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  1. For the most part, the trailer I expected. I'm still not sure I want to continue watching. Also my money is on Maggie now. Because of BvS, and in this trailer during the quick sequence after the montage, she was shown first. But of course, the first episode of season 7 will be focused on Tara.
  2. Star Trek: Beyond the 1st Trailer

    I quite enjoyed it. Full of pace, and the movie was just the right length. Visually the movie was impressive, far more gorgeous than its predecessors. I enjoyed seeing an alien planet that looked alien.
  3. RIP VCRs

    You might say why is this news in 2016, but it appears that the production of VCRs has lasted until this year. In a sad way, it seems fitting that, as 2016 has marked the passing of several beloved celebrities that made their mark in the 70s and 80s, it is also marking the total end of a household entertainment product of those decades as well. If anyone has any stories to share about their VCRs or how they destroyed their favorite VHS tapes, please do.
  4. The Man in the High Castle [Spoilers]

    I honestly was not expecting a second season. I am excited now.
  5. Stranger Things (Netflix)

  6. Stranger Things (Netflix)

  7. Stranger Things (Netflix)

  8. Video Games: France not a WWI Nation

    WHAT THE FUCK? I never knew about this. I've played the game at least three times to completion, and never once did I think about shooting the most annoying child character in video games. Yet on the other hand I gleefully try to murder the children in Skyrim. Time to play ME again.
  9. Video Games: France not a WWI Nation

    What shoot the child deity option? The only one I am aware of that was added due to the outrage was the green option, the synthetic-organic combination, in the extended edition. And I'm not sure if the survival one was put there too, or it was always there provided you met the requirements.
  10. Here's hoping that it goes out in style. This was always a show that couldn't last too long, and I'm sure its budget was getting to Starz after three glorious seasons.
  11. Trailer thread II

    John Wick in the Wild West.
  12. Trailer thread II

  13. Trailer thread II

    I just realized I completely messed up what I wanted to say in my previous comment. Oh, this brain. I'm with you on what this movie could become.
  14. Trailer thread II

    Yes, Neymar is in it. And another excellent youtube comment is "My most anticipated anime of 2017" But this looks terrible, and in doubt it could be compared with Gods of Egypt (which I have not seen... yet) or ID2.
  15. Stranger Things (Netflix)

    In terms of film tropes