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  1. What sword?!! ETA: Oh, now I was a Valyrian steel sword named "Plot Hole" or "Loose End", I think...
  2. Oh, you're right, of course. But the Show!Wall will fall soon and there will be no more Nights Watch to worry about. Also, very conveniently, Sam is the new head of House Tarly and Lord or Horn Hill
  3. The real question is: How do we know there's a box at all? And, for the record, our cat will demonstrate with extreme prejudice, to anyone getting too close, that the box is definitely not empty! Ouch!
  4. Exactly! I have a sense the Emperor will be feeling magnanimous that day. Or it could be that he's feeling "tough" and, thus, sticks with the 6 games. But, either way, I believe he'll feel the NFL masses are appeased and that's really all that matters.
  5. It could maybe use a made-up word or two...but I like it!
  6. This...and it doesn't contain nearly enough adjectives (and if those adjectives aren't really even words at all, so much the better).
  7. One of the many things I love about Thunderdome is simply the challenge of fielding something resembling a competitive team week to week. With 16 teams even that can be difficult. And injuries? Yep, good luck with those! Any dates are good for me except Sept. 4, 5, and 6 (although earlier on Sept. 4 could possibly work).
  8. Couldn't agree more. For now, the only reason teams can adhere to these "principles" is because they believe they have better (or, at least, adequate) alternatives. What would have happened with the Dolphins if Cutler had decided to stay retired? What happens with the Colts if Luck can't play this season, etc.? As soon as teams feel they don't have a better alternative they'll be forced to take a good, long look at Kaepernick because, let's face it, experienced NFL QBs aren't just falling outta the sky. Just playing "what if"? I wonder what would happen if Kaep continues with his protest but gets another shot at starting somewhere and wins? I winder what the team, the fans, and the NFL would do with that? After all "winning is the best deodorant", right?
  9. Thanks, Jaime! Also, I looked back at my record in Experts last season and I started out 1-5! Then I clawed, bit, scratched (and got very lucky) to get back to 7-6 to end the season, squeak into the playoffs, and ultimately finish 3rd. All that drama, effort, and good fortune just to not get relegated outta the league may be the most fun I've had playing in it yet
  10. As close to the end of preseason as possible is better, of course, but Sept. 5 or 6 don't really work for me. Sept. 3 or 4 would, though.
  11. Full-time NFL officials? Hmm...I'm intrigued! The only thing I'm a little apprehensive of is that they will come from the current crop of 124 officials. But, I suppose, that's the place to start as they're the most experienced and familiar with the rules, etc. However, I don't think the refs in the NFL getting a bit younger and more diverse over time would be a bad thing.
  12. The wiki actually has a pretty nice little write-up on this The valyrian steel dagger belonged to Littlefinger. King Robert won the dagger from Littlefinger by betting on Loras to defeat Jaime in jousting at Joffrey's Name Day Feast tournament. Littlefinger lied to Catelyn saying Tyrion won the dagger from him by betting against Jaime (something Tyrion would never do). The lie was very easily believed by Catelyn due to her hatred for the Lannisters, etc. Where Littlefinger originally got the dagger is anyone's guess. The dagger was basically forgotten by King Robert. But it was included with the weapons brought along in the baggage train as the King traveled to Winterfell to ask Ned to be his Hand. Joffrey took the dagger from King Robert's things to give to the catspaw. He did this because his father drunkenly said: He said this when he was alone with Cercei and the children. Joffrey wanted to prove that he was not "too weak".
  13. Anything but Sept. 5 or 6 works for me!
  14. Probably the knee that Tannehill hasn't even been interested in talking about with the team or the media because, in his words, "It's FINE!!!"
  15. I'm in!