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  1. badumptsh.
  2. His music's rubbish and he's a ginger.
  3. very cool cover.
  4. That one was really fun.
  5. Cash by Johnny Cash Hellraisers: The Life and Inebriated Times of Richard Burton, Richard Harris, Peter O'Toole, and Oliver Reed by Richard Sellers Titanic Thompson: The Man Who Bet on Everything by Kevin Cook Fury On Earth: A Biography Of Wilhelm Reich by Myron Sharaf All some I've read over the last couple years. Right now reading Trevor Noah's Born a Crime. It's pretty good.
  6. People hold on to that quote like it's the Gospel. No wonder he keeps mostly mum about his writing.
  7. I think they'd do better on TV as well, but say you have a 10-13 episode season, would 5-6 of those eps essentially consist of "Kvothe is desperately poor this week?". This is one aspect I think people have harped on as somewhat tiresome, but feels real to me as someone who has been desperately poor, it's rather all consuming. My concern is as well as it's written on the page, it doesn't necessarily make riveting TV. We spend the bulk of 2 books at the University, where essentially, Kvothe learns a few things, and makes some friends, enemies, and terrible decisions.
  8. In defense of the pending adaptations, no one has yet seen storyboard one at this point. In the early 2000s YA Fantasy and anything that even vaguely resembled LOTR were gobbled up by studios and churned out one after the other for quick profits (or not, I'm looking at you The Seeker: The Dark is Rising). This was all long before GoT showed how this could be done both critically and commercially really well, and I think the upcoming Dark Tower adaptation will be a good bellwether as to whether this could be something good. I believe in the people working on it anyhow. Yeah, it'd be nice if we could get back to discussing the book but I think everything that can be said has mostly been said.
  9. No golden showers on the slog. Only black ones.
  10. Same. You get so used to not having it, when you do it burns a hole in your pocket.
  11. Anytime. I was also remiss in not listing the myriad ways in which pendulous phalluses and black seed has been referenced throughout the Bakker threads. Also I'm a huge fan of those books, I think there's never been anything this ambitious in the genre. But after all these years i'm just tired of reading the constant retreading of the same argument that's been going on probably since the initial thread, and would rather discuss all of our crazy theories and stuff I missed the first 4 times I read the series because it's so freaking dense.
  12. I really enjoyed the book as well, but the Felurian part and the on the road finding bandits part could've used some editing for sure. Although Rothfuss does give you an idea of just how potentially boring and miserable a job like that would be, it's not necessarily all that interesting to read about. The one thing that keeps me going consistently throughout is his prose is just so readable. Another complaint I hear a lot is the constant harping on his poverty. I occasionally find it tiresome, but having been there much of my life, I can tell you it is accurately all consuming. The constant planning and wondering and scheming and the chances you take just to get through daily life are mentally and physically exhausting. The only thing that would take me out of thinking about money was just being with people more.
  13. Shut your hole SJW, you're a misogynist. No YOU'RE a misogynist. You're a rape apologist. no YOU'RE a rape apologist. Mansplain grimdark mansplain grimdark. There that's over.
  14. It's ok Glockta, keep climbing those stairs. I'm sure this time something different will be at the top.
  15. Continuing post on the works of Pat Rothfuss. Spoilers likely abound.