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  1. the fact that even cersei and the sand snakes are able to count 1 and 1 together to see that Jon snow as LC and Stannis means trouble  shows us how out of depth LF IMHO.    not to mention should the truth come out LF will the target of EVERYBODY
  2. Is Lady Dustin barking up the wrong tree?

    how can I say it: the dog bark to loud.
  3. Tywin, Stannis, Roose, and Randyl

    correct me but did the hightowers even send a force to renly?
  4. Why does Varys want to find Sansa?

    IMho Varys is playing the with LF and he has started the finshing moves. and LF diesn't realise it 
  5. you mean maegor cthe cruel? that was 60-70 years AFTER aegons conquest
  6. littlefinger mistakes !

    first of the fact alone that all three work for LF is cause for suspition and sooner or later someone might ask question and will find person willing to talk second the father oswell saw LF with sansa and dontos hollard(added extra dontos murder) on the merling king. now give that information to the small council or the high sparrow, even mace and cersei will start to addd one and one together third LF isn't a nobody. he's lord paramount of the riverlands and lord protector of the vale. and if the small council declares him traitor or demands his appearence to a trial he's gone
  7. (TWOW Spoilers) From Pawn to Player: Rethinking Sansa XXII

    I have the feeling aegon will kill HtH
  8. littlefinger mistakes !

    1.) does it matter. the moment three persons are saying the same thing indipendantly it raises question (especially if it says: work ofr the queen) 2.) to the small council of course. and information about the murder of joffrey is imho worth a pardon. 3. ) that the boys work for Lf is alone is reason to investigate. LF shouldn't fear the sons it's the father he should fear.
  9. littlefinger mistakes !

    no but LF told them to do the queens bidding. and the father might /will betray Lf to save his sons and not to mention all three sons sayin the same thing about LF might raise questions
  10. my opionion too and imho the talk that harry looks like a young jon arryn just that: talk and flattery. AFAIR jon arryn was a) blackhaired and b) more of a thin build
  11. Anyone else really hate the Militant Faith?

    TBH: i don't hate the Sword and stars. I just dislike them. I dread and loathe the head of them, a powerhungry fanatic, The high Sparrow
  12. Aegon or Faegon? after this season what do you think?

    tbh i still think but I guess the TV series and the novels will have diffrent endings
  13. (TWOW Spoilers) From Pawn to Player: Rethinking Sansa XXII

    not to mention the mountain clans which might align against LF
  14. Characters of ASOIAF and their historical counterparts

    imho she's more a cross of a revenant, the dullahan and a banshee
  15. Characters of ASOIAF and their historical counterparts

    Garth actualy reminded of a god : the dagda