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  1. Feeling like the worst parent ever

    Okay, now tell me how to do this, please. Being the only parent means that I have to be bad cop a lot of the time, and bad cop isn't good at finding positive motivation.
  2. Dating: Hell is Other People

    Min, I have a free bottle of prosecco due us at the pizza place. Come up this way soon.
  3. Happy B-Day to Theda!!

    Happy birthday!
  4. Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance v. 3.0

    As the Peter Grant thread has been archived, can anyone tell me if the Night Witch comic is worth reading? It looks like a spin-offstory from the few panels I've seen.
  5. This Board is not like the book

    I'd completely forgotten about Lloyd Bentsen.
  6. Feeling like the worst parent ever

    I hear you on this, WS. Got nuthin' but good wishes for you.
  7. Dating: Hell is Other People

    Dealbreaker! (otherwise, as usual, a beautiful post )
  8. Mazel tov Inigima!

    Congratulations and wishing you many years of good health and happiness together!
  9. Fashion thread: updating classics

    Quick update (am supposed to be writing performers' contracts): ToL,if you do the seasons thing, I tend to come out as a winter. The date for this is the beginning of July and it's an English summer, so count on the weather being chancy. I don't do strapless, especially if I want to dance (which I do). I'm about 5'3" which is too short for most regular lengths unless I wear stilts.Price range is preferably less than £100, whatever that is in US$ - Lady N, thank you for the offer, I may well take you up on it! Renting is also a possibility, Isk, although I worry that if I'm on party duty, the dress could get wrecked. Thanks all!
  10. Fashion thread: updating classics

    I know. Am determined to have fun, fairy godmother or not!
  11. Fashion thread: updating classics

    Here's a fun one for y'all to ponder: I have a ball, an actual ball, to go to. Which means full-length dress, bouffant hair, the works. (Maybe not the bouffant, but you get the idea.) Kind of crazy and fantastic and also fun, as this is likely the one time in my life where I'll be at this level of dress-up. Being on the committee, I am also going to be on my feet for about twelve hours straight as it lasts ten hours of official party time. Suggestions for comfortable brands of heels or swanky flats are welcome, as is advice for frock styles. I'm too short for most off-the-rack evening wear, which means finding petite lengths or hemming a longer dress. Thoughts?
  12. Dating: Hell is Other People

    My personal Tigger getspretty worn down by parenting sometimes. :/ My department lucked out in that respect - little do they know! Bouncing on. Quick tangent: in the one clip of a Cruz daughterI've seen, she looked like she loathed him. /US politics Maybe they're alpha versions of the next Microsoft AI to be released on Twitter soon?
  13. Dating: Hell is Other People

    When I'm really on a roll, the paws do not touch the ground. This happens less often than it used to. Thanks for the advice.Watch me perform the role of a serious person for all future engagements. I will be clock-watching where possible.
  14. Dating: Hell is Other People

    I have no idea why this post insists on quoting Datepalm. Never mind. A not-exactly-dating-related question for the hive mind: I keep on having coffee or meeting in other various ways with people who've either never met me or haven't met me very often. Depending on the energy level - keep in mind that I'm an extrovert - I occasionally arrive in full Tigger mode. I've been trying to moderate this slightly, but want to know: for the first few meetings, how moderated does the Tigger effectneed to be and for how long do I need to keep my foot on the brake? eta: these meetings can be social, academic, or business-ish. I try to rein it in for the latter.
  15. Careerchat

    He actually doesn't use many commas at all, which is how it started. (You would have felt for him: it was a bit of an interrogation, rightdown to having a blinding beam of sunlight in his eye.)