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  1. Be as unhelpful as possible

    The first thing you have to do is boil the water. After it gets a healthy steam going, shuck your corn on top of the crab. But do not forget to light the candle of misfortune, or the whole thing has to be redone. I cannot decide where to go back to school. Any advice?
  2. Tried to watch THE EXPANSE, since I occasionally see one of our own raving about it on Facebook. But syfy only has episodes 5 through 9 available online... da fuk?
  3. One might think this is a thread dedicated to a Rose episode of LOST, what with this endless pining for Bernard.
  4. LBGTQ - 4 out of 5 cats prefer lesbians

    You guys managed in a weekend what my shrinks have been failing at for a year. I bought a pair of Womens jeans, though results are inconclusive. Unfortunately they did not fit, but because the were too large! Perhaps there is hope for me yet. I need to outfit myself with more information before attacking again, but the pants in question were a 31" inseam and 22W (I believe that is waist size measurement) The 31 " was at least 2 inches too long, and they were very baggy overall. Believe it or not, I am encouraged. For 25 bucks I found out that I am not completely unable to wear store bought clothes. Now it is just a matter of dialing in the appropriate sizes. You all have my most sincere thanks.
  5. Well said, Bear. I wonder if the answer is to go full Marx at this point. I was no fan of Bernard's, but he did seem popular. The contradiction though is that he got kids buzzing but Clinton was still the nominee because of what I have to assume is the moderate branch of the party. Can the two be reconciled?
  6. Unless I am mistaken, only eight Republican seats are up in '18. And I am cautioning only to save strength for when it can be best applied. The focus should be tightening around the base of the salient. Let them go as far as they want, but make damn sure that when the time comes we have the strength to cut it off in one blow. I could be wrong, and since I seem to be arguing alone I suspect that may be the case.
  7. But we can't change anything today. They're fools and frauds, but there is literally nothing to be accomplished today and even 2018 is more likely to be harmful than beneficial.
  8. What can be achieved by exposing them?
  9. If you're telling me that the credibility of Trump's administration needs to be put on a line I will just slit my wrists right now and we can save Ran some of the data I am eating up in this conversation. I am saying that Trump's administration will eat itself, there is no need for Democrats to take risks too early. Republicans get to keep all three phases for four years, let them ruin themselves for two or three before delivering a conclusive blow.
  10. Makeup VI : SPFantastic

    Is it true that you're not supposed to shampoo/condition every day?
  11. I don't see the outcome though, perhaps I am wrong but what would be accomplished? Are the Fox News' and Bill O'Reilys and Sean Hannities and Rush Limbaughs going to admit defeat? Are their rabid followers going to care? A hit can be scored, but what value is it if nobody cares to acknowledge it.
  12. I have great respect for Hillary Rodham Clinton, she made it much easier for me and those like me to achieve modified and appropriate identification. And in fact I directly benefited from policies she championed as a child in the mid-late nineties. But she is a woman of means, and anything but incapable. The President does not need to pardon her, it is already been determined that there is insufficient evidence against her to prosecute. And if something should be Trumped up, I have every confidence in her ability to defeat the charges. But in light of her defeat last week it is no longer prudent to expend resources on a battle that is already over. Is it far? No. And it frankly makes me uncomfortable to even say it, and I am not at all advocating abandoning her, but dedicated efforts in her defense can no longer achieve an outcome that advances our position. She must be allowed to win this on her own, with indirect Democrat support, and the humiliation for Trump and his ilk will be the same.
  13. Makeup VI : SPFantastic

    I will be reviewing the provided material with the same determination that saw me win the day while I programmed my GPS. Thank you both. I heard somewhere that using heat was bad for your hair. Is that true? I also heard that toweling it is bad, washing too much is bad, and the wrong shampoo/conditioner is bad.
  14. Do not be short sighted. Trump could be exposed and ridiculed the day he takes office, depending on if it is a weekend, but at what cost and to which effect? You cannot win this war quickly, it will take 4 years no matter what you do. Even if Trump were to fall in April, an even greater evil stands ready to replace him. Political, and literal, capital need to be reserved for when the counterattack will be capable of producing a truly definitive result. Go guns blazing today and a battle will be instigated from which liberals cannot withdraw, and the long slog will do nothing but weaken the left while allowing the attacks to grow stale against the right. We should let them wreak their havoc, let the people see what happens. A holding action in the interim on fronts impossible to retreat from will keep the base intact. And no, 2018 is not the end-goal. It is another holding action, albeit a critical one, to keep as many senate seats as possible. 2020 is when the hammer should fall, the Republican seats will be vulnerable and public opinion will surely have turned against them (or else this is all moot). Returning the oval office to an individual fit to lead it is a bonus. Democrats are weak right now, and over-extension would be as dangerous as infighting. Focus should be on survival now. Strengthen the center, allow the flanks greater mobility. I am growing to see this as an opportunity. Twice in the last 20 years stability and even moderate improvement over 8 years was unappreciated by the people and the Republicans were allowed to take control. When they run it into the ground again, they might actually have to face the consequences.
  15. While choosing a hill to die on is certainly noble, defense in depth can produce much more definitive victories at less cost.