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  1. More like purgatory, salvation being in the form of the series getting finished.
  2. Episode title was revealed to be "The Dragon and the Wolf". I predict Ghost still won't appear. Personally, I was expecting the title to be "King's Landing"
  3. I saw the new Netlfix movie What Happened to Monday, starring Noomi Rapace. Not bad, it had the requisite tension one expects from dystopian movies, but also a pretty predictable plot. Rapace gave a pretty good performance, especially considering she played 7 different characters, with some differences between them. I was taken out of the movie at one point, and I was ready to judge it harshly because of it, but I thought it got fixed later on, so my opinion improved.
  4. This show has been propelled to popularity by nerds, and now he doesn't understand why nerds do what nerds to. ffs
  5. I am somewhat hopeful with Relic making it. It also looks like we would be able to pick in which era to play, which would make this game much bigger than its predecessors (after DLCs, of course). If I can play in ancient or medieval periods, I will, otherwise pass. I barely touched AoEIII.
  6. So Trump started looking at the sun during the eclipse event without glasses, then an aid told him to put glasses on. I wonder how long he looked at it without glasses.
  7. Actually, as I watched that scene, I thought that some thick rope would have been more believable. Wildlings use plenty of rope, to scale the Wall among other things. But chains - I believe I have already given a reasonable explanation as to why such massive chains shouldn't exist north of the Wall.
  8. That was a neat experience. It was a bit cloudy, but right at totality it was pretty good. Awesome view. And it looked pretty spherical to me, just sayin'.
  9. Why would the dead have giant iron chains? The wights are brainless slaves, and the WW live where there is nothing but ice. They can't have made them, because forging chains means using FIRE. The wildlings themselves would have had little reason to make such great chains, when iron is sparse there, and they would have used it to make weapons, not fucking chains. So it is a completely legitimate complaint. Also, in addition to having the chains, there's the whole chaining of the massive, submerged dragon. They were able to do that, but couldn't cross a bit of broken ice. Hahahahaha!!! And people have complained about the time it takes to travel for a long time, because it breaks immersion every time they pull one of these stunts. The army of the dead, the one army that requires no food or rest, hasn't yet reached the Wall, and the lands north of the Wall aren't that big, by the way, while whole wars have been fought all over Westeros, and Dany has sailed with an armada from Slaver's Bay. But, yeah, it's pathetic to complain about logical stuff. Go away!
  10. Too bad the show has forgotten about another character: Anguy the Archer. Such a skilled archer with some dragonglass arrowheads could have really fucked by the NK's plans. But even though we see the Brotherhood march north, a whole group of them, at Eastwatch it's only Beric, Thoros and the Hound. Presumably all the redshirts in this episode were wildlings, as they mostly fought with spears, not good steel swords or axes. But even Anguy, for whatever reason, decided that he wasn't going to risk his life in such a mission, you would think that at least one guy in the part would have been an archer.
  11. So it's been show a 2nd time now that White Walkers have superhuman strength, with the NK harpooning the dragon. Firs time was when the WW that Sam killed, initially swathed Sam aside with no effort. But Jon the Mighty has now overtaken Sam in number of WW kills, on both occasions with normal sword play. I guess it's another Briennve vs. Arya scenario, but on a different scale. Also, I though it was extremely convenient that one, and just one, out of the band of wights didn't drop when the WW was killed.
  12. I think if a dragon does die, it will happen only after the three heads of the dragon prophecy is fulfilled. If the Others manage to kill a dragon, then probably a major character will die, as well, because, by then, there should be a rider for each dragon.
  13. I am now glad Ghost didn't go with Jon. They would have killed him as they did Summer, to make room for more dragon CGI. Ghost can stay safe and sound at Winterfell, and only appear now and then.
  14. I would assume the wight dragon will not be breathing fire. Its breath will probably be able to freeze things, so the great hall of the Red Keep gets frozen as if someone poured liquid nitrogen on it, and then gets smashed down.
  15. I would say, roughly 200-250 turns, depending on what goals you are going for, short or long. The Empire always gets destroyed by Chaos, if the player is too far away to intervene.