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  1. TTTNE 469- A New Order of Imperial entanglement

    Stop bickering among each other, at least it is WEEEEEEEEKEND. I am so done with this week.
  2. TTTNE 469- A New Order of Imperial entanglement

    Shhhhhh, you were named Hand of the Sith Lords under the new order. Keep silent and enjoy your new position.
  3. TTTNE 469- A New Order of Imperial entanglement

    Maybe they see each other every day and they do not realise it! Who is the new blonde woman?
  4. Walter Moers - Princess Insomnia?

    My favourite German fantasy author seems to have finally found Orm again! Although the official site has showed the name of the next novel as "Die Insel der Tausend Leuchttürme" (The Island of the Thousand Lighthouses) for more than a year now, today a video was posted on facebook that shows a package from Zamonia with a new manuscript with another title: "Prinzessin Insomnia und der Alptraumfarbene Nachtmahr" (Princess Insomnia and the Nightmare-Coloured Nightmare). Later, it was promised that there will be more information on Wednesday. Soooo ... a new book or just a new name for "Die Insel der Tausend Leuchttürme"? Which would make it a completely new book anyway, as nothing has been known about "Die Insel der Tausend Leuchttürme" (to my knowledge). When is that new thing coming out? What happened with the graphic novel plan for "The City of Dreaming Books"? So many questions, and, realising this is Walter Moers, Wednesday will probably bring a weird letter from Mythenmetz complaining about his translator or something like this again. I will be duly refreshing all those pages this week in hopes of more information. Are there other excited Zamonian fans here?
  5. TTTNE 469- A New Order of Imperial entanglement

    I wish Neumond were back so that somebody understood how great the Zamonian books are. Everybody go read Mythenmetz, oder ich lasse euch alle mir die Schere spülen! Work is so boring this week.
  6. Walter Moers - Princess Insomnia?

    Well, at least I am glad I am not speaking to myself in this thread. Which language did you read them in? Anyway, the news seem to be: There is still no Schloss nor 1000 Lighthouses, and there is no date set for either of them. Biut the authos says that 1000 Lighthouses will probably be published before Schloss. The new novel Princess Insomnia will be published in autumn 2017. It is a new Zamonia novel, and not illustrated by the author. It will be illustrated by Lydia Rode. Soon after that the graphic novel edition of The City of Dreaming Books will be published in two volumes, each one about 120 pages long. http://www.zamonien.de/autor.php So waiting for autumn! I am a bit disappointed that the new novel will not be illustrated by the author, but maybe I will be pleasantly surprised. The first pages from the graphic novel look amazing too. www.florianbiege.de/portfolio/die-stadt-der-traeumenden-buecher
  7. TTTNE 469- A New Order of Imperial entanglement

    Brrrrrrrr. Nope.
  8. TTTNE 469- A New Order of Imperial entanglement

    Woooooohoooooo! Fans of Zamonian literature, unite! Hildegunst von Mythenmetz, you might be a pompous asshole, but you are a genius too, please let this book come out soon ... Also, why the heck am I on here at this hour when I should be long asleep?
  9. Dogs

    Both great pictures. I especially like the shepherd, those dogs are the best.
  10. TTTNE 469- A New Order of Imperial entanglement

    A test? I thought you finished school! What kind of test was that? Congratulations for the pass anyway. You do love to complain, right?
  11. Thank you Board hive mind. - Pyjamas work.

    In Slovenia, most houses and flats are like that too, the handle is the same from the inside and the outside. If you do not lock from the inside, anybody can just open from the outside and get in. But where I live now, the door cannot be opened from the outside. I still kept locking it from the inside in the beginning because it made me feel safer. My landlady has (had) a habit to leave the keys in the lock too before I moved in, it happened several times that she forgot to take it out and I could not get in. Once she went to sleep like that and I was stuck there for some creepy minutes ... she does not hear the buzzing in her bedroom. Pebble, thanks for the funny story, glad everybody is okay, good that you wore a pyjama!
  12. TTTNE 469- A New Order of Imperial entanglement

    I spent my whole weekend avoiding adult responsibilities. I had a good time at least. Time to feel despair and guilt over what I did not do. In other words, happy Sunday evening, spammers. I also had the most horrible dream last night.
  13. TTTNE 469- A New Order of Imperial entanglement

    Congratulations. Still disapprove of the changes to the spamperial order.
  14. TTTNE 469- A New Order of Imperial entanglement

    What do you mean democracy ruined them?
  15. TTTNE 469- A New Order of Imperial entanglement

    I do not have an idea what to write a dissertation about (yes, you have to know that beforehand and submit the idea with your application). The next poster will also share what they want.
  16. TTTNE 469- A New Order of Imperial entanglement

    I want to do a PhD and teach at uni.
  17. TTTNE 469- A New Order of Imperial entanglement

    I rebel. We are the spampire, it is known. Nobody is allowed to change that, else you bring upon us the SQL demons. I also liked the previous titles better.
  18. Welcome to the second pictionary game in 2017 and 35th on the board (if my count is correct, which it probably isn't)! A big thank you for all the previous hosts, especially Pebble with her last game that banned gerbils.Yadda yadda. Here are the usual rules that I am shamelessly copying from Pebbs. If you have already played, you are free to skip this part: Players I am looking for seven players at the very least. Nine is what I hope for, but more is even better because the extra players can fill in as replacements when needed. You are free to sign in anonymously/as a mystery player in PM. *List of players here* Bolded have submitted their artwork for the current round. Have fun playing!
  19. TTTNE 469- A New Order of Imperial entanglement

    Morning! Happy Thursday, spammers!
  20. Pictionary 35: What about a themed one?

    Looks like many are busy at the time and I must admit I will probably also have to focus on other stuff for some time. So I think it is better we give this a pause for a few weeks and revisit it later. If anybody wants to host and finds enough people to play, you are free to start a new game, though.
  21. TTTNE 469- A New Order of Imperial entanglement

    Now that is what I call a prompt declaration of titles. You are missing the former rulers of 2016 though! I am glad I earned a position on the Small Council.
  22. TTTNE 469- A New Order of Imperial entanglement

    Congrats to Helena. Welcome back, TKIB! Your co-conspirator should have it.