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  1. No, they aren't. Especially cloaks. Cloaka are great.
  2. I do not know what is with your mind, but it is very amusing. Planning lessons gets kinda boring. But well, at least I didn't have the evening lesson today.
  3. We didn't really have successful rebellions to celebrate ... we mostly celebrate the independence and cultural achievements. Hopeflly the students are going to leave for home!
  4. We have Easter Monday and then 27th April and Labour day, which is really two days. No Pentecost though. I don't think we have any holiday celebrating a failed rebellion though.
  5. Yay for you! I work tomorrow afternoon still. But luckily not on Friday. Do you have a holiday in your country the next few days?
  6. Happy pie day, spammers!
  7. True, it isn't. But in my present situation, any day is better than a Monday or a Tuesday because I have the shittiest hours of work on these two days. I need to get up at 5 just to commute more than hour in one direction ... for 1,5 hours of work. And then I work another 3 hours between 4 and 7 PM at a different, slightly more sensible location. It all makes me unable to do anything else at home on these days.
  8. Theda, if it helps any - my experience is that when I was most happy with myself and my life, that is when people noticed that and that is when things started happening in this particular direction too. So you are on a good path, I am sure something will come along for you.
  9. Rhae, I see what you mean. Good thinking. Happy birthdays to LadyO and abbie!
  10. Wait ... why now? I don't see how it would be getting any worse than it was right now. I could have understood quitting in the middle of season 3, though.
  11. Mondays. And Tuesdays, too.
  12. http://img.mylot.com/350x350/2065545.jpg
  13. More like from -5 C. In which part of the world are you anyway?
  14. I am sorry for your loss. Yay for baby sith. I hope she gets better very soon.
  15. We don't celebrate Mother's day today.
  16. Just a second, I need to change before running into battle then.
  17. This is the high quality content we come here for.
  18. Wow. Everybody is so busy you don't have time to spam? Or did my charming avatar with adorable crazy eyes at the top of the page scare everybody off?
  19. Most waiters and waitresses here do not wear name tags - actually I don't remember any place they do. Is that common in England?
  20. You Scots sure have interesting imagination.
  21. Just yesterday I was sitting in the public library and there was this man who kept sneezing into the book he was reading without even trying to cover his mouth. I have no idea what book it was, but I sure hope I won't have to use it at some point.
  22. OOH, I HEAR YOU GIRL! Yes, good one. But not strong enough.
  23. I agree. The Moersian (Zamonian) version looks like a dog who can walk upright and has small horns or antlers. I like this version much better. The hop hop version just makes no sense.
  24. MIND BLOWN. I thought Wolpertinger were completely invented by Walter Moers! What is this ... ?! *not sure which emoticon to use, but the commie one always works*
  25. Hey, happy International Women's Day, spamettes! Women Gotta Stick Together ... all across this land ... women gotta stick together ... and tell each other the truth ...