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  1. Things are starting to look up. The NRA is in open warfare against... everything. There will be no progress at all on our gun problem, but if the scores of dead that will probably accrue between now and November bothers you, know that at least Democrats can become that scary gun confiscating monster by playing into the debate. I am not surprised that when they get to hear the unfiltered violence of combat, and witness vocal survivors, most Americans wonder why they are non-committal on whether such deadly weapons should be readily available. No one wants their kid to say what the Parkland kids have been saying. That clip of the young man in the listening session breaking down while asking "I turned 18 the day after, and I woke up to the news that my best friend was dead. And I just don't understand how I can walk into a store. And buy a weapon of war... I'm sitting here with a woman who lost her son." That clip could deliver fifty house seats easily. The senate is in play, folks. Missouri governor going to jail, that's fertile Union ground. There could be as many as 18 governorships in range here. If John McCain dies? Get outta here, man. This could be just what we needed. Not to mention the indictments and the routing of Russian forces in Syria that we've learned Putin directly ok'd to one of his buddies who had oil interests in the region. The increased Russian belligerence has not gone unnoticed by me, this definitive slaughter of their forces has completely scrambled the strongman's board. Putin might not be laughing anymore about Trump. If he has half the intelligence of a radioactive toilet in Cherynobyl then he knows that if Trump goes down there will be a reckoning. Either Pence is going to try and bounce his ball on an Anti-Russian policy or someone in 2020 will make his life a nightmare. The Russians cannot stand up to Americans in the field. I already could have told you that, I actually have said it here before. They don't have the tech, the training, or the tactics. They can't incorporate combined arms seamlessly like we can. One of the early reports I read last week said that it was helicopters that absolutely massacred the technicals involved in the maneuver. The American military has been struggling in the field since 04 because the enemy it is trying to combat does not present itself to significant engagement. It's one thing to mortar a position, or use car bombs and indirect fire to harass the occupants. But if you actually want to take ground, that requires offensive engagement in positions that by their nature will be exposed. Ergo, the helicopters cut the grass. This is big. Putin has to start recognizing that there is no military option for him going forward. His backwards nation wasted out of primacy a century ago, totalitarian leadership has kept a national profile through belligerence alone against those who had no more stomach for a fight. Now that our systems have grown adept enough to economically strangle a country that spans a continent and a half, Vladamir is deciding right now whether he doubles down to siphon as much as he can before the Federation collapses just as the USSR did or if he diverts some of the billions he's been stealing from his people to try and overhaul some part of his forces in an effort to present a continued threat. At the end of the day though, he'll end like all tyrants. Because there is no way for him out of this fight. Donald was too stupid. That's the rub. The perfect patsy was at the end of the day just too damn dumb to allow Putin to consolidate his deceptively weak position. We get to find out how much damage he's willing to do on the way to another Russian revolution. We'll be fine though. We can set the air on fire. We can literally fly more drones than they have surface to air missiles over every square foot of their swamps and marshes. And we don't need nuclear weapons to make cities disappear in an instant. It won't come to that, of course. The Russians lack the resolve and seclusion of groups like the Taliban and Isis, without a central authority to reinforce their submission they'll eat each other within a year. All of Putin's pilfered billions won't make bread appear for the hungry when the hooks really set in. I fucking love my country sometimes.
  2. Yeah, but then their first amendment right to buy politicians will be hampered by a socialist restriction of Free Spends Speech and I'm never going to get behind that because I'm not a poor white person. I just haven't won the lottery yet. And no, stupid! I don't spend my money on lottery tickets, either! I don't want to sound like a liberal optimist here, but if in about six years or so Democrats were to implement an actual (watered down, of course) weapons ban then it wouldn't be beyond belief that actual human considerations could be interpreted into our laws. Personally, I would run my campaign on making the sending of junk mail a criminal offense. COPPA seems like a good model from which to determine fines.
  3. Rubio is either going to be President or nothing in seven years.
  4. Democrats have long been forced to support coalitions of minority groups since the turn of the millennium, having ceded gradually the Union vote (although if we're fair that's kind of on the Union-type voters). It's why supporting the gaes suddenly became kind of ok. I was saying that Democrats will be forced to accept the fact that a dedication to something, even the right something, can only go so far in today's modern political atmosphere. It's unfortunate, it really is, but at the end of the day the DACA people are not worth the ungodly effort it would take to get them back in 3 years. It breaks my heart to type those words, and I would absolutely love some type of priority visa program, but the dangers to literally the basic functions of our democracy are too great to waste political capitol on another quagmire created by the Republicans. Democrats should run on a message about Republicans as good as deporting Americans. They should not make promises.
  5. At least we all know the score. Unfortunately the Democrat motto of "leave no minority behind" is going to have to draw the line at going back to get kicked in the throat after the fact. Get used to that feeling, it'll be important in the years to come.
  6. Yeah and when they're gone? Do you think Democrats should waste political capitol trying to unfuck that situation? I don't. And I'd slit my fucking throat to keep those people in this country. Our best hope is that these low creatures are too fucking dumb to understand that if they don't want to outright engage in despotism then they have 3 years to make a mess so bad (again) that the party of sanity won't be able to clean it up (again) before they retake power (again).
  7. Huh. I was still trying to figure out the wording, but this has it. Well done Bear. I was getting caught up in things like SCOTUS anointing Bush II, or Citizens United, or Gerrymandering, or basic human decency.
  8. Let me clear it up for you. As Der Tag approaches we will see a lot of angry buzzing from Democrats that R's will shrug off by (I expect) claiming other pressing business. Democrats ceded any and all leverage by agreeing to the budget deal the other day. Around the first or second of next month we will start to see the R wing start to demand that their president maintain his promise to "get rid of 'em". By the fourth, Democrats will be begging for R's to fuck them without lube in exchange for 600k getting to stay. On the sixth, Trump will announce that Democrats refused to deal in good faith and that ICE is doing their jobs. Funny thing about federal judges, you can always find another one willing to do R bidding. And the Supreme Court is... OH! It's owned by racists and partisans!
  9. If you think that in 3 weeks there won't be ICE agents burning rubber to round up newly designated fair targets, you're a fool. I mean that. I like you, you're really knowledgeable and add a lot to this forum. But give me a break man, they'll take any excuse not to give them permanent status. Regarding how long this will stay in the public memory, I am expecting McConnell and Ryan to pretend to be focused on "ways to protect our schools" that lead nowhere until after March 6
  10. Started to look like that the minute he revoked the DACA protections. Not sure why the alarm bells aren't sounding everywhere. This school shooting is the best thing to happen to Republicans since that budget deal passed. Now not only do REpublicans get to deport all the dirty brown folks, they can rope-a-dope on thoughts and prayers until after all the unwanteds are gone and no one will notice until the deed has been done.
  11. Tammy Duckworth says DACA deal fell through about an hour ago. Goodbye, Dreamers. At the end of the day they weren't technically voters, so this is merely a humanitarian tragedy instead of a political defeat. Silver linings, people.
  12. Here's some inFUNmation about gats. Almost 200,000 people have been murdered in this country since 1999 by firearms. Almost 4,500 soldiers have been killed to date in Iraq and Afghanistan. Most of them by IED's. So I think the only answer is for full battle-rattle to be donned in all public spaces.
  13. Bad idea. Mars is D E D dead. If we can't save this planet, you'll be planting potatoes in your own shit by the second Christmas dinner.