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  1. Skiing is very popular here, probably more than where you live? I have never tried playing tennis. I quite like badminton, but we did not do it all that often and I sucked at it too. So I just occasionally played it on holiday with the valonqar. Yeah ... If I am going somewhere barefoot, great. I love being barefoot. But if I have something on my feet, then I want it to do its business too. As in, like protect my soles from the heat of the asphalt. It looks very impractical too. I would spend all my time in Converse all-stars if I could. Sadly they are not that good for when it rains. As it has been for the last few days. Yaaaay, what a lovely weather. We only ever did basketball, volleyball, or handball. Football a few times, I think. I especially detested volleyball because the teacher demanded we hit the ball with the insides of our underarms - and that HURTS! I just ended up avoiding participating all around. PE was where the other pupils' teasing was strongest too, so that did not do much good to my self-image, nor did it help make me like sports or want to improve. I would have liked to do more gymnastics because that was about the only part I had any shot at being mediocrely (is that a word?) good at, but we only did that like once or twice a year. I have tried juggling in Vienna with a friend. I actually have 4 juggling balls on the shelf here. *bows* I am here till Thursday.
  2. Daily Internet surprise. I just found out about the existence of this. I have one question ... why? I mean, are not shoes supposed to protect your soles? What is the use of this?
  3. *zips mouth together* A flower never pollinates and tells.
  4. Football is the most boring for me. I occasionally watch skiing or skijumping, but that is about it. I hated all the godawful ball games in school, including basketball. I am not good at handling balls.* Ah, I see, that makes sense. Still, I hope she helps you a lot in the next few days so you can take a bit of a break. *I am talking about sports here, people. Get your minds out of the gutter. Oh, no worries about that.
  5. Well, it is really not something I had anything to do with. I mean basketball. I don't even watch sports. The supernatural entity is something like a boyfriend, only it is so unlikely that it came to be that way that he might just as well be called supernatural. I have the plan ... I guess I am relatively clear with the plan? IDK. Last week's mess up was 100 % NOT my fault. Will PM you about it. Give yourself a day off, get better and have a rest. From what you are posting here, it seems like you are doing way more than your new flatmate?
  6. Another hug for you, Ashara. I am okay ... I have to teach a lesson today, hopefully it will be better this time, last week there was a big mess up. I cannot wait for Thursday, I am going north to visit the supernatural entity then. Morning, all! Edit: also, Slovenia won the European basketball championship yesterday and the media are exploding over this.
  7. I am very sorry. My condolences, Ash.
  8. Knock knock. Anybody home? No spam in a whole day, what is this sorcery?
  9. Nah, it is not that hard. I put them in pairs immediately after washing and drying, and they stay that way in the closet too. I would yawn with boredom with only black or grey or brown socks.
  10. I do not think I have ever bought anything at Zara. For some reason, it just doesn't appeal to me, no idea why really. I now realised that there is a completely new sizing system in use which is weird and I still have to get used to. I ended buying a pair of jeans whose size is 30/30 - 30 for the waist and 30 for length. I would not have minded just a bit longer. I was annoyed because I had to try on so many before I figured out which size fits and then different models also seemed to have different sizes, so ... Another thing. Even if you really do not want to contribute to the exploitation of third world workforce working for peanuts, it is almost impoossible. Literally all the pairs I checked were either "made in Kambodja" or "made in Bangladesh" or "made in Pakistan". This is really sad. But then, I also cannot afford to have personally tailored fancy clothing from small local businesses. So now I have a new pair of jeans and a new light sweater.
  11. Yes, they are. The point was I did not know what that meant and am still not sure I am thinking of the right thing, google images do not tell me much. I do not go by names of clothing ... have no idea about them. I just choose what I like when I see it. My size is about 38 too, at least around the waist. But I am short. Most trousers are too long or too narrow for my thighs.
  12. I cannot wear any H&M jeans, they are all too skinny for me. At least they were when I tried them on last, which was years ago, but then I suppose neither my figure nor their weird ideas of jeans sizes have changed since. I don't like H&M much anyway. I had to google what chinos are. Okay, so ... trousers?
  13. Well, I try to make them so, because I am conscious about how I come across. Okay, no really, mostly I either post quotes from books I find interesting. Or it is just posts from other people that appear because I am tagged in them. I am a winter baby too. I like both winter and summer. I like lots of snow, so I like winter. I like hot summer because I recently discovered the joys of flattering summer clothing. I do not like the weather in-between, the rain and clouds and mildly cold-ish but not really cold, mildly warm-ish but not really warm is a bit better. Speaking of clothing, here is a Project Buck In Skinny Jeans update: I had to throw away one pair that tore on the typical rubby spot after being worn for less than a year. It was a black pair that looked nice and I also got really comfortable in skinny jeans recently (okay, during summer I was mostly in shorts/dresses anyway, but in the months before that). Pity it was of horrible quality, the dye leaked so much when I washed them for the first time, and the tear ... I am not buying anything from that shop again. I now desperately need new jeans. Most of what I am left with (I threw some others out today as well) is from my pre-skinny phase and not in the best condition at the ends of the legs because ... well, I walked over them with my heels. Now that I am all serious and mature and grown up , I cannot afford that anymore. I want something decent.
  14. Happy kitty, sleepy kitty ...
  15. Oh, I was talking about myself.