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  1. HA! That's awesomely hilarious! I love how Dany has to perform honest-to-goodness miracles for people to follow her while Tyrion...just has to show up, drink, and "know stuff"
  2. Little finger threatening Lord Royce

    Exactly! The only reason LF has any power in the Vale is because he controls Sweetrobin. So, what does he do? He gives control of Sweetrobin to the Royces who... then do nothing with it. Let's face it. The only way this situation works out at all on the show is for the Royces to be incomprehensibly, unrealistically, illogically stupid.
  3. Unfortunately, it's all coming back to me now. Thanks a lot! Yes, the High Sparrow's recent blatherings are really top-of-mind right now. One of my personal favorites was how Cercei's love for Tommen is so incredibly "real" in this world precisely because it doesn't even come from this world at all but from the Mother above! Let me think about that for a minute... lolwut?!! Yep, "streamlining" by expanding the roles of actors they like and making up a bunch of stuff out of whole cloth (Karl Fookin' Tanner and Craster's Keep anyone? ...anyone?)
  4. Spot on! Also, how did Ramsay's 20 Good Men receive intel from their Royce Spy and travel wherever they needed to be to intercept Sansa in such a short time?! It's mindboggling! Also, wouldn't Mel be far more likely to call Jon "Azhor Ahai Reborn" or something rather than "The Prince that was Promised"? Why is she using dead Rhaegar Targaryen's phrasing that we only saw in one of Dany's visions now rather than, you know, the phrasing she's always been using up until now?
  5. Hmm...I can't think of a lot right now either but...would "Beetles" qualify?
  6. Little finger threatening Lord Royce

    Thank you. This was rolling around at the edge of my thoughts as well. The show is having it both ways again. In this case, IF Sweetrobin is in control of the Vale and everyone is following his orders then there was no reason for LF to drop him off to be babysat by the Royces. OR IF Sweetrobin is still a child in need of babysitting then he's not in control and everyone wouldn't be following his orders. They'd be looking to whoever would be acting as Sweetrobin's regent/advisor, etc. And it was LF...until he willingly gave Robin to the Royces. In that instance it would have become them and, again, I find it very unrealistic that they'd just let LF back into contact with Robin. It just doesn't make sense.
  7. Little finger threatening Lord Royce

    In general, we agree. I'm just saying it doesn't matter what LF was going to do. The Royces could have either had him followed, seized him right then and there, or waited until he tried to see Sweetrobin again. It doesn't matter. The only thing that's quite unrealistic is LF getting to even see Sweetrobin again let alone with any kind of power at his back. And there doesn't need to be any more conflict between the Royces and LF than what's already there: namely, the Royces not liking the influence LF has over Sweetrobin. And LF, stupidly, dropped control of and influence over Sweetrobin right in the Royce's laps.
  8. Little finger threatening Lord Royce

    I agree with you but I didn't mean it had to be resolved off-screen. What I'm getting at is the fact that all of LF's power in the Vale comes from his control of Sweetrobin. When he gave Sweetrobin to the Royces he gave up his power in the Vale, plain and simple, because now the Royces would control Sweetrobin. That is the logical, realistic thing that would immediately happen in a world where "The Game of Thrones" is how things are done. Realistically, the very next scene in the show should have been LF meeting some "unfortunate accident" on the road, etc. The Royces have absolutely no reason to be loyal to LF and they certainly wouldn't be taking orders from young Sweetrobin. They'd be controlling and manipulating him to do whatever they want - all in his and the Vale's best interest, of course
  9. Little finger threatening Lord Royce

    Well, logically, it never should have gotten to this point because the second LF gave Sweetrobin to the Royces whatever power he had in the Vale would have ended. Realistically, the Royces would never let LF near Sweetrobin again and, indeed, would probably also make sure LF doesn't breathe much longer, etc.
  10. Yes, that's it. Thanks! So, I guess it could have gone something like this: -Message is sent from Cercei in KL, either by raven or rider, before LF leaves the Vale. -The message arrives in the Vale just after LF and Sansa leave. -Someone in the Vale knows LF went to Winterfell and sends a rider after him with the message. I guess that could work except for that pesky little detail that someone in the Vale had to know LF went to Winterfell and not the Fingers. So, it wasn't really all that much of a super-secret mission after all. And it just makes the whole exchange with Bronze Yohn that much more illogical and that's no small feat considering the fact that, you know, the Fingers are actually in the Vale so the story of Boltons kidnapping Sansa on the way is the.dumbest.thing.ever.
  11. Hmm...I thought it was a rider...but same distinction. Either way, how would they know to find him in Winterfell (nevermind how quickly the message got there).
  12. Yep, it will be a completely stupid question with the very blatant reason being to make everything alright between Sansa and SuperFinger again Just like they had to have Davos finally ask Mel about Stannis and Shireen but they also couldn't have him hear the whole story so they had Brutienne roll up and flex her muscles to interrupt them No, the showrunners certainly aren't concerned with such meaningless things as geography and time in trying to tell their story Also, in retrospect, I sure wish Martin had asked them what some of the main themes of ASoIaF are instead? I was thinking about this in the context of how there are always unintended consequences when the show makes these changes (i.e. the "Butterfly Effects" quickly grow to the size of dragons, etc.) If Dany is immune to fire then she should just find Drogon and ride everywhere naked, of course, burning everything in a very warped version of Lady Godiva or something! Nothing could stand in her way! I'm pretty sure the unintended consequence here will be that Dany's easy way out of any scrape from now on would be to just burn her way out. When she doesn't use that obvious way out sometime in the future it's going to guessed it, "nonsense" once again.
  13. Only 2,000 available to fight?

    I don't understand what you're saying here? Do you mean that the Vale forces can't be assembled in such a short time? If so, I agree. Maybe Littlefinger goes ahead and meets with Sansa somehow (never mind how he would know where to find her, etc.)? Exactly! The Vale army most likely wouldn't need to save the wildling army if it were, say, 10,000 strong
  14. Suicide Squad: Real Life or Just a Fantasy?

    Agreed. Whenever I read about the lengths some method actors have gone to for their roles or the fact that they never break character, etc. I often think it comes across as quite dickish. Oh sure, there are some truly legendary portrayals that have happened this way but I think there's often a very thin line to walk between great and, as you say, pompous.
  15. Strong powerful women

    I would love to see some proof of this besides your interpretation. You see, when I read the article in question, where McShane uttered those famous words, it seemed to me that he was talking in the context of the show. This is because he was responding to people complaining to him about spoiling something that was going to happen in the show. I very much doubt McShane's familiar with or has read ASoIaF so I very much doubt he was including them in his description of just being "tits and dragons".