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  1. Great logic there. Comparing something that was said with something that wasn´t said....
  2. He cited Randyll, however, so some people took an "offense". Of course, when it comes to handling Citadel, I think we are once again trapped in endless discussion of adaptation´s nuance, since obviously, if books will ever be published, that place might be much more interesting.
  3. Am I the only one who thinks Move Along Home is actually kinda amusing?
  4. Or maybe they seem to be only scenes writers are in their element so to speak. Some of them could be maybe called good for what they are trying to accomoplish, of course not as gems of writing in general and I really think they wouldn´t be so much remembered if the rest of the screenplay seemed mature and sense making to the complainers. This is heavily subjective and probably not worthy further analysis.
  5. To further elaborate on the previous point, complaining about vulgarisms would really be kinda irrational when it comes to something based on ASOIAF. But I think the simple reason why some people are still mentioning it is this. It might be sore thumb for them becouse it seems to them that this is only aera of dialogue where showrunners are "inventive/skillful".
  6. Other characters I mean and I don´t think they sound any smarter. Boy, I really wish I could talk about the books.
  7. I would be simply glad if it was balanced by some intelligent writing. There´s a difference about minor hiccup here and there and total abandoning of logic everywhere. TDK is, I would say, pretty accaptable. TDKR? Not so much.
  8. I´m not storm, but there is very little to say... The show is sloppy when it comes with it´s changes during adaptation. It´s also sloppy with it´s original material.
  9. And j´aeke is a joke.
  10. Well yes, prince/princess is a title. If we were using the previous logic, I guess valyrian word for mother is also gender neutral a can mean father too.
  11. Please, this is, I think, simply fanon nonsense. How could be it ever translated to "little brother", if it was gender-neutral?
  12. Again, more power to them. It´s their right and it summs up the success of show well. As for myself I just feel a little sorry that my proccess from reading Hedge Knight has come to this.
  13. Well, of course more power to you and your sentiment, but I think that while seasons 5 a and 6 weren´t so drastically terrible as 7, they were pretty obviously so. Maybe with the slight exception of season 5 Tyrion (and even that is reaching) I can´t think about any plotline in them that wouldn´t contain something that didn´t make sense, dialogue was pain-inducing as ever and I personally see BOTB and especially TWOW as hollow spectacles that also (surprise, surprise) didn´t make much sense. My, God, there was so much nonsense about the trial and sept explosion.
  14. I don´t know what was originally supposed to happen wih Myrcella, but she could be just send back to KL, accompanied with one dornish character and die there. And yes, Oberyn was great character and his legacy was kinda tarnished.
  15. Reducing property to schlock that everybody is doing wouldn´t be exactly recipe for broad appeal.