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  1. So this is the end. All of my Viennese stuff is packed and waiting at the door. Except the extra toothbrush that is at the supernatural entity's flat. See you on the other side, spammers.
  2. I am starting to suspect I have too much stuff that I want to keep to be moving countries every year.
  3. What did your sister do this time?
  4. Wait, Nettle is pregnant? How could I have forgotten such information? Patience and Lacey warned Fitz about the dangers of the contraceptives Molly was taking back in Farseer II. They knew she was risking her own health by taking them. I am pretty sure it was before she was pregnant. I do not remember if she just stopped taking whatever it was or if it proved ineffective. As far as I remember, but apparently my memory is very bad when it comes to this series.
  5. I am going back on Friday. Not all that happy about it, all things considered. There will be things to be missed. I did not drink anything strong. It was a tame party, just five people chatting mostly.
  6. Yes, I read them in English. Just the Farseer trilogy is translated into Slovene, and it does not work with names I feel. But my Finnish friend says she reads them in Finnish, and she says the translation is fine there. I am sitting in the park and there was just a bird fluttering angrily in the tree above me. I hope I don't get pooped on again. On the other hand, yay free time. I finished with the internship. I now have a week mostly off. Some friends are coming to my place in the evening for some sort of a goodbye party - not officially named so.
  7. I forgot this book was coming so soon. I do not know when it will be on sale in the Old Bucktown.
  8. I was pooped on by a bird today.
  9. This almost makes it sound like you didn't sleep in your own bed. Okay, I will stop. In do not want to interfere with Helena's domain.
  10. I am really 25 with a double MA degree and supposed to be looking for a job (and also it can suck to be a responsible adult). I am just kind of living out what I did not in my teenage years in some regards. My friend says it looks both stupid and adorable.
  11. Then ... don't? Not sure where you are supposed to be going to. I won't be drunk in five hours. Happy weekend, spammers!
  12. It is funny! *giggles stupidly* I have to live out my teenagerness!
  13. I only now realised this thread title has 69 in it. No clue. Ask wikipedia. Do not take this the wrong way: I wish your next dating experience is not online! Good luck.
  14. Awww happy birthday! Despite the stupid stuff. Sorry about the breakup. Time to move on to new experience, I suppose. If I am not asking too much, what happened to the Egyptian? Good luck with finishing your studies. Yes. My friends here are alreadaly asking me when I will be back, and I am like, no idea, I have no clue what I am doing with my life after that ... Nah, that does sound too personal for a workplace to me too. Good luck with the house. (I hope I am saying this for the last time!) That is a hard question. Can I get another one? I am most definitely not.
  15. Oh, there are a few of us who are content being nerdy introverts. Unfortunately the job market does not like us. So you are starting something new next month! Exciting, good luck! Nyyyyyyyyyym! Of course we remember you! Tell us how you are doing! I just survived the presentation I ranted about yesterday. One more day of the internship to go. There were moments I did not know I would survive it. One more week of Vienna to go.
  16. I am afraid I do not understand this post. Could you elaborate?
  17. I seem to have killed the thread with my complaining. I am so sorry. Come back, spammers.
  18. *checks ID* Yep, me.
  19. 1. Obviously. 2. I am so happy this is ending this week. (*Not so happy leaving Vienna and the supernatural entity.) 3. Oh, I forgot we had an organisation for this. Where is my local PISSED (what did that mean again?) office to file a complain with? @Eyron should probably know. 4. Nah, not the time for rumours yet. There is still a few days before it is start to panic , I just hate those few days when you don't know when it's going to happen and you expect it every hour. It used to be way more regular a few years ago, not sure what happened now ... Okay, SORRY for TMI. I will show myself out.
  20. Well, because of the annoyances outlined in the previous post, I need a distraction. Be leery. I am always so eager to learn, you know that, boy king.
  21. Today was a shitty day because of more than one reason: 1. The weather. WTF, who gave permission for this. 2. I am supposed to give a presentation for work tomorrow, and I learn of this today because my boss messed up months ago (she was supposed to give the presentation and agreed to it a long time ago, but forgot about it and planned something else for the same time slot, so just threw it on me in the last minute)? Without any preparation, not knowing how this is supposed to look like, NOTHING? I am so done with this job. Just when I was already leaving the office today, the organiser of the event tomorrow called and said he will not be there either ... but you will be fine, sure you will find somebody to help you out ... What kind of organisation is this? This is worse than my home faculty, and that says something. 3. On the way home, there was a traffic accident and I needed to walk a few tram station in this shitty weather - wind and snow. 4. Can I just already get my period and get this month's ordeal over with?
  22. Of course.
  23. But ... it is cold.
  24. It is snowing. Again. Seriously, winter again? I thought it was time for spring now! I was never in the cupboard, closet, wardrobe or any other storage area.