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  1. You skipped the bagpipes? But I have a weird fondness for bagpipes, which always make me cry. I completely get that - going to say you'd been on stage. Who got to go up front, then? At one point during this last degree I thought about applying for a doctorate, but funding it would be impossible right now and I don't know if it would add much to my employability. Since I've been here, I met a woman who had a full career as a lawyer then did a doctorate on a medieval Spanish woman who became a saint, so perhaps in a few decades...
  2. Thanks, everybody. (I tried to multiquote but it all went weird.) I did go after all: there was a low-key brunch beforehand then the full ceremony with gowns afterwards. A friend from my department sat with the twins and took lots of pictures, while the boys wondered when the Latin was ever going to end. The university livestreamed it, and it turned out some of my family actually got up early to watch it. The graduation reminded me that I'd done a degree, which has been feeling pretty far away. Thanks for sharing your experiences and advice, it helped.
  3. No bar plans. I don't actually know if any friends are also graduating tomorrow.
  4. Thanks for the hugs There's a kind of uniform for this, so... ugly or at least standard outfit by default?
  5. Tomorrow is my official graduation for my master's degree. I feel like throwing up and sobbing at the same time. I don't particularly want to go, but that would make it the third grad I've skipped and there's no excuse such as not being in the country when we live in the same city. There doesn't feel like much to celebrate: the debt is high, the post-degree jobs are scanty, and I've been wrestling with depression for months now due to burnout, unsettling family shenanigans during the degree, and feeling purposeless after finishing it. So maybe the wanting to throw up and sob is caused by all that, and I'll feel more resolution about the degree once those are dealt with. Did any of you skip your grads? Did you feel any different about your school or degree for going or not going?
  6. Something I've been thinking about after seeing last night's protests at airports around the US in defiance of the Muslim ban: when cities have reliable and affordable public transportation where people of all ethnicities, faiths and backgrounds mix together daily, do communities tend to be more supportive and inclusive? Does a car culture promote cultural disconnection between neighbours? On the whole, bigger, more diverse cities tend to be more tolerant - does that tie into *how* we get to work as well as *who* we work with?
  7. It took Canada seven years to get its trade deal with the EU, and it applies only to trade. Canadian exporters still have to meet specific EU standards, too. While CETA might be a model for a future UK-EU deal, it wouldn't allow the big banks to hustle in and out of the EU the way they can now from London. In her speech, May discussed sector-specific deals to placate certain industries: how likely is that really to happen? Relying on the Trump administration for a UK-USA deal is laughable: it'd be some weird and wacky setup where all sides lost out but both May and Trump swore it was bigly for everyone.
  8. Wow to being the PCA to his brother. That's a major commitment. Good for him for stepping up. Sounds like he thinks things are going well enough to bring up cohabitation once your roommate moves out. It'd still be good to revisit the conversation and update expectations on all sides, changed or unchanged. I wish you the best whatever happens (and lots of cookies).
  9. MMM... long time no read. *tips hat* Through experience, my advice about moving in with someone has become: know upfront whether you're both doing it because it's convenient or whether you actually want to live together, ie are you consciously moving the relationship forward. So pretty much what MMM said.
  10. Nice to see you back, Ep! Congratulations and best wishes for everything! Liff, have you done any aptitude tests to narrow down the possibilities? The Things have to choose GCSE subjects soon, and a friend recommended this one which was quick and fairly accurate, at least in my case. After a lot of depressing searching, I have finally found two jobs which sound exciting, one in Birmingham and one in London. Changing mental gears from a part-time editorial job to graduate student to next-level job hunting has been far more challenging than expected: when I first started looking for post-degree work, I still felt very unqualified for anything more than basic. These two, though, make me feel like I could use what I've learned instead of just hitting reset to a previous existence.
  11. I have about 3 minutes before this Dell Latitude E5450 locks up again, as it has been doing for several days since I installed Emsisoft anti-malware (uninstalled the next day and I checked to make sure there's nothing left of it on the system). I get this error every time: IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL. Am running Windows 10 on a forced update from several months ago and have been having memory issues ever since too. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can diagnose what the fuck the problem is then fix it? Thankfully have important files backed up but I really really really need to get some actual work done on a functioning machine. Thank you in advance.
  12. @Xray the Enforcer- I haven't tried Urban Decay lipsticks but @kairparavelrecommended Bite Beauty lipstick to me upthread and it is really lovely. Ordered it from Sephora. I'm suffering from dry skin even without being in Canadian Siberia, and can't spring for a facial right now. Any suggestions as to cheap skin rehydration? Drinking more water and getting more sleep & exercise would probably also help.
  13. Stephen King is only relevant in this thread if he's writing about dating, and if he's doing that it's ending really badly in a not-funny way, so can we move on so I can retain some hope here without imagining every date ending like Carrie? Thanks. @Starkess, one reason I hated hormonal birth control was the side effects (including, in my case, dreadful depression and inability to function one week out of four). I could well believe that's what's going on for you here.
  14. @Datepalm: >90% of guys I get along with super well are gay or married/seriously-coupled. It's always a surprise when they're single and straight. I am probably doing something wrong except that >90% are wonderful people. Not sure if this is the demographics where I am or what. @Lily Valley: his knowing circuits when needed is worth giving him extra time to de-Stephensonize.
  15. I love smartwool socks so much, I follow them on Twitter. McGregor too. Oh yes. Yesyesyes. La Canadienne manufacture in Canada still, I think.