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  1. Special request

    Thinking of you and holding a space for the best outcome for you and your family.
  2. Careerchat II

    Good luck with the deposition. Can you get The Good Wife costume designer in on your side as well as Alicia? Hope you hear good news soon!
  3. Remember the like button on posts? I miss it sometimes ^^^ Owen Ellickson, one of the few highlights of this election along with every appearance by Michelle Obama. He liked a tweet of mine last week and it made my entire, flu-y day. And speaking of FLOTUS: what a speech. People pop up and talk about her running in 2020 or 2024, but I'd prefer to see her and Barack free of the White House to do their own things.
  4. Stornoway travails

    Hope your mum's recovery goes well and quickly, and that you can rearrange your travel needs without too much more hassle.
  5. Careerchat II

    that is AWESOME and exactly what I needed, thank you! Helps that I'm now officially a graduate, not just anxiously waiting on results.
  6. Fashion thread: updating classics

    Fabulous! <3
  7. Am I a coward?

    No, a million times no. You're phenomenally brave: it doesn't have to be on show all the time for strangers for that to be true. Love you.
  8. Sorry to hear you're going to have to go the more complicated way round to get this sorted, Eyelesbarrow. How frustrating. Student visas for the UK have become much tougher to get over the last couple of years, and yes, it's part of the immigration rule changes. It's making UK universities a lot less attractive: I've noticed people already here with student visas are more likely to look elsewhere for their next degrees, like Canada or the States. Student visa issues plus Brexit are really going to change what research/academia look like here and not in a good way, IMO.
  9. Which institution is this? Because if the faculty is ok with your paperwork, the admin in the dept should be guided by them. Wrt to visas, thanks to T May in her Home Office days, the student visa situation is a mess so the admin may be sincerely doing her best there. Again, though, the uni/faculty should be figuring that out at a higher level.
  10. The Call by Peadar O'Guilin [SPOILERS]

    When I read about the Cauldron, I had a flashback to Lloyd Alexander... uh-oh for someone. I hadn't thought about Conor's behaviour that way, Lily, but you're so right. Everything to preserve his sense of entitlement.
  11. Careerchat II

    In the spring I went to a workshop on women and jobs which said similar things. We tend to undersell ourselves drastically. If you know you don't want this position, let them know asap. I like the line about focusing on your studies. Ok, here goes (thank you for the suggestion): I'm a grad student finishing an MSc in history who's worked in both academic publishing and university admin. I guess what I'm looking for are jobs in the same fields but at higher levels (though why an MSc makes me any better at them, I dunno. I'm also tired after a weekend of refereeing between children so this is sketchy). I want a job that requires no overnight travelling and pays relatively well, but that's not what you say in a happy-clappy CV statement. Thanks for any help, folks. (sorry, can only be flip due to feeling seriously drained and the cat thinks it's well past time to go to bed)
  12. RIP My Dog Winter

    Sorry to hear this, drawk. Condolences on your loss.
  13. Fashion thread: updating classics

    Thirding the sequins.
  14. Do vaccines cause autism?

    Serious answer (although solo's is pretty serious too): no, vaccines do not cause autism. The guy who spread that theory knew it was false and was getting paid for coming up with it; it has since been proven completely baseless and he's had his medical licence taken away. Vaccines may have side effects (sore place on arm, etc.) but those pale next to the short- and long-term effects of getting diseases such as measles, whooping cough or the 'flu* such as dying or having your immune system reset or leaving a hole in your heart (those two are measles-specific) or spreading illness around people with already-compromised immune systems who need herd immunity to stay well. Along with sanitation infrastructure, vaccines are a huge part of why we have much longer life expectancy than 100 years ago.** Autism and the autism spectrum are a neurological - I don't want to say disorder - it's non-typical neurological wiring. There are supports available, though often difficult to access depending on your area. Talk to your doctor. Eating a healthy diet and exercise in moderation are good things, so good for you for doing that: those are important types of self-care for everyone. * influenza =/= stomach flu, which is a common term either for food poisoning or a gastro-intestinal virus ** and antibiotics, but I won't start on that today
  15. Guy Gavriel Kay

    Datepalm's review on Goodreads.