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  1. Right now, Arrow is the best of the DC superhero shows, but that's not saying much. And I feel that if I quit one, I have to quit all, because cross-overs.
  2. New Star Trek Series on CBS

    Currently I'm watching The Big Bang Theory, Limitless and Elementary, and I expect I still will(I watched Supergirl, too, but no more). So if by next January I would have decided to get rid of cable and just go with streaming services, I will probably get Access.
  3. So Darhk wants to destroy the entire world. This calls for a much larger, more robust group of good guys trying to solve this problem. It's fine for team Ollie to try and save their city over and over again. But this kind of menace calls for the damn Justice League, it calls for the US government throwing everything it's got at Darhk. Will we see it unfold in such a way? Fuck no!!! And I can't wait to see how Thea Truman gets out of that situation.
  4. Vikings X: Halfway Through the Madness

    On point as usual, but there are a few things I have to question you about. I'm pretty sure that the production crew realized how challenging it can be to film a battle on water + you need those sweeping shots of Ragnar v. Rolloso the whole purpose of those platforms was ease of filming - which was dressed up as floating fortresses. GENIUS. After all, for some reason Rollo had to be the attacker, that's the best defense right? You're going to have to point this out to me, because I generally pay attention to the soundtrack and Trevor Morris has never given me any reason to be dissatisfied so far. But more Wardruna is always welcome. Are you sure Torvi died? I thought she just got shot in the arm. And if Lagertha likely survived with that wound, Torvi must have, too. I mean, she's Hirst daughter, come on! Or did she get another acting gig?
  5. US Election: It's a post-TrumpDay world

    If only his wife was a natural born citizen. Fiction could have become reality.
  6. US Election: It's a post-TrumpDay world

    Yes, more like Baron Harkonen winning the day and becoming God-Emperor.
  7. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: To Kill a Mockingbird

    Was Hive banished by the Kree or by other Inhumans that rebelled against him? Hive mentioned a civil war. I thought the Kree were met with a similar outcome after their experiments. The Inhumans turned on them and were forced to flee. The part with them conveniently remaining in hibernation in the solar system is the main stinker about this plot. A better development would have been for Hive to contact the nearest Kree outpost, who send a ship to investigate.
  8. Speculation : TV show vs what the books will be II

    I'm not sure about the rules, but maybe you should book spoiler tag this thread.But I agree with everything you said her. About Jon - We should definitely see him warg in Ghost, and see all that transpires through Ghost's eyes. If GRRM does this, it will certainly be an interesting POV chapter. Of course no Davos there. And about Melisandre, the books may differ about her attitude - since Stannis is not yet defeated, and Shireen was not burned for no reason, she may approach this with more confidence (I also expect some kind of blood sacrifice) One of the Boltons will die during or in the aftermath of the battle on the ice. There's the pink letter to consider, too.Probably Roose will die. If Ramsay kills him, he will have to mask it somehow, because few will throw their loyalty to him if he murders him in public. I wonder if the show will still do a trial for Cersei. And I have to wonder if Euron has a magic horn, but the Greyjoy have to be relevant to overall arc somehow, so D&D will probably try to tie Euron to the larger events. But I predict that my favorite chapter from A Feast for Crows, the kingsmoot, will probably be quickly brushed over.
  9. How would you rate episode 602?

    A much better episode than last week's. 8/10
  10. Video Games: 'Does Not Open From This Side' Edition

    XCOM2 is a great, highly addicting game. I love all the little details they put in the game, and how the game forces you to prioritize, even if it feels overwhelming.
  11. His "checking the Falcon" while Han to talk to Maz was a ruse. He didn't want to tell Han he was going to meet one of the fences established at Maz's watering hole.
  12. Video Games: 'Does Not Open From This Side' Edition

    Bought it and returned it after the first battle I had with a bunch of thugs in a tavern, I think. I lost both giants, but somehow manage to win with the two humans. I find the combat quite difficult to master, patches or no patches.
  13. Video Games: 'Does Not Open From This Side' Edition

    I seldom use grenades. Did the same in Enemy Uknown. Anyways, I had plans for this Saturday and then I started playing XCOM2, and I forgot about my life. But in order to have some fun, I started over without the Ironman mode so I could save at will. Took me about 7 tries to get through that first Blacksite mission without losing a squad member, and they all finished wounded. I'm also having fun with customizing the squad members (all but the rookies, they need to prove their worth first)
  14. Video Games: 'Does Not Open From This Side' Edition

    When you get rookies, is there a way to anticipate what class they'll become? My one ranger got wounded, and would like to get another as quick as possible.
  15. A good premiere. The CGI seemed a bit off in some scenes, though. Also, But what I liked the most was all the Vanessa parts. I also liked Dr. Jekyll's introduction. Another scene with mixed feelings was the ending