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  1. Very saddened to hear of Roy Dotrice's passing. My only real experience with his work was through his readings for the ASoIaF audiobooks (which I greatly enjoyed). RIP, Mr. Dotrice.
  2. Well, stranger things have happened, of course, but I'd be very surprised if Decker, Murray, and the Titans D can't exceed 12.72 points. And that would put me at 2-4 after six weeks. Ouch!
  3. My condolences to you and yours, Dr. Pepper.
  4. Oh, don't be sorry! That's fantasy football! There's a reason we play the games, right? But that was quite a score this week. And, yeah...DeShaun Watson. Wow!
  5. Dayum, @Mya Stone! Well, at least I don't have to feel bad about losing a close one this week
  6. Just FYI, but that quote is actually "like razor grass" not "like razor glass"
  7. Yeah, it really, really doesn't get much closer than that. I'm kind of surprised there seems to be no stat adjustment for a few yards either way, etc.
  8. Hey, Whiskey...any stat adjustments in our immediate future?
  9. Uh...playin' .500 ball right now, I guess. I'm in six FF leagues...sitting at 1-1 in all six.
  10. Sounds good! And thanks for managing the Thunderdome, Bronn! I know you're busy like everyone else so really appreciate it
  11. Heh, that's a bit of a blast from the past. The show was way ahead of its time in at least one sense: the bear Ben's seeming ability to communicate. His vocabulary consisted of two different sounds. One starting lower and rising in pitch like a question and the other starting normal and lowering in pitch a bit like a statement. Grizzly Adams could have whole conversations with Ben that way. He was basically Groot long before Groot! And on the political front, I am embarrassed to announce that Trump will be visiting my town next week. I don't know what coming to Bismarck, North Dakota to talk about "tax reform" is going to accomplish but...there it is.
  12. That is interesting. I guess Zeke wants to roll the dice on an a winner-take-all wager? Tom Brady did, too. I wonder if it will make any difference that the allegations on which Zeke's suspension are based are actually criminal while Tom Brady's were not? I'm certainly not a lawyer All I know is that, when this is all said and done, it's not gonna look good for anyone. I read through an article over on Deadspin with actual testimony excepts around this and I feel the need for a shower now
  13. Yep, and...just...what an incredible train wreck all the way around!
  14. Oh, yes, it's all just speculation at this point.
  15. Yes, the Commish's powers are all but absolute here (hence my calling him "The Emporer"). But I think the NFL's primary concern here is optics. That is, they want this to be seen as getting "tough" on a domestic abuser and not as "unfairly" disciplining a player without solid evidence. IF this goes to court and IF their evidence isn't solid then that could happen. Time will tell, I guess