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  1. The Flash - Alleged Superhero

    You forget that with Thawne defeat at that point, he will not impersonate Wells, thus the real Wells will continue to live, and may not even create the particle accelerator, or do it much later, and maybe without the explosions. That means no metas all around. And basically this means that the actors playing Cisco and Caitlin are now fired, since there will not be a need for them anymore.
  2. So far it's running fine for me. Based on the recommended specs on steam, the only thing I fall short of is the processor, but the game automatically put most of the settings at ultra.
  3. Warcraft movie: There might be spoilers from books and the games.

    From what I've read so far, people who actually try to criticize this just as any other movie will find that it has much to be desired. But Warcraft fans will probably love it.
  4. Against my better judgement, I bought TW: Warhammer, because most of the bad reviews dealt with easily fixed bugs. Sure enough, I encountered a couple of small bugs so far, but only played a little over an hour. My biggest disappointment is that it feels like Attila/Rome 2 with magic. If I hadn't played those two first, I may have been more impressed with this one. Best improvement I've noted so far: cavalry charges are awesome again. I also bought Stellaris, and returned it after about 30 minutes of play. Just like with Crusader Kings 2, I'm not sure I can get into it. The amount of information is a bit overwhelming. And a deal breaker for me was something about the game mechanics - I selected a science ship to have it do a survey of a planet, and then that ship proceeded to zip around the solar system with no explanation as to why. I bought the game because of some of the awesome stories I read here. I've always wanted to play a space grand strategy game with so much customization for your civilization. I may try again, if I see it at a steep discount, and I have the time and energy to actually be able to pick it apart.
  5. The Flash - Alleged Superhero

    My overall impression of the season finale: Barry gets imprisoned, reminding me of all the discussions here about Barry's villainy. Zoom's plan is figured out. Race Barry to harness both of their powers and destroy all the other universes. What's Barry's solution? Race him. Harry and Cisco - we can't touch Zoom's machine because bad things may happen; moments before - Zoom tightening a fucking bolt on his machine with a socket wrench; yep, pretty indestructible machine There is no way that stupid metal hat should stay on the head of a speedster while running. But science is only for when it suits the plot, or confusing the hell out of Wally West. Time wraiths show up to punish Zoom for all his indiscretions. Apparently time wraiths cannot multi-task. One villain at a time for them. But how can Barry not tempt fate again, because the speed force is on his side!!!!! Fuck the timeline, change everything. Supergirl has to make sense entering the CW verse, so Barry had to push the reset button. OK, I'm done. One more shows bites the dust. Next up, Arrow.
  6. Which is funny because any regular person who would cross paths with Dracula would immediately start believing in God, and thus in the devil, too. So if Dracula wants to be feared and/or worshiped, he would have to make room for his brother, too.
  7. I would say that Dracula holds more power on Earth, so he could maybe block Lucifer if he tried. In hell, things would be reversed, if Dracula tried to enter Lucifer's domain.
  8. Book vs. Show

    I just realized that there may not be a door at the cave in the book. In ADWD there certainly was no indication of a door anywhere. Furthermore, why would there be a door in such an ancient, primal place? The Children would not cut any of their precious trees just to make a door to a cave. So unless Bloodraven and/or other men who visited the cave installed the door, there should not be one. So the scene and the Hodor revelation could very well take place in a different location. The Wall perhaps? Some long forgotten hall of the First Men? However, I theorize that the cave is linked to a larger tunnel network extending for miles (possibly even connected to the tunnels that those wildlings led by Gendel and Gorne got lost into), and one exit is guarded by a door that leads to relative safety. Meaning in the book, we may get a more drawn out chase scene, nearly entirely in the dark. (especially since book wights don't move as fast as show wights)
  9. The abundant forests that grow on the Iron Islands. It would be nice if they produced some longships for a change, instead of the the regular galleys or cogs we keep seeing.
  10. To paraphrase a Star Wars trailer - Theon has that power, too. And considering that Sansa, Brienne, and Pod made it the Wall from Winterfell with no trouble at all, I have feeling that Brienne will also develop that power and get to Riverrun in no time.
  11. You seriously ask after just witnessing Littlefinger zipping around Westeros again. The army of the Vale is already assembled at Moat Cailin, which apparently Roose or Ramsey didn't think to garrison.
  12. So there wasn't enough heartbreak for me after watching the GoT episode, I had to watch the new PD episode. Another great episode, though I wouldn't say it was as good as the one from last season. But really, Eva Green deserves an Emmy, and she deserves it now, dammit!!! And Rory Kinnear is soooo good, too. Last season I wasn't a Clare-Vanessa shipper, but consider me in that camp after this episode. Slightly disappointed that we didn't see how Clare died, but I think it's safe to say it wasn't Vanessa, and perhaps not Dracula either. And I liked that I sort of called it on the sibling rivalry. It makes sense, evil likes to be alone. Also, while plenty of others have played with the mythos we know, this show is doing it better than others, by putting Dracula on equal footing with Lucifer. Does that mean there is no connection in this universe between him and Vlad the Impaler? He did call himself the dragon, and Dracula actually means "son of the dragon".
  13. Hold the Door!

    No. The one child of the forest that fought off the wights simply used a flaming branch. But she was quick and agile, so she moved fast among them.
  14. According to Benioff in the "inside the episode" bit, BR was doing an upload in Bran's mind. So yeah, puzzling is a good word.