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  1. Poetry recommendations

    If you can get a copy of The Dragon Book of Verse, it was originally a school poetry textbook (can you imagine?!) and is perfect for that age. Poems are divided into eight categories: mystery, landscape, sea, I forget the rest. Try to get the original which was first published in 1977, although the 2000 edition might be fine too; I just don't know it.
  2. Slug 'em back - Drinking Continues!

    Reviving your answer as I'm on a cocktail hunt: I like The Botanist with tonic. Not so much in a bigger mix, it gets overwhelmed.
  3. That's never stopped us.  A friend lasted less than a day at a fast-food outlet job when he had such a bad allergic reaction to the uniform that he had to go to hospital. Tell your friend you're allergic to call centres.
  4. I always enjoy your columns, Ormond. Thank you for sharing them.
  5. Happy Birthday Lany!

    Love you. Happy birthday again, because you should be wished that many times. xoxoxoxo
  6. Fashion thread: updating classics

    Some of them wear tweed non-ironically. Yes please to gown photos! Did you buy it for a particular event?
  7. Fashion thread: updating classics

    Good point. I bought a pair of boots which I don't love, because I really needed a pair. Regretting it now, as they're not as comfortable as they needed to be (seriously, how long does it take for boot leather to soften up?). Buy those shoes only if you love them.
  8. Fashion thread: updating classics

    Go with Mme X's call, Iskaral. I'm still working through formalwear issues, so my judgement is not where it needs to be.
  9. Fashion thread: updating classics

    I like those! The first pair are great. The second is too light with navy jeans for my taste. The darker one would look better, if you're set on that style. Lily, love the purple hair! (Pink roots pic link didn't work for me.) Question re formal dinners: do I have to wear a different dress every time? Same location, some of the same people, maybe a month or so apart.
  10. Inigima Birthday Vanity Thread

    Happy birthday!
  11. Flirting is one of those things where I think I'm either way too eager or not nearly eager enough. I need Terra whispering cues into a secret earpiece when I go out. I am in a weird space right now, where the guys I get along well with are borderline closer to the Things' age than to mine. Any guy near my own age is either married or off-limits for academic reasons (ie, he might end up marking my papers). Fuck. At least they're not boring, though.
  12. Rain

      Is there gin in them?