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  1. MLB 2017 - if you build it, they will cub

    Of all the ESPN layoffs today that's the one that boggles my mind the most, too. It's nothing less than ESPN throwing in the towel on serious baseball coverage.
  2. Atwood's 'The Handmaid’s Tale' on Hulu

    Gonna watch this weekend as well. The book is incredible, one of my all time favorites. Can't wait.
  3. Video Games: Dawn of Waaaaagh!

    They'll make a fortune off those, but not nearly as much as they could make because they're Nintendo and they hate making money.
  4. Video Games: Dawn of Waaaaagh!

    Yeah, SWTOR has earned a good bit of criticism for some missteps, but the writing and story presentation have always been superb and have made noticeable advancements the last couple of years. A lot of travel for work lately so I'm only about halfway through ME:A (~50 hours). Definitely a lot of sameness with the feel of the different planets. All have basically the same stuff, the environments just look different. I'm still having fun but I can already tell this game won't have the replay value of the originals.
  5. Video Games: Dawn of Waaaaagh!

    Yep, all it's going to do is create a blistering secondary market where lots of Persons not named Nintendo are going to rake in cash off the things. That company's logic makes no sense whatsoever.
  6. College Basketball: Sweet and disappointing

    Calkins actually went easy on Tubby in that article. The local radio hosts have spent the entire week eviscerating him, mostly around his lack of engagement with the city and his laziness on the recruiting trail.
  7. Video Games: Dawn of Waaaaagh!

    I love the idea of a Mass Effect TV series. With effective writing and a strong cast it could be hugely successful.
  8. Golf: The Majors and the minors too

    Very happy for Sergio, really looked like he'd blown another one with that short miss on the final regulation hole. What a rollercoaster finish. Rose is such a good dude I would've been fine with him winning too.
  9. Heavy Metal 9: through Bruce is salvation

    I love it!
  10. Video Games: Dawn of Waaaaagh!

    Infiltrator, Engineer or Soldier for me. Also, played exclusively FemShep the whole time. I tried BroShep once and it just felt wrong. I hope they get Destiny 2 for the PC right because Destiny was/is a pretty fun time-waster on PS4, but I really prefer gaming on a PC.
  11. College Basketball: Sweet and disappointing

    I don't disagree with your assessment but this comment makes me wish we had some IU fans on this board. Their level of buttmad would be extreme. Speaking of which, the AP just yesterday released its ranking of the all-time top 100 programs. Look who checks in tied for that coveted 100 spot!
  12. College Basketball: Sweet and disappointing

    I would love to see South Carolina win it if for no other reason than they were so far off the radar when the tournament began, and unlike past low-seed winners (i.e. UConn a few years back) they have no history of competing at this high a level. It's just fun to watch a team come out of nowhere like that.
  13. Video Games: Dawn of Waaaaagh!

    Whaaaat? I too had no idea. Jeez does that ever need fixing.
  14. Video Games: Dawn of Waaaaagh!

    Tacking onto my last post - my biggest annoyance at this point is the menus, specifically the mission log and the inventories. I'm getting more accustomed to them, but they're still horrible. I have no idea if modding is even possible with this game but it's begging for a SkyUI-style interface mod.
  15. Video Games: Dawn of Waaaaagh!

    Damn, y'all are way ahead of me. I'm at around 22 hours including the trial. In terms of the facial animations, either I've adjusted to the quirks or they're actually getting better the deeper I go into the story, because I'm seeing fewer and fewer issues as I go. The last set of ship convos I had looked (almost) perfectly fine. In terms of the game, the things I liked most in the trial I am liking more and more in the full version (namely combat and exploration). Combat gets more fun with the addition of more/stronger abilities and the sense of exploration and discovery remains fantastic.