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  1. I would like to dedicate this victory to @Harlot who returned from the long exile to teach new generations of spam how to spam it up old school, and the supernatural entity for giving me the phone I won with. Carry on. Or, in the immortal words of @RhaenysB, let's make spam great again!
  2. Oh, he is not gone that way! He is just on his way back home, which is elsewhere, and we will probably not see each other for some time now ... not sure how long.
  3. I really don't think wearing no make up makes you more suspicious ... Supernatural entity is gone now.
  4. Weird timing, stupid weather. Even for that, the supernatural entity and I had to spend three hours in a horrible train with no air conditioning, which was late, so we had to run to catch the bus, and spend about an hour in that one to get almost to where we wanted to be. I actually wanted to stay till today morning, but they said the weather was going to be so bad we just returned yesterday evening. By car, luckily. But in darkness, part of the way through rain, and on the impossibly crooked road because we wanted to avoid the lines at the other border crossing. The lady at the border control interrogated us weirdly. Usually they just wave you through.
  5. My beach holiday this year lasted about 24 hours altogether.
  6. Well, I was not here in 2007, but I am pretty sure this is not how spamming was done back then. It better be! And then you come and tell me and Helena about your impressions.
  7. It is over. I had a great time with everybody, and judging from what I have read on the book of faces, so did many others. In numbers: Con events attended: 3 panels, 1 opening ceremony, 1 interview, 1 awards ceremony, 1 signing, 1 excellent ASOIAF-themed quiz (GO TEAM BARDS! :commie:) Ribbons on the name tag collected: 4 New acquaintances: many New books: one, with a signature that I will spend my whole life paying for Balance between sightseeing and being at the con space: probably around 1 : 1, which I find suitable Question left unanswered: Did Peadar get his moomin lollipop back?
  8. CRAAAAAAAAAAANNOG! You are back! But it is so ... quiet! Shame on you! It works quite fine, I think.
  9. So um. What happened here? Have I come to the wrong place?
  10. Home again. Helsinki was amazing. BWB are good people.
  11. I got one signed in London already. So now I have two! You can be. We are all having a great time. Yesterday we had a big BWB dinner at a Viking-themed restaurant. It was delicious and they had Viking helmets!
  12. Yes.
  13. Done. I guess one hour was not that bad. She is very nice and I told her that Bee is a great character, whom I like very much.
  14. Last section of the queue. They actually let another person in, so I am now the one before the last. I wrote my name on a piece of paper so Hobb can write a personalisation. That is very nice.
  15. I am now actually in the fenced off area. The security guy closed the line behind me with a ribbon. George has started to sign at the other desk. Ran is standing beside him.
  16. The security are trying to figure out how to keep the lines for Hobb and George separated and orderly. I just talked a bit to Adz of Köln, who was passing by. Then a security guy came and said this queue will surely not reopen. A lady with one of the Rain Wilds books in her arms was very disappointed. Another guy came asking us to fill out a survey online. I will keep you posted for as long as my battery holds.
  17. Now some people want to join the line, but the security tells them the line is closed. She said it might open again. Then I would not be the last one anymore. The line is not really moving much.
  18. GRRM's signing starts at 16.00, but people are already queuing there. It is next to here, so people keep coming and asking if this is the GRRM line.
  19. I don't think it would have made much of a difference. I had a lovely day in the city centre (only my backpack was kind of heavy). Still not sure I am actually going through with this. I did not come on holiday to wait in queues. But it would be kind of cool to be the last to have the book signed.
  20. I am the last in line. I came here after they already started. I might have come earlier, but then I would have been waiting just as long, only earlier.
  21. Just waiting in the queue for Robin Hobb signing. I have been carrying the hardback edition of Assassin's Fate with me in the backpack the whole day.
  22. What happened here? Why has there not been a post in 21 hours?
  23. I can confirm that @Pebble and myself are in Helsinki.