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  1. Yes, I just meant that she has a lot of personal reasons.
  2. As I see it, showrunners are increasingly relying into simplistic contrast that they like to show wise ruler in contrast with aggressive nagger. So, first its Jon as wise with nagger Sansa, who is kinda wise in his absence and her nagger becomes Arya. EDIT: Reason usually wins, only in Dorne, nagger becomes the ruler.
  3. Just FYI, Show!Sansa actually doesn´t know that Littlefinger caused the war. Not that it would change much much after season 5 events...
  4. I think I´ve got it. Jaime is really Azor Ahai, and D+D think we completely forgot about the bath with Brienne, so they gave him another rebirth moment :-).
  5. Unfortunaly this. Gaps in logic are imho more obvious, so more viewers will complain, but most people still aren´t paying attention to such stuff.
  6. I got a good laugh when Benioff, i think, recently said in interview, that unlike Martin, he and Weiss had to be "architects". That sounds good in theory, but in practice their architecture is so hastily and flimsily done that Angry Birds could crush it.
  7. Obviously, the problem is, the screenwriters themselves don´t know how much time pass each season. They like to say things in the style "season=year", but that isn´t plausible.
  8. Magic comes back, White Walkers are returning and dragons have been born again. No wonder space and time is suddenly fractured everywhere :-).
  9. Honestly, when Gendry was talking about how it amazingly turned out that it is King´s Landing, where he is safe the most, it seemed to me almost as if Hill was actually mocking it.
  10. But then, who would write anything in GOT?
  11. Very minor continuity point, but.... Jon hugely exclaims how he thought that Bran is dead... Yet few episodes earlier he confirmed to Dany he lost two brothers. Isn´t it adorable how Sam, annoyed by the shit montage as we were, punished for ... curing the greyscale...realizes that screenwriters don´t know what else to do with Citadel (except for his three tasks) and comes to the same conclusion about maesters as Randyll (RIP)? Father knows best, I guess.
  12. Not to mention the obvious thing that these paintings prove nothing about the present. Cheryl will be actually marginally smarter when she´ll demand specimen of the wight.
  13. Didn´t Jaime say "Rickard", though? Or was it something else? Yes, I know they could say that, I just meant they have obviously problems even acknowledging he ever existed.
  14. Which is just another sign how show is actually heavily dependent on the books (if the overstretching of Braavos theater wasn´t enough). Rickon exists in the books only a very little... so the showrunners kill him without second thought and have absolutely no idea what to say about him after he died.
  15. I kinda enjoyed this ep and most of my complaints were already adressed, although I still little smiled when Dany suddenly asked Jon for advice and they started another standard illogical dialogue. Benioff and Weiss also haven´t let go another chance for stupid vulgar gag when they made Bronn laugh at Dickon´s name...