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  1. Video Games: Dawn of Waaaaagh!

    So their studio is a real dungeon? It would have been funnier if the game they made was a dungeon crawler. I do like the look of the game.
  2. WHEEL OF TIME officially optioned for television

    There is one tiny purpose the harem serves, but it has nothing to do with love, but practicality. All 3 women form the Warder bond with Rand. Therefore, all 3 can find him, even if the 3 are separate from each other. So, it serves the plot, in that the 3 women can be part of individual plots (Min in Tear, Elaine in Andor, Aviendha wherever) and they can re-connect with the main plot that has Rand at the center. But I still wouldn't want to see it done in the TV series.
  3. Star Wars: Episode VIII predictions

    He is dead. The trick was to cut him vertically, not horizontally.
  4. Alien: Covenant

    20th Century Fox released a prologue, showing Shaw and David.
  5. Amazon’s 2017 pilot season - March 17

    Tried Oasis, gave up after about 15-20 minutes. I don't think Madden can carry a show. He wasn't very good in Medici. But the main deal breaker was the premise that just broke any kind of immersion I could have had. The year is 2030, I think, the Earth is somehow dying, but somebody figured out how to travel to a planet on the other side of the galaxy.
  6. WHEEL OF TIME officially optioned for television

    I agree that a mix of showing weaves only when the plot demands and then show other effects is the best way to go. I would like to see weaves when Egwene and Nynaeve start learning. But then stop showing them when somebody is moving an object with Air, or make the ground explode etc. Another challenge is showing the act of a character opening himself/herself to the One Power. It is a major part of Rand's character - his struggle with the taint, and with saidin in general, when he tries to the OP. If you don't use some kind of visual ques, at least once in awhile, all you're going to have is an actor that is struggling to pass stool. And using the OP is a major part of Nynaeve's development, too.
  7. Star Wars: Episode VIII predictions

    They've reshuffled a lot of their movies for the next 3 years. But I still expect an announcement sometime next year that more production time is needed for IX, and thus it will be moved to December.
  8. WHEEL OF TIME officially optioned for television

    We keep talking about the plot, what can be cut or re-arranged. But what about the other stuff. This series, to be faithful to the books, would require a big budget for special effects, sets, makeup and costumes. How will they do the Trollocs? The Ogier? All the channeling visuals? For the Trollocs, I would be ok if they made them at human height, but the costumes still included animals heads, and be bulky enough to still make them terrifying.
  9. Video Games: Dawn of Waaaaagh!

    This was pretty much my build over 90% of the game. I was actually getting annoyed that I kept racking up skill points near the end, because in my mind I was still playing like the old games (or other RPGs) basically stick with one class, and didn't care to have other skills. For a time I switched Overload for Flak Cannon, or Flamethrower, but I finished the main story with the overload. And in the end, shooting everything is still the best way to take things down, so Turbocharge is a must.
  10. Star Wars: Episode VIII predictions

    They're not flying. I maintain they are speeders. Combat speeders if you will. The one crashing probably did so because it came crashing from... the high ground
  11. Video Games: Dawn of Waaaaagh!

    64 hrs of game time, and I think I'm done with Andromeda. Finished the main story and all the major missions. Have only a bunch of tasks left and a couple of small missions. The highlights for me: Great environment graphics, combat graphics (for the most part) The Tempest and its crew. Cora is probably the dullest character among the squad mates, and I ended up romancing her, so it was all good in the end. The size of each world - plenty of stuff to do. Havarl is still my least favorite of the planets I liked the main story, particularly the ending, which had a lot of throwbacks to ME1, with a bit of ME2 and ME3 in there. I liked the Ryder family secrets plot, even though I was very slow in getting through it. The hints at what we'll get in the sequel: Are any major characters liable to die in this one? Because I got through the whole thing unscathed. All in all, I got my money's worth out of it, but I agree that it merits less repeats than the OT.
  12. Bakker XLVIII - Selected to LEAD not to READ

    Just finished The Great Ordeal. Now my soul is safe from spoilers... at least until the next book, if I fail to read it in time. Really enjoyed it. Similar to the Prince of Nothing, trilogy, I felt that each book in this series was better than its predecessor. But I have a lot of questions, as once again, a bunch of stuff escaped me, mainly dealing with Kellhus. No idea what he has become or is becoming. What was up with that "there is a head on a pole" thing? Is Kellhus able to see time as the gods can? Is that why he knew to show up in Momemn just in the nick of time to save the day? And how did he know about radiation poisoning? Still due to the time thing, unless it's something else, I guess. I wish the Ishterebinth plot hadn't ended in such a cliffhanger. I liked it for the most part, even with the deus ex that is the introduction of the Tall. Why is Bakker not killing off Meppa? There might something there with that dude. I keep thinking he has a connection (blood connection perhaps) with Old Moe. And Fanayal got just as an inglorious end as Maithanet did in TWLW. From both this book and TWLW, I got the implication that the gods are enemies of humanity, as well, and I would say bigger enemies than the Inchoroi. So maybe the Fanim are right to oppose them, but the Fanim, like the Inrithi, are just weak minded folk for the most part, and thus stand no chance to save themselves from damnation.
  13. Star Wars: Episode VIII predictions

    I apologize. Didn't think anyone here was unfamiliar with that. Looks like RumHam obliged you to see the spoiler I mentioned.
  14. Star Wars: Episode VIII predictions

    The recent events shown in Rebels put Owen in an even worse light. That "crazy old man" killed a former Lord of the Sith to protect Luke.