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  1. I too enjoyed the time loop episode. Also the one where Stamets decides that he will be driving the spore drive instead of the animal, which then is freed by Michael. I liked the episode with the crystal planet, too. That was the most Trek episode of the entire season - crewman succumbs to indigenous life influence, but then manages to become free of it.
  2. Nope, I don't think there's any other reason. But Kirk should not be there, Pike is captain at this time. Spock may be there, though, so we could get more Vulcan family stuff for Michael.
  3. As far as I know, Travelers, which is Wright's current show, hasn't been cancelled (and I hope it doesn't, it's a fun show). Incidentally, there have been quite a few Stargate alumni on that show, including Amanda Tapping. I know Mallozzi's show, Dark Matter, has been cancelled, as for the others, I don't know what they're doing. But yeah, these guys should be brought on board any future project.
  4. So Stargate Origins premiered on Stargate Command yesterday and the first 3 episodes are accessible for those who bought the $20 All Access pass. Here is the trailer for anyone who hasn't seen it yet. I watched all 3 episodes last night. To make it clear, this is a webseries with an average of 10 MINUTES per episodes, and with 10 episodes planned, that is basically a feature length film. So far I am not impressed with it, but since I paid for the pass, and the time commitment isn't much, I'll watch the whole thing. The acting and writing are mediocre, and this is clearly a low budget attempt, just a bit better than a fan project. It features a small cast of characters, led by Ellie Gall who plays Catherine Langford. The story takes place 10 years after the discovery of the gate at Giza as shown in the original movie, so it's close to the outbreak of WWII, and thus it naturally includes Nazis as villains. I won't go into detailed spoilers, but I will talk about the continuity issue, which has been the biggest concerns fans have had with this project. I don’t really know what they are doing. The first episodes established some continuity with both the original movie (footage from the movie) and the TV franchise (presence of DHD), and at the same time, broke it (activation of gate and gate travel for characters that supposedly didn’t gate travel before). And I don’t know why they’re doing it this way on a show that’s clearly geared for fans, considering that’s being presented on a platform that only fans will most likely pay for at this time.
  5. I watched Cloverfield Paradox over the weekend, and was not impressed. I agree with everyone else who said that it turned into a mess as the plot advanced, but even the first act was weak. I didn't find it that surprising because
  6. And not willing to accept no-win scenarios.
  7. Yes! I was waiting for the HISHE video. Pretty funny overall, though baseballing the lasers would have been ridiculous. On that chapter, what the movie did was better. But the Canto Bight stuff is in need of revising. I chuckled at the Leia stuff. While I enjoyed the skywalk, I remember thinking to myself, ok, she got to the door, now they need to clear the entire hallway, seal it, depressurize it, and have someone there, likely C-3PO, ready to grab her, then re-pressurize the hallway. I hope she can hold on long enough.
  8. Didn't Sarek say they were going to Vulcan to pick up the new captain, so maybe we'll get a Vulcan captain. Though with the Enteprise wrench thrown right at the end, things could change, or we could get a set of first episodes where Saru continues to be acting captain.
  9. Deadpool 2... oh wait they're owned by Disney now, too. Yeah might as well change May to Disney Month.
  10. Well I plan to return for season 2, but that reminds me that I need to cancel the streaming subscription for the time being.
  11. Well there is a "story group" which does make sure there is continuity between, films, books, games, & comic books, but for whatever reason their job does not extend to having a say in what each individual director/writer does to their own work. I think the only thing Kennedy is controlling is to make sure each film had the right "feel" of Star Wars.
  12. I liked the series overall, and I thought the darker tones worked quite well, as often enough the positive and optimistic aspects of the Federation were still brought to the fore. The visuals were quite strong for the most part, and the acting was solid. Pretty good characters, in general, though the series took a while to get going as the first few episodes focused way too much on Michael, and it made it seem that it had the wrong title. I felt that the middle of the season, which included the various episodes dealing with understanding the spore drive, the network, and the first couple of mirror universe were the best in the series. Unfortunately, I felt the ending of the Klingon War was rushed. That being said, I thought the show did a good job showing the Federation struggling to keep to their ideals in the face of extinction - they showed the cyclical nature of society, as we strive to better ourselves, but often stumble and sometimes go backwards. In this regard this show, just like older shows, managed to make good comparisons to today's society. I liked their use of Star Trek tech. There were moments when they even outdid the other series on making sure the tech stuff and the plot merged right, and things didn't just happen for plot convenience. I liked that they temporarily put the spore drive aside, giving them room to focus on other tech stuff next season. I'm glad there is still potential for Michelle Yeoh to appear again, given how things were left off. That bit at the end with Enterprise was a bit cheeky, but it was unavoidable. I don't see how Pike and the Enterprise, and even Kirk and Spock, can coexist in this universe, and not be brought up, or appear, now and then. Given the name of the ship, and the series title, I hope next season focuses more on exploration. There is also the potential of showing how this Klingon war leads to the emergence of a stronger and better Federation. The biggest issue I have is still with the Klingon look. I still don't understand why they did it, when all other known alien species still look as they did on previous shows. The show has made it clear that there is some kind continuity with the previous Trek shows. (Or are they stubbly hinting at continuity with the new Trek films? These Klingons do look closer to the the Into Darkness Klingons)
  13. I just got a notification that season 2 is available on Amazon Prime US. Time for a re-watch. Still no announcement on season 3.
  14. The script was solid, and that delivery was his best in the film, but there are other moments when he has such a dumb look on his face, that I simply cannot see Howard's Conan in him.