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  1. RIP John Hurt

    Very, very sad news. As many here have already said, his was face and voice I always recognized and immediately took more notice of because I just knew I'd enjoy the performance. RIP Mr. Hurt.
  2. It does seem that way the last few years. Speaking of Jerry Jones saying weird things, I got a kick outta this (at approx. 4:50). Yeah, Jerruh can keep trying to "circumcise that mosquito" as long as he leaves the personnel decisions to someone else
  3. NFL Divisional Playoffs: 3 games and Brady

    Good thing I wasn't drinking anything when I read this! And here I was just wondering which would be the "top" in such a scenario? But we're probably getting a bit far afield here *ahem* so I'll just not go very far out on a limb at all and take the home teams this weekend. I mean, I know it's football so almost anything can happen, but I just don't really see how GB's secondary stands up to ATL on their home turf and I'm just leaning toward NE in their home stadium.
  4. NFL Divisional Playoffs: 3 games and Brady

    Oh, thanks so much for the visual!!!
  5. Stranger Things (Netflix) [Spoiler Thread]

    Ah, OK. I think, in the case of Stranger Things, they are going more for a "they're nerds, therefore they play D&D" rather than a "they play D&D, therefore they're nerds" kind of thing. In your initial post on this it seemed like you were insinuating more of the latter. And in my own case (and, as I said, in others' who I've met over the years), I think, at least in part because we came from small towns, there was simply more ability to sort of move between the various arch stereotypes/cliques (think Breakfast Club). This was simply because there weren't enough bodies for there to be distinct and separate groups of Jocks, Nerds, Lodies, Brains, etc. So everyone ended up being some combination of them, in a way And, as far as it not coming across enough that they're outcasts, I don't have really strong feelings on that but I guess I do think they're doing it enough. It seems to me that they get accosted enough when they're in the town or at school for me to get the idea and, of course, there is the kid pulling a knife on Mike at the quarry (which I think was a bit over the top but it provided the opportunity for Eleven to demonstrate her power, etc.)
  6. Stranger Things (Netflix) [Spoiler Thread]

    Sure I am. I'm still living proof that being a kid in a small town in the 80s that happened to play D&D didn't automatically make me an "epic outcast". Your initial post in this regard seemed far too broad, that's all. There certainly may be correlation between playing D&D and being a "nerd" or being seen as an "outcast" but there isn't necessarily causation. Also, "partied like a rockstar" is an absolutely spot-on description of how I and my friends partied in high school and college
  7. Stranger Things (Netflix) [Spoiler Thread]

    So? Why do you say that kids playing D&D in a small town in the 80s would be "epic outcasts"? I disagree with that contention and I'm living proof otherwise.
  8. Stranger Things (Netflix) [Spoiler Thread]

    Yeah, can't say I agree with this. You see, I grew up playing D&D in a small town in the 80s and was in no way an "epic outcast". I also played sports, partied like a rock star, dated, got good grades in school, and enjoyed all sorts of nerdy things like reading science fiction and fantasy books, watching science fiction and fantasy shows, playing video games, playing other games/board games, etc. And from people I met/knew in college and have met and talked with since then I don't believe my childhood/teen experience is all that unique. I remember this being discussed here on the board at the time and I agreed with those who felt this was quite a bit over the top and obviously intended to showcase Elle (Eleven). Bottom line, though, bring on Season 2!
  9. NFL Divisional Playoffs: 3 games and Brady

    *Shudder* The only thing scarier than Skip Bayless and Ann Coulter possibly being the same person would be actually seeing Skip Bayless and Ann Coulter in the same room!
  10. Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    Yep! And that post is a classic!
  11. Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    Yeah, and not only that. If the show was internally consistent at all then a master manipulator like Littlefinger also would never have just handed over his one key to having any power in the Vale at all, Sweetrobin, to the Royces who have no love for or loyalty to him Realistically, with the way the Game o' Thrones as established in the books and show is played, Littlefinger would have simply met with some unfortunate fate on the road (arranged by the Royces, of course) upon immediately turning Sweetrobin over to them. That was just dumb.
  12. NFL Divisional Playoffs: 3 games and Brady

    Well, two pretty good games today. I'm kind of disappointed in Kelce, though. After the year he's had he didn't seem to rise to the occasion today. And you're right. The QB match-ups next week look pretty solid.
  13. NFL Divisional Playoffs: 3 games and Brady

    One first down and it's all over for KC... ...and, thus, it ended.
  14. NFL Divisional Playoffs: 3 games and Brady

    Agreed. Fines after the fact aren't going to do it.
  15. NFL Divisional Playoffs: 3 games and Brady

    Holy Boswell!!!