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  1. Yeah, the lack of logic goes without saying but I should have included it just to be more thorough
  2. This is my fundamental, bottom-line thought practically any time I think about GoT. TRUTH! Characterization? Motivation? Setting? Context? Uh...what's that?!!!
  3. Yep. Sometimes you have to speak to people in the only language they seem to understand. Growing up, everyone usually just called me by my last name. It sort of became a nickname of sorts but my last name lends itself pretty well to that so I've never minded.
  4. Dammit! Oh sure, now I find out she even likes older men, too! In all seriousness, congratulations to the happy couple!
  5. Concerning how Alice left the show:
  6. Excellent news! And I agree with those saying having Alice involved somehow would be great but...
  7. I often muse that our cat delights in setting a trap, by laying on her back, for anyone foolish enough to even try touching her belly If one were to try touching her belly, even though it is fully exposed, they'd better be very serious about it because she certainly will be (or, better yet, they may want to be wearing a leather glove on the offending hand or something). But, silly us, we fall for it every time. Strangely, she seems to tolerate having her belly touched a bit more by the kids than adults. No, in all seriousness, while our cat will not suffer anyone to touch her belly very much she is gentle with her humans and pulls her punches pretty well. The cat exposing her belly in the middle of the living room floor is universally accepted in our household as her indicating "Hey! I'm ready to play!" And we are only too happy to comply
  8. My best friend (and the DM of our long-standing D&D group) recommended this to me. I'll have to check it out!
  9. For now, I'm gonna say the northern lords still loyal to the Starks - led by Lady Barbrey Dustin.
  10. Truly terrible news. As others have said, I didn't know him except for the board. But I always enjoyed reading what he had to say - whether I agreed or not. My condolences to his friends and family. Rest in peace, LoB. You will be missed.
  11. Agreed about looking forward to the movie a bit and that the outcry about some women-only showings is hilarious. I read about it earlier today over on Slate. I especially liked this part:
  12. Good news! I am sending positive hopes and thoughts your way, Bonesy!
  13. This is my experience as well. RIP, Sir Roger Moore.
  14. Vive la France!