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  1. Didn't read the entire thread, but to answer the topic's question: Yes, you do own aerial space above your property. I know this specifically applies to electric, phone, and cable lines that run from the street access to your house. For example...if you have a neighbor who receives services from one of the above utilities, and the line from the street to your neighbor's house crosses your property line, this is know as "aerial trespass"; and you can force said utility company to reroute the service so it does not cross your property...or force said utility company to "rent" said airspace if they are for whatever reason unable to reroute the service.
  3. Awesome! That's from the very first SoCal BWB meet up!
  4. Most importantly...friends. ;)
  5. Very awesome! Welcome back!
  6. You still owes me a wedding present, cheap bastard!

  7. You are a dirty hippy.

  8. I dont even want to know how you found that video.

  9. Send in more photos!!! Inigima is just sitting around doing nothing until you send him photos of yourself! YW
  10. Got a few submissions from the TTNE folks! Let's keep em coming! YW
  11. Im posting this here and would like to ask Ran to sticky it in GC since not everyone visits the BWB section nor is everyone a member of the BWB. This is an opportunity for the community to get all its photos up on a site that is being hosted by Inigima with no need to feel the need to join the BWB. Here is a copy of Inigima's original post.
  12. You have no friends, and you were only adopted to be used as help around the house.