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  1. Excellent post. It seems that after this last episode, which felt as the icing on top of a quite unsavory cake, more and more people are criticizing the show. I basically agree with your analysis, and have already posted a thread about how fan servive has ruined Daenerys´s character. It is true that the writers can not follow the original story anymore. But you know what? GRRM already gave them the secret of his writing and they are disregarding it completely. What do I mean? The conflict of the heart. Most characters do not show internal struggle any more, they are just one dimensional cartoons which only role is to serve the plot. And you are right, the reasons this has been done has nothing to do with them not having access to the original story, or being untalented writers. It is because they have made the conscious decision of going what they think is more profitable: fan service. The way most people are starting to react makes me wish that this awful choice backfires on them, forcing them to prepare something that is actually good for the last season.
  2. And a pleasurable one, indeed. You actually made me think, and I have opened a new thread with the goal of discussing Dany and how she has been badly portrayed by the show. You can find it here, and further comments will be much appreciated.
  3. I guess Bran
  4. Indeed, books HS is much more a populist who wants to reduce noble and royal power than a bigoted puritan. He has not a harder take on incest, adultery or homosexuality than the previous High Septons. He is just saying that nobles and monarchs have gotten away with it for too long.
  5. I was speaking of the civilian population of Dragonstone. I am pretty sure the men Stannis conscripted had wives, children and other unable to fight relatives. Regarding time for administrative matters, if the showrunners had wanted to squeeze the issue in, they had the chance. Instead they gave us stuff such as Missangrey and "foreign invasion". When you have to squeeze a story in a limited frame, you have to make choices, and it is clear to me the showrunners are going for cheap emotional value rather than depth. Regarding the choices of slaves. A slave gets beaten up and broken when he/she makes the choice to try to be free and fails, not when they decide to die. I guess it is not that hard for any type of slave who really wants to die to do it. I do not buy the FM propaganda in the issue, that is just a story they tell themselves. I can still see your point, though. Daenerys is a good person at heart, and she tries to be a good ruler. She may even have the potential to be a much more compassionate and fair ruler than any the 7 Kingdoms had since Aegon V. And my beef is not with her, neither with you; it is the showrunners attempt to force feed us an empty concept just for the sake of making the character to modern audiences what drives me crazy
  6. Daenerys is coming out as a fanatic as well. Not a religious one, but a fanatic nonetheless.
  7. Has anyone considered Ed Sheridan as the possible father? He may have made it with the gold wagons into KL. He is a nice, good looking guy. I´ll bet on him
  8. Great analysis
  9. Regarding the wagons, it is a mess when show viewers do not even know what was into them. I think you are confused because we first saw a scene where Jaime gives Bronn gold from one of the wagons. But when the battle starts, it is established that the gold has arrived KL, so the wagons that were burnt should be the ones with food. But, at the end of the day, who cares? They just want a pretty shot of a dragon burning wagons so they did it, regardless of the logic. You make a fair point about her giving the enemy soldiers a choice, and how it is better than being put to the sword. The choice she gives them, though, is ironically, the same one a slave gets: serve or die. As I said before, I would buy her rhetoric much better if some measures about how to improve things for the smallfolk had been debated at some point, even if they decided to implement them after the war. I think the showrunners wrote himself into a corner here by leaving Dragonstone 100% empty, which is nonsensical (come on, the Targaryens ruled the island for 100 years before they invaded Westeros; are you realy telling me there are no farms or fishing villages? what did they eat?) and would have provided an opportunity to show Dany´s new subjects live under the new administration. Or we could have a scene where Dany tells her Dornish and Tyrell allies how they must know things will change. The big problem is that so far she had only delivered empty words and little substance, and the showrunners want us to buy them just because she is cool and good looking. I wouldn´t either. She is just calling for people to bend the knee only to rebel when they have a better opportunity in the future.
  10. I meant to use them in KL INSTEAD OF sending them to Casterly Rock. Apart from that, you have a point about feeding the soldiers. Actually, in medieval warfare regular foot soldiers captured in battle were put to the sword in the spot, only captains, highborns and the sort were captured. What would have be the humanitarian thing for Dany to do? Hard to say, but if she had not burnt the wagons containing food supplies keeping them prisoners might have been easier. She could also had sent them back home. I do not expect any of those guys, who have been shown in universe (Ed Sheridan and mates) to be just normal people who want to go home, to be in the mood to take arms against dragons ever again; they could spread the word of Dany´s might and mercy to the smallfolk and woe to the Lannister recruiter who comes into their villages. I just find her giving that empty speech about the wheel and them telling them to accept her crap just because she has Targaryen blood and dragons or die horribly highly hypocritical. Finally, regarding Sam, I could not stop thinking about it during the scene when Jon pets Drogon. My mind was like: "Are you aware that thing you are petting just roasted hundreds of people, including your best mate´s dad (who was allegedly a moron and a horrible father) and brother (who was none of the sort, albeit a little thick)?" It was super convenient how the Maesters forgot to tell Sam about all of this and he left Oldtown before they decided to finally do it, because that way he might never find out and a beautiful friendship will not be spoiled but such a silly detail.
  11. That is quite true, with the main difference being that those politicians have better speechwriters than the showrunners do.
  12. You summed it up perfectly. You are definitely a "great judge of character".
  13. 1. You do not even need to use the dragons for a surgical strike. Smuggle 40 Unsullied via the way Tyrion used to meet Jaime and it is done. And just in case they fail, have your dragons fly over KL (at a safe distance) while announcing that you have come to depose the queen who blew the High Sept of Baelor up and wait for a mob to storm the Red Keep. Bloody? Yes. Bloodier than FoF2? I doubt it. 2. You are spot on here. Actually, that is the only reason Cersei is still alive. That does not make for good storytelling in my book, though. 3. Cersei does not need to pay for the ransom. I am quite sure House Tarly can afford it. And I doubt Tarly and his son are such a resource drain. If Sam were with them, that might become an issue, though :p. Future rebellions may be an issue, but in general people are more forgiving if you release them than their relatives are if you burn them. People tend to hold grudges, you know?
  14. As much as I love discussing about Varys, I am afraid we won´t get any surprises from his character in the show. The showrunners have gone full into "Good Guys Team", AKA "Followers of the Dragonchick Who Wants to Break the Wheel Team" and I highly doubt they will surprise us with a last minute betrayal. All those inconsistencies between his stated motives and the consequences of his actions that the OP so wisely addressed are based on book Varys, and unless the George specifically instructed D&D about him, they have no clue what to do with the character.
  15. Copy and paste from a different thread: "So will she strip Jon of his KiTN title? Or will she ask the people of the Nortth (not just the bunch of nobles who were at WF at that moment) for a referendum on his rule? What about Olena, Yara, and the Sand Snakes? Is Tyrion giving up on his claim to Casterly Rock and looking for a job? That is propaganda in the best of cases, nonsense in the worst ones." I also wanted to add that her whole claim is based on the fact that she is a Targaryen, the House who was on top of the wheel for 300 hundred years. And dragons...