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  1. Please test now. You may need to clear browser data if you've cached scripts that may have been affected by any issues.
  2. The latest patch has been applied to the forum software. We discovered in the process that the previous upgrade was only partially complete because a number of files did not correctly copy over, which we believe explains some of the recent issues some users have reported with using Chrome to write posts and with being unable to write posts in which a spoiler tag is quoted. We've now corrected that issue and believe that those issues should no longer be happening. We were in the process of updating with a security patch and fixing a couple of issues that have been recently reported, when we discovered that there's a permission issue that means certain files that need updating before we can upgrade cannot be updated. We have reopened the forum because we _think_ this won't cause any undo problems, but be aware that we could be wrong and may need to roll back to the last backup (which is from 1 hour ago). Out of an abundance of caution, if you post anything really lengthy that you would hate to lose, we recommend you save it in a document or text file separately. Once the issues are sorted out later today, we'll complete the upgrade and we'll update this post with the all-clear.
  3. Thank you. I think I've figured out the problem. We should have this fixed later today -- need a bit of tech help from our system admin.
  4. Browser, device, and operating system?
  5. I find that very odd. Do you have any unusual extensions that might explain it? We're also due for a small update soon that may or may not help with the issue -- not sure if they made any changes to the editing system or to improve Chrome performance.
  6. It does feel like you're having an issue with Chrome. Have you tried seeing if there's any way to refresh your installation? Or perhaps just clear browsing data and see what happens then.
  7. What sort of issues? I've no problem on either platform.
  8. This latest episode, sadly, let me down. One of the things the show has always been really good about is it makes no compromises for the sake of story: everything follows a real logic, actions come from avenues that make sense. So here is an alleged Russian collaborator, and mostly what they have is just an old photograph and they can't be certain from it that she is who they think she is. And Philip and Elizabeth are uncertain enough that they "want to make sure".... by barging into her home, interrogating her, and then what? Just disappearing if they decide she's innocent? When have they ever acted like this when there are options? Because in every other episode of The Americans, they would have done what they always do: spend more time researching, breaking into the house if needs be, and looking for photo albums. Are we supposed to believe that the people who lived in that very nice home never took photos? No wedding albums? No vacation albums? No family photos? Hell, there was some sort of family photo on a cabinet (I suspect of one of their children with a grandchild), so... It's ridiculous that the characters don't think about it. This is simply not how they operate. I don't understand why the writers at least didn't work in some throwaway where Philip asks if they've burgled the house to find corroborating photos, to be told that their home burned down a few years ago with all their possessions or whatever, so unfortunately they doubt there's any contemporary photographs that prove a connection.
  9. Unfortunately need to do a forum upgrade to fix this, but have not had the time. Will attempt to do it tomorrow.
  10. Okay, that's definitely actionable. WIll hopefully be able to get this fixed by Monday latest. ETA: What browsers are you both using? It may be specific to a particular browser as well. Just Firefox for all of you?
  11. Can you guys post now? I managed without a problem. My one thought is that something in spoiler or quoting code is breaking and not making it possible to post until someone makes an edit on the offending page. I'm curious if it's possible that the spoiler code is specifically at fault, as that may be something that can be tweaked.
  12. When you say you can't post, do you get any sort of message? Does anything in particular happen or not happen? Does it let you write a post but not submit it? Also, what device are you using (Mac, PC, tablet, etc.), what operating system, and what browser? ETA: Also, it would be helpful if you linked the thread in question. There are lots and lots of threads on the forum and it's not always easy to find a particular thread just by its title.
  13. I need a url or something. If you can Inspect Page in your browser and then look up the element, that ought to provide code that allows us to get it blocked.
  14. Thanks folks, we forgot that the Wiki had instructions. We'll update them to fall in line with our new method.
  15. This thread has been superseded by a new method of requesting an account, via a forum that only users who are qualified to receive an account can see. The minimum qualification to be able to edit the wiki is to have 5 or more posts on the forum.