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  1. Introductions

    A place for people to post a message introducing themselves to the forum, if they wish to. It's entirely optional to post an introduction, but if you do want to post one, do so here rather than starting a new thread.
  2. Board Issues 4

    Should be fixed now, but you'll need to clear cache possibly.
  3. Board Issues 4

    Do you recall the name of the app in questioN? With that I can probably figure out which add is causing the problem and get it blocked.
  4. Board Issues 4

    We just put in HTTPS as the default, and at a guess this is related to that. Try wiping all your Westeros.org cookies, shutting the browser, then starting again and trying to log in once more. ETA: Okay, it seems to be that you show as logged out on the home page... but if you click through to a thread or sub-forum, does it look fine then? That's what I'm seeing. It's a bit weird and I suspect it is an issue with caching that I'll look into. The solution for now seems to be to just go to a thread/sub-forum first, and after that it should recognize you're properly logged in.
  5. Board Issues 4

    Interesting. I did not see the symbols and such. I've tried an edit of my own. I suspect some weird character formatting issue is to blame. Hopefully it is fixed now, but try to edit again and tweak it (I think I lost the emphasis that was intended) and let me know what happens.
  6. Board Issues 4

    So these are all on iphones/ipads/Android phones and tablets? Any particular ads cropping up or redirecting?
  7. Cloudflare and Passwords

    We've just received word from Cloudflare that no data from Westeros.org has appeared in search engine caches related to the bug, but that they are continuing to review and will notify us should they find anything
  8. For those who are not aware, Cloudflare is a service that allows sites to speed up response times and cache a lot of data to save bandwidth. We have used it successfully these last years, reducing our bandwidth overhead by about half, which has helped reduce our costs. Unfortunately, a bug in their HTML parser has, over the last six months, occasionally dumped plain text data that could includes e-mail addresses, passwords, etc. to the web. My understanding is that this bug depended on certain features that they offered being turned on, but as far as I can see we did not use said features. Besides that, the server doesn't really store your passwords -- it stores hashes made from those passwords, which in theory would take years of computer time to decrypt. All that said, while I believe from what I've read that chances are very low the memory collisions that led to plain text files being dumped and cached by search engines (which have since dumped those caches) has led to any compromise of security here on the forum (or the Wiki), it is generally good practice to change your password regularly, and we would recommend changing your password in the particular case that your password here is shared across other, more sensitive sites (such as Facebook and other social media, or mail servers).
  9. Board Issues 4

    We've just received word from Cloudflare that no data from Westeros.org has appeared in search engine caches related to the bug, but that they are continuing to review and will notify us should they find anything
  10. Board Issues 4

