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  1. Yup, "Jugendliteratur" is much clearer to me because it is the only expression I know for it and is used more consistently than the English ones that I have seen (but I admit I have not read that many academic texts about it in English as I have in German). I never thought about "reading levels" in English had anything to do with the spelling-pronunciation relationship. I thought it only referred to syntax and vocabulary. So children's books in English generally just use words that have a halfway logical spelling-pronunciation relationship? I do not know the Hitler book, but after a bit of reading on it, I would agree with you. I agree about Momo that one does not need to be 15 or 16 to understand it.
  2. TTTNE 462 - Rebels Against the Mods

    Happy Prešeren's day, spammers. Overdue? OVERDUE? I do not think we can be friends anymore. This new quoting/spoilering system sucks, I cannot delete those spoiler tags.
  3. TTTNE 462 - Rebels Against the Mods

    I have not seen anybody else say their favourite is Helga. But she is okay I suppose. My favourite is Athelstan (in case that was not clear ). Idonotthinktheywouldandnobodyevenmentionsthatasacareeroptionbecauseitreallyisnotbecauseitissohardtogetintoandthefacultyandsuch arenotevenallowedtooffernewemploymentsorwhateverandwemuststayrealistic. AndImightmakeitsoundlikeItotallyknowwhatIwanttodowhenIreallydonotsothatthisstupidwishmightjustbemenothavingacluewhatIamtalkingabout. So for now, lets hope I can teach for a few months.
  4. TTTNE 462 - Rebels Against the Mods

    Can we see your top most liked and top most hated characters list?
  5. TTTNE 462 - Rebels Against the Mods

    I, uh, took part in a students' conference giving a talk about this paper thingy ...   ... that I am supposed to send in in a tweaked version for publication now ... ... but my text is just slightly too long, it would seem ... ... I was just interested in the topic ...   Please do not die, RB ...
  6. TTTNE 462 - Rebels Against the Mods

    Yes I know. First world top student problems. Would you die of laughter if I told you that this is not an obligatory paper, this is something I signed up for myself? (I do not want you to die of laughter, naturally!)
  7. TTTNE 462 - Rebels Against the Mods

    I need a new show. I mean, I do not need it, but I want to watch a new show. I think I will give Grimm a try. What I absolutely need to do is cut down a third of my paper, which I do not want to do because I have already shortened it as much as I could and do not want to leave more things out. Silly length restrictions. *gives length restrictions a sideeye*
  8. Fantasy lit that passes the Bechdel test?

    I see what you are saying about Hobb's Farseer (being in Fitzy's head is exhausting!) but I think you should give Liveships a try anyway. It is set in the same world, but has a completely new set of characters - and the women make up a big part of them. They are realistic, distinct characters dealing with all sorts of different problems, interacting with each other etc. One part of the story is just about the women of a family staying at home after the men have left/died and their struggle to stick together and to survive in the society. The series has a different tone than Farseer, it is written in 3rd person and so deals with more characters in detail, and I think it is also more full of action.
  9. I stumbled upon the expression "juvenile narrative prose" in a magazine about children's and ... that other literature that I am not sure how to name. This question was partly opened in the "Good YA recommendations" thread, but I wish to discuss it a bit more in depth. I never know which expression to use in English when talking about that part of literature which is not exactly Peter Rabbit, but not meant exclusively for adults either - that which is written, published and marketed for and mainly consumed by people between, lets say 12 and 18 years. The expressions I have read include (but are maybe not limited to, as I might have forgotten one or two) are: Young adult / YA literature: I see it most often on this forum. I think it is problematic because it stil has "adult" in it, and does not refer to the group of readers as anything but a "subcategory" of adults. Also, this group of literature texts consists of different texts, some of which are closer to children's literature, and some to adult - and the expression refers more to the more adult side of the spectrum. I am surprised that the term has been used since the 1960's, I thought it was much younger. Juvenile literature: I read the word in two articles which have been directly translated from Slovene (where this type of literature is called "mladinska literatura", and the term is much less problematic) and started wondering if that is really used by native speakers of English. Wikipedia mentions juvenile novel as a synonym to young adult novel, but I have not managed to find any more online articles that use it. I have mostly heard juvenile as a derogatory word before ('childish') and wonder if it also sounds like that to native speakers. I would guess that it is not really used, and just found an instance of clumsy translating. Teen literature: I like the expression because it sounds objective, it is just a description and does not seem like it is skewing to the "adult" side. It looks like it is used quite a lot on the Internet. Youth literature: Forgot to add this one. Middle grade literature: I only found this expression now that I am doing some googling about this and I must say it seems to me like unnecessary crumbling down of the already fuzzy categories. It is supposed to be for readers between children and teenagers apparently. Children's literature: Just throwing this one in the mix to say that the groups are not that clearly separated, and some books might be sometimes categorised in one, sometimes in another category. But I am trying to think of children's literature as the one that is aimed at younger readers than the YA/juvenile/teen/what have you. So, I wonder, what do native speakers and speakers of other languages think about these expressions. Which one is the most suitable, which is definitely unsuitable? Am I forgetting some often-used expression? If we have anybody who is reading academic articles on the topic, which one is the most used there as opposed to marketing/Internet forums? Please do not use this thread to discuss which books belong in the YA or any other category - lets assume we mostly know which books belong there and understand there are exceptions to every rule.
  10. Pictionary XIX - The one after the Spamsmoot

    Since I have not heard a word from Sniffer, I am afraid we are not continuing the game today. I have a bonus chain to describe ready and I can make a new one if anybody wants to draw in the meantime.
  11. TTTNE 462 - Rebels Against the Mods

    I move that somebody from this thread tries these out and report the results. We need to see if they actually work. For science.
  12. TTTNE 462 - Rebels Against the Mods

    I see you absolutely hate this show and do not want to see another minute of it, right, RB?
  13. What Is The Avatar Above You Thinking ? V. 10

    Does this powder really make me that pale?
  14. TTTNE 462 - Rebels Against the Mods

    Well there go two minutes of my life I am never getting back.