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  1. Dating: Hell is Other People

    I'm relieved to hear it, Kay.
  2. Somebody assessed the situation in terms of penalty minutes and gave the Tories 2, Liberals 4 (Trudeau for two separate offenses), and the NDP 8. Sounds about right.
  3. Dating: Hell is Other People

    1st bolded: how do you know this? There are alarm bells going off in my head for this guy, and that's the sentence that triggered them. 2nd bolded: I don't usually associate PeeWee with sexy times (except for that time he got arrested). (apologies if abrupt - really tired after a long week & not able to frame concern very well & worried for you after the last months)
  4. Feeling like the worst parent ever

    I think they owe you another picture for the fridge! Thank you!!
  5. Feeling like the worst parent ever

    Hijacking the thread a little because my question also deals with 12 year old boys, and the difficulty thereof... The twinshave a Minecraft realm (like a private server, invite-only, set up by Mojang) which I pay for and moderate (surprise). The cost is pretty minimal, so that's not the concern. What we do have a problem with is how to facilitate communication between 20 players over multiple time zones. There's not always an overlap, so many of the kids can't talk to each other directlywhile on the game at the same time. Misunderstandings and most often design disagreements cause recurring stress. One of their friends suggested setting up a forum on [pro/board]* so the players could talk to each other. However, I have problems with a bunch of12 year olds and youngeron an unmoderated internet forum. - I don't have the time to moderate it - I'm concerned about the ages of those involved and think that some of the parents might be less than thrilled to have their kids in openonline forums - but these kids need a better way to communicate over different devices (some of them already have iMessage chats going to stay in the loop, but not all of them have iThings). Suggestions? Minecraft is great but the stress of the disputes is getting to one of the twins, while the other one seems to use it as an escape mechanism at times. They basically find it very enjoyable and social, so when we've had homework issues denialof Minecraft service has helpedto get them back on track. * when I write the name out properly, this forum's software replaces it with a disapproving"hmm"
  6. Feeling like the worst parent ever

    Okay, now tell me how to do this, please. Being the only parent means that I have to be bad cop a lot of the time, and bad cop isn't good at finding positive motivation.
  7. Dating: Hell is Other People

    Min, I have a free bottle of prosecco due us at the pizza place. Come up this way soon.
  8. Happy B-Day to Theda!!

    Happy birthday!
  9. Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance v. 3.0

    As the Peter Grant thread has been archived, can anyone tell me if the Night Witch comic is worth reading? It looks like a spin-offstory from the few panels I've seen.
  10. This Board is not like the book

    I'd completely forgotten about Lloyd Bentsen.
  11. Feeling like the worst parent ever

    I hear you on this, WS. Got nuthin' but good wishes for you.
  12. Dating: Hell is Other People

    Dealbreaker! (otherwise, as usual, a beautiful post )
  13. Mazel tov Inigima!

    Congratulations and wishing you many years of good health and happiness together!
  14. Fashion thread: updating classics

    Quick update (am supposed to be writing performers' contracts): ToL,if you do the seasons thing, I tend to come out as a winter. The date for this is the beginning of July and it's an English summer, so count on the weather being chancy. I don't do strapless, especially if I want to dance (which I do). I'm about 5'3" which is too short for most regular lengths unless I wear stilts.Price range is preferably less than £100, whatever that is in US$ - Lady N, thank you for the offer, I may well take you up on it! Renting is also a possibility, Isk, although I worry that if I'm on party duty, the dress could get wrecked. Thanks all!
  15. Fashion thread: updating classics

    I know. Am determined to have fun, fairy godmother or not!