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  1. You guys are plugged in much better than I, and I wonder if anyone could direct me to some realistic literature about how we enlightened folk might combat this overwhelming tide of hate and stupidity. Not to be defeatist, but they have all three branches, 8 senate seats to defend in midterms, and a chocked old on the HOR/ state bodies. I have read the think pieces and seen the comments here about how the country is rejecting Trump, but I find it hard to put stock in such things considering recent history. The Commodores, Ser Scott's and Altherions are the minority, but they are strategically located and liberals at this point are reduced to an impotent nominally superior investing force with no real power. Is there any evidence to the contrary?
  2. NFL Divisional Playoffs: 3 games and Brady

    Since I am soon to return to Colorado and might get in touch with football again do you folks have any buzz on the Broncos new head coach? I have never heard of him.
  3. US Politics- Stay Gold, Pony Boy

    It wasn't the Russians... It was future Russians!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We're fucked.
  4. US Politics- Stay Gold, Pony Boy

    Saw that General Mattis said (by virtue of having no comment) he is not against women and LGBT people in the military, and that "who consenting adults go to bed with" has no basis on combat effectiveness. Well, that's something I suppose. If I flunk out of school I can always go back to fighting whatever new illegal war our lords and masters of the Republic start.
  5. NFL Divisional Playoffs: 3 games and Brady

    Good to see some life in here, that was some throw and catch on the sideline.
  6. LBGTQ - 4 out of 5 cats prefer lesbians

    Way to go!!!! Congratulationso! I'm all for teaming up on a diet to help you with your impending nuptuals.
  7. LBGTQ - 4 out of 5 cats prefer lesbians

    Since I have no one to tell but still feel inclined to celebrate my weak will, I thought I'd let you guys know I managed to skip the soda at the grocery and instead went home with diet cranberry juice. Bikini season 2020, here I come!
  8. Rogue One....Brings a New Hope. Full Spoiler Discussion

    I thought Dooku's little ship seemed large enough to have a very compact living space, not unlike a semi truck with a sleeper cab.
  9. Rogue One....Brings a New Hope. Full Spoiler Discussion

    One of my biggest gripes as well with both films. Making a landing approach at light speed is so damn lazy.
  10. Rogue One....Brings a New Hope. Full Spoiler Discussion

    Exactly. The death of Obi-Wan, desertion/return of Solo, and triumph of Luke are all fully realized character moments and occur in a self contained film.
  11. Taboo: Tom Hardy's historical drama (BBC1/FX)

    Sitting down to watch this now, very excited!
  12. I don't think I've watched The Simpsons in about five or six years, not bad!
  13. I remember when this thread would be absolutely popping in the playoffs, makes me sad.
  14. Table Top RPG Stuff

    Palladium is my personal favorite, but I'm a weirdo.
  15. Table Top RPG Stuff

    I cannot decide if I am going to try and return to the table top games, but @Werthead I would suggest 5th edition if you want to make a meat and potatoes D&D game, and Pathfinder if you want to take it in a different direction. Then there is always Paladium as well if you're really feeling adventurous, though as DM it is pretty necessary to nerf some classes and abilities to keep it fun.