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  1. Who, me? Dear RB, you know my mind is completely pure ... Sorry about that. I made spaghetti carbonara today. They were good.
  2. What would you want to do then, eh?
  3. Yep, that is what I thought. Basically, to make a dramatic entrance after her absence.
  4. Ah, this is their most useful quality. You mean, babysith. *leaves*
  5. I hear this is what boyfriends are for. Maybe you should get one of those.
  6. So why exactly did Rebecca call up a meeting with everybody in the law office (except Karen) if she wanted to make an evil plan with Heather, Paula and Valencia? Was it only to make a dramatic impression and to objectify Nathaniel on his way out, or did she actually have some "insiduous business" to discuss with them, but was interrupted by Nathaniel? Darryl looked almost flattered when Nathaniel accused him of being nonsensical, didn't he?
  7. Hihihi. *giggles sillily*
  8. Oh yeah?
  9. I don't celebrate Halloween either. And now I want muffins too.
  10. So now I wake up relatively early even when I do not need to. I will have a longer day, I guess? Indeed. And now I learned a new word. Let's say this is my early Halloween costume. *honk honk* Poor Bear. If only there were such a thing as Google ...
  11. I think extending deadlines would make the whole game even longer and make people less likely to commit because of that. Plus from one to the next round, one would almost forget they are playing. 48 hours for a description and 72 for a drawing was usually fine, this game was special because many people were busy. I think the better solution would be havinv more replacement players ready and the players notifying in advance if they are not going to be able to draw in time. The pictures are publically posted on the Internet. I do not think copyright exists anymore. Also, you can always credit the artist in your signature or member title. So go for it, I im strongly in favour of using pictionary drawings.
  12. *walks into thread* Spam? *walks out*
  13. <- has had a makeover!
  14. I did not want anything, really. I must figure it out myself. When I have something of interest to say about it, I will. Get better. These songs are the only thing that keeps me awake at 6 AM on the bus.
  15. Well, I am a sucker for weird meta tricks in my entertainment ("literary catnip"), so there is that. I think that was clear by now. Oh, the PhD is not going anywhere any time soon, I can tell you that.
  16. Are we? I had a summer vacation the last week of August. Maybe we are somewhere in the middle. I will keep my opinion that Christmas stuff belongs to the storage until the beginning of December (and I am getting softer here).
  17. Probably just to mess with the viewers. British Josh with all the accents was hilarious. Did anyone catch the tune of Let's Have Intercourse in the background when Nathaniel was talking to Rebecca on her porch? I thought that was a nice touch.
  18. I try not to take it personally. Mostly, I do not succed. People tell me to change this, but that is just who I am. I am a caring person, which means I take stuff personally. My first choice right now would be working at university ... so part of that would also be teaching, but on a different level. And research and stuff. Maybe I have not thought this through enough. Maybe I do not know what I am talking about. I would also like to translate literature.I like that. My cat would probably get a silly name. It is better I do not have a cat. I would be very annoying to a cat. I like cuddling animals more than they like to be cuddled. I have watched Where's Rebecca Bunch more, but this one is very funny too. @RhaenysB I actually liked the new Jane. I liked the new narrator voice. The former Mateo was more adorable, though.
  19. I do not think they are being rude. I am a person who takes things way too personally for business life. I try to tell myself it is not personal and that I have to learn to be professional. Cannot really say I am dedicated to teaching. I do it, yes, and I do not hate it, I would say I enjoy it as much as one can be expected to "enjoy" work. But it is not what would be my first choice. Yikes. Get better, RB. Take care of yourself. I am going to watch that too. But I am more excited about the new Crazy Ex! Let's generalize about men! I have no clue what name I would give my dog if I had one, but I am halfway sure I what I would name my cat if I had one.
  20. I am pretty sure you have found it already, but just in case: here it is. Sometimes they make two versions of the same song and the more profane one, Rachel Bloom only posts on the Internet while the "clean" (dubiously) one finds its way into the episode and on their official youtube channel. I think I'm a Good Person differs quite strongly, for example. She has sons. I am impatient to see the new opening theme too. And to hear how Paula's education is going. I am glad she and Scott are on good terms again. Also, White Josh and Darryl are the sweetest. I hope we get to see the anteater costume again.
  21. It was Rocksniffer too. I copied your post into the archive thread.
  22. This game was hosted by @HelenaExMachina , but it was @The BlackBear who tweaked the formatting a bit, so I am copying his post here. http://asoiaf.westeros.org/index.php?/topic/147989-pictionary-37-no-alphabet-soup-for-you/&page=7#comment-8056866
  23. Since the threads in Games get deleted after some months*, I decided to collect all the previous pictionary results in one place so that we might admire those excellent works of art in the future. *And honestly, the Pictionary threads have nothing but their final post that is worth of being preserved anyway, most of them are just announcements for the players. I have too much time on my hands, so have a few links: Telephone Pictionary: The First One Telephone Pictionary 2.0 Telephone Pictionary 3.0 Telephone Pictionary IV Pictionary V Pictionary VI Pictionary VII: Where Sweetcorn Holds Back the Trees Pictionary VIII: From Russia with Hairdryers Pictionary IX: New Year, New You (Theme: New Years Resolutions) Pictionary X: Song Lyrics (Theme: Songs) Pictionary XI Pictionary XII Pictionary XIII: Lucky 13 (Theme: Superstitions, Old Wives Tales, or anything dealing with the Supernatural World) Pictionary 14: Harry, is that you? Pictionary 15: Summer is here Pictionary 16th eddition Pictionary XVII - Suave Kanyes Abound Pictionary XVIII: This Time Its Festive! Telephone Pictionary IXX: Starting with the Picture Telephone Pictionary XX - Spring Pictionary XXI: Hide Away Your Drugs and Toys Pictionary XXII - The Cats Seize the Board - Childhood Heroes Pictionary XXIII Pretty Pictures in the Sun (hosted by Helena, finished 17th June) Pictionary XXIV (hosted by Lany, finished 26th July) Speed Pictionary (hosted by Pebble, finished 17th September) Pictionary XXVI - This is Halloween (hosted by Helena, finished 25th October) - link to the old board because the thread is missing here Pictionary XXVII - Obliviate Post Edition (hosted by BlackBear, finished 28th November) Pictionary 29? (looks like it was 28 really) - You better watch out, Creepy Santa puts late players on the naughty list (hosted by Pebble, finished 23rd December) Pictionary XXIX: The one after the spamsmoot (hosted by Buckwheat, finished 16th February) Pictionary archive thread on the old board - some games might be better visible from there
  24. This is TitanCat. Parrot (on a cabin) is her avatar, so we draw her like that. Just like Rocksniffer is a smoking dog and Pebble is a yellow egg with two ponytails.