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  1. Will look into this. Not supposed to have video ads at all. Grr. I'm guessing this is only on a mobile device of some sort? Android, Iphone?
  2. A place for people to post a message introducing themselves to the forum, if they wish to. It's entirely optional to post an introduction, but if you do want to post one, do so here rather than starting a new thread.
  3. After coming across yet another reference that GRRM's snuck into AFfC, I've decided to actually go through the process of compiling all of these to put into the FAQ at the Citadel. I'd appreciate any assistance people can give. :) AFfC references should be proteced. We're including those that actually appear in the novels, rather than those that appear outside of them (i.e., unpublished Heraldry). We include some references that GRRM makes to his own work, but only those which seem like deliberate nods to those works rather than simply reusing names, ideas, etc. (i.e., Robb and Lyanna are reuses of the names Rob and Lya from "A Song for Lya", rather than a nod). To kick it off, I'll just rattle off a few that come immediately to mind: "... black hood, blue beetle, and green arrow": A reference to comic books, specifically the Archie comics superhero the Black Hood and the DC Comics heroes Blue Beetle and Green Arrow. SPOILER: AFfC A variation on this appeared where the black hood was replaced by thunderbolts, which has been speculated to be a reference to the DC Characters the Flash (who is, with the Blue Beetle and Green Arrow, a member of the Justice League of America) and/or Johnny Thunderbolt of the Justice Society of America. "Lharys, Mohar, and Kurliket": Reference to the Three Stooges, Larry, Moe, and Curly. The Houses Vance: References to Jack Vance abound. The castle Wayfarer's Rest refers to Liane the Wayfarer in The Dying Earth, and the castle Atranta refers to the fantasy world invented by the titular character in Bad Ronald. And speaking of Bad Ronald, the sons of Lord Norbert (who, like Vance, is blind) are further Vancian references: Ronald the Bad (reference to the aforementioned novel), Kirth (reference to The Demon Princes), Hugo (for his Hugo awards), and Ellery (for the Ellery Queen mysteries that he ghost-wrote). The children of Lord Karyl Vance are also references: Emphyria (referencing Emphyrio), Rhialta (another reference to the The Dying Earth sequence, specifically the novel Rhialto the Marvellous), and Liane (as in the Wayfarer mentioned above.) House Jordayne of the Tor: A nod to Robert Jordan, who is published by Tor. The arms of the house include a quill, referring to his writing. SPOILER: AFfC The lord of the House is Lord Trebor, whose name when reversed reveals "Robert". SPOILER: AFfC Archmaester Rigney: An archmaester who wrote time is a wheel. This is a reference to Robert Jordan and his Wheel of Time series. Jordan's real name is James Rigney. House Willum: Lord Willum's sons are named Josua and Elyas, and are quarrelsome. The reference is to Tad Williams and his "Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn" epic fantasy series, which feature (in part) the feuding royal brothers Josua and Elias. GRRM has cited the series as a major reason for why he went forward with "A Song of Ice and Fire". H.P. Lovecraft: It is speculated by some that the Drowned God of the Ironborn is inspired by H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu. This may be made likelier by the fact that the name 'Dagon' (that of Lord Dagon Greyjoy) was used by Lovecraft in his horror fiction, who borrowed it from an ancient Philistine fish-god. Costayne of Three Towers: A reference to a Thomas B. Costain, a favorite historical fiction writer of GRRM's. SPOILER: AFfC Harry Sawyer and Robin Potter: Two mock suitors of Brienne the Beauty who paid for their humiliation of her at the melee in Bitterbridge. She recalls unhorsing Harry Sawyer and then mentions having given Robin Potter a nasty scar on his head. Some intrepid readers speculate that the close proximity of the names, and the scar Potter received, is a reference to J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter, who has a distinguishing scar on his forehead. SPOILER: AFfC Courtenay Greenhill: A knight who pays court to Margaery Tyrell, his names refer to two makers of to knights (which GRRM collects), Richard Courtenay and Peter Greenhill. Alaric of Eysen: A far-travelled singer in the books, the character is a reference to Phyllis Eisenstein and her minstrel character Alaric. Samwell: Speculated to be a nod to J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, which contains the character Samwise Gamgee. Both characters share the diminutive Sam and both are loyal and steadfast to a friend (Samwell to Jon and Samwise to Frodo). Nightflyer: A ship captained by Lord Baelor Blacktyde that refers to an award-winning novella by GRRM, "Nightflyer". SPOILER: AFfC Bakkalon, the Pale Child: A god of some foreign culture in the series, referencing a god of the same name in GRRM's story "And Seven Times Never Kill Man" and mentioned in several other tales set in GRRM's future history. SPOILER: AFfC Rugen the undergaoler: Speculated to be a reference to be a The Princess Bride, which features the villain Count Rugen who maintains a dungeon. The Fever River: A river whose source is in the Neck is named after the river which gave GRRM's novel, Fevre Dream, its name. Lord Titus Peake: A reference to Mervyn Peake and his seminal work of fantasy, the Gormenghast trilogy, starting with Titus Groan. Blackadder: House Wyl features a black adder on its arms. GRRM has confirmed that this is a nod to the BBC historical comedy series, [strong]Blackadder[/strong]. House Frey: The famously virile Lord Frey and his large family probably owe their name to Frey, a Norse god of fertility.
