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  1. A Single Country in the World

    Creating a language from scratch would at least not give preference to one of the existing linguistic groups. Or, it actually might, depending on who is creating a language - because this group of people would still be starting from their own position, probably making the new language syntactically similar to their own, because it seems the most natural and logical to them. Everybody is influenced by their own language. I think humanity should be restricted to Earth because we are pigs enough (no offence to pigs meant) to ruin our own planet and should not be allowed to do so to the planets that are not ours to ruin. For the benefit of the possible civilisation and life forms that might develop on those other planets thousands of years into the future if we let their planets' environments be. I just dislike expansionistic tendencies. (Also, the idea of space travel IRL personally creeps me out. It is fine in SciFi, but that is where it should stay. Some things should better stay a mystery. I usually do not find it "good news" when they report a sonde landed on Mars or wherever. Just does not seem important to me and not something humanity should be dealing with. Of course this is just a personal taste thing that should not be affecting and political opinions.)
  2. A Single Country in the World

    Re English becoming the common language, excuse my French, but fuck that noise. I do not want my language or any other to be "preserved and maintained" by some old-fashioned poets and local folklore music choirs, I want them to be used fully in all spheres of life - also politics and science, so they can keep developing their full potentials. I think your basic idea is very nice indeed, but this is a major flaw. If you really wanted to build such a society that cherishes diversity, then you would have to translate all the important dociments you have - laws, treaties, agreements, public news etc. - into all languages anybody might use as opposed to trying to make all people learn and use one only. My ideas about colonising space are also pretty peculiar in that I think it is wrong, but being a linguist, the language thing is what rubbed me wrong most.
  3. Nap Rooms for University Students - Good Idea?

    Yep, agree with Which Tyler. University/faculty/college/whatever is a secular place and does not need a prayer room, nor should it have one IMO. I am surprised to read that some universities have them, especially different ones designated to different religions. I guess I can imagine a general room for prayer (which can really just be a room of silence to go meditate or have your 15 minutes of not-talking) which would cover every religion, but I do not think there is need for a separate chapel/mosque/temple/what have you of every religion. Except if you are at school of theology I guess.
  4. TTTNE CDLXVI - Return to Castle Spam-a-lot

    I thought it was supposed to be one giving the other the Heimlich, I just did not recognise who they were and made a joke. The knight looks like a fish in the small version.
  5. Eek, I avoid sitting on the bed with any clothes I have been wearing outside home, not just for work. That is why I usually cover my bed during the day, then I can sit/lay on it in everything.
  6. TTTNE CDLXVI - Return to Castle Spam-a-lot

    Hi Tammy! *waves* Are you doing well, how is life treating you? Now you will know all her bank account details ... and she will not know whatever you are doing on her online banking account ... just saying ... You were so cruel that you knew about this and did not invite him in to your flat for the time being? I was pretty lucky that the neighbours with the spare key were at home. What made the situation even more silly is that my landlady was at home in the flat, but did not hear my ringing on the flat door ... also what made it even more unpleasant was that it was stupidly cold in the hall/on the stairs. Hello! Why do you have two crocodiles screwing each other as your avatar? I thought board rule was that they must be safe for work.
  7. TTTNE CDLXVI - Return to Castle Spam-a-lot

    The Fellowship of the Ring - 2001. Okay, then I suppose a moth is about right. Or so you think. Okay, I just did two very foolish things. One, I stopped the water flow towards the washing machine instead of opening it, so obviously nothing got washed. Two, I locked myself out of the flat when I went to the cellar (because that is where the washing machine is) and needed to ring by the neighbours (Old Gods be thanked they were at home!) for the spare key. So much for an intelligent and promising young person, eh?
  8. The Poster Below: v43

    Oh. I thought it was something more important than that. In that case, it does not belong into my dream bathroom anyway, because I prefer to be the only person using the bathroom at one time. (I do not have a problem with sharing in general, but sharing must be divided in time, if that makes sense. To be more on the point, I like to be in the bathroom alone.)
  9. The Poster Below: v43

    I am a horrible barbarian and never got the point of a double sink. Will you enlighten me, oh wise one? And I just googled towel warmers. This is a new concept to me. (Next poster plays on from what LSON posted.)
  10. TTTNE CDLXVI - Return to Castle Spam-a-lot

    Oh, and since I assume all of these gifs are from LOTR, then maybe you should have written, "he was gorgeous." These films are, what, 15 years old now?
  11. TTTNE CDLXVI - Return to Castle Spam-a-lot

    A moth, you say? I say it's been a butterfly! We are really all just waiting for BB to start the new pictionary game. Or, failing that, for whoever else wants to start a new pictionary game. Though how I will fit it into my schedule I cannot imagine (this week is busy!), I want to play.
  12. The Poster Below: v43

    I have never thought of a dream bathroom. I suppose it should have a bathtub (with a moving wall that does not leak!) with a showerhead, so you can both shower and bathe. A washbasin with enough space to put a glass with a toothbrush and toothpaste on it. A mirror over the washbasin with a narrow shelf under it, for small things. Enough cupboards with space for stuff. Plenty of hooks/sticks you can hang towels on. A shelf or two beside the bathtub to put your clothes on before you go shower. A washing machine. A toilet. Enough toilet paper. A rug on the floor, so you do not need to step on the tiles directly from the shower. Warmth, because who wants to wash themselves in a cold room. A working ventilation system. Well, working everything, with super magical drains that never get stuffed with hair and a super magical mirror that never has stains from toothpaste and super magical towels that are always warm and soft - we are talking about dream bathroom, yes? ETA: Shower that can be adjusted just right to warm-but-not-hot temperature! The next poster has more specific and realistic ideas about a dream bathroom and will explain them to us.
  13. TTTNE CDLXVI - Return to Castle Spam-a-lot

    *big innocent puppy eyes* 5069, yes? What is giggle-worthy about that? I do not understand ... *big innocent puppy eyes*
  14. TTTNE CDLXVI - Return to Castle Spam-a-lot

    Uhhh, who said anything about kissing? Not me. Tee hee, you said pleasure. *giggles teenagerishly*
  15. Bump. I am pretty busy these days, but I am sure I can squeeze in some drawing. I have a sentence ready, so start a new thread, BB!