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  1. Here's a summary.
  2. I will grant that it wasn't as consistently impressive as it could've been, given Floor's monumental talent. That said, she absolutely killed it the other night. For this tour they are laying off the Anette years entirely (a good thing, because Floor's style doesn't match up well with those songs at all), sticking largely to Oceanborn / Wishmaster era stuff which is right in her wheelhouse.
  3. Okey doke.
  4. Their third, and by far most talented one to date. I give Tuomas Holopainen a lot of credit. He's made great music with all three of them by composing to fit each of their styles.
  5. That was a pleasant surprise. It is indeed really good.
  6. Nightwish show tonight!!!
  7. Oblivion was a much smoother combat experience, which was very exciting at the time. But compared to MW the game felt smaller and more limited even though the explorable land mass was actually larger. The Oblivion Gate dynamic also bored me to death. Felt like a lazy substitute for actual creative plotting. Oh, and the "fully voiced" game contained about 20 voice actors, which for me was unintentionally comic. Overall, Skyrim was a much better game and one I spent a great deal more time messing around in (and still do to this day). But Morrowind had much more depth to its story than the other two, plus a feeling of raw exploration and natural progression that hasn't been topped yet by any subsequent Bethesda game IMO.
  8. You missed literally nothing by skipping all that stuff.
  9. Best episode of this season by a wide margin.
  10. Some parents want their kids to be doctors, some lawyers, and some aspire for them to make the all-name team.
  11. Ha, my 74-year old dad is the biggest Rory fan. He talks about Rory like he's the wildly talented and successful son he never had. There are a lot of great younger players to root for nowadays, maybe more than ever. All of them seem like good dudes too.
  12. The Braves are leading the world in runs scored which is kinda nice, especially since Acuna isn't even on the big squad yet. Can't wait to see what that guy can do.
  13. Incredibly, Sergio still has a chance to make the cut if he can rebound and shoot a strong round today. I can't watch cause I'm a work, but Spieth +4 through 9?? Looks like the course is playing a bit tougher than yesterday. Big rain chance tomorrow, looking like delays at the least.
  14. Tiger salvaged a 73 out of that horrible start, not bad at all. Holy smokes! How to lose a golf tournament on one hole.