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  1. Stop sitting on the fence....tell us what you really think ;-)
  2. Euron's "finger up the bum" line to Jaime (delievered with the wiggling eyebrows)....
  3. Well she did realise her brother had been watching in the corner....
  4. Dude...props for working all this out and all, but... It's just a story you know?
  5. The Vale army did not "ride north". It used Littlefinger's underground rail network.
  6. At least he got bitty.
  7. The demise of the Boltons diminishes the series I feel, and the overarching rise of "girl power" is a tad demeaning to women in its exclusive positive discrimination. That said the battle scenes did a good job in deglorifying warfare although the sudden appearance of mounds of corpses did make it a little cartoon like at the end. Can't help but feel that the writers are out of ideas by this stage and are running headlong to the denoument. There will be no more plot twists or turns, instead it's just down to the bookies to put a bet on who will be left standing by the end of the final epidsode of the final series.
  8. You just broke rule #1
  9. Well, the chickens came home to Roose didn't they?
  10. You or the donkey?
  11. poll

    Plus, one look at her eyebrows would have told them the carpet doesn't match the curtains.
  12. 10% of the series devoted to "previously on GoT". Nothing much happens aside from a swift metaphorical kick in the nuts to some peripheral characters and the writers chanting "we ain't in Kansas no more, you haven't got GRRM looking out for you now". This is the trouble of effectively trying to tell the story of WW2 from the point of view of everyone involved. When Winston Churchill tried it he ditched the idea of describing what people had for breakfast every day instead opting for the grand strategic view. This is GRRM and the tv writers' downfall. You can do one or the other, and if you elect to do the former you have to restrict your vista. Keeping with the WW2 metaphor I'm pretty sure if you did examine the deeds and intentions of all the major players they wouldn't coalesce into a coherent single thread. There would be radical departures from the overall story all over the place. Accordingly it's a waste of time people criticising the writers for "out of character aberations", that is the lot of human beings. We don't all conform to some perceived norm. Accept the series for what it is. Glamourised medieval pap with boobs.
  13. poll

    Let's be honest GRRM's writing isn't exactly of the highest quality either. The first book was damn good and could have been left at that. The ideas are good but the entire story creaks beneath the weight of the number of characters being described. I've been reading the books for the last few years purely in order to get to the end. The TV series is enjoyable spectacle but is no great art form let's not kid ourselves.
  14. The reason for the scene? Because bewbs.
  15. Unlike Sean Bean....