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  1. Cersei certainly knows LF is up in Winterfell with Jon and Sansa (oddly ignored in Cersei's letter). He is shown lingering around those meetings where everyone would see him. He isn't disguised. Qyburn clearly has information sources unheard of by modern intelligence agencies. Knowing that Tyrion is with Dany would be easy. He is publicly holding her court in Mereen, the common folk probably all know he is there (along with Varys). Why she doesn't consider his likely betrayal and the knights of the Vale (clearly in open rebellion at best, if not fully allied with her enemy) a problem is baffling This is a woman who sent her only trusted protection on a mission to kill a serf who she heard talked about her asking about his penis. I don't think she'd shrug off LF. Varys is a lesser thorn, and she likely considers him just an annoying thorn on a bramble of danger and betrayal made up of Tyrion and Dany.
  2. And they killed him for planning to have the Wildlings man the castles. At best, he would should suggest Edd (who was somehow magically appointed by him) use the plan. Jon doing that was doing exactly what he hated that Stannis was doing.
  3. She looks like a Romulan or Vulcan now. Plus with the short hair, her annoying head lean is very pronounced.
  4. Heh, I couldn't that image out of my head last season when Jacquen (sp???) sent her off. Her two season training might be the best representation of where the show has moved to in those seasons. High production value (and generally well-performed) moments, incoherently strung together by "reasons". I did love the bad Shakespeare version of season 1, which runs with her training montage, so it wasn't all bad.
  5. The problem I had is we've had two seasons of Arya on a training montage. We've basically only been shown her learning how to take a beating while blindfolded. Then, she drops out of the program, the kindly dean does an 80's college movie ending of being happy with her decision and she has god powers. If she's going to pull off something like that, it has to be shown how or it is just Michael Bay fan service schlock.
  6. I forgot to add... By what right is Jon occupying the keeps of the Nightwatch with Wildlings? He isn't Lord Commander.
  7. 7 On the scale of the past two seasons, this was written with craft and subtlety. Maybe D&D have graduated from 7th grade boys to 10th grade boys. The cold open was probably the lowpoint. It was GREAT to see David Bradley one more time, but this was WWE level spectacle at it's worst. Two years of watching her train and now she has mystical, never-trained powers of do anything. Think about what had to happen between killing Frey and this season's cold open. Jon and Sansa's was a ham-fisted dialogue version of a great early season GOT story. If they had hired real writers to handle this story, it would be awesome (and if Kit could act a little better). Cersei and Jaime was a decently written version of a great scene. Almost in season 1-3 mode here. NCW is just killing it. Lena is almost as great, but her awful wig is distracting. It's been a long time, hasn't she had time to grow hair by now? Sam's chamber pot montage. Did we really need to see this? It made me wish for the days of gratuitous boobs. I guess it's better than gratuitous rape scenes. I liked the autopsy scene. What is Gilly doing now? They left her dangling with no place to go and now she is set up and fine... because reasons? Arya's not massacre. A great idea and scene, again, with better writers it would have been special. But decently written, at least. It went too long, but that is probably due to the boring dialogue. Hound: GREAT scene until the bizarre deus ex fire prophecy ending. I was expecting The Hound to end it by laughing at them because he was faking. Castle Black: Good, fun reminders of important characters and what they are doing. Bran's answer to Edd was bizarre. Why wouldn't he just say, "Ask Jon to verify who I am." He doesn't know he left, unless he is getting continuous streams from security cameras all over Westeros. Dragonstone: So the castle has just sat there empty for years? And no ship is going in and out of Blackwater Bay? The traffic cops outside the bay must be doing amazing work to keep the two iron fleets from seeing each other. Having Emilia Clarke not speak is the best way to get a performance out of her. Shouldn't a member of team Greyjoy and team Sand been there?
  8. 9 It was completely paint by numbers. Pretty much every scene played exactly as predicted. However, it was well executed. -1 for the return of Bad Pussy Triplets +1 for Jaime's return to being on track -1 for insane geography (the Vale being in the north, teleporting Varys...)
  9. Tits and Dragons. Mcshane knows all.
  10. How is Dany going to negotiate with her conquered foes when she gets back to Westeros? It seems every time she parleys with an opponent, she ends up just killing them. Of course, having a Dothraki horde and dragons as the core of your army doesn't lead to much being left to negotiate with. I'm sure all those Iron Born will happily follow her no-reaving policy, too. They seem ready to convert to an economy based on mining.
  11. On modified season 5/6 scale this was a nice solid 7. The spectacle was as big as anything you'll ever see on television. I've just accepted that we are now watching a paint by numbers soap opera which trades any sense, flow and character development for spectacle and shock.
  12. Stephen Dillane clearly did not like D&D's writing: http://www.radiotimes.com/news/2016-03-16/stephen-dillane-on-playing-stannis-baratheon-in-game-of-thrones-money-is-the-main-thing-i-got-out-of-it http://www.digitalspy.com/tv/game-of-thrones/news/a790111/game-of-thrones-star-stephen-dillane-doesnt-miss-playing-stannis/ The second one is incredibly damning to the writers and directors. If one of your principle actors doesn't understand his character after seasons something is seriously wrong.
  13. I guess we'll just disagree on this one (which is fine, btw, INTERNET!) For me to buy that the fault for this lies at Tyrion's feet, I needed to be shown his peace time actions in some way. His treaty freed up his thousands of Unsullied soldiers (they are the greatest in the world, right?) to properly defend the city from external threats. It is more likely they were shoring up those defense than they were sitting around playing tiddly winks. We don't know, because we never saw them doing anything. Simply replacing one cock joke with this: Greyworm: Why are my soldiers rebuilding the grand market roof? Tyrion: Trade is essential for the city to survive, no grand market, no trade. <slurp> GW: They need to be reinforcing the walls, rebuilding our defenses. Tyrion: <slurp> Once the roof is finished... Now Tyrion has to eat this.
  14. I hope the majority of you are right and he just does the DWD ending. If I see a Sand Snake, I will being to cry.
  15. There has definitely been ego leak or hubris. Early on, there were serious directors brought in. People like Alan Taylor and Neal Marshall. They could provide a dissenting voice during production. Most of the directors in the past 2 seasons have been directors with little credibility, people who are just happy to direct a huge show like this. There have been exceptions, but not many. It reminds me of my beloved Philadelphia Eagles. Andy Reid arrived with no real resume and hired great assistants and worked his butt off. He got great results. Over time, those assistants left to high level positions and sadly death. They were replaced with yes men and has beens, who were happy to be collecting an NFL paycheck. The results suffered. They rarely stunk, and this show doesn't stink. It is still better than most of the garbage on television. However, it is now just a VERY high production value (and often VERY well acted) soap opera.