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  1. Yeah, I was not impressed with the Makeup category. Those 3 were it? Surely a couple more could have been added. Hacksaw Ridge, perhaps. And if I had to choose between Suicide Squad and Star Trek, I'd go with Star Trek.
  2. Jungle Book wins visual effects. I was rooting for Rogue One. It's been awhile since a Star Wars movie won in this category. I liked that they sneaked in Vader in the montage of that.
  3. Did they seriously bring some random people in the theater? They were probably told beforehand. Some contests winners. And I'm glad Zootopia won.
  4. NASA finds solar system with 7 planets

    A fun bit of news related to this: It appears the game Elite: Dangerous had already simulated a system very much like this one, and even got the distance to our system, 39 LY, right. I might have to give that game another try.
  5. The preview does show Max going to warn Jack and probably the rest. But there is also the irony that Eleanor is now out of the fort, and Woodes told the Spanish governor to slaughter everyone outside the fort. I was sure Billy was a dead man. He may have the reach and strength, but Israel is insane, and he fights like a viking with that axe and sword. In the previews to this season they said that Flint and Israel will be the angel, and devil, respectively on Silver's shoulders, but I find it amusing that Flint is the talkative, manipulating one, and Israel just stares him down and slaps him when he needs to.
  6. R.I.P. the great Bill Paxton

    Oh, noooo!!! So sad. I had just re-watched Edge of Tomorrow, where he did another great job. Dammit, 2017 is giving 2016 a run for its money. R.I.P Bill Paxton, game over, man, game over!
  7. Yes, I definitely read somewhere that Thomas Jane dies almost as much as Sean Bean.
  8. Other than uber, I don't think I have to worry, unless Amazon, my banks, Netflix and Google have been affected. And I guess this site. And I don't use the same password for all the sites.
  9. Video Games: Next Stop... Andromeda

    I think what I hate most about TW Warhammer right now is the AI abuse of the Forced March stance. This was pretty heavily abused in Rome 2 and Attila, too, but it feels worse in this one. I think the army stances were not thought through very well. In Rome 2, the forced march stance had the consequence of having to defend in an ambush if an enemy caught you, which is bullshit. I think the forced march stance should be limited to maybe a couple of turns, and then attrition should kick in. I also agree with Werthead's comments about restricting these games have become. Siege battles are not thing that became more and more restricting, and it would probably by the 2nd thing I hate the most about Warhammer.
  10. NASA finds solar system with 7 planets

    Another announcement? What time?
  11. Yes it was. I am loving this season so far. Next up, Ganymede!
  12. NASA finds solar system with 7 planets

    Feasible for mankind, not for our generation.
  13. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: On the fringes of the MCU

    While this "pod" (whatever that means) ended with a great episode, I'm not excited to learn that the third pod of this season features a "what if" plot with the virtual reality probably being a major, if not total, part of it.
  14. NASA finds solar system with 7 planets

    Yes the planets are tidally locked, so even if some of them may have the right ingredients for life, the climate will be insane. And being so close to each other, those tidal forces will have major effects. I wonder with the system being so compact and so young, if some orbits will change and some of the planets will collide sometime within the next billion years. It is exciting. Now we need a warp ship or a stargate to get there.
  15. While in terms of the timeline, Silver's and Max's success stretch belief, the events that led them to that success were clearly presented in the show.