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  1. Job Snow added a post in a topic Kurt Sutter’s Period Drama for FX - 'The Bastard Executioner'   

    I have a hint for you: Use firefox incognito mode. When you used up your 10free NYT articles, just close and restart the browser to enjoy your next 10 NYT articles
  2. Job Snow added a post in a topic You are lord of Harrenhal, rebuilt it.   

    Why remove the melted stone? If anything, the melted stone is far superior to standard bricks becaise there are no more vulnerable cracks.
  3. Job Snow added a post in a topic Hobbit Movie discussion II - Here be Spoilers   

    I'm just curious what happened to these babies.
    I looked for them the whole battle through, but they never appeared.
  4. Job Snow added a post in a topic TWOIAF down to £11 on   

    Probably because it has a different cover, I believe it's not as nice and sturdy as the US version.
  5. Job Snow added a post in a topic Valyrian steel, anyone?   

    I think the book oathkeeper is far too clunky for what it's supposed to be. Jaime Lannister's show sword is actually not that bad.
  6. Job Snow added a post in a topic Walk of shame scene   

  7. Job Snow added a post in a topic The state of higher education in the United States   

    You actually need books to pass your exam? I have many courses where we just read papers, and virtually all other information you need is on the (very extensive) slides.
    On the other hand, practically all the books I've bought I actually think were worth the money, especially my applied microeconometrics by Cameron and Trivedi, it's sort of become my bible.
    The most expensive one was about 80 euro though I think, and I buy about 5-6 per year maximum.
  8. Job Snow added a post in a topic So, uh, I know the US criminal justice system was screwed up...   

    And the shop still turned a profit?

  9. Job Snow added a post in a topic The "gay look"   

  10. Job Snow added a post in a topic If you could choose a series HBO would make   

    I'd love for them to do the Magister trilogy from C.S. Friedman. Perhaps too much fantasy though.
  11. Job Snow added a post in a topic another Malaysian Airlines flight story...   

    Wow, they were just showing some Dutch passports on that russian stream and did not do a particularly good job at blurring the details...
    I could tell every detail from every single person. One was from a boy who just turned 17
  12. Job Snow added a post in a topic CK2: Game of Thrones Mod Game for AFOIAF   

    With respect to CK2, does anybody know any good modding tutorials? I've been wanting to add crusades to the orthodox faith, but I just can't find any tutorials on even basic modding, nevermind adding crusades...
  13. Job Snow added a post in a topic (Book spoilers) So the Lannister gold has dried up?   

    I find it slightly ridiculous how everybody is acting that having no more working mines means the Lannisters will be completely powerless in no time. Given that most westerosi lords have no mines at all, I wonder how they even manage to raise the tiniest levy if mines are so important. Besides, it is not like the Westerlands are completely empty and barren outside of the mines. They seem pretty fertile to me all in all.
    I would say the gold mines are just an added bonus, but income from lands alone should give the Lannisters equal income to say the Vale or the Riverlands. Without mining income they would definitely loose some weight to throw around, but no way that they would be powerless.