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  1. Do Varys and/or Littlefinger know about R+L=J?

    I don't think neither Varys or LF know but i think varys has the clues he just didn't add them up
  2. Which houses would be Dany's allies in Westeros?

    but the point is NOBODY fears a dead tywin. IMHO actually it might be that the westerlander might join Aegon to keep house lannister alive and casterly rock away from someone reach.i'll get later to that point. Fact is Aegon has that already that mindset. But a point nobody mentioned is: Dany has an ally way more alienating than the unsullied or the dothraky, a noseless imp who killed his own father.
  3. Language of the Others

    my guess it's the old tongue nowadays
  4. Will the Freys hold the twins at the end of the series?

    most of them Knew it was happens I don't think big walder will rule the twins but he'll be one of the survivin ones. and the one frey who turned against his family
  5. Magnar of Skagos

    my thought too AFAIK the first known european mention of a unicorn (and creator of that name) was herodeots description of a rhino not to mention these animals were huge size comparison (it's the light grey one )
  6. So Aerys was already pretty evil before Dukensdale?

    I actually think aerys eccentric ideas had a method in them: the second wall would have preoccupied the lords and hedge knight and showed the south that the wall is more then a gulag; the channel to dorne meant that travel to dorne would have been easier, not to mention the increase of agriculture and with that more income thanks to taxes; the anextion of the stepstones makes trade between essos and westeros easier and safer thanks to getting rid of the pirates sitting there; the boast about "bringing the titan to his knees" was never about the iron bank. It was a ploy used to empty Tywin coffers.
  7. Horrible, Evil, Dishnoroable Act that Jon Connington will Commit

    ever gotten the idea that killing them is also stupid, counterproductive and a waste of good and loyal personal. Varys imho is a pragmatic: If they grow to old/big give them a diffrent job like the Anti-spy unit and householdstaff in llyrios mansion must he? nymeria and aegon would disagree with you. there's also the Wall, the Citadel, the Faith also possible a lesser lordship, imprisonment for live in a golden cage.
  8. So Aerys was already pretty evil before Dukensdale?

    I also think the death of his two most trusted friends/confidants(Joanna Lannister and Stefforn Baratheon) also played a BIG part
  9. Was there any foreshadowing for Aegon living?

    it's a stealth pun: the shield bears a dragon the diffrence is actually around 6 years. Aegon(who's around 18) was around 2 roughly when robert rebellion happend
  10. the fact that even cersei and the sand snakes are able to count 1 and 1 together to see that Jon snow as LC and Stannis means trouble shows us how out of depth LF IMHO. not to mention should the truth come out LF will the target of EVERYBODY
  11. Is Lady Dustin barking up the wrong tree?

    how can I say it: the dog bark to loud.
  12. Tywin, Stannis, Roose, and Randyl

    correct me but did the hightowers even send a force to renly?
  13. Why does Varys want to find Sansa?

    IMho Varys is playing the with LF and he has started the finshing moves. and LF diesn't realise it
  14. which aerys there were two on the throne and i prefer both over renly my opinion I just realized thats his wife saying it. no but instead we have/had 2.5 at the same time you mean maegor cthe cruel? that was 60-70 years AFTER aegons conquest
  15. littlefinger mistakes !

    first of the fact alone that all three work for LF is cause for suspition and sooner or later someone might ask question and will find person willing to talk second the father oswell saw LF with sansa and dontos hollard(added extra dontos murder) on the merling king. now give that information to the small council or the high sparrow, even mace and cersei will start to addd one and one together third LF isn't a nobody. he's lord paramount of the riverlands and lord protector of the vale. and if the small council declares him traitor or demands his appearence to a trial he's gone