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  1.'s true! I DO have more trail mix than others!
  2. Agreed. I like Taboo well enough to check more of it out when it becomes available. But, yeah, I'm not a big Oona Chaplin fan based on what I've seen her in.
  3. Yep. It' opposite of ecology or whatever. In the NFL, specialists thrive while not. Strange...
  4. I just ate a whole bunch o' trail mix. It.was.awesome! Smelled kinda...nutty? Maybe a bit...salty? Whatever, I absolutely crushed it!
  5. As to the bolded - me, too! If Laszlo's... I don't know, but I'm finding it interesting enough to stick around to find out.
  6. I just watched Wind River the other day, too. I liked it. It felt authentic enough. It's quite reminiscent of where I grew up. I know that place and I know those people, so to speak. I watched Bone Tomahawk awhile back and, yep, it was just...dreck. Lately, we've been keeping up with The Alienist, which is alright, and I am just starting the second season of The Frankenstein Chronicles. I'll probably watch the rest of it.
  7. I like this very much, @Ygrain and @Dohor. So, while there's absolutely no question that Lady Olenna wanted Joffrey dead to protect her grand daughter Margaery, and set Sansa up as a patsy (if necessary), LF could very well have had other plans for Tyrion to take the fall for the protect himself, of course. I think that fits the situation very well.
  8. Heh, yeah, speaking of doors brings to mind (more in movies/shows again) how easy/hard it is to kick or break them open - depending on what the plot demands. Also, when a door is invariably blasted open on the very first kick - it just magically sticks fully open, quivering in place even (because a wedge/door stop was placed there for exactly that reason). Also, immaculately white, straight, modern historical period pieces (movies and shows again).
  9. Maybe something along the lines of "If wishes were horses, beggars would ride"? ETA: Hey! I was right!
  10. This. And, of course, when one is going to commit murder having a patsy in place is a very, very good idea
  11. Well, in the interest of full disclosure here's what Martin himself has to say on the subject of Joffrey's murder: So, here Martin definitively answers: Who killed Joffrey? "Joffrey was killed by the Queen of Thorns" How was Joffrey killed? "...using poison from Sansa’s hair net" Why was the poison in Sansa's hair net? " that if anyone actually did think it was poison, then Sansa would be blamed for it. Sansa had certainly good reason for it." Why was Joffrey killed? "She [the Queen of Thorns] certainly had good reasons to remove Joffrey. Everything she’d heard about him, he was wildly unstable, and he was about to marry her beloved granddaughter. The Queen of Thorns had studied Joffrey well enough that she knew that at some point he would get bored with Margaery, and Margaery would be maltreated, the same way that Sansa had been. Whereas if she removed him then her granddaughter might still get the crown but without all of the danger." And, most importantly, what he [Martin] wanted readers to "wrestle with, and to debate" after reading it: The reason I bring this up is because I think that’s an interesting question of redemption. That’s more like killing Hitler. Does the Queen of Thorns need redemption? Did the Queen of Thorns kill Hitler, or did she murder a 13-year-old boy? Or both? So is that a case where the end justifies the means? I don’t know. That’s what I want the reader or viewer to wrestle with, and to debate. This is very good information for people to factor in as they speculate about the Purple Wedding.
  12. That's just...I can't even... And, unfortunately, US gun sales have done nothing but increase since the Parkland school shooting, I have no doubt.
  13. Are you trying to start a riot in here?! The US Politics threads barely survived the "Ted Cruz Wins The Most Punch-able Face Award" debacle from awhile back
  14. Great point! I hadn't even really thought about the illegality of Cagle singling out Delta (I was too busy just trying to keep my head above the level of sheer hypocrisy). Also, Delta is certainly within its rights to politically support whomever it wants. Cagle might want to give that a bit more thought...
  15. I was thinking Delta moving their hub (or part of it) was probably too difficult because it's so huge. But, if that would be a realistic option, then so much the better. Delta can throw around a whole bunch of economic weight in Georgia if they want in many ways.