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  1. US elections - may the polls be ever in your favor

    I liked the NYT piece on why calling all Trump supporters racist is unhelpful (cf. Brexit voters who voted out for reasons other than immigration). There is definitely, definitely an element of that - but there's also a lot of people who feel angry and left behind. Trump offers a vision of control to people who feel like they've lost all say: "I am your voice." He's not, he just makes them feel heard.
  2. US elections - may the polls be ever in your favor

    The radioactive rainbow cat has declared no topic creep, therefore there shall be none. No War of 1812 topic creep either!
  3. Makeup VI : SPFantastic

    Nope. I'm eyeing up Bite Beauty's Kale (dark hunter green with black) while trying to remember that I'm on a job hunt.
  4. Makeup V: Inspired by a Diva

    Sorry they discontinued it - always happens when you find something that really works! How do cosmetics companies know this? It's almost inevitable. I tried Kiehls BB cream spf 50 and was happy with it (may have said so already up-thread). Has anyone tried Bite Beauty lipsticks, out of Toronto? I heard good things about their Amuse Bouche lipsticks.
  5. Theda, my main concern would be "are they using condoms? They'd better be using condoms" and "is this person going to get between me and my coffee". Otherwise, if he's okay with it and you're happy to go over, yay.
  6. Seems that I have family members who don't like my choice of location for job hunting, to the point where they have talked about having my children stay with them unless I look for work somewhere they approve of.* They haven't said that to me directly, perhaps because some deep sense of self-preservation prevents them from doing so. *apparently war zones are okay but western Europe is not
  7. Another advantage past round 1 is to put money on the table. I'm sure it didn't hurt my master's application to be paying international fees up front.
  8. Solo travelling for kids

    Kal & solo - go for it with the raving radical socialism. It will drive the more right-wing members of my family crazy. Bonus. Lady Stripe, the fact that the two of them were travelling together was the only way I could have contemplated this at all. As it turned out, I took up FB on her very kind offer above to meet them in Toronto and they were much reassured by knowing someone would be there. Ended happily! Thanks again, FB!
  9. Solo travelling for kids

    Oh yes. They've learnt how to take buses and trains on their own in the last year, although all the trips have been closer and with fewer possible mistakes, as Maya put it.
  10. Solo travelling for kids

    There don't seem to be escort passes at Heathrow, which is why the concierge service. :/ And no companion service on either leg (there are two) because this is a connecting flight. This will be the fourth time they've crossed the Atlantic, but they've been with me every other time. They're twelve and cautious, but anxious about travelling on their own. I recognize that this is not an ideal situation.
  11. Solo travelling for kids

    Dear board hive mind: the kids are due to travel without me from the UK back to Canada shortly. (There is not really any way around this for a bunch of reasons.) As they no longer count as minors by airline standards, I've been looking at concierge services to guide them through security to the departure gate, and have come up with Airport Angels or the in-house Heathrow one. Have any of you used any services like this? Opinions, reviews, suggestions? Much appreciated.
  12. Congratulations, solo! Glad to hear you'll be staying in NOLA, though.
  13. I've been thinking about doing one on and off this year. The questions for me are, how do I pay for it, support two children while doing it, and would one let me do anything I can't do right now through work? Do I really need one to move forward? And the answer is that if I want to do public health/epidemiology, probably yes. But I also really like getting a paycheque and feeding my kids, and I don't really know if I care enough about that subject. In fact I don't have a subject that I love so much that I really want to work on it for 4 years. Where I am in the UK right now, doctorates take 3-4 years and are purely research. You might pick up a little teaching on the side to earn some money towards your costs. US/Canadian programs tend to take longer and give you a stipend in exchange for teaching/tutoring work, which is an expected part of the program. I know people who haven't completed both in the UK and in the US. It's not fun. If your supervisor is useless - and a lot of them are, they phone in supervision because they have to do it to check off their own job requirements when they'd rather be researching - it can be a nightmare and take much longer than it should. I have learned, however, that supervision meetings involving baking go much better than the other kind. (eta: anecdata but true on the whole that people are much happier when holding homemade chocolate chip cookies than not)
  14. Feeling like the worst parent ever

    There are times when I want to show this thread to the twins so they can see that I'm not the only parent who expects her kids to deliver on their potential. From something they said the other day, they remember fondly how the Other Parent would just let them get on with their lives and not make them work (chores, homework, etc.). Rough life, kids.