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  1. Flat Earth theory gaining converts???

    Depends on what kind of coconuts they can carry.
  2. It's quiet around here... too quiet.

    The presidential election will be postponed until The Winds of Winter is released. After all, candidates cannot run without a script.
  3. Trailer thread II

    What you didn't like the dachshund getting a massage?   And I hope this time Matt Damon will be doing the saving, or if he is need of rescue, just save himself, since Bourne is a badass, and not have the government spend more money on his ass.
  4. Fantasy lit that passes the Bechdel test?

    The Wheel of Time, despite being plagued by sexist views, actually passes the Bechdel test.
  5. JJ Abrams knew what he was doing when he designed the new Enterprise with a steam power plant in it. When it comes to generating electrical energy, boilers may just well be... the final frontier. 
  6. I'll be watching through the Amazon streaming service. Apparently they don't make the episodes available before air time.
  7. Video Games: Doing Archaeology With A Shotgun

    Thanks for the info, glad you like it.  I'm not sure what you mean by timer. I hope there's not an actual clock, since this is a turn-based game. If it's limited number of turns timer like in the bomb missions from EU/EW, then yes I can deal with that. And I seldom used overwatch to begin with, as I often felt that it just took one of my guys out of the battle rather than help.
  8. Video Games: Doing Archaeology With A Shotgun

    So has anyone tried XCOM2 yet? Reviews on steam are... "mostly positive"? What? Sites were giving it glowing reviews pre-release. From what I gather it's in need of a few patches. I'll wait for a time, until it gets those patches, and maybe I catch a discount, too.
  9. February 2016 Reads

    Finished my re-read of A Shadow in Summer, on to A Betrayal in Winter. But in all honesty, I didn't like the first book, as much as I tried to. My opinion of it has not improved since I read it a couple of years ago, but this time I'm trusting people who say that the sequels are better. And thanks to reading The Expanse, I am more familiar with Abraham's writing abilities. It has a good premise, and I liked the beginning and end, but much of the middle, especially the last third was a real slog. The prose is good, but I didn't much care for any character.
  10. Flat Earth theory gaining converts???

    Well I picked a great time to look at this thread. So if they don't believe in gravity, what force do they believe in that causes this acceleration?  And how does the bottom hold together while the Earth is moving up? Do they believe in tectonic plates, and magma layer, etc? Not the core I imagine.
  11. Star Wars Novels/Graphic Novels

    Nice excerpt. I feel optimistic about it, especially considering Gray's other SW novel. I hope young Ben and Han make an appearance,
  12. Fine, title amended. So the article does say they created plasma at 80 million degrees. Was that misleading?
  13. Well it's a start. Baby steps.  Edit: And at 80 million °C, yes it would be a challenge to say the least to keep it contained.