    My understanding is that the bug primarily affected sites that used their email obfuscation feature, which I don't believe we use. That said, I would certainly recommend changing passwords if your password on the forum is used in sensitive places (such as mail and social media accounts).
  11. After coming across yet another reference that GRRM's snuck into AFfC, I've decided to actually go through the process of compiling all of these to put into the FAQ at the Citadel. I'd appreciate any assistance people can give. :) AFfC references should be proteced. We're including those that actually appear in the novels, rather than those that appear outside of them (i.e., unpublished Heraldry). We include some references that GRRM makes to his own work, but only those which seem like deliberate nods to those works rather than simply reusing names, ideas, etc. (i.e., Robb and Lyanna are reuses of the names Rob and Lya from "A Song for Lya", rather than a nod). To kick it off, I'll just rattle off a few that come immediately to mind: "... black hood, blue beetle, and green arrow": A reference to comic books, specifically the Archie comics superhero the Black Hood and the DC Comics heroes Blue Beetle and Green Arrow. SPOILER: AFfC A variation on this appeared where the black hood was replaced by thunderbolts, which has been speculated to be a reference to the DC Characters the Flash (who is, with the Blue Beetle and Green Arrow, a member of the Justice League of America) and/or Johnny Thunderbolt of the Justice Society of America. "Lharys, Mohar, and Kurliket": Reference to the Three Stooges, Larry, Moe, and Curly. The Houses Vance: References to Jack Vance abound. The castle Wayfarer's Rest refers to Liane the Wayfarer in The Dying Earth, and the castle Atranta refers to the fantasy world invented by the titular character in Bad Ronald. And speaking of Bad Ronald, the sons of Lord Norbert (who, like Vance, is blind) are further Vancian references: Ronald the Bad (reference to the aforementioned novel), Kirth (reference to The Demon Princes), Hugo (for his Hugo awards), and Ellery (for the Ellery Queen mysteries that he ghost-wrote). The children of Lord Karyl Vance are also references: Emphyria (referencing Emphyrio), Rhialta (another reference to the The Dying Earth sequence, specifically the novel Rhialto the Marvellous), and Liane (as in the Wayfarer mentioned above.) House Jordayne of the Tor: A nod to Robert Jordan, who is published by Tor. The arms of the house include a quill, referring to his writing. SPOILER: AFfC The lord of the House is Lord Trebor, whose name when reversed reveals "Robert". SPOILER: AFfC Archmaester Rigney: An archmaester who wrote time is a wheel. This is a reference to Robert Jordan and his Wheel of Time series. Jordan's real name is James Rigney. House Willum: Lord Willum's sons are named Josua and Elyas, and are quarrelsome. The reference is to Tad Williams and his "Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn" epic fantasy series, which feature (in part) the feuding royal brothers Josua and Elias. GRRM has cited the series as a major reason for why he went forward with "A Song of Ice and Fire". H.P. Lovecraft: It is speculated by some that the Drowned God of the Ironborn is inspired by H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu. This may be made likelier by the fact that the name 'Dagon' (that of Lord Dagon Greyjoy) was used by Lovecraft in his horror fiction, who borrowed it from an ancient Philistine fish-god. Costayne of Three Towers: A reference to a Thomas B. Costain, a favorite historical fiction writer of GRRM's. SPOILER: AFfC Harry Sawyer and Robin Potter: Two mock suitors of Brienne the Beauty who paid for their humiliation of her at the melee in Bitterbridge. She recalls unhorsing Harry Sawyer and then mentions having given Robin Potter a nasty scar on his head. Some intrepid readers speculate that the close proximity of the names, and the scar Potter received, is a reference to J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter, who has a distinguishing scar on his forehead. SPOILER: AFfC Courtenay Greenhill: A knight who pays court to Margaery Tyrell, his names refer to two makers of to knights (which GRRM collects), Richard Courtenay and Peter Greenhill. Alaric of Eysen: A far-travelled singer in the books, the character is a reference to Phyllis Eisenstein and her minstrel character Alaric. Samwell: Speculated to be a nod to J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, which contains the character Samwise Gamgee. Both characters share the diminutive Sam and both are loyal and steadfast to a friend (Samwell to Jon and Samwise to Frodo). Nightflyer: A ship captained by Lord Baelor Blacktyde that refers to an award-winning novella by GRRM, "Nightflyer". SPOILER: AFfC Bakkalon, the Pale Child: A god of some foreign culture in the series, referencing a god of the same name in GRRM's story "And Seven Times Never Kill Man" and mentioned in several other tales set in GRRM's future history. SPOILER: AFfC Rugen the undergaoler: Speculated to be a reference to be a The Princess Bride, which features the villain Count Rugen who maintains a dungeon. The Fever River: A river whose source is in the Neck is named after the river which gave GRRM's novel, Fevre Dream, its name. Lord Titus Peake: A reference to Mervyn Peake and his seminal work of fantasy, the Gormenghast trilogy, starting with Titus Groan. Blackadder: House Wyl features a black adder on its arms. GRRM has confirmed that this is a nod to the BBC historical comedy series, [strong]Blackadder[/strong]. House Frey: The famously virile Lord Frey and his large family probably owe their name to Frey, a Norse god of fertility.
  12. Forum Downtime

    Christmas seems to have been a bit too much for the forum, and there was an extensive downtime right when we were largely away. Should now be working again properly. Our apologies!
  13. Forum Downtime

    Our cache system, Redis, crashed unexpectedly in the the middle of the night, which led to further crashes and made the forum unavailable. Have now fixed this, and looking into ways to automate the process should it repeat itself so that downtimes will be shorter.
  14. US politics: Donny, you're out of your element

