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  1. The point is that you like the result a little bit more than your (let's say) 'vanilla' appearance. You'll know pretty quickly if any discomfort is acceptable in exchange for feeling better. If it is you'll get used to it and maybe take a bit of a defiant satisfaction that you are in some way mastering your own body.
  2. Well I ended up being worked on by a couple of 19 year olds, so that was a bit weird as they made me up too heavy. They meant well, I have no doubt, but I am not a 19 year old latina trying to bluff her way into a club. They did great on my hair though.
  3. Getting a professional makeover tomorrow as well as getting my hair did...
  4. I'm in San Francisco and one of the streets was blocked off for protesters. A woman was shouting on a loudspeaker "veto the cheeto".
  5. From this Democrat's point of view, it almost seems like the best possible outcome is to lose no more than 2 senate seats and close the HOR gap by at least 50% in 2018. I have no idea how feasible that is, but I shall dream until that privilege too becomes privatized.
  6. I gotta say I was a bit eager to get home tonight to see the attempted Dunkirkinization of this calamity. A little disappointed to be honest, the mood is appropriately muted. The party needs a bit of populism at this point. Not too much, I don't want to hear about celebrities, but maybe a handsome young mildly hispanic man from Arizona or something. A bit of energy, a bit of vitriol. Really a bit of anything...
  7. Just be cool man, that's all I could possibly ask when I came out. All I wanted was not not have a big deal. Depending on her personality she might be in a hurry to answer questions, having probably kept this information bottled up for a long time. So if it seems like she wants to talk, just be politely supportive and interested.
  8. I wasn't joking. Americans want a Daddy, the amount of sexist sloganeering thrown at her by the right makes that clear. 'Trump that Bitch', 'He has BALLS', etc... weren't focusing on her age or charisma.
  9. You should give up on this character. She lacks a certain anatomical qualification.
  10. He ran on "We're going to win! On healthcare there's going to be so much winning!" While the rest of the Republican ticket ran on "fuck medicine, we're gonna kill that shit" and were rewarded for it. I'm not focusing on Trump. He lost the popular vote, I'm talking about the rest of that shithouse party that routinely keeps power. Once they can't blame the evil 'obamacare', maybe we can shift attention to something else. I don't know how they would attack infrastructure if that's actually a part of the campaign. Clinton's biggest gaff was not talking about that enough.
  11. I've always been a bit intimidated by going to queer clubs. Probably subconscious biases. The reason I popped back (before getting sucked into the politics thread) was to announce that I told my bestest friend in the whole world that I'm trans. And he didn't really care! He's coming home from Afghanistan next month and we're making plans to hang out!
  12. I think you're letting emotion cloud your judgement here. Americans don't want healthcare, they've proven it by electing opponents of national healthcare into office. This is the sunk cost fallacy, just because democrats have been fighting for it for 70 years does not mean they should continue to do so. I haven't seen a single piece of tangible evidence that suggests support for healthcare reform has gained traction, just a bunch of polls that seem to ignore the fact that republicans (the anti-healthcare party) are stronger than they've been in a decade. Medical care is to me a basic human right, but we can return to that subject after a decade or two of progress in areas that aren't such an effective rallying point for the enemy. Maybe by then this big demographic shift I keep hearing about will have happened, we'll see. And Harry Truman was a piece of shit anyway.
  13. I wasn't talking necessarily about Trump. And I don't care where anything polls ever, I care about who gets voted into office and what their message is. I wouldn't mind Education reform, but I think prison and infrastructure would build a lot of goodwill for that.
  14. I disagree totally. They keep voting into power madmen who rant and rave against healthcare, that tells me that they don't want it. Pick a new issue, Democrats. Personally I'd like our national attention to turn to prison reform and infrastructure improvement.