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  1. I watched about half of it, couldn't finish it.
  2. Yeah, I got Shadow Tactics when it was on sale a month ago, and I haven't touched it yet. Granted, I don't play many games in a given year, but the ones I play usually for a long time, or I keep returning to them. Currently doing another XCOM 2 play through (2nd attempt as previously my main squad got destroyed in a mission that should have been simple). I'll look to see what the steam sale has to offer, but I don't anticipate I will buy much. For the remainder of this year, new purchases I plan are TW: Warhammer 2, and Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord (if released). Kingdom Come: Deliverance might be another one.
  3. I don't think it was. In the books, Ned says it to Arya when he has his sit down with her. (same scene when he discovers Needle)
  4. New trailer. Featuring Master Jedi Beric Dondarrion, and one of Ned's most iconic lines, finally making it into the show at season 7.
  5. I would like to watch it, as well, and will start to watch it on Go90, where apparently you don't even have to sign up to watch it. On Amazon, it's only available for purchase, so even if you're a Prime member, you still have to buy it. I went to the help page on Netflix, and requested it to be added. Maybe if enough people do it, Netflix will add it.
  6. Looked, but he wasn't. When they set the offside line on the screen, it showed both his shoulder and knee were passed it. Chile's 2nd goal was more controversial in that regard, imo, but in the end the VAR did not screw over the more deserving team. Congratulations to the world of football for finally deciding to evolve. When Portugal's first goal was cancelled thanks to the VAR, I actually applauded. There are still kinks to work out, especially regarding the time it takes to review stuff - you have a team going thru the full motions of celebration, only to have it turned back, but other than that, I like it.
  7. Well that League of Autonomous Worlds he mentioned, its acronym would be LAW.
  8. Potentially, interesting, not sure about that Last of Us duo with the man and the girl. If Amazon Studios is involved, does it mean us Prime members might get to see it?
  9. Booooo, no more David Hewlett. I don't care for his "replacement". And why did Six have to leave the ship? I get want he wants to do, but the crew of the Raza needs to get larger, not smaller. I hope that ex-special forces woman is good.
  10. Best episode of the season so far. But how did Liv know that Major and the FG were about to raid the cabin, just in time to warn them?
  11. I believe there is a WW1 mod for Empire Total War.
  12. If CA is willing and able, I think that they should craft the game mechanics to work as best as possible with the time period and warfare they are trying to show. So none of this planes as spy units. WWI had plenty of dog fights, as well as aerial bombings, so if CA does decide to do a WWI total war, they should not hold back. And with that in mind, I would much prefer a WWII total war, as the front lines would be more dynamic. CA announced recently, without giving too many details, on what they're working on: one team continues to work on the Warhammer verse, one team is set to bring a stand alone game to a period already explored (so probably the Rome or Attila period), and one team is in full production working on a new historical TW game set in a period not yet explored. Speculations aplenty - some people want the Victorian era, others, like you, want WWI (but doubtful), some want Europe in the 16th-17th centuries (i.e. The pike&shot period), others want an Asian campaign, as in China in the period of the Three Kingdoms, or the Mongol conquests etc.
  13. Wait till Freeman's character meets Dr. Strange.
  14. XCOM 2 expansion announced. War of the Chosen. It will feature a Nemesis system similar to the one in Shadow of Mordor.
  15. This is a subjective list, of course, but I got way more enjoyment out of the current season of AoS, than I did from House of Cards. It took me nearly two weeks to finish HoC. If AoS had been available to binge watch, it probably would have taken me a weekend to finish the third story arc. I felt that AoS has progressively gotten better, with this season being by far the best so far. On the other hand, the current season of HoC started out strong, but then fluctuated, and I found some of the stuff near the end too ridiculous even despite that we were joking in the HoC thread how none of that stuff is really ridiculous anymore. Also, I tend to give fantasy/SF shows a bit more of a pass, which is why many of my top shows are in that genre, and I still continue to watch turds like the CW superhero shows, while I wouldn't watch shows from other genres of that quality.