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  1. Will we be saying the same thing after his 17th Avatar movie? Or not just Avatar, but simply a story we've seen before, but set in an aquatic environment.
  2. I echo your feelings about the weather. This coming Monday, it will be exactly 6 years since I started working at my company, and I recall I was going to work just in a short sleeve shirt from day one, and now I am still going with my winter coat. Just last week as we had another bout of snow, I joked with some GoT watching colleagues that's it too bad GoT didn't have a new season this April, because it would have been the first time when the words "Winter Is Coming" would have been applicable.
  3. Exactly!!!
  4. DJ Avicii, another young musician going way too soon. I didn't listen to much of his music, just a few of his songs, mainly thanks to some of the FIFA games. RIP
  5. No, it will be with a toxin for which he developed immunity over many years.
  6. Since he's the mayor and season 3 may be right after season 2, and he is a sleazy politician, too, I expect the Ghostbuster references to continue. A "yes, this man has no dick" joke would be glorious.
  7. Wait, wait, wait!!! WTF happened here? Who died and made you empress?
  8. I fully expect that guy to splatter all over the ground at the end of that sky dive.
  9. I don't think that means what you think it means.
  10. From the studio that killed Wolverine
  11. I'm guessing the cow is Syd. I don't know why David would ignore it, when he's seen her willingness to go into a cat.
  12. It's really a shame that SyFy and whoever else is involved in this has done such a piss-poor job at delivering this show to other countries outside of the US. And even their promotion of the show within the US is weak. The best show they've had in years, and it's like they actively don't want it to succeed. And now I'm more worried; while I like the actress who plays Anna, she carries a curse with her for SF shows. The chase/battle sequence in last night's episode was pretty dope. More, more, more.
  13. Because now you know the Boogey Man.
  14. Cary Elwes and Jake Busey join the cast for next season