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  1. Done. Thanks for for doing the heavy lifting here, Mya. xo
  2. I'll pick up the shirts for Caryn and her Geekling...
  3. Happy belated birthday, Relic! Sorry I missed it, but happy to see you had a great day. \m/
  4. Happy Friday, Spammers! For some crazy reason I woke hours before my alarm. I may go into work early. Just a flyby to say hi and send some Hope you all have a lovely day! \m/
  5. Please add a men's 3x to my order. Thanks!
  6. Absolutely. \m/
  7. Gorgeous! 1 Women's 2X for me. Paypal. I may end up picking up for a couple of people. If so, I will update this post and PM you.
  8. Pleased to meet you, Lord Sidious! Ugh- Broken ribs must suck. There isn't anything you can do but wait it out! Hope you heal quickly. I wish I had a better story about how I broke it, but really it was just a spectacularly clumsy fall in my living room. I tripped over my own feet, rolled the ankle, and landed on it (sitting). The torque of the roll and landing fractured the ankle and resulted in an sort of greenstick break of my fibula. (It went 2/3 of the way up my shin.) It could have been a lot worse - I was really lucky. I hope to be close to full-strength by worldcon. (That's the plan, anyway.) Thanks for your kind words. Thanks, Bucky! I'm so glad you'll be in KC! And I'm happy to have been able to hook you up for ConCarolinas. It was my pleasure. Looking forward to having a beer and catching up in person. \m/ OK, back to the Penny Dreadful marathon and my preparations for GoT tonight. Wishing all the Dads a Happy Father's Day. Missing mine terribly today, but have been so cheered up by all the awesome pics on Facebook. Cherish your family, spammers. And give your Dads a hug from me. xoxo ETA - I forgot to say hi to JQC!!!!! Hope you're well! xo \m/
  9. Bummed that you won't be there this year. But hope to see you in 2017. Right now the plan is for me to be in Helsinki (I already have my membership) but I don't know if I'll be able to afford it when the time comes. Plus I'm on the BidCom for the Valley Forge 2017 NASFiC bid, which would be the week after Helsinki, and if we win the bid I don't know how I'll manage both. Too soon to tell... It really isn't too bad. I'm still wobbly coming down stairs, but I'm fine in the other direction. Plus, I have a wicked scar and some permanent titanium jewelry (6" plate and screws in my leg). You should see the x-ray! \m/ Hope everyone is having a good start to the weekend...
  10. That sounds like a pretty great plan for the coming months. And I'll be OK. It's mainly just a slow recovery from a broken leg/ankle and the resulting surgery to repair it at the tail end of last year. Hi Bucky! I saw Gillio popping around fb the other day so she's around. I'm sure she misses you guys, too! Looking forward to worldcon but I have to remember to take it slow with the gimpy leg. I overdid it at Balticon and really paid for it. I still plan to be in Helsinki but have no idea how I'll pay for it yet! Hopefully I will make it and we'll get a chance to catch up in person.
  11. Awwww Congrats, FOMN! \m/ I picked a good day to peek back in here. Hope you're all well. I'm looking forward to seeing some of your lovely faces in Kansas City @ worldcon. Things at maid manor have been less than ideal this year but it looks as though things are looking up. I miss you guys.
  12. Yeah I just jumped the line to play Happy Mondays. Deal with it.

  13. Eta: my apologies - I see several other folks already answered this. :blushing:
  14. Waiting for a cab sucks. They are never on time...

  15. Thanks for the warm welcome... I've found the boards, wiki and citadel to be such an excellent resource - really looking forward to getting involved in the conversation. I'll be drinking a toast to all of Westeros tonight - wish I had some mead handy, though.