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  1. The way I see it the Lady Stoneheart, Jaime & Breanne love triangle can only be broken with one or more of their deaths.
  2. GRRM also mention there was a big clue in a AFFC coincidentally the book where Brienne talks about said shield. So it's as confirmed as it can be without it being expliciately satated.
  3. check this out if you haven't already.
  4. Dragon sighting at Winterfell?!?

    Perhaps if you read the passage you'd know that's just not true. The army hadn't marched anywhere and were still in the process of killing/raping and burning Winterfel.
  5. Dragon sighting at Winterfell?!?

    You can't prove a negative we're never going to get a pov of every peasant of Westeros. However NO ONE AT THE CASTLE where this is happening has seen it. Ramsay letter says nothing of a dragon being wakened by the battle to Roose. The Freys letter also fail to mention something as spectacular as this. Maester Lewin doesn't remeber it before he dies. The confused reports Robb gets don't mention a Dragon. The Liddle with all his information about events going on in the north hasn't heard a pep about dragons. The Ironborn and the NW get no reports about this dragon. EVEN Bran doesn't think that is worth telling his companions that there was a dragon there despite his love of them. SPOILER: ADWDIn Theon's new pov chapter he also fails to mention this nor is Ramsay worried about this wild dragon flying around the north.
  6. Dragon sighting at Winterfell?!?

    For someone soo picky on wording you might notice the start of that sentence starts with "The smoke and ash clouded his eyes". The wolf can barely see here.
  7. Dragon sighting at Winterfell?!?

    [quote name='LordNedsHead' post='1757417' date='Apr 16 2009, 14.46']" The smoke and ash clouded his eyes, and in the sky he saw a great winged snake whose roar was a river of flame. He bared his teeth, but then the snake was gone. Behind the cliffs tall fires were eating up the stars." " Stone and shattered [b]gargoyles lay strewn across the yar[/b]d."[/quote] A new thought on this is that the one situation relates to the other this winged snake is no more than a gargoyle on fire. falling from the keep.
  8. Dragon sighting at Winterfell?!?

    [quote name='Other-in-law' post='1757493' date='Apr 16 2009, 16.14']It's just a function of Summer's limited vocabulary, like "hardskin" for armour, and "stone caves" for castles.[/quote] You know on my last couple of rereads it occurs to me how inconsistent GRRM is with these 'wolf dreams' half the time there thoughts are clear as day then next dream it's all vague with Hardskin snake breathing fire stuff. :tantrum:
  9. Hello from Benioff and Weiss

    [quote name='The hairy bear' post='1607486' date='Dec 3 2008, 10.33']Sounds very, very good!! So, we should limit the casting for the pilot to the charachters appearing in the prologue + the fisrt 8 chapters. This limits it to[/quote] There should be a new casting thread made with your list here to suite D&D so there not going threw tons of Stannis/Renly and ect castings. called Prologue casting.
  10. Hello from Benioff and Weiss

