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  1. CC basically extorting the pornographers was a tense scene, though I do feel that if any of the pimps consistently try and pull something like that then porn guy's (was he the skinny guy from Numbers?) mob connections might spell trouble.
  2. I thought it was pretty well established by that point that K was a bit of a trooper even by Replicant standards. He just ate everything Bautista threw at him at the beginning, recovered pretty well from a crash and the missile later on - not missing a beat when getting back into the fight. And in what was one of my favourite bits just straight up ploughed through a marble wall.
  3. I thought it was great, easily my favourite film of the year. I spent most of the film wishing they weren't going to make K be the child but his cresfallen look when the Replicant leader breaks it to him almost had me wishing it was. My personal take on it was that the immunity bubble was a cover to keep her away from any prying eyes and any Blade Runners who might end up exposing her if she had been a more public memory author until she's ready to come out and lead the rebellion.
  4. Several seasons I'm pretty sure, read that had up to 3 planned somewhere
  5. For the Total Warhammer 2 folk anyone know how to handle food as Skaven? I'm playing as Queek and I've not been positive since the start and can't keep up the wars enough to recoup it from battles given that whatever Africa is called in this has some pretty big provinces. My main stack is fine but with the leadership penalties my garrisons and scratch armies made of clanrats end up breaking fast even for the rat people
  6. Same as above I'm glad it looks to be getting back to gangster on gangster action - season 3 wasn't dreadful but the whole Russian Royalist and Paedo Priest plot really did nothing for me.
  7. CC is definitely the most interesting character so far, wonder how dark it's going to get with him. Karate Kid kept throwing me off though
  8. Finally got round to watching season 2, it's not my favourite show and I'd hesitate to call it anything higher than simply good but it keeps my attention and adapts the novels fairly well. Though I do find it funny that coming from a series of novels all about taking other people's real life achievements and awarding them to Uhtred the tv show even takes the achievements of other fictional characters in the story and lets Uhtred hog all the glory.
  9. Been trying to see Wind River but no where nearby is showing it - to those that have is it worth an hour and a half round trip to go see?
  10. Is the book worth seeking out even if you already know the story beats and whatnot or does the film give you a good enough fill of the story?
  11. Despite its 2dness and repetitiveness (and horrendous load times on my comp) I enjoyed Armada for my run with it, maybe just due to the lack of any other space navy battle games for me to compare it to in recent memory. On the highest difficulty the campaign was a pleasant struggle, realising the fight was lost and having to decide which ships would have to be sacrificed so the others could successfully warp away was always fun. Plus I'm a sucker of over the top monologues about faith and duty.
  12. Watched I Am Not A Serial Killler thought it was a great film, never felt bored, just the right amount of weird and tense and Max Records & Christopher Lloyd both gave strong showings. Atomic Blonde was a fun if slightly overlong film, probably wouldn't rush to see it again but if it comes to netflix reverentially I'll likely end up watching the fight scenes another couple times. Clouds of Sils Maria was a good film that I probably should have been soberer for but acting was good enough to keep my attention even if I did nearly drift to sleep a couple times. Wind River is next on the to watch list but finding a nearby cinema is a bit of a struggle
  13. There's always a few nice ones either of the warrior priest variety or humble and genuinely faithful type but Cornwell is fond of his horribly corrupt bishops, confessors, abbots and preachers. I think Sansum from the Warlord Chronicles is fittingly all of those and some point or another and as such is clearly the worst of the bunch.
  14. Got bored and watched Blood Father with Mel Gibson and the new King Arthur film. Blood Father was pretty good had some fun moments, didn't overstay its welcome and Gibson carried the film on his performance. King Arthur on the other hand was just crap and this is coming from someone who absolutely loves Lock Stock, Snatch and Rock'N'Rolla. Bad pacing, boring characters and turned into a ps3 game at the end. The best bit was at the beginning and that's only cause the music was from that one good halo advert and so it brought back some nostalgia
  15. Enjoyed it, wasn't my favourite Nolan film and I wouldn't rush to see it again but it was good while it lasted. The one thing that I didn't quite follow was how Not Gibson/French Soldier died - did he just get caught on something as they were bailing from the merchant ship?
  16. The only way I can see myself enjoying this is if they go with the insane embellished version and end on Douglas lobbing Robert's heart at the Moors.
  17. About the whole human villain thing were any of the humans beyond the Asshole from Oz even villainous in Dawn? I can't really remember Oldman's character acting unreasonable or towards the apes at any point or really does anything to escalate the conflict. Maybe at the end with the bomb but in my mind he's entirely in the right there, you've got a golden opportunity to take out the animals that just attacked you without provocation as best you know and killed and enslaved your people - you don't pass that up just cause some guy points a gun at you and starts rambling about waiting for the monkey civil war to be over.
  18. Planet of the Apes was such a let down. It's fine not being the war movie the trailers and the name kind of you know, implied but if you're going to do a pivot at least do the pivot well. It wasn't atrociously bad just such a let down after the great showings of Rise and Dawn. Also do the writers of this series have something against Gorillas?
  19. Banks over McKean is one of the most perplexing things on that list given that for me at least McKean was the strongest performance of the season and one of the best on TV this year. It could be Banks is getting the Dinklage treatment and this nomination is a sort of apology for not getting anything for Season 1
  20. Definitely agreed, I had tickets to see it at the Edinburgh Film Festival on sunday but had to give them away because of work - as much as I enjoyed it, (which was tremendously, every scene with the ALF was a delight) having it up on the big screen rather than on my slightly mediocre telly would have been an improvement. It's my only issue with the Netflix films is that beautiful ones like this might be experienced sub optimally by a fair chunk of the viewership who might have iffy internet or not so great tvs/computers.
  21. Baby Driver was a very enjoyable film, it was more action and less comedy than I was expecting so while I wasn't laughing throughout like I'd had hoped I don't think there wasn't a moment where I wasn't entertained
  22. I'm starting to feel slightly vindicated as someone's who's spent the last couple seasons arguing in favour of Chuck and moreso Hamlin to my friends. Hamlin's easy to dislike at first cause he's a bit smarmy, up himself and had a hand up through nepotism but he's also hard working, loyal, seems to give everyone a fair shake and acts way more rationally than anyone else on the show. His put down of Jimmy this last episode has been one of my favourite moments of the season.
  23. Finished The Vegetarian by Han Kang, Man Booker Prize winner, a well written relatively small scale story that was pretty surreal in bits but very personal. Also blitzed through Death and the Penguin by Andrey Kurkov, equally short but a fun read if a bit abrupt towards the end.
  24. The new chief has got to be corrupt in my mind - like yeah there's not wanting to buy into what seems like a tall tale but then there's just shouting down everything and somehow believing that Nikki managed to sneak that massive fuck off big syringe in and that the Camera just happened to cut out. Plus surely he must have bumped into the fake cop on his way in there was like 2 seconds between the guy running out and the chief coming in