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  1. Hell yes, Bee book trilogy pls!
  2. Yeah I really don't get that take either. The entire point of the denouement was vengeance on Rollo who was quite obviously a diabolically evil prick. Not sure how anyone sees it differently. I finally watched the last few episodes of the new season over the weekend (had skipped around a bit). Overall a good season, about on par with 2 and 3 for me. Favorite was definitely "Hang the DJ," brilliant concept with a nice twist I didn't see coming. "USS Callister" was a good way to kick off the season, generally lighthearted with serious undertones, and a fun, hopeful ending. I really liked "Metalhead;" I'd love to see this show tackle more post-apocalyptic scenarios in the future. "Black Museum" was fun in the way it explored various technologies, and in the end was a decent enough revenge story. "Crocodile" was well-executed and tense, but also horrendously bleak and not something I'll ever watch again. "Arkangel" had great potential and a few really good moments, but it seemed like they couldn't decide what they wanted the episode to be.
  3. Steelers over Jags Pats over Titans Vikes over Saints Eagles over Falcons Y'all can now bet safely on the other teams.
  4. Speaking of PS4 open world games...if you haven't played Horizon Zero Dawn yet, I'd highly recommend it. Much more buttoned up than most open worlds out there (fewer wild goose chases) plus it's not too long. Downright amazing story and setting.
  5. It was the only thing I picked up in the last Steam sale. I've heard good things and your description sounds right up my alley. That Cyberpunk game needs to happen. CDPR upped their game so significantly with W3 that it makes me very excited for what's next.
  6. One thing about sales for Witcher 3 this year on Steam - it was on sale at a deep discount at numerous points throughout the year, both the base and GOTY editions. Cutting the price to under $20 bucks on a semi-regular basis is a great way to get folks to pull the trigger.
  7. Great game. Crazy finish.
  8. Holy shit I can’t believe Fromm took a sack there. ...but what a kick!!!!
  9. Special teams!!!!!!!
  10. Crazy play by Ridley, he saved Tua’s bacon. Tie game!
  11. Roquan Smith is a machine.
  12. Should’ve been a roughness call on Bama on the QB stop. The lack of composure is surprising.
  13. And there’s the freshman mistake. UGA with a chance to shut it down here. ETA: Freshman mistake part the second gives Bama new life.
  14. This is why I don’t coach football
  15. Bizarre move unless Hurts is...hurt. He hasn’t thrown for shit in this game but he takes care of the ball and can change the game running it.