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  1. Okay, some computer problems later ... We are on the last drawing round. You all have sentences to draw, except for @TitanCat's Cute Boyfriend, who gets no task this time round because of logistical mess-ups. Instead, Helena has two. TCCB, if you want something to draw, I can send you a bonus chain. Deadline: Thursday 27th July 10 AM. Bonuses: Two ready to draw, one out being drawn.
  2. Am going to have a shower and then turn on my laptop and send you out your next drawing tasks.
  3. Down with the usurpers!
  4. Ok, I just put my first name and the forum name too. Seems like something that makes sense.
  5. Warning: in this game, pasting pictures by somebody else you have found online is not allowed.
  6. Nope. We just need two sentences more, from @TitanCat and @TitanCat's Cute Boyfriend.
  7. Sorry, I do not speak lawyerish. Also, here is a spoiler for you:
  8. What do people usually put as their badge names? I see that the default is name and surname, but that sounds so formal ...
  9. I will send you one to draw. I will make an extra bonus round for you, because the existing two are at a stage that ... I would not want to traumatise a new player with them. Yes. You can post anywhere that supports hosting pictures. Imgur, which most of the players use, is free and does not require a registration, also very easy to use. I think I forbade Harry Potter sans pants somewhere in the rules for this game. *goes check* Oh no, forogt it. Will edit that in.
  10. Update on bonuses: now both end on a sentence, so can be drawn.
  11. You all have drawings to describe in your inboxes now. Deadline: 22nd July at 21.00 in central Europe. That is two days from the moment this gets posted. Bonuses: one ready to draw, one to describe.
  12. I finally have all the drawings for this round. Wait for your next tasks in a few minutes!
  13. No, we don't do this. We don't deliberately put lewd contents into our sentences either, no sir. *cough*rocksniffer*cough*
  14. Both TCat and Sniffer now have the sentence the Bear should have drawn this round. Whoever draws first, that's the picture I am going to use. I really want to get this round over it and send you out the next describing tasks. You can always just take a photo with your phone or draw with paint or similar program, we are not picky. I once sent in a 2-minute-doodle from the doodling program on my phone. As you wish, of course. We are always happy to see new players. Nah, it does not. You get a picture and describe what you see. Well, sometimes you need to guess a bit, if you get a really weird one, and the game always keeps you guessing how in seven hells did it get to that?!, but generally you do not need to guess exactly what the player before you meant. In fact, some changes (NOT mistakes!) make for a funnier game. If you just wish to taste a sample of the game, I can send you a bonus chain - those are the ones that are not dependant on deadlines and other players, so you can just do one any time. You can also see the funny results of the previous games if you follow the link in my signature.
  15. Yes, will send you in a few minutes!