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  1. A place for people to post a message introducing themselves to the forum, if they wish to. It's entirely optional to post an introduction, but if you do want to post one, do so here rather than starting a new thread.
  2. There's a Daenerys image in a Qartheen gown in the Wiki. I think our preference is that such images not be used as the primary image, but as a secondary image in the course of an article, that is generally okay.
  3. I think a lot of the cutting down was something that was done toward the end when we saw the size of it, and I think a lot of the decisions there were more from Anne than us. Doing a quick check, it may not be Yi Ti that had some cuts to it. I will say that I don't think any of the areas in the east had cuts remotely as substantial as the Regency material, for example.
  4. After coming across yet another reference that GRRM's snuck into AFfC, I've decided to actually go through the process of compiling all of these to put into the FAQ at the Citadel. I'd appreciate any assistance people can give. :) AFfC references should be proteced. We're including those that actually appear in the novels, rather than those that appear outside of them (i.e., unpublished Heraldry). We include some references that GRRM makes to his own work, but only those which seem like deliberate nods to those works rather than simply reusing names, ideas, etc. (i.e., Robb and Lyanna are reuses of the names Rob and Lya from "A Song for Lya", rather than a nod). To kick it off, I'll just rattle off a few that come immediately to mind: "... black hood, blue beetle, and green arrow": A reference to comic books, specifically the Archie comics superhero the Black Hood and the DC Comics heroes Blue Beetle and Green Arrow. SPOILER: AFfC A variation on this appeared where the black hood was replaced by thunderbolts, which has been speculated to be a reference to the DC Characters the Flash (who is, with the Blue Beetle and Green Arrow, a member of the Justice League of America) and/or Johnny Thunderbolt of the Justice Society of America. "Lharys, Mohar, and Kurliket": Reference to the Three Stooges, Larry, Moe, and Curly. The Houses Vance: References to Jack Vance abound. The castle Wayfarer's Rest refers to Liane the Wayfarer in The Dying Earth, and the castle Atranta refers to the fantasy world invented by the titular character in Bad Ronald. And speaking of Bad Ronald, the sons of Lord Norbert (who, like Vance, is blind) are further Vancian references: Ronald the Bad (reference to the aforementioned novel), Kirth (reference to The Demon Princes), Hugo (for his Hugo awards), and Ellery (for the Ellery Queen mysteries that he ghost-wrote). The children of Lord Karyl Vance are also references: Emphyria (referencing Emphyrio), Rhialta (another reference to the The Dying Earth sequence, specifically the novel Rhialto the Marvellous), and Liane (as in the Wayfarer mentioned above.) House Jordayne of the Tor: A nod to Robert Jordan, who is published by Tor. The arms of the house include a quill, referring to his writing. SPOILER: AFfC The lord of the House is Lord Trebor, whose name when reversed reveals "Robert". SPOILER: AFfC Archmaester Rigney: An archmaester who wrote time is a wheel. This is a reference to Robert Jordan and his Wheel of Time series. Jordan's real name is James Rigney. House Willum: Lord Willum's sons are named Josua and Elyas, and are quarrelsome. The reference is to Tad Williams and his "Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn" epic fantasy series, which feature (in part) the feuding royal brothers Josua and Elias. GRRM has cited the series as a major reason for why he went forward with "A Song of Ice and Fire". H.P. Lovecraft: It is speculated by some that the Drowned God of the Ironborn is inspired by H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu. This may be made likelier by the fact that the name 'Dagon' (that of Lord Dagon Greyjoy) was used by Lovecraft in his horror fiction, who borrowed it from an ancient Philistine fish-god. Costayne of Three Towers: A reference to a Thomas B. Costain, a favorite historical fiction writer of GRRM's. SPOILER: AFfC Harry Sawyer and Robin Potter: Two mock suitors of Brienne the Beauty who paid for their humiliation of her at the melee in Bitterbridge. She recalls unhorsing Harry Sawyer and then