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  1. TTTNE v.468 - a title of one's own

    I have never drunk coffee. The smell is very off-putting to me, I do not want to start drinking it.
  2. TTTNE v.468 - a title of one's own

    Okay, you stop too. This bickering is so annoying. I do. I just do not want to live here anymore, I guess. I have made myself very comfortable up north for now. And I am very worried about what happens in two months when my internship and the rent end and I probably have to move back here. I want to enjoy the time left there.
  3. TTTNE v.468 - a title of one's own

    I think the best is if you just do not respond to whatever she says. I would offer the same advice to Sidious. If you two cannot talk to each other normally, then just don't. Eh. Fine. But right now I am very much looking forward to be up north soon.
  4. TTTNE v.468 - a title of one's own

    I am going back to New Buckkeep tomorrow!
  5. TTTNE v.468 - a title of one's own

    Now that you are the king, it is your job to keep them from murdering each other. But then it would not say he drank all the water from the tap, it would say he drank all the water from the tank. We have such a system where we go to the seaside holiday, the tank gets filled with rainwater and we have to save it, obviously. No idea of any city has such a system.
  6. TTTNE v.468 - a title of one's own

    Are you not haunting it alone by now?
  7. TTTNE v.468 - a title of one's own

    Awwww, the mibbit is not working anymore? What a loss!
  8. TTTNE v.468 - a title of one's own

    Eh, it works. I do not miss them most of the time at that stage. Obviously I am happy to see them when I do, but it is not like I have to every weekend.
  9. TTTNE v.468 - a title of one's own

    Wow, big plans. I hope you manage to get the perfect one then. Now I also understand better why you were/are so picky about finding the perfect one.
  10. TTTNE v.468 - a title of one's own

    Wait wait wait .... 1600 €???? What are the rents like in Hungary? You cannot mean euros, do you?
  11. His Dark Materials sequel trilogy: The Book of Dust

    Well, who hasn't fantasised about their own daemon at some point?
  12. The Realm of the Elderlings by Robin Hobb

    I thought The Rain Wilds had some very cliched romance elements, which made the books less interesting than the rest in the same world. Spoilers for Rain Wilds
  13. First Fantasy Book or Series

    Narnia seems to be a good choice for an 8-year-old. I also loved Ende's Jim Button books (two of them) around that age, you should check if they are available in English. I do not think The Neverending Story is too complicated for 8 years, as it is a book you can always go back to and discover something new in it. Also you can check Cornelia Funke - I am pretty sure the King of Thieves is available in English; I would assume also Dragon RIder (not sure about the titles though). The Inkheart trilogy certainly is, and that one is worth reading too.
  14. TTTNE v.468 - a title of one's own

    6 hours by train. Less with a car, obviously, but that means you have to be able to afford a car and trust your own driving such distances, which I don't. Going back to see the family every one and a half to two months for a few days is just about right at the moment. And as I said, I have way more of a social life in the New Buckkeep than here. I kind of missed on a big part of the whole being social during your teenage and uni years, and I am enjoying the hell out of it now. I have just a few friend here, and we hear from each other sporadically. It does not feel hard. @HelenaExMachina, you are so young. Now I feel even more of a loser ... at least you are already applying for serious jobs, while I do not even know where to start right now. If I move back here, I suppose at least I could contact where I used to teach and probably do some teaching while looking for something more permanent.
  15. TTTNE v.468 - a title of one's own

    Lady Sidious here, apparently. I graduated a few mobths ago. My internship is until the end of April, as is my rent. After that, I will have to move back here, unless I can find some sort of a job to support me and a place to stay after that. I do not feel like I want to live here (that is with my parents) anymore. I cannot say that to them because it sounds ungrateful. But I really like it in New Buckkeep, I like my life there much better. I almost have no friends and no social life here, and it thrives up there. I found myself there, I like being so independent. I want this part of my life to stay as it is. But then, I have no idea what kind of a job to be looking for right now - and even less of an idea of how to do it somewhere else where I have even less of a clue how the market works - not that I have much of a clue about that here even. Food, water, fresh air, liveable temperature, communication.