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  1. 9 It was completely paint by numbers. Pretty much every scene played exactly as predicted. However, it was well executed. -1 for the return of Bad Pussy Triplets +1 for Jaime's return to being on track -1 for insane geography (the Vale being in the north, teleporting Varys...)
  2. Tits and Dragons. Mcshane knows all.
  3. How is Dany going to negotiate with her conquered foes when she gets back to Westeros? It seems every time she parleys with an opponent, she ends up just killing them. Of course, having a Dothraki horde and dragons as the core of your army doesn't lead to much being left to negotiate with. I'm sure all those Iron Born will happily follow her no-reaving policy, too. They seem ready to convert to an economy based on mining.
  4. On modified season 5/6 scale this was a nice solid 7. The spectacle was as big as anything you'll ever see on television. I've just accepted that we are now watching a paint by numbers soap opera which trades any sense, flow and character development for spectacle and shock.
  5. Stephen Dillane clearly did not like D&D's writing: http://www.radiotimes.com/news/2016-03-16/stephen-dillane-on-playing-stannis-baratheon-in-game-of-thrones-money-is-the-main-thing-i-got-out-of-it http://www.digitalspy.com/tv/game-of-thrones/news/a790111/game-of-thrones-star-stephen-dillane-doesnt-miss-playing-stannis/ The second one is incredibly damning to the writers and directors. If one of your principle actors doesn't understand his character after seasons something is seriously wrong.
  6. I guess we'll just disagree on this one (which is fine, btw, INTERNET!) For me to buy that the fault for this lies at Tyrion's feet, I needed to be shown his peace time actions in some way. His treaty freed up his thousands of Unsullied soldiers (they are the greatest in the world, right?) to properly defend the city from external threats. It is more likely they were shoring up those defense than they were sitting around playing tiddly winks. We don't know, because we never saw them doing anything. Simply replacing one cock joke with this: Greyworm: Why are my soldiers rebuilding the grand market roof? Tyrion: Trade is essential for the city to survive, no grand market, no trade. <slurp> GW: They need to be reinforcing the walls, rebuilding our defenses. Tyrion: <slurp> Once the roof is finished... Now Tyrion has to eat this.
  7. I hope the majority of you are right and he just does the DWD ending. If I see a Sand Snake, I will being to cry.
  8. There has definitely been ego leak or hubris. Early on, there were serious directors brought in. People like Alan Taylor and Neal Marshall. They could provide a dissenting voice during production. Most of the directors in the past 2 seasons have been directors with little credibility, people who are just happy to direct a huge show like this. There have been exceptions, but not many. It reminds me of my beloved Philadelphia Eagles. Andy Reid arrived with no real resume and hired great assistants and worked his butt off. He got great results. Over time, those assistants left to high level positions and sadly death. They were replaced with yes men and has beens, who were happy to be collecting an NFL paycheck. The results suffered. They rarely stunk, and this show doesn't stink. It is still better than most of the garbage on television. However, it is now just a VERY high production value (and often VERY well acted) soap opera.
  9. I'll ask again (not you, again in general). What specifically did Tyrion do which helped the Masters with this attack? All I've seen is he gave them nothing and bought some time (since time is so amorphous in this show) for his city to recover without an insurrection. He been a cocky prick, he's always a cocky prick. The writers could have replaced dick joke #197 with a simple scene where Meeren forces are sent to do some other important task in any number of episodes.
  10. 1. You don't care about who is sitting at Riverrun? Group A or B, neither of which we've seen for years? Weirdo... At least it gave a very good scene or two, even if meaningless. 3. I expect Edmure's reaction was jarring to unsullied, who probably don't remember him, and likely didn't glean his inherent weaknesses from the few minutes of screen he had years ago.
  11. It is possible Gendry on his rowboat was spotted and all the sentries had a betting pool concerning his parentage.
  12. You are right, they aren't launching the spears yet, but they are all setting up in the harbor.
  13. It was an odd line, but I've grown accustomed to just throwing things like that away on the show. I think they wrote it because it sounded k3wl. There is no way they are introducing a new continent into the show this late in the game. Arya's story for this season might be done at this point and there are only 13 episodes left after that.
  14. The alarm was sounded as the fire spears were being launched. What exactly was going on in the hours all those ships were pouring into the harbor and setting up?
  15. What specifically was the bite? How did Tyrion making an agreement change anything in their attack? This story would have made sense if after the agreement, Tyrion sent some of his forces out to find Dany or do something else. As far as we know, he didn't. If the Masters had needed time to assemble their forces, they had it already, just don't attack. If anything, any sort of time delay allowed Dany ex Machina to arrive with her new army and Drogon and gave Mereen some peace to rebuild without the Sons of the Harpy causing trouble.