    [quote name='Morrigan' post='1596361' date='Nov 21 2008, 10.30']What happens with plot points such as Sansa's flowering if she's older? Doesn't work anymore...[/quote] Maybe she's just a late bloomer now.
  11. [quote name='aspasia' post='1581341' date='Nov 7 2008, 13.01']This issue had been nagging at the back of my mind throughout a recent re-read. Roose Bolton hardly ever says anything to indicate that he's working with his bastard son-- on the contrary he indicates that he hopes Ramsay Snow gets killed soon, to be replaced by legitimate heirs born of his new wife. Bolton says Ramsay Snow would be a danger to any new half-Frey sons. At the MOST it seems like Roose might be temporarily using Ramsay for managing matters up North while Dad is off South betraying Robb. How much of what Roose says to others about how he regards Ramsay ought to be taken seriously, I wonder?[/quote] I'd say not that much. Nothing Roose usually says is at face value, and when he says one thing it usually means two. IMO Roose seems quite fond of Ramsey. Now I'm not saying he'd loose sleep over Ramsay's death but he'd probably plot the murder of whoever he deemed killed him in his spare time afterwards. Look at all he's done for Ramsay raised him, gave him a loyal sevant"Reek",gave him that badass armour, allows him to go around calling himself Ramsay Bolton, gave him command of his garrison in his absence, gave him a wife and large lands. If we saw an exchage between the two we'd know more of thier dynamic and how much is using and if there's any real loyalty between the two. In any event i doubt either be happy if the other died unless their the one doing the killing. [quote name='aspasia' post='1581341' date='Nov 7 2008, 13.01']Another matter about which I wonder, and for which I was unable to pin down a satisfactory answer despite close attention on reread: WHEN exactly did Bolton decide to turn on Robb in favor of the Frey-Lannister alliance? Before or after the Freys did their dealw ith Tywin? How would Roose have known about it anyway? It seems to me as though Frey and Bolton would have hidden their respective bargaining with Tywin Lannister from one another, at least until both were sure the other was no longer likely to split on them to King Robb. As soon as Tywin was sure of one or the other, he could have used that fact to help persuade whichever of them had not yet committed to the betrayal; but it would have been a dicey piece of news to share with anyone who wasn't absolutely SURE not to ruin the surprise. Has anyone worked out a plausible timeline for when Bolton and Frey started to make their plans based on betraying Robb? [b]It's clearly a decision Bolton had already made by the time he takes over Harrenhal.[/b][/quote] I have a loose timeline sinario that I made awhile back. I'd say it was well after he took Harrenhal though. It when somthing like: Tywin defeats Stannis. Roose & Tywin start talking, Tywin & Lady Westerling start talking, Tywin & Walder start talking, Ramsay and Roose talk, Ramsay sacks Winterfell, Roose sends Glover and co to Duskendale, Roose leaves Manderly behind to be captured, The RW IMO one of the few honest things Roose says is when he thinks the war is lost after the battle of blackwater and didn't want to back that loosing horse. It may also be a coincidene, but when Roose left in that one seen to "go hunting for wolfskins." it is likely the exact moment he planed to switch side and was actually going send his letter that he was willing to betray Robb to Tywin.
  12. [quote name='The Fat Man' post='1328578' date='Apr 24 2008, 18.08']It's entirely possible that Theon went with Ned and the Stark family to Karhold once or twice--hence the "always smiling" comment, although that could be from reptutation--but that doesn't mean that Arnolf would know Theon without the contextual clues.[/quote] Having a rep of always smiling? Is a little thin, i think which makes it more likely that he did travel to Karhold or Arnolf(since we're assuming it's him) was at some feast with Lord Rickard at Winterfell, but wouldn't you expect an old bald hunchback noble to stick out in Theon's mind.
  13. [quote name='Bronn Stone' post='1327660' date='Apr 24 2008, 02.29'][i]He enters The Bastard sits in his fathers chair drinking from his father's cup, sharing the table with two older men looking like lords. One is gaunt with a white beard, wearing a jerkin of ragged, dirty bearskin, a byrnie even at the table. The second is thin also, but twisted, his eyes grey, his teeth yellow and his forked beard tangled and white. He's bald, but his cloak is fine and fastened with a silver clasp in the shape of a starburst. The second lord points out he smells like stale vomit and nightsoil and wonders why Ramsay inflicts him upon them whilst they eat. The first lord looks closely and notes that despite the weight loss and hair color, he is no serving man. The second lord then agrees and asks if it can be Stark's old ward, who always smiled.[/i][/quote] It's interesting that the 'second lord' seems to know Theon based on such a personalized comment, yet Theon has no recolection of the man.
  14. [quote name='Ran' post='1328409' date='Apr 24 2008, 14.00']Harrion remains a captive in Maidenpool.[/quote] I'm pretty sure he's listed as such in AFFC Appx. Also Ser Halman Tallhart was killed there with them. Maia. Maybe sometime durring AFFC Tarly was nice enough to send Harrion along to Roose at the Twins, where he'd be a more valuable captive, but there's evidence.
  15. [quote name='Ran' post='1328050' date='Apr 24 2008, 11.07']cybroleach, Ramsay was legitimized, but I don't recall Winterfell being given to him anywhere. He's to marry the recognized Lady of Winterfell, of course, and that was indicated as of ASoS... but the main thing we saw regarding him after the Red Wedding was that Tommen signed a declaration to legitimize Ramsay.[/quote] I'll have to recheck, perhaps I was mistaking his implied Lordship after his marriage rather than the actual one gotten before.