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  1. Hello and welcome back, Cat the Q! *waves*
  2. Quoting myself, but ... I TOLD YOU SO.
  3. "I inconvenienced a lot of people." Oh, Rebecca. Repeating the exact phrase Naomi used when referring to her suicide attempt in college. Naomi is horrible. She was not even mentioned in this episode, did not call, did not visit, nothing. What kind of a mother is this?
  4. DAAAAAD! I NEED the new Nimbus X! No, you don't understand, the old one is soooo out of fashion! All of my friends are getting the new one, you cannot expect me to keep using the old one!
  5. Weekend! You must be a Slytherin. Time well spent. What a weird statement, to say please give my baby sister/brother away! I am glad he came around. ;)h Does this refer to me? If it does, thanks. No idea. I just find it curious that this is a show people actually talk about on the Internet. It ran on Slovene TV a while ago. I thought nobody knew it.
  6. I like both of them! The season 3 one confused me at first like it did Rebecca, but I realise now it really shows well what the problem is. And googling "crazy" in order to find out if she is okay and then getting stuck with all the "crazy" in popular media and ending up more confused than she already was is something she would totally do. I will have you know that I am not your run-of-the-mill flying broom! I am an owner of a very successful law firm ... okay, a semi-successful law firm ... okay, I was until I sold the firm ... okay okay, point is, I don't fly and that old Nimbus 2000 has nothing on me! Happens, I guess. :/ Are you saying you have snow there in England or wherever you are?
  7. Or a wolf. Or s kraken. Or a stag.
  8. Squuuuueeeeee! Baby! Congratulations! No worries, I am sure everything will be fine even though you are a bit older than you were with LilO. How is he taking the news about becoming a big brother?
  9. That one is pretty spoilery, though. But yes. Let's Generalize About Men is very funny indeed. Very good. Well, the parts I am not paid for are the preparation of lessons part. And I don't think anybody is paid for that in this system. Only people in public schools are. I am sleepy too.
  10. For some reason I feel very much at home here, it is a-maize-ing. I wonder why now ... ETA: Damn, beat by @larrytheimp by two minutes with the same pun!
  11. Indeed. I think everybody should tread wheat caution, otherwise it will all just get too corny.
  12. Friendtopia is "meh" leaning into dislike to me. All the other ones you mentioned, I like. I think I'm a Good Person (That mike cost 300 dollars!) and Let's Generalize about Men are brilliant. Okay, good, as long as you do not absolutely hate every part about it. And it is not greedy and materialistic to want to be paid for every hour you work. I mean, I wish I were, but I am not really. Depends on what you make of Christmas. I hate thinking of it that early because it just reminds me that the year is ending and reminds me of everything I have not achieved in that year. When have you last seen them? Anyway, just make sure other members of the household do their fair share of the work - we do not want you to overwork yourself over the holidays and not being able to enjoy yourself due to stress then! Wait wait wait, is that ... ? Well, let me put it that way: She was working hard at a New York job, making dough, but it made her blue. One day she was crying a lot, so she decided to move to West Covina, California, brand new pals and new career.
  13. This thread was started two hours ago and the topic is no longer relevant? What happened here? I am confused.
  14. Look, I am staring thoughfully into distance.