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  1. I can't bring myself to go to Breitbart, but I just went to Fox News and they're calling it for Jones.
  2. I did it once before, though I did skip a few of the sillier episodes from both SG1 and Atlantis. The re-watch included the 2 movies, as well. The proper way to watch these is more or less how they aired: first 7 seasons of SG1, then concurrent re-watch of season 8 of SG1 and season 1 of Atlantis, but one needs to finish season 8 first, before finishing Atlantis, then again concurrently move on to last 2 seasons of SG1 and seasons 2 & 3 of Atlantis, followed by the Ark of Truth film, then season 5 of Atlantis, then the Continuum film, and finish off with the 2 seasons of SGU.
  3. FAKE NEWS!!!
  4. That was my thought about it, too. Some ancient civilization just took a shot at us and missed. Look for another one in about 100k years.
  5. I wonder if Bakker read this prior to writing Prince of Nothing. It does kinda sound like the author might not be full of shit, but his witnesses could have simply been on drugs, in which case the worst case you could say about Justinian and his court, is that they were all a bunch of junkies.
  6. Actually, I just read a bunch of positive reviews. Even Scott Mendelson from Forbes liked it. 93% on RT right now.
  7. Damn it, I just read a negative review of the film on CNN. Still, my hopes for this movie have always been measured - possibly great, probably at the same level as TFA, which I really liked, hopefully not a re-hash of ESB.
  8. Yeah, saw that one, too. Not too spoilery for me, other than
  9. Filming on the new digital series Stargate Origins has wrapped last week. This will be available on MGM's Stargate Command site, so it's kinda like CBS's All Access. I don't know when the series will actually be released, but fans are annoyed, because the original pitch for Stargate Command included fans getting to watch this series by the end of this year. The All Access pass, for which people paid $20, expires May 15. I think the series will be launched before then, and it is only a 10 part, 10 min/episode series (so a feature length film, really), but it's disappointing that MGM has already had this one misstep. To be fair, they have shown plenty of behind the scenes content for the new show, and had done a number of interviews, so at least it seems like they care. We'll see. There were other missteps, too - at launch, the site was unusable, and is organized more like a mobile phone app, than a proper site, which sucks, because while all the shows are available to watch for the people who paid the pass, I, for one don't really want to watch it on my phone. That being said, I'm thinking of starting a re-watch of all 3 shows, and maybe doing a bit of discussion here, like Werthead is doing with Babylon 5.
  10. You linked an interview from July, where they explain what a TW Saga is, but there is no info on Britannia. I would say anyone who takes the time to read the interview should not be confused about what they're trying to do here. Considering that now CA has the personnel capacity to both move forward with new projects, and backwards with additional content for old stuff, I think fans, in general, will be pleased with all this extra content. The one thing that would be really annoying is if this stand-alone game turns out to have DLCs of its own. And that being said, cry-baby fans have been upset with recent delays for Warhammer II DLCs.
  11. Spellforce 3 was released this past Thursday. I don't recall playing the first one, but I did play the second one, which I quite enjoyed. I think I'll try this one out, but later, when it's on sale, as the game is reportedly buggy now. Has anyone tried it?
  12. Alita Battle Angel
  13. Shit, I forgot about him. SLJ has been in quite a few of Tarantino's movies. But hey, he was in Star Wars, too, so there may be a role for him in Trek.
  14. Cain, the first murderer, cursed by God to wander the Earth, and marked so no one could slay him. I don't know how much the death knight trope is really inspired by it, but maybe Tolkien's Ringwraiths and the Dead of Dunharrow are.
  15. Ongoing discussion here