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  1. No, I really didn't! But...said team, even QB'd by that motley crew, just put up over 200 pts.!
  2. Good stuff, Jaime! I'm the 3 seed in Westeros A and, if Brady and Cousins stay healthy, I feel like I always have a puncher's chance. Jace's team in A looks practically unbeatable, though. But, as you say, anything can happen in the playoffs. And, yes, good luck everyone!
  3. My sympathies, Seli. And, for what it's worth, I strongly believe it's a final good gift.
  4. Also...pie of any sort.
  5. Yeah, it's TD or bust for Green tonight...because, ya never know, but I doubt he'll go for over 100 yards ETA: Well, I certainly wasn't expecting two TDs and 77 the first half! Right now, it's lookin' like the Bengals should play the Steelers every week! ETA II: Good thing I said "right now". How quickly things change! 20-20 with 3:44 left
  6. Yes, and in a league with the whole concept of "Jaxoming" (i.e. elimination of the bottom players, etc.) where would one draw the line on not trading anymore? Not having any chance left at all? Because if it's before that then you may as well get rid of the whole "Jaxoming" thing.
  7. I didn't and I don't.
  8. The best QB on the Bronco's roster is back on the field!!! Damning with faint praise...but still
  9. Heh, if I can mange to pull off even a single win the rest of the season - that will be my Superb Owl!
  10. And waste a chance that I'd been given
  11. Thanks, Jaime! And, yeah, I'll be finishing strong alright!
  12. Ah, that explains it! We must have been playing each other this week in every single league I'm in! (talk about brutal)
  13. Dayum! That sucks for those players on a personal level, of course, but it's certainly not good for the quality of the NFL product on the field either. The NFL simply can't afford to have its stars going down like this.
  14. I only have their backups, Hundley and Savage, to trot out now. I also have Siemian but he shit the bed (but can Osweiler or Lynch do any better?) And I have handsome Jimmy Garp but he won't be anything until week 12, at least, and likely not much even then. Can't even be said to be a motley crew of QBs anymore. Commiseration