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  1. lizard lions are not crocodiles

    I think like everything else in Martinworld they will be a super sized version of real crocodiles, and look somewhat different. Just like direwolves, aurochs, Kraken etc. I would imagine that there are snakes in the Neck that also dwarf real life Anacondas.
  2. The SFF All-Time Sales List

    Amazing. I remember when I lived London. Every new Gemmell book was advertised all over the place. I really thought he did better than your description above. All I can say, in that case, is that US readers have been missing out on some really great novels.
  3. The SFF All-Time Sales List

    Great to see such a list, but I do seriously question some of the data. My favourite author, David Gemmell is listed at 1 million+. Now this is seriously questionable to me. Over his lifetime he published something like 30 books. Virtually every book was a top seller. If he is sitting at a mere 1.5 million or thereabouts, that means an average Gemmell book only sold around 50,000 copies? Is that realistic? Is 50,000 per book a good sales figure for a popular novelist?
  4. Guess who knows where Tysha is . . .

    The Sailor's Wife is not Tysha. The fortune teller tells Arya that the lost husband is dead and will only ever return as a corpse. Hence the husband that she longs for is not Tyrion.
  5. Who will win the battle of Winterfell?

    Today's Starks don't. But Bran does, since he knows everything that happened in Winterfell for the last 8,000 years.
  6. Who will win the battle of Winterfell?

    Agreed. Stannis will still be around once Dany arrives, but maybe as an undead wight, or as the commander of some Night Legion or whatever. He simply hasn't been set up as the hero of the series. As I said many times before, he is mid series filler, and just another challenge for the true heroes - Jon and Dany - to overcome.
  7. Who will win the battle of Winterfell?

    The blue eyed Stannis Dany sees in the vision could be an undead Stannis, similar to Beric Dondarrion and Catelyn Stark. If anyone is the type of person to rise from the dead to continue fighting for his fanatic cause, it would be Stannis. And with Mellisandre linked to him, would it really be surprising if he had the means to be ressurected? Mellisandre is far more powerful than the fat Thoros. Hence, Stannis is a definite candidate for undeadness should he die in the Battle of Ice.
  8. Who will win the battle of Winterfell?

    The Freys will be slaughtered at the Battle of Ice. But most of Stannis's southern knights will die too, with minimal losses among the Northern Clansmen. And something bad will happend to Stannis at this battle. I don't think he will truly die, but he will be removed from the game in some way. However, the result of the battle will be kept a secret, with news coming back to Roose and Ramsay in some way that they actually won a victory. As a result, Ramsay will write his letter, believing it to be true. Winterfell will eventually be won by the loyalist northern forces using the secret passage into Winterfell alluded to in the final episodes of Season 2 of the TV series. This is also what Mance's women were trying to question Theon about. I don't think Stannis will enter Winterfell, but the loyalist (to the Starks) northern forces will take it. Maybe with Rickon as their figurehead, or maybe with a resurrected Jon Stark leading them. I can see Ramsay and Roose holing up in Winterfell until Jon or Rickon are ready to enter the scene, though. Stannis's victory at the Battle of Ice won't settle the matter of Winterfell until Jon or Rickon are ready to take it back. (Rickon as a figurehead for loyalist Manderly forces, but still, it will be northern loaylists as opposed to Stannis's forces that take Winterfell back.)
  9. The future of Jaime and Brienne?

    Jaime has got quite a story arc remaining for him as evidenced by his page in the White Book which is still two thirds empty. I think Bran is going to intervene at his execution - which would be really ironic given that Jaime is the one that tried to kill Bran and now Bran is saving his life. Jaime will get some mission to come and assist Jon in the North. And in this way, Lightbringer (Oathkeeper) will end up with Jon. The rest is fuzzy, but I think something significant will definitely intervene when Catelyn tries to execute Jaime.
  10. [Book Spoilers] Ep 202 Discussion

    I understand that and fully agree with you. But as a business decision, I would think that that from HBO's viewpoint you could actually broaden the viewership if you cut some of the sex scenes. It seems they believe the sex scenes add to the popularity of the show. I don't see how that logic works. If they got the age restriction down to 16 for example, surely that would add a million or so extra viewers for them. And all it would take would be cutting the most graphic sex scenes. Not all of them, just the ones that are most graphic and non-plot advancing. You could keep all the gore, which hasn't been all that much in any case. So to me, they're actually sabotaging their own cause by adding full frontal nudity for the ships captain's daughter (who is damn ugly by the way) getting it on with Theon, or the nameless whores in Littlefinger's brothel etc.
  11. [Book Spoilers] Ep 202 Discussion

    I can only convey what a number of people I've introduced to the TV series - who have not read the books - have said to me. The story is great, but the gratuitous sex scenes add very little other than shock content. Was Braveheart a poorer movie because William Wallace didn't go all Boogie Nights on his wife or the princess? Was Gladiator poorer for not having full blown nudity for random non plot advancing sex orgies? All of these movies have plenty of guts and gore and tragedy and suspense without having to include over the top graphic sex scenes for no particular reason other than to tittilate some frat boys. For the record, I'm a guy in my early thirties, but I don't feel the need to get a porn fix everythime I watch Game of Thrones. It's just unnecessary, as far as I'm concerned.
  12. [Book Spoilers] Ep 202 Discussion

    I fully agree with the complaint that the sex is over the top. It is not even necessary. What do the whore scenes add to the story? The Stannis/Mellisandre scene is justifiable and adds to the atmosphere and builds Melisandre's character as a seductive enchantress, but the repetitive Theon sex scenes - that guy must have had more sex in the series thus far than he has in real life - and the whorehouse scenes are frankly off-putting. Especially since I'm trying to introduce my wife to the series, and she has stated openly that she loves it, but is put off by the semi-pornographic parts that add nothing to the story.
  13. Relative army strengths of the Great Houses

    Not sure which part of my post you interpreted as being "not relaxed". I merely answered your question. I think Ran posted a link to the quote earlier in this thread. I love this discussion. It is the most important issue in the series to me.
  14. Relative army strengths of the Great Houses

    Yes. Ran. And his reference to a So Spake Martin quote, where Martin indirectly corroborates Doran Martell's statement that Dorne is the least populated of the Seven Kingdoms and that they have historically overstated their numbers for strategic reasons.
  15. Relative army strengths of the Great Houses

    Since that interview, GRRM downgraded Dorne - probably by as much as half - to the point where they are in fact the weakest of the Seven Kingdoms - probably excluding the Ironborn, who are not part of the mainland kingdoms. So the order is now probably like this: Reach Westerlands North Vale Riverlands Stormlands Dorne Iron Isles