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  1. Hey, why isn´t Game of thrones listed there already :-)? http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/SnarkBait
  2. This is kinda off-topic, but at least as I remember, Taylor was pretty awful writer as well...
  3. I confess I liked God of death stuff of Syrio and Arya.
  4. I don´t like to "nagg retrospectively", but as I look back, even in season 1 there were some examples of bizzare writing which were easy to overlook at the time and we can see them as warning signs... Some instances of exposition ("Isn´t that house of your wife? Tully?") or worldbuilding (that Jorah quote about dragons I mentioned earlier).
  5. OK, but read my post - "just like in the show". I was saying that some people probably just see the show and assume that it will be same, becouse they cannot imagine any other scenario and this is milking the joke far beyond it´s worth.
  6. Yes... And how much they let the show to influence it. Which is about imagination.
  7. I think anyone who´ll post anything with "just like in the show" should stand trial for lack of imagination :-).
  8. Kinda old news, but Fundamentals made one hell of a summary - https://www.thefandomentals.com/game-of-thrones-101/
  9. Shireen in the books is nowhere close to Stannis army, so I don´t think that could play any role.
  10. Long night would be too much fantasy-centric already, IMHO and therefore unlikely. As would be anything predominantly valyrian..
  11. Which is all about idea vs. execution...
  12. Considering how the conflict of "game of thrones" is characterized as counterproductive and destructive for it´s participants, I would say that we already know that, at least in a sense, no one wins it. What is to me obvious, and I just state it, not complain, that show is interested in barebone climax - final political situation, general fates of characters and result of White Walkers conflict. That still leaves the space to the books for Varys and Illyrio, Marwyn,Maester conspiracy, etc.
  13. Well he looks at the bright side of life, becouse he was freed from Lady Stoneheart by the magic of adaptation :-).
  14. Haven´t you heard? All the Dornishmen want is to fight and f***! I´m from Czech Republic by the way.