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  1. Hmmm, does the temperature change in your room that quickly, or do you have different rooms set to different temperatures? I usually spend most time in the room I also sleep in, and I cannot really change the temperature that much because it stays the same. My room is relatively small and gets warm quickly. I do not like sleeping in much colder than the usual room temperature anyway.
  2. Hello there, holidays are approaching, and it is almost time to start decorating around here! I started this game last year, and this time it is time for round 2! Here is how we will do that: 1. This is the template for our tree. 2. The first person to play downloads the template from the imgur link I posted unter 1. Every next person downloads the picture the player before them posted. 3. Open the picture in Paint or any similar picture editing program. Draw decorations on it: you can add colour, an ornament, background, presents ... whatever you like and whatever you think suits our tree. 4. Save the new picture (in the jpg-format) and upload it to imgur.com. Post a link into this thread. 5. The next person repeats the process adding decorations to your picture etc. You can play as many times as you want. Some reasonable rules about picture standards: a) Do not change the size of the picture. b ) Do not add explicitly sexual or violent material. I want this game to stay completely safe for children and work and common decency and stuff. Yes, this goes for you too, Rocksniffer. c) Try not to cover the whole tree with decorations in the first few steps, some space must be left for the next players too. d) Do not cover/delete other people's contributions. e) Pasting parts of other pictures/photos into this picture is allowed. f) Using imagination is welcome. Have a lot of fun decorating the tree! I am looking forward to seeing any and all contributions. Happy pre-holiday time, spammers, avatar-describers, acrophiliacs, pictionary artists, and other Forum Gamers!
  3. Also, yes, you are entitled to be pissed off. If you have a guest over, then you also take care of the place being okay afterwards. Leaving for days and leaving everything behind is rude, obviously you are entitled to use that room in time the other person is absent and not have to clean it first.
  4. I thought we talked about this a few weeks ago and you were the one who told us we are living in very cold rooms.
  5. Eh, not the only one. 2016 was great for me personally too. 2017 though ... meh.
  6. I think it must be wines. I should add tags to my gifts later too, maybe ...
  7. I am not going to remove these glasses until Christmas.
  8. That is such a great idea! Look, @Horse of Kent and @HelenaExMachina, there is something waiting for you there!
  9. I hope you all have been good! Father Crocasmas might have left something for you ... https://i.imgur.com/i52WzDY.jpg
  10. I don't like riding a sled, the wind messes up my perfect hair.
  12. Happy little trees, happy little clouds. It looks like he is about to lean the palette onto himself and end up with all the different paints on his shirt ...
  13. All I want for Christmas is Hodooooor!
  14. @First of My Name I am probably only going to see it after New Year. I am glad to hear it is good! Now only to survive unspoiled. The supernatural entity is seeing it earlier, so he is not allowed to spoil me! @HelenaExMachina I am putting myself first in a sexy way!
  15. Oh My God I Think I Like This T-Shirt.
  16. Honestly, I think that point is just a stab at one verx particular person.
  17. Seriously. Just don't.
  18. Enterpreneurship? Is that what I was trying to say by saying "hiring a contractor"? Maybe. Do you mean by that the option where the worker himself is registered as a small firm, and the "employer" (technically not an employer in this case) hires not you, but actually your firm to do the work for them - and you send them an invoice then? Every single work arrangement must be put in writing both because otherwise nobody is going to pay you and because it makes it harder to avoid taxes then. There are always going to be non-written arrangements with money being passed around "under the table", though.
  19. What do you mean by very basic paperwork? I assume it was some type of contract between you and the employer. I would say any agreement between a worker an an employer that sets the rules of the work is a contract, but I know nothing of legal terms. I do not drink coffee. I did manage to have a most excellent nap in the afternoon. It is nuts, but here I am. I have officially never been employed yet, because nowadays nobody wants to offer you a contract of employment. The employers want to use the workers by having them work on different types of contract without having to have any reponsibility for them, such as paid vacation, sickness, health insurance, retirement insurance and stuff. So they only offer other versions of worker-employer relationship, such as student work, freelance work, hiring kind of a "contractor" - I have no clue if there even are words in English for these different forms of work contracts we have here, but well, they all have different rules and they are shitty and shittier. #GenerationPrecariousWork Contract of employment here can be either for a fixed amount of time or indefinite. What is important is that it gives both sides some responsibility - the employer must take care of the worker's health insurance, vacation days and stuff. Yeah, normally what we understand under teachers - the ones that teach kids in schools - would be paid for it. I work at a language school, which is a private organisation and can pay their workers however they damn like, which is, they don't. Good luck, I hope LilO behaves well and does not spread germs around all the pregnant ladies.
  20. Errrr, are you asking seriously or being sarcastic? I may be missing undertones because it is 5.29 AM and I got almost no sleep because it is so windy that the shutters just didn't stop rattling at my window. Somebody tell me how to survive the day out and about without falling asleep. Yes. Good idea.
  21. Yay for paid vacation days, boo for sister's bronchitis. I hope Lil O gets better soon as well, @Lady Olenna. Try not to get any of his germs yourself. No, I am not an employee either. I work on a shit contract that that is insanely highly taxed, I get only paid for the hours I actually spend in the classroom without all the preparations, which can take a while too. Languge schools are horrible in that regard.
  22. Errrr ... who is the guy? I mean, is this a still from some TV show or movie, or just something you found online? I expected people to add a moon or two, stars, more presents ... at this point. I certainly didn't expect this. I am so happy I made this thread.
  23. Oh, I am sure he doesn't. I am pretty sure his parents make the schedule. He is really not all that into the whole school thing. I mean, I don't want to work then either. The only thing that sucks about this December being shorter in regards to work is that, being paid per hour I actually worked, I am going to get less money for the month ... You see? BTW, how is sister? I do not think we have had a funny update in a while.
  24. I still have a class to listen to next Friday, but I probably at least won't have the evening lesson. And not sure if I will be working next Thursday. Stil have to survive getting up at early o'clock three times ... And in fifteen days, I go see the supernatural entity. Not that I am impatiently counting down or anything.
  25. What the fuck is going on in here? ^My reaction to that picture. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE, RB?!