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  1. I would like to dedicate this victory to @Harlot who returned from the long exile to teach new generations of spam how to spam it up old school, and the supernatural entity for giving me the phone I won with. Carry on. Or, in the immortal words of @RhaenysB, let's make spam great again!
  2. And? Ungodly hour.
  3. Well to be honest, I spent most of the last few days inside, where it waa pleasantly not-very-hot. I am sure I would have minded it more if I had to walk around all day.
  4. Well, I do not want rain either. The east.
  5. Until next Wednesday. I am going with my family. Will try to. Though I really usually do not mind the heat that much.
  6. I am going to Germany tomorrow, it looks like it will not be that hot there.
  7. The politics. Anyway, picture posted and don't anybody dare complain, it is a masterpiece.
  8. You are boring.
  9. No, just a healthy sense of privacy and common decency.
  10. It was only our boy king who had his name bolded when Pebbs posted that description. Something tells me King Bamm Bamm has made himself comfortable on the lewdy side of the game. And me, I am just getting ...
  11. You seem to be forgetting that this is a public forum ... I might share the *other* kind of details with my friends in person, but I am not willing to do it with the entirety of the world wide Internet. Enjoy the day off.
  12. Yes, the reading time is more important than that. Obviously.
  13. I can describe a bonus.
  14. Well, I picked him up at the train station, he stayed over for about two days. On the day he arrived, it was pretty late in the evening, so I just drove home and we ate; I had made gratinated pancakes (some without raisins because the valonqar and the supernatural entity dislike them). On the second day, we went on a trip to a nice touristy city about an hour away by car with my family. We went on a walk around the lake ... Oh, these were not the details you wanted to know? *big innocent puppy eyes*
  15. That means it was not mine. Sentence sent. I can imagine who drew last round. It is one of the bizzarest I have seen.
  16. What do you want to know then?
  17. *curtsey* Always at your service, brave sailor.
  18. Was I inside the time limit still? Or was I a minute late? I am laughing at the old results again.
  19. Since the threads in Games get deleted after some months*, I decided to collect all the previous pictionary results in one place so that we might admire those excellent works of art in the future. *And honestly, the Pictionary threads have nothing but their final post that is worth of being preserved anyway, most of them are just announcements for the players. I have too much time on my hands, so have a few links: Telephone Pictionary: The First One Telephone Pictionary 2.0 Telephone Pictionary 3.0 Telephone Pictionary IV Pictionary V Pictionary VI Pictionary VII: Where Sweetcorn Holds Back the Trees Pictionary VIII: From Russia with Hairdryers Pictionary IX: New Year, New You (Theme: New Years Resolutions) Pictionary X: Song Lyrics (Theme: Songs) Pictionary XI Pictionary XII Pictionary XIII: Lucky 13 (Theme: Superstitions, Old Wives Tales, or anything dealing with the Supernatural World) Pictionary 14: Harry, is that you? Pictionary 15: Summer is here Pictionary 16th eddition Pictionary XVII - Suave Kanyes Abound Pictionary XVIII: This Time Its Festive! Telephone Pictionary IXX: Starting with the Picture Telephone Pictionary XX - Spring Pictionary XXI: Hide Away Your Drugs and Toys Pictionary XXII - The Cats Seize the Board - Childhood Heroes Pictionary XXIII Pretty Pictures in the Sun (hosted by Helena, finished 17th June) Pictionary XXIV (hosted by Lany, finished 26th July) Speed Pictionary (hosted by Pebble, finished 17th September) Pictionary XXVI - This is Halloween (hosted by Helena, finished 25th October) - link to the old board because the thread is missing here Pictionary XXVII - Obliviate Post Edition (hosted by BlackBear, finished 28th November) Pictionary 29? (looks like it was 28 really) - You better watch out, Creepy Santa puts late players on the naughty list (hosted by Pebble, finished 23rd December) Pictionary XXIX: The one after the spamsmoot (hosted by Buckwheat, finished 16th February) Pictionary archive thread on the old board - some games might be better visible from there
  20. Good point. Have a cookie.
  21. That looks like very uncomfortable clothing.
  22. Yes. No.
  23. How hot? Now you will probably say it is more than 12°C and you are melting or some such, eh, Northerner?