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  1. There's a Daenerys image in a Qartheen gown in the Wiki. I think our preference is that such images not be used as the primary image, but as a secondary image in the course of an article, that is generally okay.
  2. I think a lot of the cutting down was something that was done toward the end when we saw the size of it, and I think a lot of the decisions there were more from Anne than us. Doing a quick check, it may not be Yi Ti that had some cuts to it. I will say that I don't think any of the areas in the east had cuts remotely as substantial as the Regency material, for example.
  3. If you see any ads that seem to be in common with these issues, do report them. We need something more to go on, because I personally don't ever get this issue.
  4. Everything I've found says $15 million an episode for S8 (in particular, that's Variety's quote, and they tend to have good sources on the financials). As to S7, it's only a single reference from cinematographer Robert McLachlan that the S7 budget was the same as that of the previous season, and I don't know how far to take that as being, necessarily, accurate. If we split the difference between S6 and S8, then S7 is $87.5m, which doesn't change the fact that the GoT overall per episode budget is substantially less than what Apple is talking about. There were distinct claims that S3 actually cost substantially less than S2. I don't really believe it, but still, it definitely was no more expensive than S2. If it were really $50 million for that season, that lowers my estimate.
  5. $60 mil first season, $70 mil second season $90 for S8. You're not going to get a $15 mil per episode average with these numbers across all episodes. ETA: Okay, did more digging: S1: 60M S2: 70M S3: Rumored to be less than S2, but we'll say 70M S4: 80M S5: Said to be just over 8m per episode, so we'll say 85M S6: 100m S7: 70m S8: 90m Grand total is $625 million in estimated production costs, against 73 episodes, equalling $8.56 million per epiosde on average. Amazon is supposedly considering spending 2.5 times as much.
  6. I'm surprised that no one has brought up that Timothy McVeigh cited Star Wars as part of his justification for the Oklahoma City federal building bombing: I suspect it likelier that Atwood is conflating that with the WTC attack.
  7. I think the number for GoT's total production cost is under $700 million, and I actually think the total figure is closer to $600 million. And 8 seasons of Game of Thrones at 73 total episodes means just over $8 million an episode. But the other thing is that costs go up, not down, as a series progresses. Maybe the LotR figure is taking this into account, but it seems very plausible that they're planning to make a splash with a $200 million first season on the expectation that they'll be able to hold that figure for the rest of the seasons, and they just won't. Or maybe they can, and people will wonder why it's looking worse and more shoddily constructed as it goes on, as cast and crew costs go up but the budget doesn't go up to match (ala TWD).
  8. Huh. Good for Jake. He's a buddy of Kristian Nairn. They even had a podcast
  9. Not strictly clear. There is a Hawick in the appendices, but GRRM has not explicitly associated them with Saltpans in the published material — that comes only from his heraldry notes. He introduced House Cox afterward, and it may be they share Saltpans with the Hawicks, or it could well be that George changed the Hawick seat for some reason, either in the setting (i.e. they lost it when taking the wrong side in a rebellion) or out of it (i.e. he just changed his mind.)
  10. Speaking of medieval towns, Anne Wroe's book, A Fool and His Money, is a great look into the oddity of a partitioned town. Writing based on records she studied for the French town of Rodez, she wrote a lot about the oddities of a city with a wall dividing it into two halves, each with its own administration, each with its lord (the Bourg of Rodez, which owed fealty to the Counts of Rodez, and the City of Rodez, which owed fealty to the Bishop of Rodez). It's a good, brisk read, and I highly recommend it for some of its insights into life in medieval France in the 14th century. Had I my druthers, that's what Gulltown would be -- the Graftons ruling a portion, the Shetts ruling another, with this weird situation between them.
  11. We've a minimum post count requirement before you can get a wiki account. I forget if it's 3 or 5 posts, but once you reach that criteria, you'll see a new sub-forum of the Wiki sub-forum, for submitting an account creation request.
  12. Blue-grey! Having some personal experience of it, it kind of depends. I've often erred on the side of "most recent" only to find that that was just a typo and the older was intended. With a large enough body of text, you can generally assume the usage that is most common is the right one.
  13. Afraid there's no obvious fix to this as of yet. There's supposed to be some search engine improvements with the next version of the forum, which we plan to upgrade to once it's been in release for a bit. Have you tried a Google search? put in site:asoiaf.westeros.org "YouSnowNothing" -- you'll see quite a few pages where you name crops up. Add in any term(s) that are relevant to what you're looking for and you should find it if it's still on the board (we do occasionally purge stuff).