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  1. Westeros Experts League 2016

    Thanks, Mya! Yeah, I don't hold any illusions. It took everything I had and a great deal of luck while you could have easily won with a different start or two this week. I'm just happy to not get Jaxomed (yet)!
  2. NFL 2016 Week 13: Bigger, Stronger, Faster to IR

    This is about what I was thinking, Maith. I didn't think the Jags were gonna suddenly take the NFL by storm or anything but I did think they were trending upward in their extremely weak division. Turns out I was looking at the chart upside down
  3. NFL 2016 Week 13: Bigger, Stronger, Faster to IR

    Very true. I liken it to each entire game being "Bortles Time" last season because, after all, they weren't expected to do anything then. This year, they were, and...nope! I have to admit, though, that I was buyin' the hype a bit coming into the season. I thought they could maybe build on last year. I mean, it's the AFC South! Somebody's gotta take it, right?! I got "Bortled"
  4. NFL 2016 Week 13: Bigger, Stronger, Faster to IR

    And...what the hell happened last year?! Seemed like that could have been something to "build" on...but it turns out to have just been some sort of fluke. Maybe it was all Allen Robinson
  5. Water Protectors relatives and friends update

    Just to clear up one common misconception that I've seen mentioned many times on this board: "White" citizens of Bismarck, ND never demanded the DAPL be rerouted so they wouldn't have the "risk" to their water. Actually, everyone along Lake Sakajawea and the Missouri River already faces risk to their water supplies simply due to multiple pipelines already under the river. And, worse yet, at least some part of the near constant leaks and spills from the oil activity in the northwest part of the state eventually finding its way into the river. From Snopes: With that, I sincerely hope the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe gets what it wants out of this. I don't really see what that could be short of simply not building the DAPL but it's still my hope. I don't really see what the compromise is here or if there even is a possible compromise. And, in the meantime, true winter is about to set in across the northern plains. We've just had a blizzard with a lot of snow but temperatures have not been very cold yet. Next week it will change from 20 F to -20 F - and that's a whole new ballgame.
  6. Westeros Experts League 2016

    Wow! Definitely close enough that a stat adjustment could still make all the difference
  7. Westeros Experts League 2016

    Yep. It's gonna be tight no matter what happens! I'd be chewing my nails...if I had any left!
  8. Westeros Experts League 2016

    Dayum! Thanks, Jaime! Sorry I didn't see this earlier but I'm away from home at conference right now. Well, here's where we all really get to find out if the Greenseers' desperation trade for Cousins will pay off and if we didn't lose too much in the WR position? At any rate, it's always fun to have things still be interesting down to the wire! Possibly making the playoffs OR maybe getting booted right out of the league all riding on one week!
  9. US politics: Heil to the Chief :(

    Agreed. It won't be surprising that the GOP will ignore Trump not releasing his while demanding Dems release theirs - that's to be expected. What's galling will be how this hypocrisy will carry the day with large swaths of the public as well. Yep. And something like that will only be a small part of the naked graft that we're already beginning to see. Was it ever about anything else? I'd like to see that legal requirement...but I think it could be difficult. After all, why would the majority party do it and how could the minority party do it (as a rider, maybe)? Yes, unfortunately, Hillary's time is done. Time for the Dems to find/develop some new blood.
  10. US politics: Heil to the Chief :(

    So...will tax records of candidates ever again be an issue in presidential campaigns or did Trump effectively eliminate that being a thing?
  11. Thanks for the link, TFL! Just finished and it was a lot of fun to fill out! I wonder if and hope we'll get to see results but...
  12. NFL 2016 Week 9: Once You Go Dak, You Never Go Back

  13. NFL 2016 Week 9: Once You Go Dak, You Never Go Back

    Sorry! ETA: Wasn't this game supposed to be like...43-38 by now?!
  14. NFL 2016 Week 9: Once You Go Dak, You Never Go Back

    Hey! The Saints' "All-Whites" Color Rush uniforms aren't terrible! ...but that quote above from the anonymous NFL exec...IS! It's like Idiocracy becomes more and more prescient all the time...
  15. Westeros Experts League 2016

    For once, I don't loathe the Color Rush! The Saints' All-Whites aren't terrible! Also, I hope he's ok but I'm kinda not surprised K. Benjamin got injured again. I really hate those "submarining" tackles. But I suppose defenders would just say (and probably rightly so) that's the only way they can deal with those huge players.