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  1. Fargo 3: not until 2017

    Channel 4 had seasons 1 & 2 the day after they aired in America but unfortunately as best I can tell they haven't gone for 3
  2. April Reads: What, fool, are you reading?!?

    Finished Human Acts by Han Kang which is about the Gwangju Massacre in South Korea, the aftermath and emotional fallout it had on a series of slightly connected characters. Was a good read, fairly heavy and miserable unsurprisingly but it had a good pace, the various stories kept me intrigued and interested. Some clunky sentences here and there but I'm more tempted to put that down to the translation. Quite a small book (210 pages in Paperback) but it didn't feel lacking.
  3. Video Games: Dawn of Waaaaagh!

    You mean there's a strategy other than send in a few skeletons and zombies to distract their archers while the bat monsters kill everything?
  4. Taboo: Tom Hardy's historical drama (BBC1/FX) [spoilers]

    Overall pretty okayish, not great but not hugely dreadful. Big fight at the end seemed a bit unnecessary and I'm not sure if the Royal Navy don't exist in this universe given the fact they just seemed to have been able to sail off from London no bother. But something's been bothering me about the American Doctor being a spy for the EIC. He knew where Delany was keeping the powder and used that knowledge to make them speed up the production so why did the EIC have to wait until the farmer went to the priest? surely the Doctor would have told them well in advance where the powder was and they would have caught Delany red handed?
  5. I'm torn on the fight at the end. on the plus side the Martian Marines are dead and therefore can't talk anymore so that's a godsend. But it was a bit of a letdown after the great showing that was the fight with the stealth ship they seem to have gone back to the Star Trek "consoles and random bits of the ship explode while the place shakes" technique
  6. The Last Kingdom II - NO MERCY [SPOlLERS Season one]

    Yep, plus my pain was doubled by the fact the Leofric seems to have been merged with Steapa - if so we lost two of Uhtred's better supporters/friends in one go and unless there's some mixing with the timelines in S2 it might be a while til a certain Irishman comes along
  7. Why has it always got to be about the fall and the Grail? Why can't we get some hardcore international banking action
  8. Glen Cooks The Black Company series

    Tad unrelated but anyone know how Cook's Dread Empire series compares?
  9. She got beheaded by whatever crazy viking replaced Svienn in the series when the camp got attacked during the battle.
  10. The Arrival- Film- SPOILERS

    Finally got around to seeing it, really enjoyed it. On what help the aliens could need from humans a friends pointed out to me that when they first arrive at the base one of the scientists tells Ian that the heptapods didn't understand algebra but reacted to calculus which according to him (though I'm just trusting him on this cause maths is definitely not a strong point for me) could be because algebra is linear so it could be that the heptapods have trouble working with it and the problem they face is one that a more advanced united human race can solve because of a similar situation.
  11. Guy Gavriel Kay

    Yeah Under Heaven is a more personal story, rarely straying from the protagonists with a smaller scale whereas River of Stars is much more spread out covering a fair few more areas and characters and the characters are far more involved with the wide scale events of the book. But there both set in the same universe, though centuries apart with a couple of callbacks.
  12. Guy Gavriel Kay

    Just finished River of Stars and Under Heaven, really enjoyed the both of them. I like the sound of Tigana and Lions, reckon I'll look them out next
  13. Video Games: Thread Simulator 2016

    I was hoping for a more frontier vibe with Andromeda with a more toned down story about getting the first new colony up and running but that trailer and the gameplay teaser from a bit ago makes it look fairly standardy game sci fi stuff - deep voiced villain giving big speech about humanity, ancient super tech, stuff hidden in vaults and bwaah noises. So it's a bit mixed for me but I'll keep up on more stuff. On another note has anyone played Hard West? looks a bit similar gameplay wise to x-com and the vibe looks cool but I don't remember hearing a lot of buzz about it
  14. Ken Liu’s Dandelion Dynasty

    Reading the first one right now, took me a while to get started but a couple of train journeys meant I had time to read it without distraction and I think I'm feeling kind of similar to Sperry and Calibandar. It's okay but not great so far the dialogue can be pretty meh at times and there's been a fair share of exposition so far. I'll stick it through for a bit more as things but become more tense but right now it just seems like Kuni and Mata are just breezing through every step and problem effortlessly.
  15. china mieville

    Read The Kraken recently - King Rat was the only other of his I've read thought i've got the City and the City kicking about. I enjoyed them both but Kraken really hit it's stride in the last third and was thoroughly enjoyable, then again I'm a fan of the kind of weird urban fantasy world Mieville cooks up.