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  1. lizard lions are not crocodiles

    I think like everything else in Martinworld they will be a super sized version of real crocodiles, and look somewhat different. Just like direwolves, aurochs, Kraken etc. I would imagine that there are snakes in the Neck that also dwarf real life Anacondas.
  2. Stannis' offer to Jon

    The OP's argument now seems to have devolved not to who has the right to award titles in the eyes of Westerosi, but rather who has that right in the eyes of the "reader". In that case, since the majority of the readership believes that Jon is in fact the trueborn son of Rhaegar and Lyanna and rightful heir to the Throne, I would contend that it is in truth Jon's right (in the eyes of the so called reader) to award Winterfell to himself. So once again Stannis falls short.
  3. Stannis' offer to Jon

    Developments in the North.
  4. Stannis' offer to Jon

    There is no law in Westeros. There is no legal right. Stannis has this supposed legal right to give Casterly Rock to whoever he wants, too. Let's see how far this legal right gets him.
  5. Stannis' offer to Jon

    Watch and learn, my young friend. Watch and learn.
  6. Stannis' offer to Jon

    Winterfell is the 8000 year old seat of the oldest Ruling House in Westeros. The Kings in the North for 7700 years. Stannis is from an upjumped nothing House that did't even exist 300 years ago. Winterfell is not Stannis's to give to Jon. It is for Jon to claim in his own right, and for him to tell Stannis to get the hell back to the South rather than making claims on territories he has no right to.
  7. The SFF All-Time Sales List

    Amazing. I remember when I lived London. Every new Gemmell book was advertised all over the place. I really thought he did better than your description above. All I can say, in that case, is that US readers have been missing out on some really great novels.
  8. The SFF All-Time Sales List

    Great to see such a list, but I do seriously question some of the data. My favourite author, David Gemmell is listed at 1 million+. Now this is seriously questionable to me. Over his lifetime he published something like 30 books. Virtually every book was a top seller. If he is sitting at a mere 1.5 million or thereabouts, that means an average Gemmell book only sold around 50,000 copies? Is that realistic? Is 50,000 per book a good sales figure for a popular novelist?
  9. I'm a Christian. Thanks for starting this thread. Usually I prefer not to reveal too much on this forum as it feels like a den of iniquity 90% of the time and I come here to relax, not to engage in endless battles of ideas. If I get started it won't stop. I enjoy reading some of the diverse opinions on here, although I'm mostly left shaking my head at the weird stuff people reveal online. I dont belong to a specific denomination at the moment. I am however someone who tends to either do something to the fullest or not bother at all. So in terms of faith I struggle to see the point of being a moderate. If you dont go for it all the way, believing what it says, that right is right and wrong is wrong, well then you are just wasting your time in my view. Anyway. Thats a bit about me.
  10. Guess who knows where Tysha is . . .

    The Sailor's Wife is not Tysha. The fortune teller tells Arya that the lost husband is dead and will only ever return as a corpse. Hence the husband that she longs for is not Tyrion.

    3 heads of the Dragon. What a coincidence.

    The reason I'm entertaining it is because it's blindingly obvious thanks to all the hints Martin has provided for us. Tyrion somehow ending up meeting Jon and counseling him as a friend in Book 1, unlikely as it is, given the enmity between their families? That contrived situation will turn out to have been Jon receiving counsel from his yet to be revealed uncle Tyrion.

    Yes, Tyrion is Aerys's son. No, it is not becoming stale, because Aegon is a fake, and Cersei and Jaime are of course not Targs. That's a ridiculous theory based in its entirety on Cersei madly burning the Tower of the Hand. So Jon and Tyrion are the only 2 unknown Targs. It does not invalidate Genna's comments, instead, it adds great irony to her words, because it shows that the son that is the closest to Tywin in character, is actually not his son, and implies that Tywin is not all that different from old Mad Aerys, whom he hated. And lastly, it adds the great irony that the two Lannister brothers - Jaime and Tyrion - ended up killing each other's fathers. Not to mention all the other hints like Tyrion casting the shadow of a king in Jon's words in book 1, or Tyrion having pale blond hair compared to the Lannister gold, or Tyrion being obsessed with dragons, or the whole story about Aerys lusting after Joanna, or the fact that Tyrion being a Targ will make the dragons like him a heck of a lot once he joins up with Daenerys. Oh yes, Tyrion is a Targ. There is little doubt about it, in my view.
  14. Who will win the battle of Winterfell?

    Today's Starks don't. But Bran does, since he knows everything that happened in Winterfell for the last 8,000 years.
  15. Who will win the battle of Winterfell?

    Agreed. Stannis will still be around once Dany arrives, but maybe as an undead wight, or as the commander of some Night Legion or whatever. He simply hasn't been set up as the hero of the series. As I said many times before, he is mid series filler, and just another challenge for the true heroes - Jon and Dany - to overcome.