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  1. [Book Spoilers] EP305 Discussion

    Ned was the first man to enter the throneroom (other then Lannister mooks), just when Jaime was taking a break from Kingslaying on the Iron Throne.
  2. [Book Spoilers] EP305 Discussion

    Karstarks and Freys each being able accpunt for half of Robb's forces seems silly to me. Maybe he should have specified that the Riverlords hav all gone to defed their own lands from the Mountain or some such.
  3. [twow Spoilers] Arianne II, Part 2

    Cersei doesn't hold any power at the moment beyond waning motherly influence on Tommen. The Tyrells have a 5 to 1 majority on the small ouncil at least, Mace is probably Hand-Regent, Margeary is married to the King, Loras is Kingsguard to this King, probably on his way to LC with Jaime missing. Under Aegon, they won't hold the Regency, the position of Hand, they may not even be able to make Margeary his Queen, they probably won't hold quite as many seats on the small council. And even if they did, Aegon is a grown-up, he's not a boy king like Tommen or Joffrey. Things would have to go pretty bad for the Tyrells to see Aegon as a better prospect then Tommen.
  4. Bran, the King in the North?

    Davos, Manderly, Rickon and Sam all know Bran is alive. Also Howard Reed probably cares where his children have gone off too. It's gonna come up.
  5. Stannis has descended from the Targaryans, the Stormkings and probably the Lannisters. I definitely think he's got Mance beat.
  6. Targaryen looks

    I believe you are accurate in that. When GRRM was giving descriptions for Targaryan portraits only Princess Elaena and Shiera Seastar got silver hair.
  7. Targaryen looks

    Dunno about that. Cersei says that it's easier to pretend Robert is Rhaegar then Jaime.
  8. Stannis is a righteous man according to GRRM

    She would him killed eventually, but she wanted to wait until Joffrey was of age. Though Pycelle indicated that he would have killed Robert quite quickly anyway to twart Renly's scheme to make Robert and Margeary get together.
  9. Stannis is a righteous man according to GRRM

    Gotta disagree there. Like with Tyrion Renly can't just take the threat of snarks and grumpkins seriously in full sight of court even if he himself was a believer (that's already a lot to take for granted), especially in a new very fragile peace that would follow destroying the lannisters, the starks and hanging half the established government.
  10. Stannis is a righteous man according to GRRM

    He can. Probably wouldn't work. So he did it with swords instead. BTW Robert or Steffon probably should've taken a page out of Maekars book and sent Stannis to the Citadel, he's at least as uncomprimising as Aemon.
  11. Stannis is a righteous man according to GRRM

    Because until he wins, which definitely never happened, it is still the kingdom under Robert's line of succession, rather then Renly's. I can't blame Joffrey or Stannis for feeling they are entitled to defend the claim that handed down the line of succession to them from would be usurpers. I blame them for whho they go about it. And Renly certainly can't raise complaint about the head of his House not being okay with him raising an army to claim the kingdom.
  12. Most Powerful Lesser Houses

    I think they are the equivalents of the Knight of Griffin's Roost, but obviously the north doesn't have knights.
  13. Stannis is a righteous man according to GRRM

    Wasn't he already supremely unlucky to not have learned immeadiately learned of the Others as soon as the letters were sent just like every other lord is the seven kingdoms? The real difference here is that he had Davos and Melisandre sitting in his council. But that's not lucky. Davos is there cause Stannis wants him there cause he sees the worth of him being able to express his views and Melisandre is there because Stannis recognises her as more then just a charlatan and because Melisandre saw him in his fires, rather then anyone. Which isn't random either. Stannis is lucky that some smuggler decided to save him at Storm's End. Mostly everything else is the consequence of judgement.
  14. Stannis is a righteous man according to GRRM

    Stannis has about as many men as King's Landing. He might take it, but he'd never be able to hold it. And Renly's uberslow march would suddenly go a lot quicker in the event that happened. And no, no way a truce with Renly had any hope for him. You have his 5000 fight alongside Renly's 100,000 for a while and pretty soon every single one of those guys would change teams. When you are the weakest you don't help thr strongest defeat all his enemies so he has less problems when has to to defeat you. That's horrid strategy.
  15. Most Powerful Lesser Houses

    Well Tywin Lannister is both Lord of Casterly Rock and Shield of Lannisport, and the properly very big territories under Tarbecks and Reynes were put under Lannister control as well, probably. There's good reason why Tywin Lannister is said to shit gold, he'sa good deal richer then his father and likely most Lannister that came before him.