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  1. Oh wait, hold up right there Crow [already chuckling in anticipation] which 'alpha' males are you referring to, precisely?
  2. Boredom happens quite frequently to me. Active and passive responses in no particular order: i. draw ii. write iii. daydream iv. read v. walk vi. watch something vii. argue/seek confrontation [latter is rare, now, and largely predicated upon being in a pissy mood as well]
  3. I enjoyed it. I suspect your opinion won't change come its conclusion. Myself, currently reading The Court of Broken Knives. I'm not exactly hooked, and Anna's linguistic repetition can be somewhat annoying-- but over all it's not bad per se. It's just a placeholder anyway, as I'll be dropping it like a hot potato when Elizabeth Bear's new book comes out next week.
  4. Ok. The fuck are we going to do next week though?
  5. Books I couldn't bring myself to finish in the last year: i. James Barclay's Cry of the Newborn ii. Ian Tregillis' Something More Than Night iii. Ken Liu's Grace of Kings iv. MD Ireman's The Axe and Throne v. Andrzej Sapkowski's Tower of Swallows vi. Kameron Hurely's Stars are Legion vii. David Anthony Durham's The Risen viii. Adrian Tchaikovsky's The Tiger and The Wolf
  6. For me, any collaboration that includes Carlos Santana. My despite is so entrenched that some of my friends people I know give me Santanna cds for my birthday and Christmas as gag gifts. Thus, I fucking hate them too.
  7. Donaldson's Gap Cycle, man. yeah, that shit is dark-- but the world is ready for a Wagnerian take on Achilles as coward. The Real Story.
  8. I'm not sure if I could be less interested in this being adapted, which would a shame if I wasn't apathetic about it, as the prologue of TDTCB hooked me harder than any book in recent memory. Still haven't bothered with the final book.
  9. whiskey. tango. foxtrot. Except the Bakker talking thing, which is marginally worse than the Bakker writing thing. Alas a lack.
  10. Yah... after perusing this thread I don't regret my decision to drop this series after The Great Ordeal.
  11. Yup! Fire away, @Minaku
  12. I just saw it on Facebook too. What. The. FUCK. Boat drinks, brother.
  13. Might be, though unlikely. Having some past experience with 'losing my cool' (uncouth youth, slow to maturity) his actions are more likely indicative of piss poor impulse control and coping mechanisms, and/or an inability to internally deal with stressors. So, definitely not someone suited to serve the public. As an aside, I suppose there's little chance the Judiciary might make a point in this particular case? Like, eschew a mere fine?
  14. That's a great one too. So much funny. It's difficult, now, to credit how much of a clownshoe wearing bafoon I previously thought Bush Jr was. Got to give up a big Ric Flair wo0O0o0oo to that comparison. I live in Alberta, which is predominantly a right leaning Province in Canada, yet Trump is a frequent topic of jokes and eye rolling laughter pretty much everywhere, here. Heart out to my American friends, and Americans in general. Sincerely.
  15. Between Twitter, Facebook, et the Man Himself... Trump's first trip abroad has been a bright ray of sunshine for me lately. Many laughs.