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  1. TTTNE CDLXVI - Return to Castle Spam-a-lot

    Thanks ... I am not sure how to call him. 70 % is still a lot. I mean I mean I mean cuddling! That is correct and exactly what I wanted to say! I got spoiled about Star Wars in this thread. Not on who Luke's father was; I already knew that. But on who turns into Darth Vader, because I watched the new trilogy first. I knew somebody would turn into Darth Vader and that the old trilogy is about his son then, but I did not know which of the characters from the new trilogy it was going to be.
  2. TTTNE CDLXVI - Return to Castle Spam-a-lot

    Okay, then just cut all the contact. (Still NOT SERIOUS!) I never watched Fight Club.
  3. TTTNE CDLXVI - Return to Castle Spam-a-lot

    Dump him now. Just kidding of course.
  4. TTTNE CDLXVI - Return to Castle Spam-a-lot

    How do you mean, very un-Buckwheat-like? Skinny jeans and high heels have nothing in common (except I will not wear any of these). Some people have legitimate medical reasons why they cannot wear high heels, and they can still look nice and formal. Jeans are just not formal wear, as far as I know (but then I admit I really don't). I am not qualified to wear them because of my shape - my thighs must be too thick for skinny jeans, because I generally cannot pull them on (I have not tried in some time though, I just look for straight ones). Really nothing to do with aesthetics, just practicality. We had one bedroom until I was 8 ... (there was a plan to renovate the attic into rooms for myself and the valonqar in the house we used to live in, but that never happened because the neighbours did not allow it or some such, and then we moved) ... so even my own bedroom was a really nice big thing form me then. I never thought about a bathroom only for me. I had it for a month and a half when my roommate in the dorm had not yet moved in. Oh, I am pretty sure I would not be especially happy with the collective dorm bathroom as you mention either ... luckily my dorm did not have those. I was recently talking to a friend who was in such a dorm on her Erasmus - the bathrooms were mixed for men and women, and the shower cabins only had transparent walls. She said she was shocked when she saw it, she did not want to take a shower there - but one gets used to everything, she had no choice, so she got used to it. She said in the other dorm there was a bathroom where the showers did not even have walls, so they were like the showers at the pool - just showerheads with no actual cabins to separate them. And yes, it was a mixed dorm. She said nobody every showered there, they borrowed the showers on the other floor. She was lucky not to live there. I wonder how the people how manage that dorm think. It also depends what kind of people you share with. Just one person who loves to leave their nail clippings everywhere/covers the mirror with spat out toothpaste/sprays water in the whole bathroom while showering/add your pet batroom peeve here can spoil the fun for all the flatmakes ... I am moving on Monday Monday Monday! Excited! Supernatural entity will be there! (Is it a very bad thing that I mostly look forward to him?)
  5. TTTNE CDLXVI - Return to Castle Spam-a-lot

    Yes, it is very much how everybody looked like back in upper primary/high school here too. Like ... around 2004-2007? My father hates it too. He always says I should buy smaller jeans. I am not really qualified to wear skinny jeans because my thighs are apparently funny like that. I share a bathroom with my family at home as it is, so sharing with somebody else just does not feel all that different to me. I shared with my dorm roommate last year, which was really fewer people to share with than at home. It will be the same this time, just one person to share with (the lady who owns the flat). Sorry about having a no-kitchen, that must suck. You must find a very nice flat with a fully equipped kitchen! And I hope you als find good people to live in your flat.
  6. TTTNE CDLXVI - Return to Castle Spam-a-lot

    Out of curiosity, what happens with the flat you are in now? Does it, like, stay in the family until your sister goes to university, or are you selling it or something?
  7. TTTNE CDLXVI - Return to Castle Spam-a-lot

    Re jeans: that happens after they have already been cut or rolled up and stitched up on the inside. The seams loosen or tear, and there is the too-long part again, under my heel. I really do not like the fit that is tighter around the ankles, that is why I usually try to buy the straight or bootcut pairs ... funnily enough, those are also the ones that have this problem most. Ironic, eh? Very specific dream. I am just going to be fine with one room and a shared kitchen and bathroom for the next few months ... I actually cannot imagine to have a bathroom and a kitchen just to myself now.
  8. TTTNE CDLXVI - Return to Castle Spam-a-lot

    Don't get me started on hair ties, they are never to be found and then at some point you have to clear up everything (like when you are moving) and there is suddenly a pile of them and they are everywhere and you never knew you had so many hair ties (some of them are torn and need to be thrown away anyway). Good luck with the flat. How does your ideal flat look like (that you have not found yet)? I hope you have somewhere to stay for the time being at least.
  9. TTTNE CDLXVI - Return to Castle Spam-a-lot

    Also, almost all of my jeans are torn in the back when I step on them with my heel because they are too long (no, I cannot buy shorter pairs because that also means they would be narrower and I could not get them past my thighs/butt) ... why are all my jeans torn? It looks sooooo professional ... not. (Of course jeans are really the only sort of trousers I have. I am beyond repair. Remember to never ever take fashion advice from me.)
  10. TTTNE CDLXVI - Return to Castle Spam-a-lot

    I admit I have too many socks. I am starting to pack for my move and sort things out, and ... I see I have so many socks. Why do I have so many socks? I am addicted to buying them ...
  11. TTTNE CDLXVI - Return to Castle Spam-a-lot

    Sithress sounds really cool, TBH. English is a funny language, almost no gendered nouns at all. The word "cousin" is especially weird in that.
  12. TTTNE CDLXVI - Return to Castle Spam-a-lot

    Lady Sidious sounds more kickass than Lord Sidious, IMO. I care, but right now that helps them fuck all, to say crudely. I fear my boss will think I am an awful teacher now.
  13. Am I a coward?

    Don't clowns fall into the same category as creepy doll heads? I thought you liked such stuff!
  14. TTTNE CDLXVI - Return to Castle Spam-a-lot

    Thanks for the recommendation. I am open to trying it once, but not to buying a pair of shoes just to try them on. As I said, flat shoes can be formal too. And I agree about the male formal wear, that must be hot in summer. (Here nobody expects anybody to be especially formal on defence, btw. One of my professors on my defence was in shorts and sandals.) Another topic ... two out of three of students on my course failed. I am such a horrible teacher.
  15. TTTNE CDLXVI - Return to Castle Spam-a-lot

    Fair enough, I must admit I never even tried stilettoes. You are quite fine wearing flat shoes and looking formal enough for the opera or another formal occasion. You have to look formal, but that does not mean wear high heels. High heels can be painful to wear, while it is not hurting to wear formal pants and a jacket.