  4. [Note: I'm posting this on behalf of a a PhD student who is studying fandom and Game of Thrones.] Hello! My name is Julie Escurignan. I am a PhD student in Film and Television Studies at the University of Roehampton, London, and, as a fan of Game of Thrones, I am doing my PhD on this subject! More specifically, I research Game of Thrones’ fans experience of the universe, across media and across borders. Therefore, I have developed a survey that aims at understanding your experience as a fan of Game of Thrones. This survey is anonymous and takes less than 5 minutes to complete. If you have questions, comments, or just want to know more about my research, please visit my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/gameofthronesfanacademic/ You cand also reach me at: [email protected] Thank you very much for your participation!
  5. Thank you, Scot. Will look into this.
  6. I'll look into this. I think it may be that we're still indexing content since the last upgrade, although... that seems odd, as it has been awhile. But using site:asoiaf.westeros.org <stuff you want to search> should work in many cases. And possibly using the regular search here, though I can't swear by that.
  7. As many would have noticed, the site has become increasingly unstable the last couple of days. We're uncertain as to the cause, though the recent patch seems to have exacerbated the problem. One possibility, given the way the instability presents itself, is that some RAM used in the caching process is bad, leading to a domino effect as the cache manager crashes, then PHP backs up, and so on. We're preparing to move the forum to a brand new server, and a beefier one at that, and with any luck it will be up and running tonight. If so, you should see no changes or redirect messages -- in the past we've been able to do it seamlessly.
  8. I don't know if you guys notice, but there are lots and lots of ads out there -- many, many thousands get served in a day, often different from one another, and the way it works is they show up through different exchanges and so on... so, pretty hard to track even if you provide a description of the ad, the brand its associated with, etc. I'd be EXTREMELY happy to try and fix these things because we want to detract from the experience as little as possible while still being able to afford to run the site, but saying "video ads" gives me nothing to go off of. At the very least I need a copy-and-paste of the url of the ad, usually obtainable by right clicking and copying the link address or, if on mobile, pressing and holding for a bit until the option shows up in the context menu, to have a hope of getting them removed. And the best thing is once I figure out where they're coming from, I can probably see about making sure we get no more video ads from that source. But I do need the help.
  9. Interestingly enough, Coon's interview with Sepinwall suggests that Nora believes everything she said is true, either because it is or (as you suggest) she has spent long enough with the lie that she genuinely believes it. I don't know. The preponderance of evidence, particularly the fact that Lindelof seemed to have spent a lot of time specifically explaining the scenario where it's all true but neither Van Eeghen (in 2% world) nor Nora (back in 98% world) have attempted to publicize the matter, just makes it seem like what it is... but does it matter? There's enough ambiguity that no one but Lindelof and his writers can really say, I suppose. So I'll just say I'm satisfied with the episode, and the series. It was a really beautiful ending, and my word but can Carrie Coon act.
