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  1. Yep, Brad was short for Battle-ready Remote-operated Aerial Drone.
  2. For lighter sword and sorcery books you can try: Lawrence Watt Evans, his Ethshar books are full of magic and he has another series starting with Dragon Weather. Barbara Hambly has the Darwath Trilogy with a few follow up books and also the Sunwolf trilogy that that starts with the Ladies of Mandrigyn. Gordon R. Dickson's The Dragon and the George is one of my favorites. I didn't read all the follow up books, but enjoyed the first couple. David Gemmell is another author you can't go wrong with.
  3. "Texican... saved my neck twice. Once after he was dead. "
  4. I don't live anywhere near the path of totality, but I'm going to a wedding in Kentucky, which is in the path, the Saturday before, so am extending my trip an extra day to stay and wait for the eclipse.
  5. The description of this made me think of S.M. Stirling's alternate history Draka series.
  6. Handling security clearances is most likely one of the many jobs Trump assigned to Kushner along with establishing peace in the Middle East.
  7. My old school ones I grew up with would be All in the Family WKRP in Cincinnati Cheers Barney Miller Taxi The not precisely sitcoms would be The Muppet Show and Monty Python's Flying Circus My favorites among current shows would be The Good Place Brooklyn 99 Silicon Valley
  8. Here is my list of shows I'm currently watching or have finished in 2017. Just starting the final season of Orphan Black so not sure where it will fall but expect in the Great or high Good category. The Great 1. The Leftovers S3 2. The Expanse S2 3. Black Sails S4 4. American Gods S1 5. Sense8 S2 6. The Last Kingdom S2 The Good 7. Fargo S3 8. Sneaky Pete 9. The Good Place S1 10. Agents of Shield S4 11. Brooklyn 99 S4 12. Legion S1 13. The Americans S5 14. The 100 S4 15. Star Wars Rebels Season 4 16. Into the Badlands S2 17. Silicon Valley S4 18. Powerless 19. Humans S2 20. Incorporated The Meh 21. The Magicians S2 22. Ironfist S1 23. Taboo S1 24. The Walking Dead S7 25. Vikings Season 5 26. Timeless S1 27. Victoria season 1
  9. Lucas did write Willow and worked with Howard on it, and Madmartigan has some of the Han Solo swagger. Plus Howard has some Scifi cred with Cocoon and of course working with Mork from Ork.
  10. Kind of a very dark violent Fantasy Island show with Lance Reddick as Ricardo Montalban
  11. The bolded actually has always bothered me about Superman, he's so incredibly strong even as a child how could he work out enough to build such a muscular physique, why isn't he just scrawny, or even overweight as he'd have to push mountains around to even work up a sweat. This may be why I loved the workout scenes when Mr. Incredible was getting back in shape.
  12. Yep, from the departed's point of view 98% of the world population disappeared. That's why Nora said her husband and kids were the lucky ones, their family only lost one member, Nora. They nailed this ending, really enjoyed how it was all worked out.
  13. Yuri's in trouble, he's a talker, using his ongoing spiel about how nasty it was in Mother Russia to confuse and frighten his victims, so a deaf man is kryptonite.
  14. Finished Red Sister by Mark Lawrence. Loved the world setting, and the hints of how absurdly powerful Nona and her friends will become. Now reading The White Company by Arthur Conan Doyle.
  15. Man I really wanted them to have to vote again so we could have another celebration in the Rose Garden after.