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  1. Friends in the Stormlands

    Nobody mention Rhaegars Former squire: Ser Richard Lonmouth
  2. It's not the WHO but the HOW joffrey died.
  3. my point still stands: he keeps a suspicious low profile and has colliding intressts with LF Royce and co. would HATE him for being complicit in poisoning a king.
  4. Consolidation of Doom of Valyria

    I highly doubt the FM are responsible for the doom. IMHO they are liars.
  5. actually quite the opposite. it would give them all a complimentary ticket to use lethal violence against LF. ESPECIALY if sansa revealed.
  6. lord gyles rosby began to see through the monetary scam LF called investment. and varys most likely is preparing a checkmate against LF.
  7. Euron's sigil

    and I think he makes his mutes silent by forcing them to bite off their own tongue via warging
  8. oswell is been largy on a "be around as little as possible" basis with LF. not to mention that his son have already spilt the beans they were under LFs payroll. and trying to get rid of them would/will be an revealing coverup.
  9. 1.)true but aegon saw tyrion swim in the sorrrowrs unscathed. 2.) Oswell is able to pinpoint the dwarftroupe(he hired them), Sansa's escape and Dontos murder(he's an eye wittness to both) on LF. It's actually a Morton's Fork: Doesn't matter who talks, The father or the sons, LF is in dire trouble.
  10. that why i think aegon will cause dire trouble in the vale: he KNOWS tyrion is alive. and the fact that knows dyed hair. Another person suspiciously flying below everybodies Radar: Oswell Kettleblack. He has three very good reasons to betray LF and the the crimes he can pin aLF are damaging.
  11. Why did Walder keep remarrying?

    a) the tullys are older by serveral millenia b)the tullys have always been lords and they led the rebellion against harren the black
  12. The Mummer's Dragon

    I think Aegon is real, and I think he's actually the sun's son (his mother is Elia martell) I think the Mummer's dragon is quentin
  13. [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    I wonder know my self the following thing: how many reachlords will flock to Euron if he crushes the fleets ?
  14. [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    poor tommen