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  1. Cyrissa Yronwood - Secondborn child and only daughter of the Lady of Yronwood -- the most powerful vassal of House Martell -- Cyrissa has bloomed into an eligible young woman. Does she follow the hard politick of her mother, or the Martell sympathies of her elder brother? Does she want to rise high at court, or simply mess with the Martells? Her cousin Jessa might also be a good option for those who want to play an Yronwood, albeit one from a more distant branch than Cyrissa. Addition: Recently a bethrotal was requested and allowed by the Admins between her and Aryard Manwoody, Lord of Kingsgrave and Warden of the Broken Arm. Something that might stir up politics in Dorne. So this adds some juice to the character as well
  2. I'm afraid the webclient is down :(
  3. *would like to see Kris Kristofferson in a role* No idea which one. Perhaps as Doran Martell? He has the looks of a man who has been through /alot/ during his life.
  4. If there's a security error it's probably because internet is blocking it. ( most firms and schools have such policy that blocks game sites and stuff). This could help: If you're having the same problem when downloading a Mushprogrem ( for example: Mushclient). Try downloading it directly onto an usb stick. Opening the program from your usb stick should avoid the internet block.
  5. You can also download the program Mushclient instead. I'm new too to Mushing and got to it via the web based application. However, Mushclient is much better as the web based application disconnected half of the time. The security error is due the internet block that most internet systems at work or at school have. You can easily avoid that block by downloading Mushclient directly upon an usb stick. Open up Mushclient from your usb stick and then it should work. As for the web based application, you'll probably have to use a proxy site or something to avoid the internet block. ( try to google it. search term 'internet blocks' should get you enough sites with solutions of how to avoid internet blocks.) Hope this will work for you ;) (P.S. Just searched the internet myself for solution as i had the same problem with my internet at home ( which is actualy the internet of my father's company.))