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  1. I really liked this episode. Other than the Tarley remake of Pretty Woman, this was an episode worthy of earlier seasons, IMO. 9/10
  2. Cut to Season 8, episode 7 (assume 8 gets the extra episode): Blah... blah... blah... Dramatic conclusion... Jon and Dany married... Credits begin to roll... Stinger scene sudden cut: Euron and his ships finally approach the Shield islands. They are ruined, deserted except for zombies. Euron sighs and turns the ships around, heads back out to sea...
  3. So Brienne is being sent to Riverrun...

    Doesn't Brienne still have a royal writ from Jaime and signed by Joffery?
  4. [Poll] How would you rate episode 605?

    I am using a modified Season 5/6 scale. This is probably the best episode of those two seasons, so I gave it a 9. It would be a 7 on the original GoT scale. Until the last sequence, it was excellent other than Euron. He is awful. LittleFinger and Sansa almost made that mess from last season worth it. He small council meeting was great too. Tyrion and Varys worked. It was nice to see him put in his place by someone. Kingsmoot was terrific until Euron bumbled into it. The pre-Aliens part of the Bran sequences were great.
  5. Osha a self-sacrifice as part of the GNC?

    It could be a Nick Cage/ John Travolta face removal thingy. We know they have that technology.
  6. I get so angry when people have different opinions than me.
  7. [spoilers] Positivity Thread/What you liked

    No shock this is a MUCH shorter thread. I actually liked Dany's fire hut. It was way better than Super Dragon for the save, or Jorah sacrifice to let her escape. For a rare time, she took control of a situation and acted like the god queen she always says she is. It was cheesy and contrived, but the best option IMO. I think Jon and Sansa brought the proper emotions to a very emotional moment. We haven't seen Stark kids together since Rickon and Bran split, and Rickon was hardly more than a crying suitcase for those scenes anyway. Tyrion didn't make any dick jokes and acted like Tyrion the guy who should be in charge. It could have been better with a little more stick and less carrot. Ramsey's letter was batpoop crazy, worked.
  8. 6. A dull episode for the early season, but the best we can hope for now. At least Brienne didn't teleport to the Dothraki Sea to kill all of the Khals.
  9. Faceless Men Using Arya

    A high born girl is probably a rare recruit in an assassins guild. She could do jobs that many others couldn't do. Add in that she already some training in (and more importantly an interest in) sword fighting, she is a precious commodity. Of course, their mystical abilities allow them more flexibility than a "typical" assassins guild, so that is hard to put into the equation.
  10. Having a rough morning? The Dorne sequences from Ep1.
  11. With his (again) releasing a chapter seemingly in response to something not well liked on the show, I feel safe in saying Martin has no control of the show and isn't happy with some things. He won't come out and say it as he is making a fortune off it (and he seems too professional for that type of behavior, even if he can't hit deadlines).
  12. Most of my friends/family who watch GoT have not read the books (though in this case book readers don't know either). It is no small amount of people. While I haven't taken notarized statements from ALL of them, as far as I know, every single one of them knew Jon was still alive and had a minimal reaction when it happened. Using my Facebook feed as a clearly unbiased random sampling poll, every entertainment news agency found this moment to be shocking, but no actual watchers of the show did. The only reaction I saw were two younger viewers glad to have the pretty boy back and moving around. Normally my feed is spammed with stuff when big happens on this show (or Walking Dead).
  13. Way better than the first two, 8
  14. I will likely never get through this thread (35 pages atm), but thank you all. This has been cleansing after watching that episode. Some writer described badly written "enpowered" female characters as simply scantily clad and violent. That came to mind here. I also thought of the jewel thieves in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. " Two reasons. One: we're walking, talking, bad girl cliches. "