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  1. This delightful video: Would You Fuck an Alien? made me want to play Mass Effect. I'm not sure if I trust old Rusty Rig to run them and I don't like M&K, but god only knows if my xbox still works. Wish me luck, folks. And yes, I would.
  2. Don't give in to the propaganda! The stain upon the species above is right. You have to use your brain machine to understand that only Roger More's bible and gun will keep the rocket man and the gaaaaaaaaaaaays away! It's not about whether he's a pedophile, it matters that he's going to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!! Listen, I'm not suggesting I started a thread with an alternative motive to make friends with Australians so that I can move to their country if Roy Moore wins. But if that's something you would like to get in on, just hit me up with a PM.
  3. Upbeat thread. What do you like about people and their cultures? I'm going down a Youtube rabbit hole on Buzzfeed videos where Americans and Australians taste each others' cultural quirks. Snacks, drinks, advertising, etc... It's great, and it just cheered me up that a bunch of people had nice things to say about other people's differences. So I love that Australia seems like such a cool place and the people there have such awesome accents. Where British accents travel on a scale from untrustworty to indignant, Australian accents range heroic to extremely heroic. I also loved how sophisticated and clean it looked in Sydney when I watched the Mary Kate & Ashley movie where they went into the witness protection, and that Kangaroo Jack was shot there. I love that they protect the rest of our species from the horrific beasts that constantly try to sortie out of that desert hellscape. But most of all, I love that Austrailia gave us @karaddin and @brook and any other boarders from the land down under.
  4. Well it looks like the original offer has been swiped, but if you're amenable and willing to risk a defeat on two fronts I have an idea...
  5. I appreciate the optimism you guys are showing, but if Doug Jones is elected to the Senate next month I'll eat my bra.
  6. I would caution against hope of even a toss up. Be realistic, plan for Moore.
  7. Unless my lawyer said it would create actual legal problems, I'd appear on his show and answer every question "I do not recall"
  8. Yeah, this is actually pretty interesting.
  9. Good to see this. Fucking Franken... No need to try and engage in moral gymnastics here, the guy is a rapey asshole. I'm not overly worked up about the photo, that's something that every soldier has been a part of. It's inappropriate for a senator, but ultimately just that. Inappropriate. It's this kissing business that is what he should hang for. Unless the radio lady explicitly forgives him (she has no reason to that I know of), he should be primaried out if he doesn't resign.
  10. I would happily make a deal not to run a Democrat against her if she became fully independent. Vote your conscience, vote your district, don't ruin the American people's lives. And according to Yahoo, the little rocket man has declared a 'Death Sentence' on Donald. That's it right? They are now an openly hostile state.
  11. I don't know who Ball is, but the only base Donnie's ever made it to was the Republican party. I've seen wet paint show more integrity than Mr. Attorney General Jeff Sessions did today. The AG of the United States just broke down like an old Chrystler 300 on public record during a congressional hearing.
  12. And I think Donnie did a good job on this UCLA basketball players thing. Assuming he didn't sell California or anything, he did his job getting Americans back home. I wish I had some reasonable conservative government advocates to talk about that with, but they don't exist anymore.
  13. I was talking about the attempted sale of the U.S. Presidency to a foreign and malignant entity.