mentions having given Robin Potter a nasty scar on his head. Some intrepid readers speculate that the close proximity of the names, and the scar Potter received, is a reference to J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter, who has a distinguishing scar on his forehead. SPOILER: AFfC Courtenay Greenhill: A knight who pays court to Margaery Tyrell, his names refer to two makers of to knights (which GRRM collects), Richard Courtenay and Peter Greenhill. Alaric of Eysen: A far-travelled singer in the books, the character is a reference to Phyllis Eisenstein and her minstrel character Alaric. Samwell: Speculated to be a nod to J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, which contains the character Samwise Gamgee. Both characters share the diminutive Sam and both are loyal and steadfast to a friend (Samwell to Jon and Samwise to Frodo). Nightflyer: A ship captained by Lord Baelor Blacktyde that refers to an award-winning novella by GRRM, "Nightflyer". SPOILER: AFfC Bakkalon, the Pale Child: A god of some foreign culture in the series, referencing a god of the same name in GRRM's story "And Seven Times Never Kill Man" and mentioned in several other tales set in GRRM's future history. SPOILER: AFfC Rugen the undergaoler: Speculated to be a reference to be a The Princess Bride, which features the villain Count Rugen who maintains a dungeon. The Fever River: A river whose source is in the Neck is named after the river which gave GRRM's novel, Fevre Dream, its name. Lord Titus Peake: A reference to Mervyn Peake and his seminal work of fantasy, the Gormenghast trilogy, starting with Titus Groan. Blackadder: House Wyl features a black adder on its arms. GRRM has confirmed that this is a nod to the BBC historical comedy series, [strong]Blackadder[/strong]. House Frey: The famously virile Lord Frey and his large family probably owe their name to Frey, a Norse god of fertility.
  5. If you see any ads that seem to be in common with these issues, do report them. We need something more to go on, because I personally don't ever get this issue.
  6. Everything I've found says $15 million an episode for S8 (in particular, that's Variety's quote, and they tend to have good sources on the financials). As to S7, it's only a single reference from cinematographer Robert McLachlan that the S7 budget was the same as that of the previous season, and I don't know how far to take that as being, necessarily, accurate. If we split the difference between S6 and S8, then S7 is $87.5m, which doesn't change the fact that the GoT overall per episode budget is substantially less than what Apple is talking about. There were distinct claims that S3 actually cost substantially less than S2. I don't really believe it, but still, it definitely was no more expensive than S2. If it were really $50 million for that season, that lowers my estimate.
  7. $60 mil first season, $70 mil second season $90 for S8. You're not going to get a $15 mil per episode average with these numbers across all episodes. ETA: Okay, did more digging: S1: 60M S2: 70M S3: Rumored to be less than S2, but we'll say 70M S4: 80M S5: Said to be just over 8m per episode, so we'll say 85M S6: 100m S7: 70m S8: 90m Grand total is $625 million in estimated production costs, against 73 episodes, equalling $8.56 million per epiosde on average. Amazon is supposedly considering spending 2.5 times as much.
  8. I'm surprised that no one has brought up that Timothy McVeigh cited Star Wars as part of his justification for the Oklahoma City federal building bombing: I suspect it likelier that Atwood is conflating that with the WTC attack.
  9. I think the number for GoT's total production cost is under $700 million, and I actually think the total figure is closer to $600 million. And 8 seasons of Game of Thrones at 73 total episodes means just over $8 million an episode. But the other thing is that costs go up, not down, as a series progresses. Maybe the LotR figure is taking this into account, but it seems very plausible that they're planning to make a splash with a $200 million first season on the expectation that they'll be able to hold that figure for the rest of the seasons, and they just won't. Or maybe they can, and people will wonder why it's looking worse and more shoddily constructed as it goes on, as cast and crew costs go up but the budget doesn't go up to match (ala TWD).
