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  1. Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    This thread wouldn´t be half as much fun if they weren´t constantly making dumbasses out of themselves, would it? Now playing the devil´s advocate here I would really be more tolerant to deviations, when context was still solid. Far-reaching changes like whitewashing Tyrion might be iritating, especially to hardcore ASOIAF fanbase, but it didn´t made terrible television exactly. At least he, unlike show!Cersei, has always been consistent. It´s becoming cliché to mentioning over-the-top-sex (at that time I thought "oversexing" Martin was almost impossible) and kinda forced exposition (and their combination...) of season 1, but honestly it felt like pretty typical but fitting for the medium adaptation. Who could see how it will look like, after writers start being "creative".
  2. Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    That´s pretty hard question to answer, considering how that shapes one´s preferences, but I think I still would, becouse I consider the GOT´s writing to be one of the dumbest on television.
  3. I agree claiming Martin´s episodes are the best received ones is silly. But bringing the IMDB votes is showing the cardinal difference between the priorities of majority of show watchers and segment of those familiar with the books. I certainly enjoyed the last two episodes for their events and presentation/execution.Yet.. Events should not equal "quality" exactly and I just think that is how many viewers are seeing it. It´s their choice obviously, but my ears are still sometimes bleeding from the dialogue or the story. I still like the first four seasons, the 6 on the other hand, was the one I was bored most of the time and believe, yes, that a lot of producers could give us something better.
  4. GRRM's mistake: Essos Militaries.

    Well, if Martin steals, he can "mix".... But anyway, you really should do a total list of every ASOIAF character you consider plagiat.
  5. GRRM's mistake: Essos Militaries.

    Yes, yes,or in general, the entire Valyria is Melniboné (with a little of Númenor and a little of original Atlantis archetype) and that very guy mentioned Elric (although in the relation to Jon and Bloodraven, not Dany). He kinda run with it and he made some strange case for Jacquen = Rhaegar theory based on Aragorn analogies. I´ll not call it insane in case it´ll turn out to be true.
  6. GRRM's mistake: Essos Militaries.

    You see under one Preston Jacobs video there was one user who theorized that Martin is very intentionally... Well, not plagirasing, but making ultra-homages to practically every of his favorite fantasy works by making almost literal geography out of them, such as Lannisters/Westerlands being Narnia, Harrenhall being Gormenghast (with Littlefinger as Steerpike), much of Essos being the Hyborian Age, etc. When I think in these lines, I must ask myself if Euron isn´t supposed to be On Stranger Tides character. If I want, I´ll find parallels between him and every of the book´s four antagonists.
  7. OK, thanks. In my personal view, Bujold is talented, if somewhat inconsistent writer. I might give her a bigger try in general.
  8. As a matter of fact, you´ve kinda almost convinced me to read Vorkosigan saga, but whan it comes to reading investment itself, I don´t know if it´s worth to follow series of 16 books or risk to get bored in the middle. Also, in the previous thread I was interested how much in your opinion was Sapkowski´s Witcher plagiat plot-wise.
  9. You seem to be quite a crusader, lujo. First claiming that GRRM has stolen Tyrion from Bujold, then that majority of kingdoms are meaningless. What´s next? That he copied almost everything from Tad Williams?
  10. Just for the record, how much is Witcher being plagiat plot-wise?
  11. You are missing Kingly´s point. It´s about MO of the executions.
  12. The Red Wedding has a big plot hole

    OK, I dislike being obsessive myself, I just think that retroactive changes are hindrances in enjoying the fiction.
  13. The Red Wedding has a big plot hole

    Missing info can be ignored, retcons will be noticed in any series.
  14. The Red Wedding has a big plot hole

    You see, in the series they made much bigger deal out of Karstarks´s forces abandoning him (supposedly half of his army), so he tried to rectify it and make even bigger strike with the support of Walder Frey, who "hasn´t conributed to the army yet".
  15. The Red Wedding has a big plot hole

    See my post.