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  1. Makes sense. D&D must have known about how Raff dies ahead of time and that's how they chose to kill off Polliver on the show.
  2. They don't play huge roles in the remaining books. They have their own storylines sure, but their storylines have almost no impact on the overall story. They have obviously been cut. There is zero reason to add Victarion and Euron into the story now that Asha is going off to do her ADwD storyline a bit early.
  3. Its not that we like Uncat but more that we want the BwB's last hurrah.
  4. Not having Lady Stoneheart would be the biggest mistake the writers have made this season.
  5. Pretty obvious that the Greyjoy brothers were cut. Asha heads to the dreadfort so she can jump right into her ADwD storyline.
  6. And how do you know it's not fact? Because nobody told you? Protip: the number of actresses on the show who've been on all 3 seasons and done nudity in them can be counted on one hand. Process of elimination points to Ros.
  7. Wow way to not read the article. Oona Chaplin was talking about another actress on the set. Still, kind of shitty that they wrote Ros out of the show simply because she wouldn't do nudity anymore.
  8. Well that's going to be interesting...
  9. So were there any parts other than the bear pit that GRRM didn't write? I'm guessing a lot of things like Talisa's pregnancy were things decided in the writer's room, and GRRM just had to go with it. Unless he was writing Talisa to be a spy for sure.
  10. Honestly the biggest shock for me this episode is that Jaime/Brienne didn't throw Locke into the bear pit. I'm wondering if his character will actually survive the series.
  11. yep this is either a red herring or an actual plot development that ensures Talisa won't replace Jeyne Poole.
  12. Talisa being pregnant pretty much means she'll die, right? Unless they want to depict an abortion on the show.
  13. dude you need to stop applying your personal moral values to the show.
  14. No, his name is Olyvar. Which sounds very similar. I admit I thought I heard Polliver as well on the show. Really, they change Asha to Yara, but they decide to randomly name the new guy a name that will sound close to a character that will show up again next season?