  10. Reading the Lindelof [url=http://uproxx.com/sepinwall/the-leftovers-finale-damon-lindelof-recap-review/]interview[/url] with Sepinwall at Uproxx.com makes me quite certain that the explanation we get from Nora is the true one -- the Departed saw everyone else disappear. I understand his desire for maintaining ambiguity, and will allow that without actually seeing what Nora describes we can never be 100% certain that what she said happened. But the basic premise, that there's a world of the 2% and a world of the 98%, sure. That said, to me I cannot envision a genuine emotional reason for her to construct this falsehood. I just don't buy that after all she'd been through being unwilling to admit that she was unable to go through with using the device would cause her to construct a lie. The turn of her relationship with Kevin could as easily have been, "I thought you would hate me (for not being able to face you after being unable to rejoin my children)," as much as "I thought you wouldn't believe me." So I'm satisfied with it. Petyr, See the interview where Lindelof already worked out why Professor Van Eeghen didn't build another machine himself. As to why no one else hunted him down and asked him as Nora claimed she did, those are other stories and we don't know anything about them. Maybe they were all satisfied with being reunited. Maybe some of them found that reunion was worse than they thought it would be and killed themselves, or ran off into the wilderness, or ... who knows.
  11. Will be taking care of those.
  12. This is actually something that we're looking at fixing. It has to do with the brand new server the forum is on, which is super-powerful... but also located in Toronto, whereas the database server is in Dallas. While it has a gigabit connection over the private network, there's still significant latency as the data is routed from you to Toronto to Dalls and back again. Fortunately, the new server is indeed very powerful, and should be able to handle running a copy of the database. The only thing is that replicating the database will entail some downtime for the websites, so we're waiting for the right time for it. It may be this weekend.
  13. Rest in peace, LoB. ETA: Aoife beat me to the legendary (and infamous) towel story.
  14. @Lady Blizzardborn, The recent update should have fixed that. Please try clearing your caches again, close your browser, then reopen and visit the site. The issues were entirely related to the fact that a previous update accidentally failed a couple of file transfers, but we corrected that.
  15. Please test now. You may need to clear browser data if you've cached scripts that may have been affected by any issues.
  16. The latest patch has been applied to the forum software. We discovered in the process that the previous upgrade was only partially complete because a number of files did not correctly copy over, which we believe explains some of the recent issues some users have reported with using Chrome to write posts and with being unable to write posts in which a spoiler tag is quoted. We've now corrected that issue and believe that those issues should no longer be happening. We were in the process of updating with a security patch and fixing a couple of issues that have been recently reported, when we discovered that there's a permission issue that means certain files that need updating before we can upgrade cannot be updated. We have reopened the forum because we _think_ this won't cause any undo problems, but be aware that we could be wrong and may need to roll back to the last backup (which is from 1 hour ago). Out of an abundance of caution, if you post anything really lengthy that you would hate to lose, we recommend you save it in a document or text file separately. Once the issues are sorted out later today, we'll complete the upgrade and we'll update this post with the all-clear.
  17. Thank you. I think I've figured out the problem. We should have this fixed later today -- need a bit of tech help from our system admin.
  18. Browser, device, and operating system?
  19. I find that very odd. Do you have any unusual extensions that might explain it? We're also due for a small update soon that may or may not help with the issue -- not sure if they made any changes to the editing system or to improve Chrome performance.
  20. It does feel like you're having an issue with Chrome. Have you tried seeing if there's any way to refresh your installation? Or perhaps just clear browsing data and see what happens then.
  21. What sort of issues? I've no problem on either platform.
  22. This latest episode, sadly, let me down. One of the things the show has always been really good about is it makes no compromises for the sake of story: everything follows a real logic, actions come from avenues that make sense. So here is an alleged Russian collaborator, and mostly what they have is just an old photograph and they can't be certain from it that she is who they think she is. And Philip and Elizabeth are uncertain enough that they "want to make sure".... by barging into her home, interrogating her, and then what? Just disappearing if they decide she's innocent? When have they ever acted like this when there are options? Because in every other episode of The Americans, they would have done what they always do: spend more time researching, breaking into the house if needs be, and looking for photo albums. Are we supposed to believe that the people who lived in that very nice home never took photos? No wedding albums? No vacation albums? No family photos? Hell, there was some sort of family photo on a cabinet (I suspect of one of their children with a grandchild), so... It's ridiculous that the characters don't think about it. This is simply not how they operate. I don't understand why the writers at least didn't work in some throwaway where Philip asks if they've burgled the house to find corroborating photos, to be told that their home burned down a few years ago with all their possessions or whatever, so unfortunately they doubt there's any contemporary photographs that prove a connection.
  23. Unfortunately need to do a forum upgrade to fix this, but have not had the time. Will attempt to do it tomorrow.
  24. Okay, that's definitely actionable. WIll hopefully be able to get this fixed by Monday latest. ETA: What browsers are you both using? It may be specific to a particular browser as well. Just Firefox for all of you?