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  1. This was the first time it hit me how tough GRRM is on his mothers. In a more 'classic' story, Catelyn Stark and her children would shine, whilst Cersei Lannister and her brood would, well... brood I suppose. And yet, here we are with a stern message that be you loving and 'normal' or loving and 'crazy' - motherhood is not easy and not necessarily rewarded. If anything, this episode almost made me feel sorry for Cersei; and got me asking myself whether just like in the novels, GRRM was taking us on another journey to never judge a book by it's first 3 millionth page (and turn yet another despised Lannister into a oh poor little Lannister yes I forgive you..) Mother Have Mercy
  2. I remember hearing about a lack of wolves due to budget reasons back in the beginning but I sincerely doubt that is reason today; and I wouldn't even suggest its a poor allocation of (now larger) resources. No sadly, I think it worse. I fear they simply don't find the wolves cool enough...
  3. You have no idea... (this profile is almost older than he was!). Honestly, I love the series but the lack of presence of the direwolves hurts (where was Ghost when Jon rode out, actually where has Ghost been full stop - I'm starting to think Demi Moore is involved;) As far as I know GRRM said the finding of the wolves was the birth of the story, I really hope the books do them more justice. And I guess a part of me was still hoping Bran would eventually ride Summer into battle - guess not *bowl*