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  1. How Would You Rate Episode 109?

    The lack of battles dont really bother me. THey were never a huge part of the series to me I guess, esp since we never even got RObbs POV. I liked the episode and woulda gave it an 8. However, the horrible actress, and horrible changes they seem to have made to Shaes character drop it down like a whole point or two to me. Its like bugging me way more than it should.
  2. What are the best quotes/lines in the book?

    My favorite just discovered on a re-read. Jaime-"How much can a crown be worth, when a crow can dine upon a king."
  3. High Valyrian

    As weird as a post as this is, I really would like to learn Valyrian. I wish the people who make the languages would make the whollllle language and then put it in a dictionary. I vote we all learn it and then have conversations in it, and make everyone else around us nervous. It'd be great
  4. The Fight at the Tower of Joy

    I agree with Xanrn that I don't think there was anything magical about it, or at least not the warging theory, although it is interesting. More like Ned and Howland got really, really lucky. Sometimes lucky stuff happens. Maybe Dayne fell, maybe Howland caught him off gaurd. But I'd say 8/10 times the 3 kill the 7.