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  1. TTTNE CDLXV - To boldly go where no thread has gone before.

    Yes. When the time is right, when I can afford it etc. when. I am older than you. And no worries, I always find something to stress about, even if realistically there is no reason - I will find it. Hurray for January, hurray for the new puppy and the old one getting along, and happy belated birthday to Alex, if I understand right? Such a big boy! Did you mean: A Sith day without at least three Force lightning blasts is considered a dull affair? Good luck in the new school year!
  2. TTTNE CDLXV - To boldly go where no thread has gone before.

    I am not trying to jeopardize your position, your grace. As long as I can be the queen of overthinking. Yes, that is basically what you can do with it, and I would surely like that. I think so at least. I mean, I would like to teach at uni and research.
  3. TTTNE CDLXV - To boldly go where no thread has gone before.

    Very good! Are there any habits or rituals among students that you have to go through as a young beginning student? You know, the type where the older students make fun of you and shit.
  4. TTTNE CDLXV - To boldly go where no thread has gone before.

    70 was an approximation, it is really something like 74 or 75 in total. And the other one was 94, I think. I spoke to a friend today who wrote a combined one for both programs and hers was like 160 or 180 or some such ... I think I am just going to show the chapter titles and say these were the things I wanted to show and here is one very reduced example. I like showing an example of things. Today somebody said to me "Do not go a PhD unless you absolutely know what you want to do with it." And I sure do not. That is why I am not going into it. Then make it a lovely nice comfortable flat! It is so cool that you can live on your own in it. Yay for non-productivity!
  5. The Realm of the Elderlings by Robin Hobb

    I do not think the travelogue is what is most wrong with The Rain Wild Chronicles, what bothered me more was that none of the character relationships were deep and interesting enough. One of the storylines started very promisingly, I wanted to read a lot more about those characters, but then they separate and their conflict plays an ever reducing role. The other main charcater started out as unlikeable to me and then it just all dissolves in a teenagey knot of crisscrossing love interests, which were not new and not developed as Hobb can develop her characters. Liveships are the best trilogy, IMO. So even if somebody does not want to continue reading Farseer, I would still recommend Liveships to them.
  6. Daily Annoyance, The Eternal

    My faculty wants me to present my 70+-page thesis in 6 (six!) minutes. I have no idea how to do that and I feel it is more than slightly rude from the department that they think our work is worth so little time and attention. I realise there are plenty of presentations to be held on that day, but I am wondering if anybody cares about whatever we write at all. I am not saying my thesis is the absolute best thing ever that should deserve a presentation in whole, but what is a MA worth if even the three professors whose job it is to listen to it do not seem to want to hear any of it? Because lets be real, 6 minutes is nothing. Speaking of bureaucracy, the Austrian one. I do not need a visa, just a paper that I am allowed to stay in the country once I am already there, but I can find no answer anywhere if I actually need to have a new one made this time round or is the one from last year valid still ... Well, compared to Datepalm's paperwork problems, this is nothing.
  7. TTTNE CDLXV - To boldly go where no thread has gone before.

    The hell? How can they expect me to present my 70-page thesis in 6 (six!) minutes? Madness! Madness I tell you! This department is stupid. I agree, school is about all of those. I know, most people would never do that. I must be crazy. But thanks, still. I guess I would love my own furniture and stuff, but I do not want to spend money on that now, if not absolutely necessary - it is only certain that I stay in that country for 7 months, so why bother getting new stuff. But if I were to move somewhere where I knew I was staying for longer, of course I would want more freedom to make it suit myself as well. I am sure I will! I have seen the room before, just not with the complete furniture (but then I am not going to have lots of furniture, just the most necessary things). I hope it will work with the landlady. Stay safe too! Headache on the road does not sound too clever either.
  8. TTTNE CDLXV - To boldly go where no thread has gone before.

