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  1. Yeah, the Inhumans outbreak was made out to be a pretty big deal in AoS. They brought in the guy who's played the U.S. president in the movies to reprise his role for an episode 2. It's one of those things that made the so-called connection between the TV show and the movies very tenuous - in that it was made out to be such a big deal, you would think the Avengers would have been very interested in the whole thing.
  2. Yeah, that's how I felt as well. On the other hand it was nice to be done with a book in such a short period of time. I'll be curious if the sequels are just as short, or if they "grow in the telling".
  3. I am decidedly *not* a fan of the sequels...and I really liked Rogue One...so I'm hoping this one is more like the latter. This trailer looks great, but we'll see. Still a little worried about the guy playing Han...and giant space tentacles are concerning. What I'm 100% sure of though, is that Lando is going to steal the show...and hopefully that makes it a no-brainer to bring him back for Episode 9 (and then maybe his own "origins" movie later on...)
  4. Also...I'm still amazed at how much the area they're in looks nothing like real life Alexandria/Northern Virginia.
  5. Ok...I'm not quite as critical of the show as most on here...but that Negan/Jadis storyline...I don't even know what to make of that. Her "Walker on a cart"...how much effort was that to make...and what practical purpose did it serve? She was going to have to manhandle it to get it down to bit Negan. And then...I really don't understand, she walks behind a pile of trash, Negan sort of scoots a little bit...and all of a sudden he has a gun and a flare?!?! How does that work? That whole thing was just...bad.
  6. Looks like I missed some things...and that's ok...I really just wanted to discuss the book...
  7. I read this last week, and was curious on other's opinions. It's a short book...almost a novella, really. This is the first book I've read by Cole, in fact I was unaware of him until somehow I started following him on Twitter - I think because he was going back and forth with some other authors there. From some brief research, I take it that his previous efforts - his "Shadow Ops" series - was relatively well received. In any case, I found "The Armored Saint" to be a pleasant enough read - although it seemed to follow standard tropes. The heroine - Eloise - is a teen girl from a village where she lives with her parents - the mother is barely "on-screen", but it is hinted that her father has a military past. He now acts as a sort of...I dunno, lawyer-ish or scribe type, traveling between local villages. They live in part of the "Empire" which seemed to be founded after the long-dead Emperor (who is referred to as almost a deity) drove away so-called "demons" - which they believe are brought into the world by wizardry. This led to the foundation of "The Order" - religious zealots that patrol the countryside looking for any sign of wizardry. Ok, so with that background (minor spoilers ahead), And then something interesting happens... Perhaps I should have made the whole thread have spoilers...but I figured I'd be safe. For those that haven't read the book...I found it fairly by-the-numbers, with a twist at the end that will likely have me buy the 2nd book.
  8. bahahahah I was camping with my son this weekend, no cell coverage - one dad showed up Saturday morning and gave us the news, but I'm finally able to sit down and look at UVa fan's tears myself.
  9. Fair point - I'd forgotten that it picks up almost immediately after Civil War.
  10. Saw the movie over the weekend, and while I liked it quite a bit, I think it was a bit hard to live up to all the hype. I found a lot of the fight scenes a bit hard to follow as they were dark. The fight in the jungle, at night in Seoul, and the final fight with two guys in Black Panther suits in a dark underground cave. That's a minor nitpick, though. I do find the fact that the rest of the world believes Wakanda to "only" be a backwards 3rd world country a bit of a stretch. I say that given the fact that T'Challa hasn't been subtle about the fact that he's the guy running around in the Black Panther suit - which is obviously high tech. I just rewatched the "chase" scene in Civil War, and at the end of it, he, Cap and Bucky are surrounded by dozens of armed soldiers, and just pops off his mask. And my memory might betray me a bit since I've only seen it once, but one thing I recall thinking was that he sure did have his mask "disappear" a lot - even in Seoul. Given this, I would think most of the world's governments - or at least those with significant intelligence capabilities - would know that the crown prince - now King - of Wakanda is running around in a suit that appears technically level with - or even superior than - Tony Stark's Iron Man suits.
  11. The end of that UVA - Louisville game...*stunned* Louisville has to be the dumbest team in the country.
  12. BOOM! Down goes Duke! We've beat UNC, Duke and UVA all in the same year. I'll take it! Should officially punch our ticket to the dance, as well! GO HOKIES!
  13. Just watched the episodes. The drama of Kanan was undercut a bit to me, by the absolute silliness of those gliders. I know it's Star Wars, and I know it's a cartoon...but c'mon.
  14. The thing that struck me - from the (very brief) sound bite we got...he actually sounded like young Harrison Ford as Han Solo. The look...not so much. That shot from the back with Chewie putting his arm around him, I was like "when did Han get such curly hair?" But anyway, from the one or two lines we heard, I thought he sounded pretty spot on.
  15. Just binged the last few days and caught up. I'm not really loving this season - the same dreary indoor sets over and over are tedious. I'm sort of assuming at this point that the young kid who can meld rocks together will become uber-powerful and meld the Earth back together. And...is there any point in pretending this is in the same universe as the movies at this point? The AOS team has faced enemies far more powerful than Ultron...and yet the Avengers have never stepped in.