  10. Huh. Good for Jake. He's a buddy of Kristian Nairn. They even had a podcast
  11. Not strictly clear. There is a Hawick in the appendices, but GRRM has not explicitly associated them with Saltpans in the published material — that comes only from his heraldry notes. He introduced House Cox afterward, and it may be they share Saltpans with the Hawicks, or it could well be that George changed the Hawick seat for some reason, either in the setting (i.e. they lost it when taking the wrong side in a rebellion) or out of it (i.e. he just changed his mind.)
  12. Speaking of medieval towns, Anne Wroe's book, A Fool and His Money, is a great look into the oddity of a partitioned town. Writing based on records she studied for the French town of Rodez, she wrote a lot about the oddities of a city with a wall dividing it into two halves, each with its own administration, each with its lord (the Bourg of Rodez, which owed fealty to the Counts of Rodez, and the City of Rodez, which owed fealty to the Bishop of Rodez). It's a good, brisk read, and I highly recommend it for some of its insights into life in medieval France in the 14th century. Had I my druthers, that's what Gulltown would be -- the Graftons ruling a portion, the Shetts ruling another, with this weird situation between them.
  13. We've a minimum post count requirement before you can get a wiki account. I forget if it's 3 or 5 posts, but once you reach that criteria, you'll see a new sub-forum of the Wiki sub-forum, for submitting an account creation request.
  14. Blue-grey! Having some personal experience of it, it kind of depends. I've often erred on the side of "most recent" only to find that that was just a typo and the older was intended. With a large enough body of text, you can generally assume the usage that is most common is the right one.
  15. Book spoiler discussion of the show goes here, for those who want to discuss the episode in relation to the books, and with reference to spoilers from them. This topic should open automatically around the start of airing.
  16. Afraid there's no obvious fix to this as of yet. There's supposed to be some search engine improvements with the next version of the forum, which we plan to upgrade to once it's been in release for a bit. Have you tried a Google search? put in site:asoiaf.westeros.org "YouSnowNothing" -- you'll see quite a few pages where you name crops up. Add in any term(s) that are relevant to what you're looking for and you should find it if it's still on the board (we do occasionally purge stuff).
  17. What THB says. Westeros is definitely a melange of early and late medieval, and the development of urbanized mercantile towns in the later Middle Ages is much nearer the early Middle Ages than the Late in that it's rare, and that the nobility are powerful enough and entrenched enough that they largely resist it for fear that the autonomy and economic power that comes with them will be turned against them. The nobility very much has the upper hand at this point, unlike the post-Black Plague LMA.
  18. I’ve gone through the thread. Thanks. Will just underscore that much that was posted here is not part of what I sent to GRRM. Most of it is really asking for explanations of things that have readily imagined solutions. But the genuine continuity issues, or plot holes that seem to have no good solutions, have been sent on.
  19. Boxers forever in our household. Our current boy is turning 4 years old in a few months.
  20. Those are the named towns. We know there are more -- Arya mentions traveling through or by multiple towns with Yoren and the recruits in ACoK -- but George has left them unnamed.
  21. Sorry to hear about your dog's problem, @Week. You mention his right side -- is it both legs having coordination problems, or predominantly the back or front leg? We had a boxer about a decade ago who ended up having a neurological problem which we were never able to really diagnose even after a lot of tests, consultations, etc. It got bad enough that we had to put him down because nothing we did or gave him was helping, and he was deteriorating. Hopefully the consult with the neurologist will give some concrete ideas of what's going on. If it is cancer, there's always the possibility of chemo (some dogs react quite well to it; Ringo, our previous boxer, received it for a leg tumor and it helped for awhile, and he was more bothered by the sedation than he was by the chemo) or radiation for palliative care.
  22. @Lord Varys There is an idiomatic expression, for example, "The Princes of Europe", which means not specifically princes, but encompasses the crowned kings and queens as well. Thus, "Targaryen princes" can encompass a king.
  23. Afraid not.