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  1.   Everyone already knows the Lannister kids aren't legitimate. That's why there's a bigass war still raging. It's not like that's going to stop the people in power. 
  2. I haven't seen anyone blame the books for season 5 being bad.
  3. What will be the outcome of the sacrifice from episode 9

    Melisandre has no real power (other than ressurection and shadow babies). I guess this was just a red herring in the end that was used as a plot device for Stannis's downfall. 
  4. Did Ellaria just sign Trystanes death warrant?

    You're probably right but the show isn't likely to even bring back Kevan unless its to just kill him off. He has zero influence. Jaime will probably kill Trystane himself out of rage.
  5. The "Handsome Young Man" (Show Spoilers)

    if the show was clever, it'd be someone other than Lancel. but the show is not clever, and is pandering to an audience that doesn't think, so it's obviously Lancel, even though it doesn't make sense when people start thinking about it.
  6. No Arianne Martell?

    Arianne was written out because her role was replaced with Ellaria Sand. I guess the producers thought viewers would be too stupid to differentiate between the two.
  7. [BOOK SPOILERS] Fate of Jojen Reed

    We could always get Meera paste in S5 instead...
  8. Why the Kingsmoot is Awesome & Necessary [spoilers]

    No they can't give you Victarion. They could bring back Hot Pie, Rorge, and Biter because they were existing characters (and we were long overdue to see what would happen to Rorge and Biter). Victarion doesn't exist on the show and until he's namedropped, there is no evidence he will ever exist.
  9. Makes sense. D&D must have known about how Raff dies ahead of time and that's how they chose to kill off Polliver on the show.
  10. Why the Kingsmoot is Awesome & Necessary [spoilers]

    They won't film it because Euron, Vicatorion, and Aeron were cut (as been hinted at in interviews). There won't be an Ironborn storyline beyond Theon/Yara most likely. People are overestimating the importance of the Ironborn in the overall plot. There's a reason D&D are able to excise them completely. There's a reason they chose to have Yara go after Theon immediately after finding out about his fate. It is an original storyline not found in the books.
  11. Wex

    Yeah the whole Wex thing was so implausible that they didn't even want to include it on the tv show. 5 bucks says that Rickon and Osha are probably already dead and Davos is on a wild goose chase.
  12. [Book Spoilers] EP310 Discussion

    They don't play huge roles in the remaining books. They have their own storylines sure, but their storylines have almost no impact on the overall story. They have obviously been cut. There is zero reason to add Victarion and Euron into the story now that Asha is going off to do her ADwD storyline a bit early.
  13. [Book Spoilers] EP310 Discussion

    Its not that we like Uncat but more that we want the BwB's last hurrah.
  14. [Book Spoilers] EP310 Discussion

    Not having Lady Stoneheart would be the biggest mistake the writers have made this season.
  15. [Book Spoilers] EP310 Discussion

    Pretty obvious that the Greyjoy brothers were cut. Asha heads to the dreadfort so she can jump right into her ADwD storyline.