    Yes, Mansoor doubtless knows the pressures for an active duty general, but he's still speculating as to the exact situation. What we've been told from White House sources is that McMaster has been given assurances regarding staff, which (if true) suggests this wasn't strictly a normal situation. I think we'll know more in the next week or so as there's more reporting. And on another note, this -- and the attached PDF report from McMaster -- is solid stuff. https://www.csis.org/events/harbingers-future-war-implications-army-lieutenant-general-hr-mcmaster
  15. US politics: Donny, you're out of your element

    I too have read the opposite, but the proof is in the pudding -- in particular, I think we'll see where K.T. McFarland goes, if anywhere. Also, there's no evidence that he was told he'd have to resign if he didn't want the job -- that was offered up speculatively in sources I've seen. OTOH, being still on active duty, he may have felt obliged to say yes regardless of his personal feelings or any inducements offered.
  16. US politics: Donny, you're out of your element

    Think this is a pretty good response to the Pewdiepie issue from someone who's a comedian and, I think, gives Kjellberg some benefit of the doubt while pointing out very reasonable things about his mistake and the dangers of allowing the audience to shape you. http://birthmoviesdeath.com/2017/02/20/pewdiepie-rookie-comedian-quit-whining-and-write-some-damn-jokes
  17. Board Issues 4

    Thanks. We really need to have information on what the links in question are to be able to tackle them.
  18. US Politics: Papers, Please

    Very rapid response from the DoJ for a FOIA request regarding the OLC's review of the travel ban EO. USA Today reporter shared its legal analysis, in full, for those wanting a glimpse behind the complexities of weighing the form and legality of such a consequential executive order: For the full memo (which basically simply repeats what the EO is supposed to do without commenting at all on the legalities): https://www.buzzfeed.com/zoetillman/heres-the-justice-department-memo-on-trumps-refugee-and-trav?utm_term=.ewGbWYZP8#.dd2LlD0A2
  19. Board Issues 4

    What device and browser? I'm having no such issues. Now, some of the ads that show up use Flash and Flash has recently had a security update, so you might try updating that (if on desktop) and see if that fixes things.
  20. George's story in Book of Swords

    George originally had Bittersteel losing a hand to Bloodraven at the Redgrass Field, in the same combat between them that left Bloodraven less an eye. George decided that that was too much like Jaime and scrapped it, though.
  21. George's story in Book of Swords

    Something for the far future, at least. It'd have to be done with some sort of role from George, and he has bigger fish to fry.
  22. George's story in Book of Swords

    Another option, down the road, is a sort of Unfinished Tales, with various scraps put together, if George doesn't want to finish up some of these pieces (some of them need polishing in their full form). It could also include any lengthy extracts from ASoIaF drafts, like that Shrouded Lord chapter.
  23. George's story in Book of Swords

    As there has, in the past, been a passing remark or two about a revised edition of the TWoIaF, nothing says that we might not get the rest of the material out that way. Which is why we haven't suggested publishing all sorts of stuff that was cut, as we may have use of it for that. George may opt to release a piece or two more over the years on his website, but I would not look for all the material ending up on-line.
  24. Rumors coalescing around Neil Gorsuch as being Trump's pick for SCOTUS nominee. In a review of leading candidates, Slate suggested Gorsuch might actually be the least objectionable -- definitely a conservative and originalist, but apparently much less partisan than Scalia. (And for those keeping track, RoguePOTUSStaff claimed 3 hours ago that Gorsuch was the pick, after initially saying it was Hardiman... but after searching around I discovered that the first reports to this effect were 4 hours ago. Another example of reactive "prediction" from this account.)
  25. Dan Drezner deleted a tweet regarding that statue allegedly requiring Bannon's confirmation because, after staring at it a bit more, he felt the claim falls apart. Specifically, the statue relates to those who are appointed to the principal committee, and while it seems an early draft EO that caused much furor made Bannon a principal appointee, the actual EO apparenly only invites him. And the president is allowed to invite whoever he wants, apparently. So, not legit.