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  1. Thread. Dead. Like Ned. I cannot comment on the shows RhaeBee just described, having never heard of any of them. It was a boring day. We finally got rid of the holiday tree in our house.
  2. Hmmm I feel like the translators/distributors to different lands should consult with whoever is responsible for the original in this case, and they should give the same answer to all the distributors wherever: either the title is in plural or in singular. It just makes no sense that it is so different in different languages, as that strongly influences how the viewers are going to see it. The way it is, the interpretation by the viewer just hangs on the interpretation of the translator/distributor.
  3. I finally saw this yesterday in an almost empty cinema. Space penguins and ice foxes are cute. My friend said Chewbacca will probably turn vegetarian now. Still don't understand why some languages had "The Last Jedi" translated as plural. It seems very clear that it refers to Luke as a single person to me. (And the next movie is probably going to prove that "last" wrong with Rey and that random kid with the broom.) C3PO is useless. I don't think his being in the movie had any comsequence that happened. I wonder what they are going to do with Leia in the next movie. Probably going to start with her dead and go from there. I expect a significant time skip between this and the next movie, the Rebellion needs some time to rebuild strength and have more people join them, right? There is not much of an army left, if everybody fits on Millenium Falcon. These kids gushing over Luke need to grow up a bit to be able to do much. The grand ancient Jedi "library" has a grand number of eight books?
  4. So I finally managed to watch Star Wars.
  5. It is a very detailed quiz, it even accepts "The Maya"!
  6. How many episodes are left of this this season? The episodes should start picking up speed towards the finale now, right? Anyway, since there is no episode this weekend, have a quiz to pass the time.
  7. I know everything about you and I'm not afraid to use that knowledge.
  8. I am a 38 and sometimes the sizes are not available anymore because well, everybody is a 38 and wants that size. You dislike colours? Red, pink, white jeans? The parts I bought yesterday are one blue, one grey. Actually I wanted a black one, but the washed out version was the only that fit me.
  9. No idea who the clothes are made for. But then I cannot comment on the struggles of being skinny, I am free of those, being a bit more on the round-ish side ... I dislike ripped to, and any studs, glitter, or random seams anywhere. The plainer the better, when it comes to jeans.
  10. I now agree with the habit of wearing skinny jeans. I bought two pairs yesterday and did not even think about other possibilities.
  11. Skinny jeans.
  12. Why won't they allow me to wear sunglasses on my passport photo?
  13. I don't think I ever had one that lasted 3 hours without a pause. The exams at the end of high school were longer altogether, but there were short pauses between every sheet of questions. Sometimes the wait for an oral exam lasted longer than 3 hours though, if one was at the end of the list.
  14. We once had a 15-minute writing exam (I think, or maybe it was 20 - not sure, but it was ridiculously short, is what I am trying to say). And a part of the instructions were written in verses. 2 hours is kinda maximum for an exam.