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  1. Free Northman added a post in a topic who are the 7 best fighters in westeros's history?   

    It is highly, highly unlikely that a continent that has produced probably a million swordsmen over the last 1000 years will have 2 of the top 100 from the same, very small family. Having 2 out of the top 3 being from the Targaryen family tree is just ridiculous.

    This is based on the reasonable assumption that nothing about the Targaryen bloodline gives them any faster reflexes or better coordination than any other human being.

    In short, Daemon Blackfyre and Aemon the Dragonknight are not both in the top 10.
  2. Free Northman added a post in a topic Targaryen Discussion (tPatQ Spoilers)   

    This is a funny thread indeed.
  3. Free Northman added a post in a topic The Walking Dead Season 4 (no comics spoilers)   

    So did Rick actually add any value in the final battle?

    Other than crying all the time, did he actually take down even one bad guy?

    He has certainly become more worthless since the days when he could take out Dave and Tony simultaneously in a gunfight.

    Quite disappointing.
  4. Free Northman added a post in a topic Doom Of Valyria - Long Night Duality   

    The Faceless Men found the Horn of Joramun in the Far North, tested it at Hardhome, where it woke giants from the earth, and then used it in Valyria to bring about the Doom.
  5. Free Northman added a post in a topic most socially liberal/conservative factions/houses by modern standards   

    The Starks are obviously the most conservative from a respect for traditions and cultural heritage perspective. They hold fast to traditions that go back 8000 years, after all. Also from a religious perspective, where Eddard is actually quite devout to his religious traditions, as Jon Snow is too.

    They also have the most traditional type of family setup, which again is a conservative characteristic.

    I really cannot comment on economic liberalism versus economic conservatism, as it doesn't really apply in this context.
  6. Free Northman added a post in a topic Where do the Great Houses rank in wealth?   

  7. Free Northman added a post in a topic Where do the Great Houses rank in wealth?   

    Stark (close behind the above two)
  8. Free Northman added a post in a topic Are Stannis Fans conservatives?   

    No. I am a conservative and I dislike Stannis. I identify with GOOD characters like Eddard, not atheist LAWFUL but inherently cynical characters like Stannis.

    Maybe its because I am a social conservative, which means VALUES rather than LAWS are what is important to me.
  9. Free Northman added a post in a topic Which is the most wealthiest house in the North ?   

    In my view third place is between Houses Dustin, Bolton, Flint of Widows Watch, Hornwood, Ryswell and maybe Karstark.
  10. Free Northman added a post in a topic Which is the most wealthiest house in the North ?   

    The Starks are likely richer than the Martells as well as richer than the ruler of the Stormlands, all of whom are much wealthier than the Greyjoys.

    The Starks will be close behind the Arryns in wealth.
  11. Free Northman added a post in a topic Relative Strength of every realm before tWOTFK   

    The North is a unique case in that its full strength is conditional upon a number of variables.

    Harvest time will severely reduce the projectable strength of the North due to the thinly populated countryside and low agricultural yields requiring larger farms to produce the same quantity of food as a smaller farm in the South.

    Short time periods will severely reduce the available strength in the North due to the large distances outgoing messages and incoming troops have to cover to gather in one spot.

    The relative poverty of the region will also discourage large gatherings of men in one spot or the unproductive transport of men over large distances unless the need is dire.

    Bearing all of the above in mind, I think that with sufficient time to gather, and with no harvest going on, 35000 men is probably the absolute maximum strength that the North could project South of the Neck as a single force.

    But if men don't need to be marched a thousand miles down to the Neck, or 600 miles to Winterfell to gather into one big host, then far more could be raised.

    In other words, if the North was fighting a defensive campaign where each bannerlord just had to raise his full might to defend his own territory, then I think you could see 15 groups of 4000 or so men each, spread across the entire North, making a total of around 50-60k men for a dispersed, localized defensive war effort across the entire North quite possible.

    It is marching all these men over thousands of miles and gathering them into a single large host that needs to be fed and logistically supported over vast distances, that is impossible for the North.

    So to me, in short, for the North the maximum strength is - offensively, 35k, defensively about 55k.
  12. Free Northman added a post in a topic How many wildlings are left by the end Dance?   

    Very few. The Wildlings are insignificant to the extent that any of Winterfell's bannermen rules far more people than Mance Rayder ever did.

    So while some readers celebrate Mance as some type of King - and even dream of Jon becoming King of the Wildlings - the reality is that this would be less impressive than Jon becoming the next Lord of Karhold, or Torhenn's Square or Hornwood.

    The Wildlings were insignificant when they were at full strength, and are even more insignificant now.