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  1. Legion (FX's Marvel tv series) [SPOILERS]

    So how did Oliver return to the real world?
  2. Video Games: Dawn of Waaaaagh!

    I find the combat in Andromeda quite challenging right now. The absence of the command hud and the detailed environment (at least on that first planet) makes me feel like I'm fighting alone every time. I hear the voices of the NPCs, but there is way too much stuff to track. I also prefer the cover system in ME2 and 3, rather than this intuitive cover system. Also, at what point can you actually add the various shit you pick up to your gear?
  3. You're not a Stargate SG-1 fan if you didn't recognize Apophis (Peter Williams).
  4. Iron Fist [SPOILERS - after page 3]

    He saw the eagle, and interpreted it as a sign that he needed to leave to get answers to the questions that have been nagging him for 15 years. The thing is, Danny always wanted to leave, but couldn't until the way opened, and by then he had become the Iron Fist, so he made a half-assed attempt at doing his duty. The bigger question, why was he chosen to go the cave and gain the power of the Iron Fist? The series is filled with moments when he lacks the discipline that a shaolin-like monk, that was trained for 15 years, should have, so how did his teacher made such an enormous error to allow him to go to the cave? I suppose Danny's troubled heart was a better choice than Davos's jealous heart, but were there no other options?
  5. Video Games: Dawn of Waaaaagh!

    I agree, but in one of their videos they said you can coordinate combo actions with your squad mates. How can you do that, if you can't issue commands? Among the little things that I find annoying: accessing the map essentially activates the menu, so you have to Escape twice to get back to the game.
  6. Video Games: Dawn of Waaaaagh!

    Well I won't if there is no command hud. I didn't see that among the key bindings. Is there?
  7. Video Games: Dawn of Waaaaagh!

    I played a bit of Andromeda. While the face animation is bad, and it even diminishes what I think is good voice acting, the rest of the animation is quite good. But I haven't gotten the hang of the combat yet. I keep pressing the space bar because that's what I used to access the command hud in the previous games, but I'm not even sure the command hud is even a thing in this one. So I keep jumping like an idiot, instead.
  8. Iron Fist [SPOILERS - after page 3]

    You say 12-year old, but doesn't that feel like something you would find in a superhero comic book? I don't know if that character exists in the comic books, but it certainly seemed that she was drawn from the pages of a comic.
  9. Iron Fist [SPOILERS - after page 3]

    6 and 8 were my favorite as well, and I mostly agree with your review, though I barely cared for Ward at all. His story took too much space.
  10. Iron Fist [SPOILERS - after page 3]

    I would have preferred if it was even closer to Arrow, but without Arrow's campiness. One recurring theme, though maybe not so much with Jessica Jones, is related to the environment. The situation in Hell's Kitchen, and DD's constant struggle to keep it safe, because the city is part of him. The situation in Harlem, where its history and legacies also play a part in the story. Knowing almost nothing about the Iron Fist, other than that he was a billionaire's son in New York, I expected a similar approach where the Iron Fist takes a role in protecting the city, or at least his corner of the city, but instead it was just Rand that the story focused on.
  11. Iron Fist [SPOILERS - after page 3]

    Despite the weakness of this show, I am still very excited for Defenders. Curious if Netflix can pull a better team up story than the Avengers. And after seeing the finale of this one, I think my favorite character is Jeri Hogarth. Her reaction to seeing Harold alive is priceless.
  12. By the way, no one called Obi-Wan by his first name, so his line from A New Hope still applies. Well done, writers, well done.
  13. Rank your 2017 TV shows throughout the year

    New entries on my list: Black Sails The Expanse Legion Agents of SHIELD Grimm Star Wars Rebels Sherlock Elementary Iron Fist The Blacklist Homeland The Walking Dead Arrow Supergirl The Flash The Big Bang Theory Taboo
  14. Video Games: Dawn of Waaaaagh!

    Yes, I understand that the VC ranged unit thing is part of their traits, I was not demanding that CA change that, I was simply expressing one of the reason why I don't care for the VC much. Also, I never said I was ok with how CA did the predecessors, so I think my complaint/wish about wanting them to make a more complete game is perfectly legitimate. I've also described what are my two main problems with the game, and neither have to do with the completeness or the diversity presented in the game. But despite all this, I, too greatly enjoy the game, and my play time for it has, so far, overtaken Attila and Shogun 2, and may overtake Rome 2 as well.
  15. Video Games: Dawn of Waaaaagh!

    I still don't understand, nor will I even wish to understand the way they did sieges. I suppose it has to do with the AI being shitty, and rather than trying to fix that, they imposed all those ridiculous limits (which is something Werthead mentioned in a previous thread) That, and the continuous abuse of the "forced march" stance by the AI are my main two beefs with the game. On the factions, the 2nd game will more than likely have the Skaven, and I'm sure the other undead faction I'm aware of, The Tomb Kings, will be added at some point, too. I don't know if they're a horde faction, but I hope they have ranged units, that's one thing I dislike about the VC. And I agree that the minor factions like Estalia and Tilea should have been better developed. The game feels incomplete without those factions being properly developed. Even if you don't make them playable, I still wish they had given them some unique personalities, that way when you war against them, you're not essentially fighting The Empire. And it would have been cool to have Tilea, the Border Princes, and Estalia playable, as more than likely that would have involved some kind of mercenary mechanic. Imagine an army comprised of regiments of renown from various races.