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  1. I would be interested in either drawing or hosting.
  2. Me neither, but I found this, I suppose it is the same?
  3. That is about right. Slovenia actually had the least tumultous separation of all the Ex-Yu countries.
  4. You only get unemployment benefit if you have already been employed for a certain amount of time. I suppose there are a few negative connotations here too. Although there really should not be? And, well, it is not like anybody who is going to look down on me for being unemployed right now is somebody whose opinion I would cherish. Obviously I hope I will not have to be registered there for long.
  5. An event named Telling Slovenia and Slovakia Apart was recently hosted in London to help clear up the confusion between the two countries. From my reading of the report, they did not have much success, though, but well done for trying.
  6. I suppose it is kind of normal that you do, maybe it is somewhat different where you are. If you have been employed already, you get some more benefits. As it is, I get cheaper public transport (I sorted that out today) and I need to show up there in two weeks. It is not like it hurts that they have me in the system, even if it ends up not helping me at all.
  7. Why not? It can at least help me getting a cheaper public transport.
  8. Oh right. Then whatever other organisation there is to make complaints to. Oh, how generous of you. Good luck! I registered at the unemployed office today. I feel VERY lost.
  9. I agree. Where is @Eyron, our official PISSED spokeswoman, to make a complaint? I watch it. Horrible taste in movies is my superpower.
  10. Yes. It makes the game much more complicated and also makes it more likely to be decided from the beginning, in my experience. My father hates it. I much prefer the one with the ships! (Whatever the name is in English, Seafarers maybe?) It expands the field in that you get additional tiles and a bunch of ships, which you build similar to the roads of the original game, and can explore new islands then. So it is more an expansion into "width" and less building up into "depth", if that makes sense. I like the option to flip the sea and new island tiles so you cannot see where you are sending your ships; only to turn them when you actually reach the new area. It adds some surprise to the game. My brother and I recently tried out the new expansion Traders and Barbarians, but only played two versions of the several offered in the box, once each time, so I cannot really decide yet how much they add to the game. I guess I liked the one where you can build bridges, but we agreed that the "poorest man" card was stupid and we are probably going to ditch that option when playing from now on.
  11. I have finished reading The Handmaid's Tale. I really liked it. I also looked for Assaissin's Fate in a bookshop in Vienna. They did not have it either.
  12. Because Abba sells. Music! I hope you are not even thinking about high heels today, young lady!
  13. Ooooooh, a sequel! No, I have no taste in movies, why do you ask?
  14. What about donating the stuff you do not need to charitable organisations? I feel it is a waste to just throw still usable stuff away if there are people around who would be happy to have it.
  15. @rocksniffer Welcome home, salty old sailor. We rearranged your quarters in the TTTNE mansion for you in your absence. Here is your welcome home gift. And yes, we installed WiFi connection into it, so you will not abandon your kingdom again in times of need! Well, it would probably make it slightly shorter, but not by much. And probably very expensive. I never even thought of looking into this option.