    It is funny how you think of shopping when we are talking of school. School is for education, RB, not consumerism! But I would like to go back to school as well. Not to redo high school though. If there is any going back to school for me, it will have to be for a PhD. But then what I want to do first is not be financially dependant on my parents anymore, so other things must come first. Not to talk about the fact that if I went into it, I would be an unemployable person with a PhD as opposed to an unemployable person with a MA, so ... Sure, here is a virtual cookie (chocolate chip or jaffa, my lady?) and badge. A toast to celebrate your entrance to the club! Good luck with moving house ... I am doing that in one month, but I am renting a room with furniture as it is, so I am not bringing anything into it ... Cooking! Lovely. No, we were wondering if anything else has, as it were, come up. I mean ... Good girls do not leer.
  9. TTTNE CDLXV - To boldly go where no thread has gone before.

    I am sorry, but I am the proud wearer of the title "Queen of overthinking." Just so you know. Indeed it did. Hooray for Ikea catalogue! I, however, have no idea about what you should do about the table. I am usually a fan of creativity though. You can say that. CORA! That is scary! You should sleep more and get more rest, you cannot go driving around like that! I do not know how much money that is, but it sounds a lot. I am glad at least nobody was hurt. I am sorry to hear that. From your reports, he seemed like somebody good. Cora. When you say that your girlfriend has aggressive behaviour, that reads like you should break up with her ASAP. This is scary. Please do not put up with any bullshit. I am worried for you. Good luck! What sort of education is this? Ehhh ... read the last few pages.
  10. You Are An Immortal Alien...

    There is no such thing as perfection. Also, he is smoking on that picture. I do not find this sexy at all, myself.
  11. TTTNE CDLXV - To boldly go where no thread has gone before.

    Morning spamlings! Well of course how close you are lying to each other, that goes without saying. No, you do not need anything else while you are spooning either, and you do not fall over, right? You do not need a wall there, in fact it may be annoying. (If you need additional visualisation, why would you not want to watch GoT again? I seem to remember there is a scene with Robb and his wifeling doing something like that, cannot find a youtube link right now.) And yes, you are overthinking. The world trembles in fear at the mere thought of that disaster. Poor Bear! *gasps* *points to felice* She just said something blushworthy! I confess I did not explore the city all that much, I was mostly in places I knew before (and exploring other things). Good luck with the ongoing process.
  12. TTTNE CDLXV - To boldly go where no thread has gone before.

    And on this note, I say good night. Bears, gentlemen, Sith lords. *curtsey*
  13. TTTNE CDLXV - To boldly go where no thread has gone before.

    Fairy nuff, as our favourite bear is wont to say. *nods* Oh. Maybe. I have no clue. And awww, poor you. I see. Thank you for the explanation. I obviously did not get BB. I thought he was saying he felt sorry for the other person, who did not notice. I supposed noticing or not would depend on the state of (un)dress? No, they really don't. Are you not leaning against each other and that is enough support? (Yes, I obviously have no clue what I am talking about.) This is just a cover. This Sidious guy is just waiting for the right moment to release their army of devilish hop hops of Caer'Bannog on you, I tell you.
  14. TTTNE CDLXV - To boldly go where no thread has gone before.

    Why would that be? I am sure that can happen to anybody, not a big deal. If the person-to-whom-something-came-up wants to communicate the fact that something came up, he will let it be known by spooning closer I guess? Following BB's advice needs some practice too. Or ... so I hear. Well, I usually just say "cuddling" as an euphemism for all the blushworthy business, so I thought maybe there was more than lying against each other facing the same direction and you just used that word for it all together. (Also I am learning the whole bunch of new words at the same time when I do anything new like that because high school foreign language courses are somewhat lacking in the vocabulary in this area. ) How do you know that? For all I know, Sidious really is called Sidious! (Okay, I know that you and BB have both shared your real names, but what if it is a double bluff and you are really First of My Name and BlackBear?)
  15. TTTNE CDLXV - To boldly go where no thread has gone before.

    True. Another question. What if, hypothetically, things did come up and the other person just did not notice?