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  1. I abhor any sort of violence, so any violent act, from the Mountain war crimes and general nastiness to Robb deciding to go to war because of the murder of his father, are equally immoral to my eyes. Not necessarily the most moral, but one I am surprised no one mentioned is Dany marrying Hizhar. Sacrificing your own desires in order to secure a peace and the freedom of other people counts really high in my list.
  2. I have to confess that I still believe ASOIAF is a science fiction story.
  3. How do you feel about ASOIAF's central messages?

    I would not say violence is evil, but the point that violence is useless and only leads to more suffering seems a pretty consistent theme in the books.
  4. So, as last week he had Schrodinger´s Sansa, we now have Schrodinger´s Cersei. Is she evil? Is she stupid? As long as she she is in the show, it can be both ways. We will oly know once we open TWOW.
  5. I am surprised this one has only been mentioned a little bit: Why was no Kingsguard watching over Tommen? I get UnGeregor was busy raping the Septa, because Cersei, "the one who would burn cities to keep her children safe", gave priority to getting revenge over keeping Tommen safe. But what about the other six ones?
  6. How Much Did GRRM tell D&D?

    Thanks for your kind feedback, it took me a while to get asleep last night because I could not stop thinking about this
  7. How Much Did GRRM tell D&D?

    This is an excellent explanation why swapping Jeyne Poole for Sansa is relevant, not something that can be done without substantially altering the story. I would like to add a couple more reasons: 1. From Theon´s POV: Book Theon had never paid any attention to JP before she becomes "fake Arya", and that is due to he being below him in the social ladder. Her arrival to Winterfell is a key event that makes Theon´s life easier, because he is needed to vouch for her identity in front of the Northern Lords. In that situation, he has every reason to ignore her suffering, at the end of the day, Ramsey has a new "toy" to play with. Despite this, Theon finds the empathy to feel sorry for her and trying to help her. In a way, only by feeling this empathy he can really find the strength to escape and be Theon again. Show Theon feels inferior to Sansa Stark, and since she arrives he has reasons to apologize to her for. He does not need to find an inner feeling to help her: he does it just because she is Sansa "nad does not deserve to suffer Ramsay abuse". You are free to choose which story you find more compelling, but IMHO the first one is way more interesting. 2. From Jeyne/Sansa´s POV: Jeyne is an abused and brutalized girl who is used as a toy by Littlefinger, the Lannisters and the Boltons. Like Theon, she has every reason to shut down emotionally and stop caring for other people. But she does not do that, she is the only one who shows Theon empathy and respect, the only one who can see him as a human being. Thorough mutual support, they find the strength to finally defeat their own fears and can escape their abuse. At no single point they think of revenge against Ramsey, their only goal is to recover their dignity, self respect and freedom. Sansa is unable to feel any empathy for Theon. Her goals are just to escape and, later, to get revenge against Ramsay. She uses Theon to escape,she kills Miranda (what a stupid character, btw) she uses Jon and the Wildlings to get her revenge, and she does not show and ounce of empathy or pity for any other character, including her younger brother Rickon. So we have a story about two broken people who find the empathy to see other abused person as they really are and, only then, can join together, defeat their fear, and escape abuse. And we have another story about a noble girl who is abused and uses every opportunity she has to escape and get revenge. Once again, I am sure which one I prefer.
  8. How Much Did GRRM tell D&D?

    I could have not said it better. Actually, I happen to disagree with your interpretation of Jon´s action after the Pink Letter. But that is the nuance and beauty of the books, something the show can sadly not accomplish no longer, if it ever did.
  9. How Much Did GRRM tell D&D?

    I do not pretend to speak for all "book purists", but the changes D&D made are quite more significant than Bombadil appearing or not. They go to the core of the themes and mood of the story. It is more like if in the LOTR film they had made Sauron a good but misunderstood fellow and,Frodo and Sam coward, lazy and spineless.
  10. How Much Did GRRM tell D&D?

    The show already cut, added and twisted a lot of stuff that is important to me. At this point, I do not share D&D´s criteria about what is important and what not. I suggest you use your critical thinking skills on and do the same. You can disagree with me, but "if the show cut him, he is not important" is a poor base to debate.
  11. How Much Did GRRM tell D&D?

    Sorry for the double post, but I messed up with quotes and don´t know how to fix it. I fail to see how FAegon is just a roadblock for Dany, you will have to explain that. What I know is that the conflict was foreshadowed in ACOK, so GRRM did not make him appear out of the blue because he did not know how to "delay" Dany´s arc. You obviously think that the books are boring, crowded with filler and unnecessary. That is fine, you don´t have to like them. But some people do, and we do not think they are dragging unnecessarily, but fleshing out important issues that give the characters and the world depth and substance. And for us, as for Martin "the conflict of the heart with itself" is important. If FAegon is, as I think it has been foreshadowed, one of the most important sources of conflict for one of the main three characters, he is not filler. If the issue is whether he will sit the IT in the end, or is just a placeholder between Tommen and Dany, then he is likely the later and that is why he was cut from the show. It is clear where the showrunners priorities lie.
  12. How Much Did GRRM tell D&D?

  13. How Much Did GRRM tell D&D?

    FAegon is filler? He represents the most important conflict for Daenerys. How is she going to react when she hears than a Targaryen who has a better claim than her seats on the IT? (I am guessing here that will happen before she leaves Mereen). Will she try to justify attacking him because of the HOTU mummer´s dragon? Aegon, fake or not, is vital for Dany´s arc, one of her toughest decissions. Without him she is just a "empowered badass" with dragons. Just as she appears in the show
  14. Meeren - The most undefended port ever

    It is established that the slaver cities had been quarreling against each other for centuries before Daenerys arrived. So, no, that is not the reason.
  15. Jon IS a deserter of the Night's Watch

    I don't think you are off topic. Just the opposite, you are hitting the nail on the head. It is clear that Jon's decision to attack Winterfell is not on the NW or even humanity's best interest. He is just being loyal to his family and, therefore, a deserter.