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  1. Decent Friday afternoon read from the Baton Rouge newspaper on the whole Ed Orgeron hiring debacle at Ole Miss and the fallout that continues today (for example - Orgeron gave Hugh Freeze his start in college coaching, and we all know how that turned out). I knew that former chancellor Robert Khayat was the one who made the decision to hire Ed; I had no idea Rick Neuheisel was so gung ho for the job at the time.
  2. Endless comic relief from those guys. It's one of the best things about living in Tennessee. They've been obsessed with Gruden (why exactly, who the hell knows) ever since they fired Fulmer.
  3. Stop the run and you win both. Actually, just stop Nick Fitzgerald (easier said than done) and you'll beat State.
  4. First of all good sir: there is no such thing as an "ugly" 5-1 record. Second, i am mojo'd out, so I'm not sure you want me all the way on the bandwagon! But I will happily pull for the C-A-T-S against Starkvegas Tech just as I do each and every year.
  5. Holy balls yes. I would extend this to pretty much everything Scott Stapp-related.
  6. Noooooo.
  7. "Meet Virginia" by Train is the worst goddamn thing ever composed by humankind.
  8. I got pretty excited yesterday when my local GameStop was showing online they had some units in-stock. False alarm, they'd sold out first thing Friday morning just like everyone else.
  9. Frankly I wouldn't mind him being the next Ole Miss coach.
  10. Alabama, Georgia, maybe Auburn are the only good teams in the SEC this year, it seems. Mullenoids confirmed as frauds after second humiliation in a row. ETA: Speaking of Bama, they will name their score against this dogshit Ole Miss team. I guess it's exactly what they deserve. ETA2: LSU down big at home to...Troy. Orgeron fired tonight?
  11. Apart from Griseus they've only released an EP a few years back, but I saw earlier this year that the dude is working on new material. Caladan Brood's album is astounding, especially if you've read Malazan. They've only put out the one release but I understand they are also working on a follow up. Emyn Muil's only got the two albums, start with the debut and move on to this year's second album; both are excellent (LoTR-inspired). I'll dig around and see if I can find some more recommendations.
  12. Great choices! Ahh sweet sweet atmospheric black metal. In that same vein, if you're not already listening to Aquilus, Caladan Brood and Emyn Muil, please check those out. You might also like one I just found a few weeks ago called Ezerath.
  13. Yeah, this isn't how football cheating works. No apparel company will drop so much as a dime on any high school football player; too much uncertainty. Shady alumni and shifty eyed "football staffers" aka bagmen are a different story. I'm probably spitballing this situation far too extremely but a friend and I were talking about this yesterday - as most are aware, the prime cash cow of the NCAA (the institution, not its member schools) is the men's basketball tournament. If this scandal ends up shaking the foundations of college basketball, could the ripple effect carry down to the core of the NCAA itself?
  14. With this being a Federal investigation, the stakes here are substantially higher than a typical NCAA probe. The tone I'm getting from the information that's been revealed thus far is that we're only seeing the tip of the iceberg with these initial allegations.