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  1. My name should be bolded now too. That is me bragging that I just handed in my picture!
  2. I could be a model if I wanted.
  3. I'm too sexy for my cloak, too sexy for my cloak, so sexy it hurts ...
  4. I had ice cream too. Yay for summer. I hope people won't annoy you as much today. I am sure they won't annoy me as much as yesterday because no lessons today.
  5. I can. Our family got our first computer quite late and Internet access even later. I know pointing this out goes against your post as a whole, I just needed to mention there are outliers on the other side too. But now, I also cannot imagine writing a paper or a diploma/masters thesis without a computer. That must have been terrifying. And even though I was told about these big chests of small drawers with small cards in them serving as library catalogues, I never had to use that. My parents were diligent enough to teach me the use of the online library catalogue as one of the first things to do with a computer.
  6. And how are the rest of you faring on this lovely spring day? It got warm so quickly. We jumped from winter almost instantly into summer.
  7. And I have had my arms cut off. Such is life.
  8. Ughhhh. Tutoring hours from hell. Terrible terrible terrible.
  9. I like the longer game - more funny developments in the chains.
  10. Sorry this happened in your game, BB. I am sure we will all enjoy the reveal in the end!
  11. But how do you know all of these are small? Maybe there all tall people among them.
  12. Whew! I wrote something! Will have to hand it in tomorrow, hopefully the professor won't have too many notes so I can tick off one thing at least. Two hours worked today in the morning, five still to go in a few hours ... sleepy.
  13. It is ... a very bad life decision, is what it is. And no, I didn't finish it today. Still need a few days, and I usually don't manage to get anything done during the week.
  14. How many rooms do you have? This paper I am writing is going well ... I think? Maybe I can turn it in at last and have a feeling I am at least getting somewhere with this study project life-ruining thingy?
  15. I agree with Pebble. I need my pictionary fix. I am not sure if this game allows for regular players to substitute in some chains, but I can draw today if you need me.