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  1. If the spin-off (probably done by Martin and Cogman) turns to be about Dance of Dragons, I swear I´ll... I´ll... watch the first episode and make my mind about continuing. Realistically, I think I´ll be quite angry, becouse that seems to be all Martin is doing in the last years - writing about Targaryan history. It would be interesting to use this fake history segment as backdrop for some lowborn-based story, but that´s not very likely.
  2. As a matter of fact, "Ygg" is one ofe Odin´s names, making it quite ironic that Ironborn have a demon of that name.
  3. Well, the plot point shouldn´t be used as it´s own justification, that´s the far too circular for a discussion. Janul´s main argument was that previous plot indicated that entire Dorne wanted to rebel.
  4. I´ve just posted this on another site... I recently remembered how since season 3 Joffrey and Tywin knew pretty much everything about Dany, including the fact that she has three dragons... And it almost hasn´affected the plot at all. It was only used as reason why Tywin sent Dany the letter about Jorah. Which was also pretty nonsensical.
  5. Except of the Selmy´s actor, I think that Finn was annoyed about the traetment of Loras and specifically wanted him to be more like in the books. His fate in seasons 5 and 6 might have something to do with that...
  6. Jesus, today I´ve heard about scientific conference in Britain about GOT. And one of the subjects they are pondereing is, if the sonic ravens are possible. Never underestimate the power of shitty writing.
  7. After the season 6 I was sure the bubble will eventually burst. We might be not there yet totally, but it´s closer than ever....
  8. http://www.vulture.com/2017/08/rick-and-morty-game-of-thrones-post-credits-scene.html Well, I know you haven´t wrote it, but Logan Lucky was more about Martin´s writing pace.
  9. Like I said previously, Straczynski perhaps. But he is not top-notch writer all the time either.
  10. Oh, my bad...
  11. Well, I don´t know Martin personally, but he might be pretty bad judge of character and skill when it comes to people who want do him a favour. If only test he gave them, was the identity Jon Snow´s mother as the anecdote goes, then it doesn´t sound he was critically examining their writing exectly. And of course, this was their initiative, becouse unfortunaly, there wasn´t much other ASOIAF fans among screenwriters. If, for example Straczynski (alhough that might not be the best example either) get the idea, things might have been so much different.... Obviously, despite what he proclaims on the public, he ran from the GOT´s writing tem before season 5 and I think real reasons are quite obvious.
  12. Just like with many other things from the last two books, I think Show!Euron should make people appreciate Book!Euron more. Even though I like what he did to dornish characters as well, that´s for sure.
  13. BTW, title of ep7 is supposedly “The Dragon and the Wolf.” Is it just me, or are titles particularly lazy this season?
  14. You mean like war against Cersei?
  15. I´m glad I wasn´t the only one who noticed the 10 vs. 20. 000 issue. This show is aproaching Heroes lows of logic and Once upon a time lowls of continuity.