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  1. For all those who own both Warhammer I and II, Oct. 26 is when the new free LC will be launched combining the maps and factions. This will be one of the biggest maps in any TW game, with 295 settlements. Some parts of the map for Warhammer II had to be shrunk, mainly the oceans were reduced in size, in order to make armies move across water faster.
  2. Wow, I feel exactly opposite. I only ever managed to get through the original twice. Granted, I'm not willing to watch this one 50 times, but I think I'll enjoy a repeat of it.
  3. Finally got around to watch the first 2 episodes. Not bad as story goes. Mandalore is a cool culture to explore, and there was some good character development. But Mandalorian jetpacks are way overused. I don't think that's what Lucas intended when he gave Boba Fett a jetpack. One cool piece of info about these episodes: in case you didn't recognize his voice, that was Tobias Menzies who played Governor Tiber Saxon.
  4. Try never. Well actually I met GRRM at Worldcon in KC last year, and that was the first, and so far only book signing for me. Happy day. But I have never been at a book signing when an author was touring. I live far from the popular spots.
  5. Sorry to say, but it doesn't look like it. Although the list is rather short. Maybe there will second tour between Thanksgiving and Christmas, or one after the holidays.
  6. There's supposed to be a Blink movie in the making?
  7. Pretty much this. And I wouldn't say it was prescient, as it already had plenty of examples to draw from, i.e. all the communist regimes of the 20th century.
  8. Shit, this is out? That's what happens when I don't actually have that channel.
  9. I need to re-watch the Goonies, because you know there'll be some direct references to it with Sean Astin in season 2. It's been too long.
  10. I would like to know where the hell is SHIELD. I'm not talking about the main characters from AoS showing up, but SHIELD has been greatly involved with the Inhuman issue, so I would expect that, by now, someone from SHIELD would have shown up to investigate what's going on in Honolulu. Or at least another US gov agency come investigate. Instead all we've got is 2 scientists involved, and Honolulu PD. I don't know if I missed anything, but why are the surfer veteran guys helping Gorgon? I see no worthy motivation there. Also, the other guy's story is completely uninteresting with the drug dealers. BlackBolt is the only interesting character so far, and he can't even speak. I'm about ready to give up on this show.
  11. Well I'm glad that didn't happen. It would have been ridiculous. I'm sorry DM got cancelled, just as it was getting better. I would have been ok with the show continuing on at Stargate Command, but not with it crossing over with Stargate. It's barely crossover material with Killjoys.
  12. I'll wait on ranking Outlander. I am enjoying it, but considering that I found the season 1 finale kinda poor, while the season 2 finale was very good, I think it's best to wait until the end. On another subject, I know I said this about Designated Survivor... but out of boredom I watched the first episode of the new season; then I watched the 2nd. While it is often a bit silly, and over-dramatic, I realized there is one good thing about it. President Tom Kirkman is a wonderful man and a good president, and he behaves as a president should. So you could place this show in the 'escapism' category for reasons to watch a show.
  13. I have the FireTV. Occasionally watch on the other devices.
  14. Oh, you don't have to apologize to me. I posted it in the actual Star Wars thread.