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  1. Trailer Thread III

    I, too, can think of a few pairs of reasons to want to see this movie.
  2. Spiderman: Homecoming

    I would not say it's originish. Just like Tony changing suits every movie.
  3. I, too, would agree with this assessment, but if you were to start with this, that movie would need a fair amount of intro to establish the world and some of the characters. I think the best path to adaptation for all these books would be to have Netlfix or Amazon do it, and then each book could be adapted in the format best suited: feature length film, mini series or TV-style series. I would do it in publishing order - a TV series for the trilogy with a total of about 21-27 episodes. A two-part miniseries for Best Served Cold (4 hours total), a three-part miniseries for The Heroes (4-5 hours total) and feature length film (2-3 hours) for Red Country. Also another TV series for some of the Sharp Ends characters, mainly Jarve and her "sidekick" (can't think of her name now).
  4. Star Wars Rogue One: Now With Less Rouge

    Rick Moranis: What are you preparing? You're always preparing. Just go!
  5. Kirk Douglas turns 100

    I figured with this year being so shitty with regards to celebrity deaths, to honor one celebrity who is still going, and has turned the venerable age of one hundred. Happy birthday, Spartacus!!!
  6. Trailer Thread III

    The Wall trailer
  7. Spiderman: Homecoming

    Looks good. Not familiar with the villain, but glad it's not the Green Goblin again.
  8. Star Wars Rogue One: Now With Less Rouge

    Coming up on a new quote meme What the...
  9. Star Wars Rogue One: Now With Less Rouge

    look going against abstract calendars is one thing, going against the living bosses is another
  10. Rank your 2016 TV shows throughout the year

    New entries and I've shuffled some shows after some reflection, and the start of new seasons. Westworld S1 Black Sails S3 Daredevil S2 Penny Dreadful S3 Stranger Things S1 Luke Cage S1 The Expanse S1 Star Wars Rebels S2+S3 Limitless S1 (cancelled) Outlander S2 Marco Polo S2 House of Cards S4 Grimm S5 Game of Thrones S6 Mr. Robot S2 The Blacklist S3+S4 Sherlock: The Abominable Bride South Park S20 Killjoys S2 The Walking Dead S6+S7 Vikings S4 Brooklyn 99 S3+S4??? Agents of SHIELD S3+S4 Elementary S4+S5 Dark Matter S2 The Big Bang Theory S9+S10 Designated Survivor S1 - this has not been as good as I hoped Arrow S4+S5 Once Upon A Time S5 (no longer watching) Agent Carter S2 (cancelled) Supergirl S1+S2 Gotham S2 (no longer watching) The Flash S2+S3 The Strain S3 (probably no longer watching) Legends of Tomorrow S1 (no longer watching) The Shannara Chronicles S1 (no longer watching) Heroes Reborn (cancelled) Also started watching Incorporated on SyFy. And season 2 of The Man in the High Castle will also be included on this list once it's released. I really need to clean up my list for next year.
  11. Star Wars Rebels (All Star Wars Spoilers)

    Yep, that's what I'm thinking, too. Plus you would think that if the entire Ghost crew was there, alive and well, Ezra and Kanan would want to go down on the planet to participate in the mission, and their skills would make them quite useful. I think it would be funny if it's just Chopper on the Ghost, and we get a cameo.
  12. Arrow Season 5: New Thread, New Team, Same Angst...?

    Well they finally did it. The flashbacks have officially caught up with the timeline of the show.
  13. Star Wars Rebels (All Star Wars Spoilers)

    Yes, I hope that's really the Ghost. And if even one of the characters has a cameo, I will lose my shit.
  14. Star Wars Rogue One: Now With Less Rouge

    But would happen if a dictatorial regime took over the U.S., killed all the Navy SEALS, re-organized the military for its own purposes, took complete control over the media, and unleashed a tireless propaganda about the glory of the regime, and decadence of the old days. How many would still believe in the SEALS 20 years later?