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  1. Angalin added a post in a topic Rain   

    For you, ToL, anytime! Is there gin in them?
  2. Angalin added a post in a topic Rain   

    We had a lot of rain on Friday.

    I like walking on the beach in the rain, though preferably on my own.
  3. Angalin added a post in a topic Careerchat   

    Many academics think they're too good to teach, when in fact they're just terrible teachers.
  4. Angalin added a post in a topic Traveling to New York City for the first time.   

    Relieved to hear you found a place to land. Cheers, TC. May the rest of your travels go smoother from here, LITA!
  5. Angalin added a post in a topic Careerchat   

    First thought: if they aren't doing the basic tasks that apprentices are expected to do, then get someone to lay out the expectations clearly and a timeline for improvement. Once they don't meet them, they can be fired with a clear conscience. I would go there rather than the puking/cutting.
  6. Angalin added a post in a topic Canadian politics- "to work! We have a government to defeat!"   

    Warning: wonky train of thought begun while doing the crossword while tired.

    I had a random idea about Harper and his support of Israel, which came up in the NYT article linked by FB. His unqualified support of Israeli policies (thinking about the settlers vs Palestinians) has parallels with his unwillingness to acknowledge the hardships of First Nations peoples: same principle, settlers vs colonized. It may be unconscious on his part, but it feels like empathy with the Palestinians/First Nations is a place where he really doesn't want to go. He may have a bunch of those, but that's all I got tonight. Except that the Conservatives were in third place in the most recent poll.
  7. Angalin added a post in a topic Fashion thread: updating classics   

    Chrome ate my post. Gonna hit up the fall fashions as suggested above. Not, however, flared jeans.
  8. Angalin added a post in a topic Dating: Not just for mating   

    Fashion thread right here! Bye now!

    LITA, ice cream sounds like a very good idea. Thanks!
  9. Angalin added a post in a topic Dating: Not just for mating   

    Hey people, I started a perfectly good fashion advice thread the other day, go post in that instead! And judgy judgers can go back to reading Vogue, because Anna Wintour is way better at it than any of us.

    Dating advice: I need some. I know two guys, one gay, one I'm pretty sure is gay. Friend 2 runs a business near here, but I don't know him socially. Is there any way to conveniently introduce them other than dropping by his business with Friend 1 in tow? Then I can leave town and they can figure it out from there. They're both lovely people and I think might hit it off.
  10. Angalin added a post in a topic Motivation in school... the tween edition   

    I have been known to offer homeschooling to my children when they get cranky about schoolwork. They buckle down in a hurry, because I'm a much more demanding teacher than they've ever had at school. (Actual conversation with a friend: "am I a Tiger Mother?" "No, you're a WASP." "Oh right.")
  11. Angalin added a post in a topic Time Travel Books - The Best and All The Rest   

    Seconding pretty well all of this. I haven't read "The Glass Sentence" yet, so I'll look it up. Thanks! (Miss you!)

    "To Say Nothing of the Dog" is very, very funny. I couldn't face the Doomsday Book. Kage Baker's books I remember as being good, but I don't remember much about them... that may say something too.

    Crixus and Zabs both recommended "Life After Life", which was indeed good. I want to read the next one about her brother. Ian Tregillis's trilogy that starts with "Bitter Seeds" is excellent.

    Put a post in the help forum, please. That's one for the sysadmins, unless your copy of IE is doing wildcat strikes.

    ps. Terminator movies -> Entertainment forum.
  12. Angalin added a post in a topic Motivation in school... the tween edition   

    I tell the twins that they are capable and that I expect them to deliver. Also that if they want to be awesome, they have to put in the work and show up every day. Yes, one day's "best" might be different from the next day's for a number of reasons, but "best" is what you aim for every day. Grade 7 (year 7) starts in less than a month and they're going to have to put in the work.

    They get a little cuckoo sometimes, but they've also seen that when they do make the effort (eg studying for a spelling test), the results are better than when they fiddle around or coast. [eta: They like how it feels when they get good marks.] I coasted through all of school and university, then got down to business a few years ago. Now it helps that they've seen me do homework for my courses.

    2nd eta: Iskaral, almost everything I know about ancient Rome I learned from Asterix. Calvin is a chancy role model, however.
  13. Angalin added a post in a topic Fashion thread: updating classics   

    Both of those look good, thanks! There's a Banana Republic in town, but the Talbots has gone, so I'll go have a gander. I hate buying things like this without trying them on first, especially as I'm no good at organizing returns.
  14. Angalin added a post in a topic Fashion thread: updating classics   

    The Bay carries Frye boots. We were there the other day and they smell so good, BUT they are a want not a need.
  15. Angalin added a topic in General Chatter   

    Fashion thread: updating classics
    Last heard, Isk was looking for a good watch. The Longines Silver Arrow looks very dashing but was discontinued. Boo. Tissot and Movado had a couple of very plain models, too. Don't buy a Patek Philippe, Isk, it's a very bad idea.

    I'm looking for a white button-down long-sleeved shirt with no breast pockets. This is difficult. The Gap has one I plan to check out in person. However, generally the choice of fabric seems to be cotton that requires ironing or wrinkle-free poly-cotton blends with terrible feel. Ironing isn't one of my interests, not at all, although I might have to get over it.

    Has anyone tried Ahnu Noe sneakers like these ones? I want a pair of sneakers comfortable enough to walk all day in which are also not ugly.
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