    Yo, quick question from the slightly fucked-up hearing here. What are the first and last things Lex says?

    When he first begins speaking he's like brushing superman's hair and he says something about'... demons don't come from hell beneath us'

    And at the end he says 'the red cape...circling?' That doesn't seem right.
  9. Sivin added a post in a topic What's bugging you?   

    People are bugging me. I just want to be left alone, is that too much to ask for? I have 2 events that I live for each week, Magic on Fridays and Roleplaying on Saturdays. In between those days, I would like to do the exact same thing every day. I want to wake up at noon, pay my bills, finish my chores, eat the same food, and smoke some weed so that I can sleep.

    That's all I want to do. No one needs to be bothered, or spoken to, or inconvenienced, or stressed out. But every day someone is knocking on my door, or blowing up my phone with some global catastrophe. Why? Life sucks, why can't everyone else just roll with it?
  10. Sivin added a post in a topic Magic: The Gathering   

    Never mind, googled it.
  11. Sivin added a post in a topic Magic: The Gathering   

  12. Sivin added a post in a topic NFL 2015 Pre Draft: Down a Lazy Rivers   

    Didn't it used to be in the middle of April? It always reminded me to call my mom on my birthday.
  13. Sivin added a topic in Entertainment   

    Magic: The Gathering
    So I know you've all probably been absolutely devastated by my lack of board presence (that's a Magic pun) lately, but I've fallen in love with playing Magic and it's kept me from sitting in front of my computer for eight hours a day refreshing the Miscellaneous page of this site. It's even led to me meeting people and being sociable, so that's cool.

    It seems to me that it's a downright crime that there's no Magic discussion on these threads, so I'll start it off.

    I've cycled through a number of standard decks, my first being a Mono Green Devotion deck that I had moderate success with. From there I went to White-Green Manifest, which I fucked around with until it went from a Mid-Range Devotion deck to an Aggro form built around the cards Collected Company and Deathmist Raptor. I was finishing in the top-3 in my local game store for like 10 weeks, so I switched it up and now I'm running a Red-Green Aggro with emphasis on burn. I also built a UB Control and a Mono Blue Control but those weren't played competitively and were mostly for multiplayer.

    Now that I'm kind of bored with Standard, I moved on to Modern. At first I was running a UB Mill deck, but it wasn't competitive at all so I tried to turn it into a UB Control/Mill. That wasn't flowing right either, so I've transitioned it to a Mono Black control deck centered around Liliana of the Veil and discard mechanics. I'm gonna roll with that for a bit, but I'm already considering splashing blue back in so that I can get bounce mechanics to get rid of Leylines or other early-play enchantments that Black struggles to remove. Plus blue gets Snapcaster Mage and while he looks fabulous in my binder, every deck is better with Snapcaster Mage.

    Who else plays and what do you run?
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