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  1. Any Car Advice?

    You Subaru types have me looking at late nineties options. Does anyone know how many miles they can handle?
  2. Is Revolution The Only Viable Solution?

    With leadership that can see more than one innocent step ahead, I would agree. I respond only because of you're quoting me but I will say for my part that while a leftist 'revolution' would be doomed to failure, my personal interest would be a leftist Thermopylae of sorts. And also I will point out that the Trump nation is the minority. To be fair, Robin. American democracy isn't dying, we're witnessing the last of the rotting flesh slough off the bones. Which victory, might I ask? The healthcare reform that cost them any relevance in government for the next 4 years? The uh... the imperfectly implemented basic human rights protections that have already been rolled back? Or maybe the environmental safeguards that were dismantled in a matter of hours after Obama left office? Poll after poll shows that the majority of Americans harbor 'liberal' beliefs, election after election shows that Americans prefer policy guided by bigots and the most casually veiled crooks. The USSR was pretty interesting, I'd be down with seeing what the first few years of an American equivalent would look like.
  3. Is Revolution The Only Viable Solution?

    I'm not following exactly? Are you asking me how I think a liberal VS fucktard war would go?
  4. Is Revolution The Only Viable Solution?

    Heh, a long-winded way of saying "love will triumph". I'd rather be a liberal guerrilla. They'll call me the Piggly Wiggly Bandit
  5. LGBTQ+ 5 -- Now With More Gender Outlaws

    Sorry, rough morning.
  6. Better yet, let's just privatize the VA and let a securities company handle the GI bill!
  7. LGBTQ+ 5 -- Now With More Gender Outlaws

    I know, but just like the poster I was generalizing. The other side to the 'you're already perfect' conversation is that second point which is 'What they think doesn't matter'. To some people (like me) it does matter how I'm seen as much by myself as by others. Sorry, I didn't mean to rant at you. I know you're being supportive. Maybe I'm just in a mood. Robin, I am sorry if it seemed I was speaking for You. I meant that you and I both disagreed with that sentiment, not that we had the same reasons.
  8. LGBTQ+ 5 -- Now With More Gender Outlaws

    A nice poster for some, but like Robin it doesn't work for me. The 'love the body you're in' movement is great, but I am often annoyed that any desire to improve personal physical appearance is now often portrayed as a negative attitude.
  9. Another issue with smoking...

    Give me weed or give me death! Sorry Robin, but people like their self destructive habits.
  10. Can we be real for a minute? Some honest introspection, I think, could do the left a lot of benefit. Running a woman or a man of Jewish faith on the ticket is a mistake. 62.5 million people know that a person's sex and (perhaps) faith are irrelevant in assessing ability to govern, but the empowered minority will not accept things like 'qualifications' or 'policy'. They want someone they can relate to, which sadly in the 'rust belt' states democrats need is not a woman or a Jew. 40/50-something year old charismatic males is the way for the party to go forward, and scandal free. It's not all bad, maybe in 16 to 20 years we can run a guy with a Latino-sounding name to boost down ticket competitiveness in Texas.
  11. I agree with m'lord above. I see more blue collar types in a day than Sanders sees in a decade and not one of them (that I know) saw him as anything other than a communist Jew looking to steal their money so that fucking millennials could have a free ride. His supporters were kids my age, not weathered workmen who had Ironworkers Support Obama/ Biden stickers on their cars nine years ago. The suggestion that Sanders would have beaten Trump in the general is nothing more than a fantasy.
  12. Thanks. I thought April was Autism Awareness month...
  13. That's the first thing you've said since I internet-met you that wasn't batshit crazy! Do not despair over moral victories, my friends. Any engagement that looks only to engender a swell of euphoria is not worth expending the precious commodity of attention that might be required to diagnose its failures. There will be other days, other fights. It is to these that I pray you direct your attention, for an enemy such as we face across the isle does not recognize defeat in the traditional sense. Rather it must be surrounded and cut off from any diplomatic recourse so that effective progressive gains may be made defensible enough so as to survive the next round of ignorance-based hostilities that will promise to interrupt the delicate ascension of human achievement. I am curious, what is your no-bullshit assessment of your potential hero of the proletariat? I am not setting a feeble trap or looking to score a cheap shot. You suggested support of Trump over Clinton based on the vague potential of him advancing the interest of the citizens he was pledged to protect, what are your early appraisals if I may ask?